MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) –- One of the teens involved in a drive-by shooting that left an innocent 12-year-old girl paralyzed in November pleaded guilty Friday and will serve 155 months in prison.

Marlon Lozano-Montano, 18, pleaded guilty to assault in the first degree for the benefit of a gang.

At the time of the shooting, Lozano-Montano, who was then 17, was in a car containing three gang members, one of which shot at a group of people as the car drove by.

The gang member missed the group, but he did hit Guadalupe Galeno Hernandez, who was standing outside a friend’s home on the 3400 block of Chicago Avenue South.

Hernandez remains paralyzed.

WCCO-TV has followed Hernandez’s health since the shooting. Some stories with more information on Hernandez can he seen here.

Lozano-Montano will be sentenced on July 15 at 1:30 p.m.

Comments (22)
  1. not enough says:

    Wow… only 13 years in prizon. And a guy who was 25 makes out with a 14 year old girl gets 45 years. What is up with that!?

    1. not enough says:

      prison not prizon… sorry for my typo.

  2. Brian says:

    They should just snap his spine and put his worthless butt in a wheelchair for the rest of his life but nope he gets 3 hots and a cott for the next 13 years on us.

    1. fred says:

      yeah….13 years….probably get paroled in 5 years, then it`s back to shootin up the streets again.

  3. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

    Kevin, How do you know she is illegal? Based on their name?

    1. Kevin says:

      No….it was stated during the days after the crime….The mother spoke no English and had been in Minnesota for 7+ years……just saying….

      1. jess says:

        Um…so not speaking English means she is illegal? Come again? So my grandparents that never learned English, because they are proud of their heritage, are they illegal, too??? Ha!

        1. Les Johnson says:

          “So my grandparents that never learned English, because they are proud of their heritage”

          Being proud of one’s heritage is not a reason to not learn English. That was NOT your grandparents’ reason for not learning English, and to say so is just dumb.

          1. Juan Choo says:

            Being Legal, Or Illegal Has NOTHING To Do With This Story! Some Of You Just Like To Bring That Into It When It Has Nothing To Do With It, Nor Does It Matter For That Fact! “A Squirrel Got Ran Over By A Mini-Van”……..”Oh I bet The Driver Was Illegal!” haha Some Of You Are Pitiful and Full Of That Stuff That Comes Out Of Your Anus! L.O.L

            My Name Is Juan…Does That Make Me An Illegal??? To The Gov. I Am NOT Illegal, But In Your Eyes, I Am As Illegal As Can Be!

      2. Callie's Mom says:

        You’re rite Kevin, it was stated not long after the crime.

  4. JamieinMN says:

    Ridiculous. Give him an expedited trip to hell! Nobody CARES about gang mebers. They’d all be better off dead!

  5. JKB says:

    We all agree this young man is responsible for Guadalupe’s life changing event, but why arent we addressing the parents who are guilty as sin of NOT taking their parental responsibities seriously? It was their job to bring this kid up knowing right from wrong, to respect others, and the whole ball of wax that most of us teach our kids. A little girls life will never be the same, this young man goes to prison, rightfully, yet not long enough. I hope when he sits in that cell, he has time to reflect on his life, what he has done to another human being, and changes his ways when he comes out as an adult. Too many kids are left to fend for themselves with little to no parental guidance,. That has to change, or dont have kids. If you lack good parenting skills learn first before getting pregant so these kids have a decent shot at life. They desserve better than youre prepared to give evidently!

  6. Norman says:

    Good job JKB as you couldn’t of said it any better..

  7. liam Gilmorasy says:

    13 years in prison.
    Does anyone get pissed at the judges who give out these meaningless sentences?
    A man who literally destroys the life of a girl and might very well have killed her (not that be paralyzed might feel worse than you can imagine death being.) and he gets out of prison with more than half his life left….
    On top of that, his ilk affects the quality of life and living standards for every one of us. It is for people like that that we feel less safe even where we live now.. no matter where. It is for people like that that we look over our shoulders more often than ever even when walking around “safe” uptown.
    To ask for the death penalty or life in prison under miserable circumstances (not a cushy life) is more than reasonable as our own lives, the lives of those who work hard everyday to create, yes create, because it doesn’t happen by it self, a high standard of living, are constantly being brought down lower and lower because of filth like that man.
    To ask for this man to be euthanized does not make us less good in our hearts or less good and charitable Americans.
    It merely puts the cards on the table as we ask ourselves where do we sincerely see our country going.
    Where do you truly draw a line and say enough is enough.
    As one American I cannot do anything about it for there are no riots or huge protests when people like this get off so leniently. Instead we quietly go our own way looking over our shoulder, worrying about our children more and more, see tax dollars spent keeping this scum alive then giving them every possible social leg up, and their families, when they are out of prison.
    The Judeo/Christian ideal of forgiveness under any circumstances is a beautiful and very heartfelt ideal. But under the burden of such incredible rising violent crime it becomes more of a fantasy or, just that, an ideal.
    Not all people are created equal, not all people are 6′ tall or can become great pianists, and I am becoming more and more convinced that not all people have souls.

  8. jeff says:

    retributive justice is all about balancing the scales and i really don’t see that here. 13 years? out is about half of that? this girls life has been changed forever because of this man and his friends thoughtlessness. i don’t necesarily think that giving him more time in prison is going to change him. in fact he is very likely to intensify his gang ties and crime when he leaves. there must be something that he should be made to do for this girl for the rest of her life. these men must feel like monsters (as well they should) but how do you make amends directly to the victim in a case like this? this whole thing just sucks!

    and i agree totally with the parenting thing. total lack of morals, pride and dignity. bad apples don’t fall far from the tree!

  9. laura says:

    Jeff maybe the judge should have told this coward that after he gets out of prison, he would need to visit this family and this little girl everyday for the rest of her life for at least 10-12 hrs a day and help her family take care of her. He should be responsible for seeing what kind of life she is now sentenced to because of him, he should have to do everyday tasks for her mom like cleaning the house and going to the grocery store since now she will have to devote most of her time to her little girl’s care. This would also keep him off the streets and away from his gang thug friends. He will not learn anything while being in prison other than how to be a bigger coward, by not turning himself in right away after this shooting just goes to show he has no regard for life other than his own. He is scum and a waste of breath to the rest of the world. Where were all the community leaders crying out what an injustice this shooting was to this little girl and her family?

    1. Les Johnson says:

      “he would need to visit this family and this little girl everyday for the rest of her life for at least 10-12 hrs a day and help her family take care of her.”

      No offense, but this is about the dumbest idea I’ve heard yet. You think she wants him in her face 10-12 hours a day after he shot her? Come on, use that thing between your ears.

  10. laura says:

    Jeff maybe the judge should add that once he is out of prison, he needs to go everyday and visit and help this family take care of this little girl for the rest of her life. He should have to see on a daily basis what his actions did to this family, he should have to help her mom with the house work, going to the grocery store or anything else this family won’t have time to do because they will have to devote most of their time to this little girls care. This would also keep him away from his gang thugs because he should be required to stay at her house for about 10-12 hrs a day. This coward will learn nothing in prison other than how to be a bigger coward when he gets out. He will not reflect on his life or show remorse for what he did to this little girl because if he had an ounce of humanity in his body he would have turned himself in after this incident happened. He is a waste of breath to the rest of the world and where are all the community leaders crying out what an injustice 13 yrs in prison is compared to what this little girl and her family will have to suffer through for longer than the next 13 years.

    1. Les Johnson says:

      Do you really think that the victim would want this guy in her home after he’s released from prison???? Are you mentally ill??? do you even think before speaking???

  11. Pete says:

    I’m almost sure (almost) that this guy regrets what he did… But 13 years is COMPLETELY rediculous. How about he gets out of jail the same day this little girl walks again? Thats what the judge should have sentenced. Makes sense to me.

    1. liam Gilmorasy says:

      Pete, that would be the ideal sentence. And far more human that I would recommend.
      Do you find yourself getting angrier and angrier as you age as well?

  12. Kevin says:

    Aint diversity grand???

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