MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Thousands of state workers have opened their mailboxes Saturday to find letters they didn’t want but knew were coming.

The state mailed out 36,000 layoff notices to state employees and another 6,000 notices to state university and college employees on Thursday. The vast notice is set to be one of the largest layoffs in state history.

Most of those state workers would stop working July 1 if a new two-year budget isn’t in place.

One who received a layoff notice was Kristin Kirchoff, 27, of Forest Lake, Minn. She processes water permits for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Kirchoff is the sole income provider in her home as a single mother. As the state budget impasse threatens her job, she’s is now only worried about protecting and providing for her son.

“I have an almost 3-year-old son, and if I get laid off, pardon my language, but I am screwed,” Kirchoff said. “How do I feed him, how do I shelter him? How do I take care of him. It’s hard, it’s really, really, hard.”

Kirchoff says she lives paycheck to paycheck and that the state shutdown could derail her financially.

“I go everyday and do my job, why aren’t they doing their job and passing the budget?” she said. “That’s my biggest question. Let us go back to work and feed our families.”

Kirchoff is a steward in her workplace for the ASFCME union, which says it supports Gov. Mark Dayton’s plan to tax the richest 2 percent of Minnesotans.

Dayton has already imposed a hiring freeze, and if a shutdown ensues, like in 2005, a court will have to decide which services are essential, like licensing, parks and roads.

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  1. R Henry says:

    Ya,I`d be real worried Too. Let me see. Get laid off, run to file for unemployment. And when I`d be called back to work, I`d be paided back pay for time missed & get the unemployment benifits also. Ya sounds like a real bummer.

    1. Norman says:

      @RHenry. Your comment shows you know so very little of what will happen. There is no back pay for laid off. There is a delay between laid off and getting unemployment. Unemployment is only a fraction of your wage and it is taxed. Nobody in their right mind wants to go through that. IS it really so hard for people like you to know a little bit about what you comment on?

      1. stubby says:

        Yeah Norman, tough hop, welcome to the real world. State workers have been protected from the economic downturn and now it’s their turn to join the rest of us.

        1. Norman says:

          @ stubby. Just because your life has downturns you wish others have the same fortune as you? Kind of shallow if you ask me.

          1. stubby says:

            No, not at all, just saying why is her job more important than the other 2million looking for work

            1. Against Shutdown says:

              No one is saying her job is more important than anyone elses, except the fact that she has to enforce the law and make sure that companies are permitted to do the work they need to do. Government is about law and it needs to be enforced. Keep up the fight Kristin!

              1. Guy says:

                How about less government; less “PERMITS” – why do we need government’s PERMISSION to sneeze anymore … it didn’t use to be that way.

    2. John says:

      To R Henry,
      Your comment shows you know nothing and probably shouldn’t be leaving any comments. A state worker who is llaid off will not be paid back pay. They will not be orkin, so why would they get paid? It’s just lost wages, meaning they can not pay their bille, feed their families, or anything else.
      Your comment was ignorant

    3. ceknes says:

      Please tell me where you obtained your information? My father, a conservative, just informed my husband, a 20 year state worker, that we are getting back pay for all our time laid off. This is wonderful news! We can relax now and just take this like the vacation it is. Please let me know who to contact, as the state and the union laugh when I ask where I can sign up to get our back pay.

  2. Awwwferchrissakes says:

    Wow, really R Henry, it’s too bad none of these whiners thought of that right? I mean you’ve laid it out so it’s easy to see that they’re clearly lucky for the potential layoff. This woman’s attitude just sucks, right?

    Cut her a break ferchrissakes. Especially when you consider that if she even receives unemployment it’ll be at a substantially lower rate than her normal wages, and as she stated that she’s already living paycheck to paycheck. I’d be concerned and angry too, if I were in her shoes.

    1. tuna-free dolphin says:

      Boo hoo. You think she’s the first person to get laid off who needed her check? Get real. I was laid off a few years ago myself and no one came to my house with a camera and asked me how horrible it was. What is it about state/union workers that makes them such prima donnas who think a bad economy should never effect them? Besides, shutting down the EPA for good could only help the economy. I see she’s wearing her union shirt for the cameras. Talk about concerned and angry. I’m concerned about our governors unwillingness to sign off on the cuts we need to make to keep the government open, and angry with the state/union prima donnas who won’t let him. I want to see a shut down just so everyone can finally see how much useless fat most state government is. SHUT IT DOWN NOW. DON’T WAIT. JUST DO IT! The people in the wagon might notice, but those of pulling it probably won’t.

      1. stubby says:

        right on the money tuna, couldn’t agree more

      2. steve says:

        I am really sorry you have such a poor miserable life tuna. Go to any of the trade union halls and see the list of people who are unemployed and call them prima donnas. Have fecal matter in your drinking water and get sick while you are at it. Be a little smarter uniformed person and realize the cuts being made are not to those who could work. I know it would take effort on your part to be informed, but give it a try.

      3. Astonished_by_your_beliefs says:

        You obviously don’t watch the news much. I’ve seen many news stories where private workers are interviewed when there is a significant number of workers being laid off in a certain company or city. State workers have been laid off and cut for decades and no one has paid special attention to them. State workers have the same rights as any employee – to claim and receive unemployment. And they would be crazy not to be part of a union. They would never be paid any decent wages or benefits if they had to depend on the political mood of the legislators, governor and public. And if your employer is not treating you properly, you need to work on unionizing your work place.

        What fat?! Every governor pays for a study to find this. I’ve never seen a report showing the results. Pawlenty spent a million on private consultants – I believe from New York. I never saw a report that laid out the waste and fat or a budget that got rid of it!!

        Dayton had the correct comment weeks ago when he said he found it vulgar that anyone would “celebrate” anyone else losing their job or paycheck. People losing their income, not spending money or paying taxes is not good for our economy whether it is private or public jobs.

        1. Melpa says:

          What boggles my mind is how ignorant so many of you are. We are ALL in this together. Poor economy, layoffs, and more citizens on unemployment hurt everyone. Why is it this me against them attitude? Those of you in the private sector must realize how many of YOUR jobs depend on state workers and our spending power. With the shut down looming almost all the state workers I know have not purchased ANYTHING non-essential. My family had a 700.00 landscaping project planned; we didn’t do that this year. Menards lost 700.00 in revenue on just one family. I haven’t shopped, gone out to lunch, or purchased anything for months. I am sure supermarkets, malls, Target, and neighborhood restaurants depend on revenue to hire their private sector workers. How can they hire anyone if there is no one left to buy anything?? Duh! And those of you who think we should let any company come into our state (build a business without a permit or EPA controls), pollute the water, land, drinking supplies, and health of our children, profit greatly off it then stick the MN taxpayers with the cleanup bill are just plan retarded. Sorry, but you are.

      4. Paul Revere says:

        Cut the budget it is as simple as that. The state is broke. When I bring in less income I cut my budget. It is not that hard. Needs before Wants. Mark Dayton is very greedy and wrong for trying to increase the budget. The only thing Mark Dayton is good at doing is shutting down offices. He shut down his US Senate office when he was scared of potential threats against the US. Now he wants to shut down the government because he can not get his way. And for the Union lady in the story maybe if you didn’t pay all those Union Dues you may still have some money in the bank from saving those dues. Unions are the reason for the collapse of our once great country.

        1. Against Shutdown says:

          If the legislature gets all the cuts that they want and specifically to State employees, a person who earns $38,000 today, would earn $13,800 after all the cuts. How can ANY ONE live off that!? You people talk like you know everything about all these proposed cuts when you dont know SQUAT!

  3. Sam I am says:

    To bad. I really have no sympathy for any state employee. They just sit around most of the day in meetings and really don’t accomplish anything. As far as this one lady goes…..welcome to the real world! Now you get to experience what another 20 million American people have. If you didn’t have the common sense to save some money, or if you went in over your head with financing yhou have nobody to blame but yourself. I’m sure your choild support, and future welfare benefits will provide for her just fine. The more I think about it, your paycheck is still coming in, it’d just coming from a different pot this time. Maybe she should think about going back to school and getting an education instead of sucking off the taxpayers her entire life?

    1. Jerome says:

      @ Sam. Cheryl is correct about you. Do you really have any experience with state workers and their jobs? All 36000 jobs just sit around? It must be real special of you to know what everybody does.

    2. tom says:

      Sam I am I agree

    3. Whatsupwiththat says:

      Wow! 36K employee sitting around. Ignorant statement

    4. Sam I am says:

      Hey you stole my name! Not cool!

    5. Against Shutdown says:

      How do you save money when you live pay check to pay check? And your GOP wants to cut welfare and all that, so how would she live just fine? And she is educated with a bachelor’s degree a-hole! And State workers dont suck off taxpayers, its your politicians who get $1000/month for their car payment that are the true leeches!

    6. Julie says:

      I am a state employee. I do not sit around and do nothing. I have been under a wage freeze almost from the beginning of my employment (5 yrs ago). I have received a $1.72 wage increase since i began 5 years ago. $1 of that was a cost of living increase. I have had my hours bounced around because of the budget, but I love my job and i am very good at it and there is a need. I work at a WorkForce Center and I see what the government is doing to the people of the US, including myself and my co-workers and YOU–Joe Public. I watched my husband’s job move to Mexico, lost my house and had to move to find work…and i presume it was so that someone who has money and doesn’t want to contribute to the US economy– moved his business to make more and payless. I serve the people of the State of MN, and i take my job very seriously!!! I am angry that i am the “cause” of this shutdown, because i am NOT!!
      I just want to know why that the top 2 or 3% of Minnesota wage earners can not contribute their fair share!! And why is it that our ELECTED officals can’t get it together enough to learn to compromise once they are elected. I would like to see any of them try to live on $7.25 / hr!!!
      The Dept of Employment and Economic Development just got “kudos” from the Dept of Labor for using the ARRA dollars wisely and efficently and would like to use MN as a tool for other states to follow….but is that in the news???

      So before any of you can say anything negative about your state workers, you should GET INFORMED and find out what it is that they do for YOU!!!

    7. Dave says:

      Sam, I hope you don’t live by one of those state run homes that houses the criminally insane and or sex offenders. Yes, come July 1st I will just be sitting around.

      1. Guy says:

        Just lock the cell doors; turn out all the lights & leave. In a couple of months most of the problem will be corrected. The only remainder will be digging the hole & dumping all the bodies into it. AND IT WILL REDUCE THE FUTURE EXPENSES; TOO. (Starving to death is way to nice for these p-o-s es).

    8. Melpa says:

      She went to college and HAS an education idiot. Some people just choose to work in a field that they believe in…not just where there is money to be made from scamming someone out of their retirement funds. Kristin beleives in the safety of our state and our clean waters. What better job is there than going hoem knowing you made the state a safer place for our children?

  4. Cheryl says:

    Sam I am, (a jerk )

    You obviously are a Republican. No heart, no empathy and it’s all about me.

    PS. I also notice your showing up late and bitter this morning. Didn’t go very well for ya last night at the bar trying your best to pick up a good time? Too bad the woman your vying for are on to your, “it’s all about me”, character flaw.

    1. King says:

      The republicans don’t know how to run a goverment, all they how to do is stick
      there nose in are personal lifes !

    2. Greg says:

      I like your comment Sam. Time to trim the state work force by 25 percent. Bunch of over paid and under worked complainers. Join the real world like the rest of us. I know Cheryl thinks anyone who complains is a republican. But, I beg to differ. Were just anti union.

  5. Awwwferchrissakes says:

    Well I guess it’s never too early for personal digs around here. Geez.

  6. Joe Hanson says:

    We can keep Minnesota working with the budget the Legislature delivered to Governor Mark Dayton. It is a budget that increases spending by more than $3 billion over the current budget.
    But Governor Dayton, supported by special interest groups, vetoed all the budget bills except Agriculture, insisting that a 10 percent increase is not enough. Governor Dayton and these special interest groups want a tax on the “wealthy” to fund what Governor Dayton is unable or unwilling to specify.
    If we can keep Minnesota open today, why can’t Governor Dayton keep Minnesota working in the next biennium with a budget that spends 10 percent more?

    1. John says:

      Dear Donkey Joe. Do you have your post saved somewhere and keep posting the same thing over and over again? Every politician has interest groups that support them. Dayton paid for his own campaign or did you already forget that? Did you not ever read the GOP budget depended on a waiver from the federal government to make the medical work out. WHY WOULD THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GIVE A WAVER TO THE GOP ? Hello, the GOP legislation has been very polarized, so an administration headed by a Democrat is going to give a special waiver to GOP legislation. If they are going to give Minnesota a waiver then ever other state will ask for the same? Know what you are talking about Donkey Joe

    2. Lorne says:

      Being they have to pay back the 5 billion Pawlenty shifted to this year, wouldn’t that be a 2 billion cut? Those cuts were made on the backs of education, LGA and disabled and elderly. The cities and schools end up increasing property taxes, god only knows what happens to the institutionalized handicapped, disabled and elderly.

      1. Rachel says:

        I wish everyone would realize that Dayton and his followers are not all about ME ME ME! They are for everyone! Everyone should help, and the cuts that the GOP are asking for are too much! Cutting our children’s futures by cutting education, when they keep saying you need to get educated and get a good job and you cant afford it because tuition keeps sky rocketing. Cutting our elderly is like saying, too bad for getting old grandma. Or sorry you were born disabled, that’s your own fault. Or the higher property taxes because of the city and county slashing of State funding, is the middle classes fault and because you are living pay check to pay check, you should just be poor because its not my fault. This is a ridiculous world we live in right now. Shouldnt we make sure that EVERYONE is as privilaged as the next and quit being so freakin selfish and greedy?!

  7. pawlenty to blame says:

    I just wonder how all of this would have been different if old Pawlenty would have left the state with a balanced budget instead of running around trying to set himself up for the presidential campaign on Mn state money and not doing his job?? don’t blame Dayton or the workers of mn.

    1. tom says:

      Dayton is trying to do to MN what obummer has done to the US of A. don’t fool yourself.

    2. Deep River says:

      he must have done something good, your still here

  8. David says:

    Good! I worry about my future every day. I still pay Their wages and I don’t cry about it. Let them worry. Let them eat rice and beans.

  9. justaxnspend says:

    Have you all forgotten the state’s DFL leaders though Dayton’s candidacy
    for Governor was so “off the wall” they would not allow him on the
    convention floor….they seated him in a hall way!!!??
    Now sane people are supposed to support him in his mad dash to squeeze $ out
    of the top 2% wage earners. Guess what kids, that isn’t enough to
    fund his budget, your next to be squeezed !

  10. justaxnspend says:

    Oh yah…and by the way…where is the boy’s father ????!!!!!!!!!

    1. tuna-free dolphin says:

      Amen. I guess a single parent can have it all. If you’re an overpaid state employee that is. How come the media never asks the ones pulling the wagon if they’re angry. It’s always the ticked off union/state workers rioting and protesting and wrecking state property and causing millions of dollars in damage like they did in Wisconsin who’s voices are heard and are asked how they feel. That’s why we don’t don’t care when these people get laid off. We’re tired of being punished for behaving and pulling the wagon and paying the freight for these whiners. Quit talking about it shut it down already.

    2. John says:

      I don’t believe where the boys father is is any of your business. Run your own life and don’t worry about where he is.

    3. RIP says:

      For your information he pays child support to pay for daycare. It’s none of your business anyways. Do you not know any single mothers?!

  11. Just Curious says:

    I am interested in understanding more about those who provide all the jobs in MN. Can I assume that every business needs a support group to stay in business? In the 2011 census Minnesota had a population of 5,303,000 and there are 36,000 state workers. That sounds huge I admit however, that is 0.0067886 of the state population. I am oh so curious to see how that average compares to small, medium and large businesses in the state. Lets even forget for now that the state by direction of the Legislature requires state agencies provide more services than what a business for profit would do. Any business want to share there numbers and the size of thier business?

    1. SK says:

      If you to check any of the statistics of state workers per capita, Minnesota has been on the low end compared to other states for decades. I can’t image how you would compare it to private business. What total population would you use for the private business? And private business and government have totally different functions – so how would they compare?

      1. just curious says:

        I know there is a differance but notice how many “business” even have dared to tell how many people they have in support of thier function compared to how many workers at thier business? Not one. My point is at 0.0067886 there is no business that is that low unless it has less than 5 people………….State goverment in MN is efficient. Can modifcations be made to become better – undoubtable but we are pretty darn good as you point out compared to other states.

  12. Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste says:

    They might have to work!

  13. I am Sam I am. says:

    No sympathy from me. Lets allow the unions to support them during their time off.

    The legislature submitted a balanced budget with 4 billion in increased spending during and awfule receession but Dayton is determined to raise taxes to achieve more spending. How can this be anything but daffy Dayton’s fa ult.

  14. tuna-free dolphin says:

    Kind of curious to hear what a person makes who processes EPA permits. I noticed they don’t mention it in the story. Gee i wonder why? Maybe because you have to work for the state or be in a union to make enough to be a single mom with your own house who pushes papers around a desk all day. Where can I go to get one of those jobs? I’d never do it because I’m not willing to sell my soul and jump in the wagon and let others pull me.

    1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

      @tuna-free. If you are curious about the wages of any state employee, for your information, the wages are public information. You can do a freedom of information request and get the amount of wages paid to any state employee. As a conservative you are pushing the agenda of everyone can take of themselves. So you need to get this information for yourself. Be proactive! Then come back and post it for the rest of the posters here. Go for it! I challenge you.

      1. tuna-free dolphin says:

        That’s good to know. But my point was that it is left out of the story for a reason. The reporter could have just asked but then rather than generate all kinds of sympathy, the story would have generated outrage.

        1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

          In order to generate anything, we would need to have the salaries of private employees in similar positions juxtaposed with the salaries of the public employees. Comparing apples to apples, as it were. Then we would have the proof of how highly or lowly paid either side is. But, you see, the private sector does not tell how much or how little it pays employees. So it is all just a guessing game.

    2. John says:

      And probably because you’re not educated enough to have one of theose jobs. Just continue being a wal-mart greater and be happy.
      No, I don’t know that you work at wal-mart, just making a dumb comment like you did.

      1. tuna-free dolphin says:

        Nice try. Actually I’m a Field Service Engineer with way too much self worth to take a government job. You see not only do I have to eat, but I also need to be able to sleep, and I couldn’t do that knowing I was wasting the gifts and talents God gave me working for the make-work bureaucratic sucking vortex of honest taxpayer money known as the government. There’s things even I wouldn’t do. A Walmart greeter has more value. I’d do that first. I have standards.

        1. secret squirrel says:

          And just what do you earn as an Engineer, Tune? Let’s compare your wage with a simular position at the state, shall we?

    3. Rach says:

      FYI, she earns less then $16/hr guaranteed. And she rents. And she works very hard. And State workers do feel pride for their jobs even though they are unappreciated. Selfish prick.

  15. tom says:

    Blame the Governor who wants to put us farther into debt and blame your union who sucks us taxpayers dry. Other than that I do not give a d@mn, let the state shut down for awhile.

    1. Rach says:

      Ummm…LOL…the union doesnt suck tax payers dry! LOL! You do realize that State workers are ALSO tax payers right? And State workers are the ones paying union dues, not you!

      1. Matt says:

        If you are a state worker, I have one question for you. Do you mind paying higher taxes? Working in the private sector dealing with many state workers, you would be shocked how many times I was told by state workers “some people like paying higher taxes.” Oh, I’m sorry, I was shocked, but doubt you would be. After all when one’s job is funded by taxes paid by all, it’s not hard to see why government employees told me they didn’t mind paying higher taxes. The problem is that government jobs are not self-sustaining. Government jobs rely on a healthy economy, so instead of wanting to raise taxes to sustain themselves, maybe government employees should pressure their leaders to create more incentives for job growth in the private sector. Right now, the cost of doing business in the U.S. is 2nd highest around the world and will soon be the highest. We can create an incentive for U.S. businesses to hire U.S. citizens if we really wanted to. We can create an incentive for U.S. businesses to pay their employees so that even the least can afford a home if we really wanted to. The reason we don’t, is that we have a broken political system. We have career seeking politicians that only care about being the party in power and getting re-elected. Politicians do nothing but play the blame game, and the sad fact is that we the voters have bought into the blame game just as well. If you think any politician or governor cares about a government shutdown you are sadly mistaken. Maybe the sadest thing is that we the voter only care on how the agreement will affect ourselves instead on how it will affect others.

        1. Guy says:

          I say we make a deal… everybody who WANTS to pay more taxes … step over to the left. Those that don’t … step over to the right. Only probelm is that the STATE will probably tip over (and I KNOW which way it will tip).

  16. Kevin says:

    I think that its interesting that they (the govt) are now talking about “essential services.

    If they (the govt) would have been providing only essential services all along, instead of wasting taxpayers money, then they (the govt) probably would not have to shut down.

    1. Doug T says:

      Ya I always like that too. If you are a “non-essential” gov worker perhaps we really do not need you. In the Free Market, I found out I was non essential at my job and was let go – took me two years to get another job and it wasn’t great but I had a job again and restarted my career.

      If I was a single parent I would be covering my bases everyday – doing what I need to do to save for a rainy day – because they come for everyone. Not making enough? Try two jobs etc… That is how the real world works..Unless you are too busy being the Union Steward pumping up employment and payments for the union “workers”… Its not about productivity – its about Union Thug Strength!

      1. John says:

        HA HA, you’re jelousey is funny

        1. Dunkin says:

          it’s called reality!!

    2. Citizen says:

      @Kevin. This is probably belaboring the point, but I think all of us know that ESSENTIAL SERVICES are mostly public safety: troopers, law enforcement, etc. Maybe some MNDOT services. Just start to think about what is nonessential: parks, recreation (public pools), public buildings for recreation, probably public health services of many different kinds, all contracted road work, DNR officers (hey, you can probably go and poach, now). A lot of administrative services probably not going to be essential such as providing license tabs and vehicle titles if you want to buy a car. Should be fun trying to buy a new car after July 1. Start thinking about what you wish for….

      1. big D says:

        Good News

        About buying a car, WCCO did a reality check on that, and the car buyer will get a waiver until the state is back in buiness.

        About the state parks, are they really closed?? Good Question, if the WI Citizens can protest in the WI State Capitol and argue, it’s there house too, with WI State Troopers on their side. I’m going to go to a MN State Park and conduct the same protest (if necessary).

        You can change park to pool, etc… For the PEOPLE!!

      2. MR. WEINER says:

        Essential, (cough)

        The world is not comming to end, please! I know in the next several months, I’ll be busy at work and will be enjoying the “high life” after hours!! Whoo Hoo, summer is here!!

        Keep your posts coming, I’ll be on the boat sipping a few BEERS!! LOVE IT HAIL MINNESOTA!!

        Tommy, let’s burn some GAS on the boat!! 🙂

  17. Zeke says:

    There are many good ways to pare down the budget for the future. A good number of the posts (partial list tuna, sam and tom) that education beyond the third grade was wasted. If the many who just bather on about how great the GOP budget was looked at it beyond the final number they could see how flawed it is. Old Timmy spent 8 years and never cut the size of government. Dayton has said that he will cut the workforce 6%,

    1. Yeah, right... says:

      Zeke, If Dayton has said he will cut the workforce by 6% why isn’t he doing it? Oh right. The unions.

      1. Citizen says:

        The unions have nothing to do with the state not filling positions that open up through attrition and retirement which is what Dayton is going to do.

        1. Davey says:

          There’s nothing wrong with UNION….

          paying your union dues, well worth it!!

          Whatching your dumb-ass coworker get promoted, only because of his/hers “years of service” well worth it.

          Getting the pension after years of “work”, PRICELESS!!

      2. Zeke says:

        Obviously you don’t follow the news

      3. Rach says:

        @Yeah, right… He hasnt done it yet because the stupid ass conservatives haven’t compromised with HIM yet! Dayton is willing to do the 1.8 billion in cuts, but GOP has to give in to the tax increases. COMPROMISE!!!! The world isnt all about YOU! STATE IS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!

    2. Mr. Weiner (From New York) says:

      Was it Timmy who caused the recession or was it the homebuyer/remoder who thought they were “entitled” to a new home, without reading the bank’s fine print or guessing what the consequences of a adjustable rate mortage?

      MSNBC blamed it on the homeowner!! Sorry Zeke, your mistake.

      Dems love their Weiner!!

  18. Dave says:

    Mr. Dayton,

    Thanks mark for my pink slip!

    I’m so glad you’ll be OK, you don’t have to worry about a layoff. In fact, you made your $$ in the private sector, so what do you have to worry about. I voted for you and now look where I am, almsot unemployed.

    It would be nice if I had an employer who really cared for his employees well beings. I know you have a bunch of republicans telling you what to do, but, you just stand in front of the news crews and shiver in front of the tv and critize the “rich”.

    It looks like you weathered this recession really well. Enjoy your time in office while you can!!!

    your disgruntled employee

    1. Sam I am says:

      That’s what happens when you vote for a democrat Dave.

  19. John 2 says:

    It is OUR fault! We KEEP voting these people in.

    Start VOTING for people who will actually TRY and help Minnesota’s familys. Stop the party line junk.

    1. Sam I am says:

      Thank you John 2. Let’s try voting for someone who’s backbone isn’t made out of rubber.

      1. Ha ha says:

        Unfortunately for you, you are the minority…Dayton’s agenda has not changed since his campaign started before he won, so obviously the majority of MN is with him and his tax increases on the rich. The GOP reps unfortunately lied to constituents and have not held their promises while in offices.

  20. Pork Chop Guy says:

    Don’t shut the government down. But we can save some money by cutting higher paying management type jobs, and keep the rank and file jobs that are living paycheck to paycheck.

  21. justaxnspend says:

    Hey, some one mentioned car titles and essential services. What a joke!
    Do you know it takes 2-3 months to process a title transfer of a car?
    But if you grease the state’s palm with a extra $20.00 bill they get it
    done in 2-3 days and call it “Expedited Service”. I call it BLACK MAIL!!!!!!!
    How come you have to pay extra to get the state DMV workers to do
    their job?????!!!!!

  22. justaxnspend says:

    Oh Yah…..and it does matter where the boy’s father is, because a two
    wage earner family can weather one being layed off better than a single

    1. State Employee says:

      NOT TRUE justaxnspend! I am a State worker, and my boyfriend and I have an almost 2 year old and are expecting our second in January. If I lose my job because of shutdown, we are both screwed…sure we will make it, but barely. We probably will get evicted out of our house and have to pay the thousands in eviction costs and then try to find a new place to live and keep paying our other bills. We live pay check to pay check because we both make under $15/hr, and cant save any money and are educated. We dont have anything extra…no cable, no internet, no car payments. We both work in the cities and live in the country and work different hours so we have to drive separate. Not to mention the outrageous cost of gas and day care expenses, plus trying to provide the essentials. We are good with our money, dont go on vacations. We really try to do the best we possibly can. We live in the country because we both hate the cities and want to raise our children where we dont have to worry about our neighborhood going bad, but rent anywhere for a house is ridiculous. We work very hard to afford what we can. Wijthout my job, I dont know what we are going to do. I will lose my health insurance because I have been with the State less then 3 years and that’s scary being pregnant. I do have a second job, which helps when I have both jobs, but isn’t going to put a dent in the things we need when I lose my State job on July 1st. What happened to the days when I was growing up and the State was a good place to work for, benefits were good and you were considered lucky to have a job here? People have become so greedy and selfish…it’s really scary.

  23. Disgusted says:

    Might just be me, but I’m wondering why you don’t call the Legislature out on the smoke and mirrors they are using to distract you from the real issue – they fact that they don’t know how to use a dictionary, and therefore CANNOT look up what the word “compromise” means? Instead they play games with our personal lives by addining a constitutional amendment to the ballot which makes something “illegal” that wasn’t even legal in the first place. And then, they became concerned with who can vote at the polls. Are you kidding me? We’re more concerned about what people do in their bedrooms and whether or not they have a state issued identification than passing a budget? I’m ashamed!

    1. Rich get Richer says:


  24. worried for a reason says:

    I also received the layoff notice and am very worried about the future. I work for a partially state funded organization, am not part of a union, and do not make a “lot” of money. I am going through a divorce because my spouse had an affair and left me, and have two children to take care of. I work three jobs, have absolutely no “extras” such as cable, cell phones, or car payments, haven’t taken a vacation in I don’t remember how long, and don’t get child support. My savings has been eaten up by trying to pay the bills I was left with by myself, despite cutting back on absolutely everything I possibly can. I now live paycheck to paycheck too. I don’t think I am any “better” than anyone else, or that because I work at a partially state funded job that I deserve anything more than anyone else. I’m just a single parent trying to do the absolute best I can with what I have. A layoff, whether you work for the state or don’t, whether you have a family or don’t, hurts everyone. I won’t get back pay if I’m laid off. Yes, I can apply for unemployment, but as mentioned before, that doesn’t begin instantly and is only a fraction of my paycheck. Yes, it will help – some. But when your entire paycheck goes to pay bills and you’re still left wondering how to pay for the rising gas prices just to GET to your job, I too am going to have bills that I can’t pay. I did have a savings for unexpected events such as this, but I didn’t plan to get a divorce and have it all used up right away. Right now I can’t even slowly build it back up with a measly $5 per paycheck because I just don’t have it. Eventually I know I’ll work my way out of this hole I’ve fallen in and that things will get better, but for now I’m proud of myself that I’m doing all that I can, working multiple jobs to ensure my bills are paid and that I can provide for my children. No one asks to be laid off. Everyone’s life story is different. Nobody deserves these types of comments left here. Hopefully we won’t have a shutdown and life will continue on, however that may be for each individual. Good luck to everyone, those facing layoffs, and those not.

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