SUPERIOR, Wis. (AP) — Police took a woman into custody for a mental health evaluation after receiving a report that she held her three-year-old child over the edge of a bridge connecting Superior and Duluth, Minn.

Superior police responded to the bridge spanning the Saint Louis Bay about 12:20 a.m. Sunday to investigate the 911 call. They found a 36-year-old Duluth woman sitting in her car on the Blatnik Bridge. Her child was in the back seat.

Officers closed the bridge while they talked to the woman. The Duluth News Tribune says she was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital. The toddler was not hurt and was released to a grandparent.

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  1. red says:

    Psycho! or was she just begging to get some attention- thank god she didn’t drop the child accidently if this was the case. Get the woman some help and keep the child away from its mother

  2. Victim Du Jour says:

    Socialism makes people do things on purpose to get free stuff.

    Gaming the welfare system?

    1. Pinky212 says:

      Hey, Victim, aren’t you late for class? You should leave these message boards to the adults, you know. Go back to playing your video games instead of trolling the message boards AGAIN!

  3. D says:

    Crazy comment DuJour, this woman needs a mental evaluation and you critize socialism? You need an evaluation also.

    This woman should not have any more children, the Grandparents must know the history on this woman. Maybe they are wacked! Contact the rest of the family or the father’s side to raise the child.


    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      Mental Evaluation? If someone saw her holding a baby over an edge of a bridge. You don’t need a mental Health expert to determine if she has mental problems.

      Union Mental Health people get paid to make excuses for moms to dangle toddlers over a bridge and get free stuff.

      1. PFred says:

        You’re an idiot!!

      2. Adoptive families do it better!! says:

        This woman should lose PERMANENT custody of her child and this child should be PERMANENTLY adopted OUSIDE the family. There are plenty of stable families that would love to nourish and raise this child. This child does not need a biological connection.

        1. Les Johnson says:

          Why outside the family? You’ve already decided the father is unfit? How so please?

          1. laura says:

            because if the mother of his child is capable of doing this I am guessing she has shown signs in the past that she is unstable. And if that is true then anyone that willing left her alone with this child is not capable of caring for them. You don’t know that the father is even involved in this child’s life. If he was why would the grandparents step in and get temp custody of the child? Why didn’t the father step in and take the child? If I showed any signs that I was capable of hurting myself or my children my husband wouldn’t leave me alone with them no matter what.

            1. Les Johnson says:

              “I am guessing she has shown signs in the past that she is unstable. And if that is true then anyone that willing left her alone with this child is not capable of caring for them. You don’t know that the father is even involved in this child’s life.”

              WOW. The courts grant custody to the mother regardless of mental stability or the willingness of the father to have them. That isn’t speculation. That is fact. The dad is probably losing his mind saying “I TOLD YOU SO!!” to everybody he knows right now.

              “I showed any signs that I was capable of hurting myself or my children my husband wouldn’t leave me alone with them no matter what.”

              And if you refused to allow him to decide that for you, he’d be taken to jail as soon as you called the police. So basically, we’ve shown here that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

              1. laura says:

                funny you didn’t comment on my point that the father didn’t come in and claim the child, the granparents have the child. Just because you are bitter and think that everyone and their grandma is against men in this world it just isn’t true. I don’t think that the courts just give custody to the mother just because she is their mother, I don’t think that a woman who is mentally unstable and has shown signs of being mentally unstable would get custody over a father who is capable of providing and caring for his children and is of sound mind. The courts aren’t bias against fathers, I know of 2 adult males who have custody of their kids because the court ruled in favor of them. Please give me examples of the courts giving custody of a child to a mother whom has exhibited unstable behavior over a father who isn’t unstable?

                1. Les Johnson says:

                  “The courts aren’t bias against fathers”

                  Wow do you have the wool pulled over your eyes.

                  “Please give me examples of the courts giving custody of a child to a mother whom has exhibited unstable behavior over a father who isn’t unstable?”

                  I have several examples, but I know these people personally and cannot justify using their stories as examples in a public forum.

            2. Les Johnson says:

              “Why didn’t the father step in and take the child?”

              You don’t want to really know. You want it to be because he’s a deadbeat who doesn’t want to be involved in his kid’s life. You don’t want to hear that it’s because she ran off and moved 4 hours away from him to hurt him, right? Your bias is showing, bigtime.

              And I notice you didn’t comment on my statement about your husband not allowing you to be near your kids alone if you were unstable. You know he’d be arrested for stopping you as soon as you called the police, right? Minor detail there to contradict your emotional, but nonsensical rant.

              1. laura says:

                les no my husband wouldn’t be arrested if he could show I was capable of hurting my children. I would hope that if I was in a situation where I couldn’t take care of my children the way they deserved to be taken care of I would want him to take them away from me. You know so much about every story on this website, do you know for a fact that he lives that far away and that the mom ran off, and if he turly wanted to be part of the child’s life he could have taken the mom back to court and asked the judge not to allow her to move that far away and don’t tell me that doesnt happen because I know someone that has in their custody agreement that if the parent with custody needs to have approval from the other parent if they move further than 1 hr away. And it wouldn’t matter how far away from my children I lived if my husband would do something like that to any of our kids I would drive to the end of the earth to get them before I would put the responsiblitiy of raising my child on their grandparents.

                1. Les Johnson says:

                  Your husband isn’t qualified to tell police you are capable of hurting your children. I know of a man who called the police because his wife had the husband and 2 young daughters barracaded into a bedroom as she attacked them. The police got there, and the wife ran outside and made up a story about the husband beating her. The police broke through the barracaded bedroom and arrested him and took him to jail.
                  Your emotional arguments about what you would or wouldn’t do are totally irrelevant.

  4. Pinky212 says:

    Thank God the Duluth police had the wisdom to get her to a hospital rather than this ending up as another tragedy. It’s obvious she has some kind of mental problems and hopefully she’ll get the help she needs. She apparently was lucid enough to give the police her parents’ names, or perhaps the police have had contact with her before. At any rate, the child is safe, she’s safe, and the police acted responsibly in getting her to a place that can hopefully help her.

    1. Les Johnson says:

      “Thank God the Duluth police had the wisdom to get her to a hospital rather than this ending up as another tragedy.”

      What does this comment even mean??

      1. PFred says:

        Not too hard to figure this out…another tragedy as in – someone getting hurt or worse. It would have been more tragic if the woman had dropped the child, if they had to subdue her in some way where she ended up getting hurt. THOSE would have been far more tragic endings don’t ya think!?

        1. Les Johnson says:

          PFred, I don’t think your comment is an adequate explanation, sorry.

          How does that reflect on the Duluth Police having wisdom?

          She was in her car, and the kid was strapped in a car seat. Please describe the danger as the scene is described, not based on fantastical “what ifs” that aren’t relevent here.

          So what form of extreme submission would that have taken exactly? There was no danger of her dropping the kid off the bridge while in the car, which is where they were the the police got there.

          Please clarify the comment.

          1. PFred says:

            S*** happens!! A woman who is as unstable as this woman was at the time she was dangling her child over the bridge could have reacted differently. The police have been known to take people in this type of situation to jail. Don’t act like you know the situation like you were there. If someone saw her holding her child over the bridge, what led her to get back into her car and strap her child into its car seat? You tell me seeing you seem to be the professional here! What if’s happen quite often so don’t ASSume you know what would or would not have happened if the situation hadn’t gone the way it had.

            1. Les Johnson says:

              Pardon me, but you are the one assuming here.

              The woman was in her car with the kid. Please describe the level of wisdom it took the DPD in getting her out of the car safely.

              No insults are necessary, PFred.

              1. PFred says:

                No comments left for you. Just let it go!! Like I said, things happen. Not everything is cut and dry easy solutions. Not everything goes smoothly ALL the time Les! You don’t know the whole situation. What the news reports and what was actually going on aren’t always the same thing. Quit questioning everyone’s comments and trying to analyze everything.

                “Thank God the Duluth police had the wisdom to get her to a hospital rather than this ending up as another tragedy.”

                What does this comment even mean??

                This was your first comment. I answered. Now you are turning your comment around to something else. Forget it!

                1. Les Johnson says:

                  With all due respect, you did not demonstrate how Duluth Police were wise in their handling of the situation, and again, no insults towards me were warranted. It was a simple question, and it wasn’t even directed at you to begin with. It wasn’t your comment, so how do you know what she meant? Butt out, butt head.

      2. laura says:

        don’t believe you to your response to me about having examples you can tell a story with out using a name and why do you always make it so someone can’t reply to your comment when you don’t like it when someon challenges you to prove your point. I don’t think I have the wool pulled over my eyes, I know 2 fathers who have gotten custody over the mother and the mother is just as fit a parent as the father, one was because the father was a teacher and so he could be home with the child during the summer and the other the mom had to travel a lot for her job so it worked better for the father to have custody of the kids. there are my examples

        1. Les Johnson says:

          No offense, but getting you to believe me is so far down on my list of things to do today that it has disappeared beneath “clean the window screens” for importance.

          Besides, you’re not looking for evidence that would show you to be wrong. You want more evidence that proves you right.

          Your examples of 2 fathers who got their kids is hardly representative of what typically happens. That is BEYOND an aberration.

    2. victim du jour says:

      You seem so confident the “Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs Card” will run to the defense of this woman and keep her out of prison for extreme child abuse.

  5. Al says:

    Les Johnson is very, very stupid.

    1. Les Johnson says:

      I’m stupid, but the chick who said the Duluth PD saved the day because they were so wise to take a woman out of a car isn’t? LOL

      1. PFred says:

        Don’t you mean “aren’t?” She didn’t say Saved the Day. She said Thank God it ended like it did and not a tragedy.

        Her comment: Thank God the Duluth police had the wisdom to get her to a hospital rather than this ending up as another tragedy.

        I don’t see anything referencing “Saved the Day.” You must be seeing things the rest of us can’t! That’s because you are the SMART one here!

        Stick to the subject that it ended with no one getting hurt, which is a far less tragedy than if someone (the child or mother) had!

        1. Les Johnson says:

          “Don’t you mean “aren’t?” ”

          The correct word is “isn’t.”

          As in, the chick….isn’t.

  6. blakie says:

    no racist jokes i wonder why

  7. Jeff says:

    Where’s all the hateful racist comments….I love reading those cmon guys let this crazy white lady have it!!

    1. IWonderIF says:

      I was just wondering the same thing!.. no racist comments! this is a first…

    2. Todd says:

      Yes, where are the crazy stats to support the racist remarks? You know, 78% of all white women dangle their children off a bridge, why do we allow this to happen?

  8. Kirk says:

    Les Johnson is still a very, very stupid person.

    1. Les Johnson says:

      Demonstrate it. I bet I can turn your demonstration into a “Kirk is stupid” demonstration.

      Have at it.

      So what do YOU do for work, Kirk? Shall we compare pedigrees, and at the end, you can come to the conclusion that YOU are the stupid one? LOL!

  9. DEB says:

    Remember when Michael Jackson dangled his baby ( BLANKET) over a balcony, covered with a blanket. No big deal. First of all, who names their kid BLANKET. And second of all, he didn’t get in any touble, oh yea!! because he is rich!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Les Johnson says:

      That wasn’t in the United States, Deb. People outside the country (even American citizens) are not subjected to American law.

      You knew that though, right? 🙂

    2. Les Johnson says:

      Second of all, he didn’t name his kid Blanket. That was a nickname.

      And Michael Jackson is dead, so technically, he doesn’t have a red cent.

  10. Tyrell Fippins says:

    Duluth now has Coons..That sucks..wtach the Crime Rate soar.

    1. LaMeeka Bobo says:

      Crime Apes migrate to places like Duluth because the “spill over” effect from over populating has taken effect..Plus it’s easy pickins for latching on to a fat,skanky white girl for support..Laura is one of those types..That’s the wisdom of Laura.

      1. Ahmed Ali Ahmed says:

        Yeah,Indians too! HUGE boozers,commit violent crimes & blame Whitey for all their issues. And those mixed race,mocha faced half breeds?? All they are is just pale faced Porch Monkeys! Laura has 3 of em & she’s only 23..# different Baby Daddies too! Latrell (inprison) D’Andre (in Chicago) & Marquis ( in Detroit)..Her wisdom & sypathetic liberal embrace is sickening..She is now “dating” some Somalian cab driver from Superior.

  11. Jeff says:

    Thanks for your comments lameeka, tyrell, Ahmed….providing a good laugh you freaks are nuts and hilarious good times on wcco comment board!!

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