Minn. Human Services Warns Clients Of Shutdown

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The state Department of Human Services started notifying hundreds of thousands of clients on Tuesday that they might lose access to health care assistance and other services if Minnesota government shuts down on July 1.

Notices mailed out to 572,000 health care, cash and food support clients informed them that “you may have trouble getting health care services” in the event of a shutdown. Similar notices were sent to 42,500 child care assistance recipients and providers, as well as 7,000 recipients of adoption assistance.

The notices were the latest step as state government prepares for the possibility it won’t be funded when the new two-year budget cycle begins July 1. That’s the result of continued disagreement between Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican legislative leaders over the level of state spending in that two-year budget, with Republicans drawing a line at $34 billion and Dayton demanding another $1.8 billion from tax increases in order to avoid steep cuts.

Dayton and Republican leaders had not met for budget talks for nearly a week as of Tuesday.

With a court likely to order the continuation of some state funding to preserve health and safety in the event of a shutdown, it’s possible some health-care assistance programs could go on past July 1. But the notice from DHS paints a bleak picture of the potential effect on some recipients of public assistance.

“If a provider won’t see you and you need urgent care, go to an emergency room,” the letter said. It also encourages enrollees in the various assistance programs to monitor the news as July 1 approaches for details about the situation.

Last week, the state notified more than 40,000 employees that they’re subject to be laid off on July 1.

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  • lure_27

    2B doolars per week in afganistan and what is happening here is that american people would be without food stamp and medicare. What a joke!

    • Ima Worryworm

      I’ve managed to make it my whole life without food stamps or medicare. With just a little effort, so could most even with obama’s wars!

      • Frank

        Bush wars

        • oldguy4444

          Who is the president OBAMA WAR

          • Frank

            So it is not what you start? George Bush has no culpability?

    • Jon Stalboerger

      Get a clue.
      I challenge everyone that donates to local food shelves or other charities to see where your ‘donations’ are actually going.
      America is not that bad off, we have the fattest “hungry people” in the world. Most of our drug users are able to buy drugs because they receive food for free. Don’t believe me? Go to the next local food drop.
      I don’t know how much you pay for taxes, but I know that I pay more than my share. I am single, (TAX ME!) no dependants, (TAX ME!).
      Over 35% of my pay check goes to taxes, let alone every gas, food, clothing, or other purchase… 6.5% sales tax on all of my purchases, and then some, goes straight to the State.
      Just a guess, this year I have already paid over $10,000 in sales tax/income tax. I have driven a total of 3,000 miles. (the only thing other than the post office that my tax dollars are supporting me) So the State of MN owes me $57:00 for every pot hole that I hit?

      • Jon Stalboerger

        By the way, according to 2010 MN Tax tables, I qualified under the ‘poverty’ tax bracket

        • mike

          I’m single with no dependants and under Daytons plan I will see an increase in my taxes. I’m ready for it and love Minnesota so I have no problems paying a little more to get our state back in the black.

  • Lincoln's Rolling Over

    Ol’ “Hitler and Castro” Tom Hackbarth needs to keep flapping his yap. Best advertising for the stupidity of the GOP and their protection of the wealthy who have benefitted from 10 years of Bush tax cuts

  • Sam I am

    Well Governor Dayton I hope your happy with what you have done. A balanced budget was placed on your desk and you threw it away instead having a temper tantrum saying “I want more money”.

    Shut er down!!!!!!

    • Fact

      Of course he’s happy.

      gov. dayton hates poor people and wants them to suffer

      • Sally

        I do too

    • Jeff

      You’re crazy if think the GOP submitted a fair balanced budget!!

      • Glen

        Lots of crazy people only look at the bottom number and did not pay any attention to how it got there. The cowards did not cut enough to come up with a viable budget to not have a tax increase to cover the Pawlenty shift.

    • Rich more TAX

      Dayton Had A balanced budget first!!! The GOP Turned it down to keep the rich from taxs. Blame the GOP!!! I hope you get laid off!!!!

      • dan

        Its not up to the Govenor to draft the budget. It is up to the lawmakers that were voted in last fall that determine the budget. Daytons only role is to either sign the budget or veto it. Its all on his shoulders

  • Always in favor of less government

    We’re calling them “cash and food support clients” now? So when someone with a $60 manicure in line at the grocery store pays $3 for two carts of groceries I should say, “Thank you for your business, ma’am. It’s been a pleasure providing you with these luxuries!”?

    Shut it down for good.

    • Guy

      And why are there 572 THOUSAND of them? I’m betting that most are able to work – so why AREN’T they?

      • Always in favor of less government

        Because over the years government has changed our society to make it perfectly acceptable to sit on these “assistance” programs for as long as is humanly possible. I know I’m old-fashioned, but there was a day when it was shameful to take government handouts, people used to WANT to work for what they had so they could have the satisfaction at the end of the day of knowing they earned it.

        • Guy

          yah; well I think that we all need to get together & tell “Gov. Givaways” that we are sick and tired of supporting all the leeches

      • Dirk

        There are about 80000 on MnCare. That would be the working poor like your fast food employee. There are about 90000 on the WIC program, again for the working poor. There are 350000 on General assistance medical again a program for those who are working poor or can’t work. That would leave about 50 thousand to find work but don’t.

      • Not Rich

        I am working full time. I can not fix my wifes depression, I wish i could. The country is now seeing its highest unemployment rates in history. I rely on my benefits to help support my loved ones and now we are looking at very tough times. Just to set the records straight, not everyone is taking advantage of free handouts.

        • Not Rich

          A person cannot get Cash Benefits unless they seek employment. Ever try to document 35-40 hours a week of job search activity. It motivates most, depending on cash grants, to find employment. It Works. Our family will not be hungry without our food benefits and they will get health care if needed whether or not I can pay, but without utilities we will suffer greatly. This shut-down will cause a downward spiral for so many just trying to get by. God speed and pray for a resolution.

      • sunny

        All the Illegals have the jobs.

  • marie

    ok so I see daycare providers are on the list really ok so who going to pay them for all the hard work thay do plus help families who just got back on their feet… so we are suppose to quite our jobs or have our kids watch themselves at 2 years old. than providers loose theirs also and make the jobless sky rocket.
    Sorry not complaining just when do all these idiots see they are hurting people, families and children our so called future. They need to get their heads on straight get this done and stop messing with not only services people need but everyone in general. Boy what is this so called great country coming to … comeon people get your job done so we can do ours.

    • hoskerdoo

      When you decided to have kids it was your responsibility to make sure you could take care of them – I do not know where this idea of day care entitlement came from – I worked an off shift – opposite from the one my wife worked so we could take care of our own kids – a sacrifice, YES, but that is what we had to do if we wanted to have children.

    • Cry me a river

      Not sure why people are having kids if they can’t take care of them… oh wait, yes I do. Because it’s more money in your pocket for every kid you have and the government will take care of them from birth through college. You’re right, our country was great before we started the free handouts and made it socially acceptable to be on welfare and other entitlement programs that reward slothfulness and poor-me attitudes.

      • marie

        Noone said they couldn’t take care of them but if your child is say 2-5 who is going to watch them while you make a living???

        • Cry me a river

          If you are paying for your daycare out of your own earnings then any daycare in Minnesota can take care of them. If you’re paying for your daycare with a welfare voucher, then you’re not technically able to care for your children financially.

          • Marie

            so, I take it you do not have children, or hope not. Many people even big earners lost their jobs and had to rely on some public assistance to get back on their feet. It has noting to do with not being able to take care of your children. Most must work one if not two jobs just to make ends meet not No slacker there.. And thanksfully we have people like providers out their to help those who need to get back on their feet.

            • Cry me a river

              You are correct, I do not have children because I’m not ready to take care of them. What did people do before government handouts when they needed to get back on their feet? They asked their churches, families, friends of otherwise. I can already anticipate your response being something about what if you don’t have those things to rely on? My answer to that is, if you don’t have good support systems in place to help you when things get rough, then skip the babies until you do.

            • Guy

              If they don’t have a job; they can take care of their own kids. If they DO have a job then they can PAY to take care of their own kids. Both of THESE options equal taking care of your kids. Asking for “assistance” means that YOU are not taking care of your kids … I AM (thru MY tax money). This equates to having kids you CANNOT fully afford … understand now?

              • Elise

                I went from earning 50,000 a year to earning nothing. When I got a job it was for 10.00 an hour. When I earned a living wage, I paid big taxes and did so for 20 years. Now I get food stamps, I am not lazy and I paid my tax paying dues. As one American to another, thanks for catching me. And when it is your turn to need help one day, you can thank me

      • woman stay home

        The womans movement! made it so you need 2 incomes.

        • Go ahead... spew hate on me for this...

          Agreed. Feminists ruined men and the natural family.

          • Fern

            You two have all the hate you need within you.

  • Val Johnson

    Most of the comments I have read are from ignorant citizens that don’t understand the current public assistance programs. Also, remember a large amount of these recipients are children and severly disabled adults. Start doing your research before making comments.

    This is now a political battle, not what is actually good for our state.

    • Guy

      No; we understand QUITE well. 572000 on assistance. Minnesota population (2010 figures) 5,303,925. This means that 10.7 PERCENT get asasistance. Are you trying to claim that 1 in 10 people is “severly disabled”? (And as for the kids – don’t have kids if you can’t afford them – really really easy).

      • Dirk

        @ Guy That 572000 would include the WIC program for working poor, Mn Care for the working poor, GMAC for the ones with a doctors note saying that they will be sick a long time and can’t work. The numbers in each group are easy to find. GMAC is 330000. So 6.2% actually are too sick or disabled to work. A sad, but true fact.

        • Guy

          WIC is for people who have kids they cant afford – (pregnant) “W”omen “I”nfants & “C”hildren. The solution to this is personal responsibility. Keep your pants on & your legs closed & don’t have the kid.

          Anyone who has kids while on assistance of any sort should be considered too irresponsible to be allowed to raise kids. Take them away & put them in a home where they learn to make better choices. BREAK THE CYCLE OF STUPIDITY.

        • Fed up

          I don’t think anyone here is faulting the working poor, The ones that gripe me are all the illegals that receive all the handouts and they cannot work because they are illegals, give them all a one way ticket back to their homes and make everyone that receives assistance live in our country and work for a period of years before help from taxpayers. If churches bring them into our country and state they can support them and give them employment.

          • Dirk

            Guy just faulted the working poor. Don’t know how any of them got into that fix. If you are trying to work I don’t see how it is a bad thing. Not good, but not bad either.

            • Guy

              Its called getting an education so that you can get a job that pays better than MickyDs. Its called holding off on having the kids until you get that education
              and a job that can pay the bills. If all you can do is minimum wage stuff; then maybe you should be looking at either upgrading your education or moonlighting.

              ITS CALLED RESPONSIBILITY. Try it. Grow up & be a (fully self supporing) ADULT.

      • Jeff

        Per the US Dept of Human Services, in FY 2010 there were 49,260 people in MN on TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), what most people know as “welfare”. However, per the MN State Council on Disability, in the year 2000, 15.8% of all Minnesotans (1 in 6), including 426,000 people between the ages of 18 and 64, had at least one type of disability. In short, less than 1 in 10 people on “assistance” are actually on TANF, while the vast majority are disabled. Another thing to consider; if at this time it is very difficulty to get a job with all your facilities intact, imagine how much more difficult it would be to get a job with a disability of any kind.

        • Guy

          And how many of those are because they fried either their brain cells with drugs or their liver with booze or their lungs with cigarettes?

          My father was missing one leg above the knee (diabetes). HE still went into work until he was 65.

          How much of the “disability” is self inflicted and how much is pure laziness?

          • Jeff

            You ask the question as if all those who are disabled are so by choice. Do people choose to have mental illness or degenerative diseases? How about those who have tried to work but can’t? You seem to be lumping a very diverse group of people into one category based on your experience with your father and those who do drugs. Does that really capture the experience of everyone with a disability?

            • Guy

              “Chemically dependant” is a SELF INFLICTED disability. Many other mental illnesses can be treated. I don’t belive that 1 out of 6 have a disability severe enough to prevent them from working.

              Its not just my father. I also have diabetes (corrected with pills) – I can still work. My wife has dyslexia – she also works. Most of these “disabilities” are not a true block to employment. They ARE a great employment generator for the “disabilities industry”; because they now have a client base. One that they (and only they – families, churches, etc need not apply) can minister to.

              • Jeff

                Your definition of disability and mine seem to be different. I work with people with conditions ranging from degenerative disc disorder to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder; many have worked in the past and would gladly do so again if they could. In fact, some of them do work as they are able to with the help of others. And yes, many if not most of my clients receive help from friends, family, neighbors, churches, or all of the above.

                I noticed a tone of bitterness in your comments above. May I suggest – if you haven’t already done so – volunteering with an agency that serves people with disabilities, especially mental health ones. Also, being a man of prayer, I will do so for you.

      • LL

        Guy, I find your attitude disgusting. Just wait until you face a true hardship. What a terrible inhumanitarian, unChristian attitude you have. My family receives food assistance because my husband is permanently disabled and my children have medical conditions requiring my care, so I am not able to work because to pay for their care would be outrageous. These programs were created for families such as mine…who truly need help, are ashamed enough to have to take it, but know when to appreciate it and certainly, we give back to our community in every way possible. We aren’t drug users, and I don’t have a manicure, or a single new item of clothing. Every dollar I have goes to pay our bills and to provide what we can for our children. I get so disgusted and tired of comments like these. You are so very short sighted. If we lose our food benefits and health care, my children could literally die without some other further assistance.

    • Jon Stalboerger

      And nobody would have a problem if that’s all it was…

  • Frustrated

    It is sad how our government has failed us, both locally and nationally. GOP versus Democrats and neither seem to have the best interests of citizens…only themselves. What a shame.

    Dayton..ONE TERM GOVERNOR. Being born with a trust fund must be nice.

    July 1st, if not settlement is reached, I go on unemployment and start tapping into my retirement funds.

    Thanks for nothing.

    • Guy

      “Gov. Givaways” is the one that needs to go on unemployment.

    • Ruth

      A family member has received his layoff notice and he too will be tapping into savings all because the politicians can’t get their heads out of their posteriors and come to an agreement. The politicians and the governor are the only ones who should get layoff notices; certainly, they shouldn’t get paid for not doing their job.

  • mary busch

    Why do I get terminated if I don’t do my job by the deadline but our representatives not only get to keep their jobs but get more perks. They have a meal perdium, I pay for my meals while I am at work; they have housing per dium if they work late, I pay for my hotels when I travel for my job. I pay for my healthcare and into social security. Come on people and wise up to what they are and aren’t doing for us. Perhaps these cuts need to be made first.

    • GOP Fired!!!

      life time health, dentail and eye care. Why dont they have to take cutts like every one?

  • Julie

    Well I am a daycare provider and we don’t get unemployemnt so until we find out what is going to happen with our jobs . Are we out of a job which means parents don’t have place for there kids??? ok like Marie sorry dones make sense tome any of this. Mary so I agree with you they should have there pay stopped also see how they like it and how fast they like it… heads would roll along with agreeing.

  • julie

    a daycare provider and we don’t get unemployemnt so until we find out what is going to happen with our jobs . Are we out of a job which means parents don’t have place for there kids??? Thanks thats nice after all we do.

    • julie

      sorry I didn’t go to school to baby sit nor do I sit on babies. To bad people like you think our jobs are worthless. Want a real eye opener come spend a day at any daycare and you couldn’t handle it.

    • Yikes

      I was sort of thinking the same thing. Julie, if you work with children you need to pay very careful attention to how you speak and write.

      • Marie

        Geez you people really are full of yourselves… Your so perfect huh??? Not!!
        If I waas as fustrated as Julie was I would be upset too. That’s the problemwith this world no caring about other just pick, pick pick…

        • Yikes

          Marie, it’s so admirable of you to care so deeply. Please let us all know where you will be opening up your free daycare facility so that those who cannot care for their children can take advantage of your gracious generosity.

          Just saying… if you’re going to make comments like that, you best be ready to put your money where your mouth is.

          • Marie

            Well yikes,
            as a matter of fact I do help people out whenever their providers, parents, grandparents or whatever cannot. I ask nothing in return other than I was able to help someone. Sad I know that this no longer exists. I do this because I care about all these people plain and simple. I don’t care if they have big house , or on their last leg if I can help in any way I well including buying clothes for kids and food if needed. I have been blessed with a good life and I intend to share with those that truely need it.. Each and every one of them are very hardworking people one no better than the other. And for some reason or another have fallen on hard time, I go out of my way to help people in any way possible. That’s how I was raised be kind, help when can … and you??? no you are only jugdemental of people. Maybe you should try helping people out in stead of trying to bash them for what they do. If might make you a new person and feel good about yourself !!

  • Libby

    My daycare provider will still be employed fully when the state shuts down.

    I have no idea what this story is referring to, maybe daycares that operate in state buildings? Do you work in a center like that julie?

    • julie

      no family in home care

      • Libby

        Then I doubt you have anything to worry about. My kids have in-home daycare and she will be employed just as always.

        • julie

          but well the goverment continue to pay us, esp with those on assistance… there is alot of them on it after losing there job and needing a hand up to get back to work

          • julie

            Sorry these families are not slackers, just needing to get back on there feet and working.

    • I can't afford a baby therefore I don't have one

      Yes I’m a little confused about the daycare stuff as well. Are these state run daycares? Daycares with a lot of state employee clients? Daycares that primarily accept welfare vouchers?

      In any case, isn’t this a risk that any business accepts if you take handouts from the government?

      • Libby

        I think its just more scare tactics

        I have kids, they have daycare at the house.

        I go to work, when I get paid I take some of my paycheck and give it to the babysitter.

        No idea why the state shutting down would figure into this unless I worked for the state I guess.

        • Interesting

          I think they are referring to daycare providers that accept “daycare assistance” meaning they are subsidized or paid directly by the state for care they provide to children of parents who can’t afford to pay daycare.

  • these Clients are the problem

    These people are “clients” in the same way goverment workers are “public servants”. How are we supposed to feel anything but disdain for people who receive the money I worked so hard to earn that was taken from me while they do not earn it? Why are they so deserving? When my kids were in daycare for a time, you really felt the pinch because it is so expensive. We went without a lot of things while these “clients” get their bills paid for them. How in the heck is that in any way fair or even a goverment function for that matter? If you can’t afford day care you should absolutly not have kids period. You knew how much it cost when you had them but you had them anyway. What the heck is wrong with this world where wrong is right and you can’t argue or you are called names.

    • Woman stay home

      Womans Movement made it so you need 2 incomes. Woman should do there job and stay home with the kids!!!

      • Nelson

        Changing American tastes. In the 1950’s it cost less to live. Look at the inner ring suburban houses. Small 1 1/2 stories or ramblers. Look at the houses today. They are twice as big. One car garages because that is all you had was one car. The world changed, deal with it.

  • welfare No More

    Stop welfare ! Get rid of it!

  • Carl

    The people most effected are the elderly, children and people with disabilities. So the GOP would rather deny services to our most vulnerable citizens to protect the top 2%? Well at least their financial backers will be able to afford that third home.

    • Marie


  • Ron

    both the governor and the legisalture are acting like two year olds having a temper tantrum when they don’t get their way.

  • StateWorker

    This really has nothing to do with daycare providers! This has to do with my job and that these aholes up at the capital are not doing their job and therefore I have to suffer. They are now talking 6 week shut down! That is 3 paychecks that I will go without. I have 3 kids and a mortgage and car payments that not sure how will be paid. I think they should all have to come and do my job 1 day and see what we do and the people they are affecting by doing or lack of job their jobs.

  • Harold

    The gov is hell bent on taxing, the wrong thing to do in a recession. Thats not my opion, its the opion of leading economists. The republicans are not going to compromise on something that they know will hurt the already hurting economy, thats why they were elected in 2010.

  • Jason

    Dayton too busy with ziggy to worry about the people that elected him. DO YOUR JOB! loser.

    • Guy

      And tell Ziggy that “no more welfare” means BOTH the rich bums AND the poor ones. Get rid of ALL the leeches.


    Get rid of all the Stuped Sports Teams, Basket ball, Football, Baseball. We do not need them!!! North Dakota and South Dakota Have NO Teams and have less taxes!

    • Nigel

      LA does not have a football team. There were no mass suicides. The city did not fall apart. For all I know there is still civic pride. They even get people to watch soccer!

    • Yukon Cornelius

      Dumbest Comment of the Day Award, right here…

      Congrats to “no more sport teams” on the nomination… Truly an honor I’m sure..

  • rich got to go

    Always in favor of less Privet Jobs!!!!! Put a pay cap on all jobs. collage or not. Everyone makes 10.50 an hour. privet of public.

    • Bill

      Can tell by your spelling – obviously NOT a college graduate.

  • DebL

    I cannot believe the arrogance of some of you on this thread. My husband and I have worked FT even when in college. My DH was laid of 30 months ago and has not been able to secure employment. He has a very good work record as well. He has even applied for jobs well below his skill level and income level and was even told my one fast food chain he was over qualified. We have alway paid our own way but now that the unemployment has run out, savings if gone, retirement is gone we have had no other choice. We have old cars that are paid for, no credit card debt, live in a very modest house with a reasonable mortgage as well. I do work FT but my take home only covers, the utils, mtg, fuel, and car insurance. AFter that there is nothing left for food or clothes. We do not have cable or internet, or cell phones. NOT EVERYONE LEECHES OF THE SYSTEM OR HAS WELL TO DO FAMILY THAT CAN HELP!! I hope some day all of you arrogant people find yourself in a jam.

    • Guy

      If you don’t have internet; how did you post this?? The blog-fairy?

    • Yukon Cornelius

      He must be really educated and trained to apply for a fast food job. I mean wow.

      Failing to plan is planning to fail, dear…

    • Worried

      DebL God bless you… I am working and have old cars that are paid for. I also need these benefits to continue to work. Without them right now i’m looking at the possibility of having my utilities disconnected. So where does that leave me? In the dark. My wife cannot work due to her disability, 2 young boys that may not get the health care they need. I pray for a resolution to this matter quickly. Maybe Guy should pray for PEACE OF MIND. Not all persons are drug using free loaders.

  • haterpartrol

    Clearly, most of the post regarding this story, needs or needed more government services in your life. The notion of pulling one’s self up by your bootstraps only applies to those born with silver spoons in your mouth. IF THAT DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU, THEN YOU HAVE ACCESSED GOVERNMENT SERVICES AT SOME POINT IN YOUR LIFE. What would Jesus do? Certainly not round up the poor, needy, and disabled to lock them away or kill them off as they are not worthy enough. Come on people, a lack of compassion in your hearts is what makes you believe that less fortunate persons than yourselves should be exterminated. ( No you never said that, but taking away ‘welfare’ will do exactly that). Everyone (at least 85% of us) is currently suffering…the other 15% live in the big mcmansions and make over $400,000 a year…that’s a long way from $10.50 an hr, which by the way, is NOT a livable wage. We should be thanking our higher powers that WE are NOT in a position to currently need these gov’t services. AND Since MY taxes bailed out Wall Street, those goons could at least use some vaseline this time, before they bend me over…YOU’RE BLAMING THE WRONG PEOPLE, we didn’t create this mess, THEY DID. I wonder why there are no post about them…MAN IS SWAYED BY POWER AND GREED & SOON THE RESULTS WILL BE SEEN.

    • fed up

      I agree with you. Its the working class that is making very little per hour that suffers the most. YOu are rite 10.50/hr is not a livable wage. But you bet that the politicians could care less bout most us that make only make between 25000-30000 a year. They should lose all perks and be made to work for minium wage. See how they like it

      • Yukon Cornelius

        I don’t understand what jobs people are doing that only pay 25k-30k per year.

        Are you stocking shelves at Cub? Opening doors at Wal-Mart?

        Honest question…

  • fed up

    I agree with Mary Busch, why should the politicians get all these perks for job that isn’t getting done. They should be like everyone else and pay for it out of there pockets. The governer and politicians all should go without pay also during a shutdown, and lose all the perks. Bet things would change real fast. In the real world if you cant afford it, you dont get it. What ever happened to living within your means. It sad when alot of people have to be affected because of politicians cant get thru there head that you cant live like a king on a minium wage.

  • My Blessings

    Wish all the best of luck it seems our elected officials has failed not even the needy but their own employers that had nothing to do with this sinking ship.
    Maybe the rich can pay their share of taxes? Minnesota highways and schools was built on your money and we all lived with food and shelter.

  • Ruth

    The ONLY people who should NOT be getting paid right now are the politicians who are currently getting paid a lot of money to NOT do their job – balance the budget. And, Governor Dayton, forget about any new sports venue for the Vikings. Minnesota and it’s taxpayers CANNOT afford this unnecessary expense! Get your priorities straight, and I don’t mean supporting the welfare leeches who are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves and their offspring.

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