MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Work on replacing the roof that collapsed at the Metrodome in Minneapolis last winter is about 80 percent complete.

Part of the old Teflon-coated fabric was shredded by the snow and wind last December. Workers are on track to finish the replacement roof by the Minnesota Vikings home preseason game Aug. 27.

Jim Maki is the director of facilities and engineering for the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission. Maki says the new roof, made of a stronger fabric, will sit a little lower than the old one. He says it will handle better in the wind and not catch as much snow.

Maki tells Minnesota Public Radio News that the project has had one accident. An ironworker slipped on the fabric and suffered a separated shoulder.

The roof is expected to be inflated the last week of July.

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Comments (4)
  1. very interesting says:

    Take your time. Probably won’t be a season this year anyway.

  2. Jim says:

    Why fix it at all, there might not be a season this year and next year the vikings will want to be somewhere else, a different stadium in MN or a different stadium in a different state altogether. When you total your car, sometimes you write it off, the metrodome should have been written off and a competed loss. Perhaps it’s all being done much cheaper than I imagine though, but probably not.

  3. Joe says:

    Maybe if you get your facts before posting Jim, you WOULD know.

    The roof was replaced with insurance money. The replacement of the roof will cost $18.3 Million of which we have to pay a $25K deductible. Not exactly a bad deal.

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