NEW ULM, Minn. (AP) — A south-central Minnesota animal shelter is dealing with 20 sick cats that were abandoned outside its front door.

A volunteer found the cats in boxes outside the Brown County Humane Society on Saturday morning.

Holes were made in the boxes so the abandoned cats could breathe. But Humane Society volunteer Gerald Woodley says the cats were in poor health, with ringworm and upper respiratory illnesses.

The Journal reports the sick cats are now isolated in the shelter, away from the rest of the cats. Veterinarians were treating some of the newfound cats.

Animals surrendered to the Humane Society cost owners $75 each. Woodley says treating the ill cats will cost the Humane Society far more than the $1,500 that would have been generated if the cats were properly surrendered.

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  1. Meh says:

    Ok, so what happens if the owners couldn’t afford the $75 fee per cat? Would the humane society rather see the animals suffer in some field somewhere? Had that happened, these same people would be complaining about how they could have cared for the animals if only they were turned in.

    Can someone tell me what happens when you show up to surrender an animal and you do not have the $75? Do they bash the animals skull in with a shovel?

    1. Meow says:

      I surrended an animal over 4 years ago and I didn’t have to pay but they do ask for a donation and if you don’t have it they won’t turn you away. I’m not sure if rules has changed since then.

      Ummm…..I don’t think they bash the heads in, well at least I hope not.

  2. Pet Nurse says:

    No they don’t bash their heads in, they give ’em the pink juice!

  3. Cat says:

    $75.00 for a surrender fee no wonder they just left them and the person was at least trying to be humane about it. Brown County Humane Society has created the problem by charging that kind of fee!

    Anoka & Hennepin counties at least ask for a donation and even if you can’t pay it they will still take in any animal instead of it being left out on the streets.

    To the person or person who left the cats…A Big Thank you for doing the right thing!!

  4. unable to surrender says:

    in Wright co. they will turn you away if they have too many of that animal… luckily they have numbers of people who are animal lovers who take them in as their own.

  5. Northern Minnesota says:

    Maybe if the vet clinics did not charge so much to have there pets “fixed” there would not be so many unwanted animals out there.

  6. Jake says:

    Why someone has 20 cats is puzzling. I do salute them for punching holes in the boxes, although waiting for all to have respitory ailments is pretty much a death sentence for most of them. I’d like to see another report on how many made it to adoption. I will bet 4 of the 20 are alive right now.

  7. Joyce says:

    Kinda wonder if they are cats/kittens from a nearby farm? I do commend them in trying to find help for theses sick animals, instead of letting them die. One will never know. As for reasonable spay/neuter the word really needs to get out about MNSNAP
    I wish this article would do there part in helping offering a solution to the problem.

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