MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The vote to limit noise on outdoor bar and restaurant patios in Minneapolis has been postponed.

It was initially going to the Minneapolis City Council Friday, but Council member Meg Tuthill, who proposed the ordinance, will instead form a task force with interested parties, including business owners, residents, regulatory services, police and others.

It’s all in an attempt to find a compromise amenable to all, and it could lead to changes to the proposed ordinance.

A new date for a vote on the ordinance has not been set.

Comments (8)
  1. Mark from mntaxwaste.com says:

    Task Force?
    More well spent tax money?

    1. M says:

      Exactly. I would imagine anything would be more important than this. This is pointless.

  2. Sgt says:

    And why is this a issue? seems like a waste of Mpls taxpayers money.

  3. Alison says:

    Wow. Does Meg Tuthill need a list of things to do? I am positive there are far more important things for her to be worrying about in 2011 and beyond. For one, I really think the spaces in between the cement on the sidewalks is too far apart … I demand a task force to look into this issue further!
    Plus, how dare businesses have outdoor areas, it so goes against anything Minnesotan! We should be staying inside buildings and not making any noise. The nerve of a business for providing places for people to spend time outdoors. For shame!

    Just spit balling here but I am guessing people knew what they were moving next to when they bought or rented. Just saying … geeze.

  4. very interesting says:

    They will probably vote on it After December 25th but before January 1st.

  5. Betty says:

    Never would have thunk I would find this so idniespnsable.

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