Twins’ Guard Reprimanded For Scolding Lesbian Couple

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota Twins security guard has been reprimanded for allegedly scolding a lesbian couple for kissing.

According to Taylor Campione and Kelsi Culpepper, they were a little late to the Twins game at Target Field on May 27, 2011. Culpepper stopped to go to the restroom and gave Campione a little kiss.

Then, Culpepper said a security guard came up to her.

“I saw you kissing that girl, you can’t do that,” the guard said.

Campione told the guard, she could kiss whoever she wanted to, the guard allegedly replied, “Well, we don’t play grab a** here.”

Campione told Culpepper, who then confronted the guard and said, “I don’t understand what’s wrong with kissing my girlfriend.”

They said the guard replied, “Well here in the stadium, we adhere to the 10 Commandments.”

They spoke to the manager and were not satisfied. They want a “zero tolerance policy at Target Field, and have filed a complaint with the State Human Rights Department.

WCCO’s Susie Jones Interviews The Couple

Twins spokesman Kevin Smith said the guard, who has worked for the organization for nearly a decade, has been reprimanded for his actions, but continues to work at the stadium.

“That security guard has received both a verbal and written reprimand that will be put in his personnel file, and he understands that that is not an acceptable behavior,” Smith said.

WCCO’s Susie Jones Interviews Smith

Smith said it was a very isolated incident.

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  • hdmc

    nag nag nag!

    • Timothy P. Ross

      Actually Genesis 2:20 says “The man gave names to all the cattle, all the birds of the air, and all the wild animals; but none PROVED to be the suitable partner for the man”.
      Sounds to me it came pretty close to Adam and Cluck Cluck.

      • Bob Jones


        You’re taking a few words.. written in a book… by a flawed human being… as the word of the non-existant invisible magical friend?

        I’ll leave you and your ignorance alone, you two seem happy together.

    • How does that work?

      Ok…if God man Adam and Eve…then we are all inbred hicks. How can you populate the world from 2 people?

      So either God made every man and women extacly they way they are…..or your mom is a distant cousin. Choke on that

      • Bob Jones

        LOL. That’s right.

        Being in-bred hicks would explain a lot. Let’s take the “Bible belt” in the USA. Their lack of intelligence would certain be explained by weakening the gene-pool cause by in-breeding. Which is also, coincidentally, why they believe what they do, because they don’t know any better.

    • Tom B.

      Eh.. Can you repeat what you just wrote, but this time in English?

    • EvolutionRulz

      Yes, all hail the sky-being and the intolerance that comes with believing in it.

      • Humor

        You sound like a very tolerant person yourself. Pot meet kettle.

  • Bb

    He needs to leave his religious beliefs at the church and home, should be fired.

    • Kim

      Agreed, not everyone follows the same version of religion. He needs to keep his views to himself.

      • IrassJ


      • Yawn....

        He has as much right to talk about his belief in the Bible as you do in supporting your views.

        • heathcliff

          He can talk all he likes but he has NO right whatsoever to tell ANYONE to stop kissing. It’s a free country and people can kiss all they like. And if you don’t like it – move to a religious dictatorship. Iran might be a good start – because that’s what you’re proposing.

        • kim

          But he is trying to impose his personal views on others. Religion is personal – it shouldn’t be pushed on others.

          • Tony

            Religion is personal, but sexual orientation is apparently public? very public.

            • Drunken Dissed Orderly

              Very public. As a matter of fact, just this morning I saw the most disgusting thing.

              There was a dude and some chick holding hands RIGHT ON THE STREET CORNER at Lexington and Energy Park Drive.

              Of course I called 911, because the last thing I want is for the breeders to get to do some blatantly hetero act right IN FRONT OF WHERE CHILDREN COULD BE!!! How sick!!

              • Exactly!!


                How about Tony doesnt see a differnce between two adults minding their own business kiss….and the guard sticking his nose in the middle to try and ruin someone elses good time. I wonder why the guard felt it was his duty to interrupt adults, committing no crimes or distrubance, to give them a moral repremand. What is with people?

                And i LOVE how the gays call us “breeders”….LOL

              • Tony

                I don’t want to see it either way.

              • heathcliff

                I like you!!!

            • markH

              “Religion is personal”? Are you trying to persuade us our yourself? Religion is perhaps the most destructive (9/11, Israeli v Palestinian state, suicide bombings, RCC prohibiting condom use in Africa, tax exemptions for churches whilst the rest of us carry their tax burdens, interference with life-saving stem cell research funding, etc) I could go on and on about just how PUBLIC and destructive religion is to all of us-and that includes those who do NOT believe these life destroying myths. Peace.

        • Drunken Dissed Orderly

          Not in the context in which he did, no, he does not.

        • Kelsi Culpepper

          we live in a secular society and separation of church and state is the law. so when he is at work… he DOES NOT HAVE ANY RIGHT to do this.

          • Soldier deployed in Afghan

            What law are you referring to when you say Separation of Church and State?

            • Victory Gin

              The Treaty of Tripoli is very clear about it.

    • Michael Clark

      No kidding! Religion has its place and this isn’t it….there’s a good reason why I’m a RECOVERING Catholic LOLOL

  • Patrick G.

    I totally agree that this guy was out of line. And good for the couple to confront him on his action. Maybe he should have been given 100 hours of volunteering at a GLBT shelter or organization.

    • Mr D

      I would rather be water boarded.

      • Bob Jones

        That can be arranged.

    • ch

      good that you have enough information to convict. Hope to see you in a courtroom looking for justice. I’ll return the act of civility.

      • Flabbergasted By Patrick

        Patrick G….Judge, Jury, Executioner. Please save me Lord!

    • Larry

      Seriously Patrick G? What in the world would bring you to that conclusion? It’s a baseball game, not a bedroom? Do you want your children to witness people making out at a baseball game? What are you thinking? Are you thinking? Maybe I’ll bring my girlfriend to the game next week and do the “deed” on the condiment shelf and tell the usher to STFU or I’ll sue him/her if they complain. Get some common sense Patrick G! There’s a place for things like this and it’s NOT a baseball game.

      • Chadachada

        “Do you want your children to witness people making out at a baseball game”?

        They already see it or participate in it at their own school, watch it on television, etc etc. Having it happen in a crowd FULL of people is so miniscule compared to his/her own school environment that I truly question your ability to think.

        A baseball game is a perfectly acceptable place for making out for part of the time.

      • Insectoid

        Don’t people make out in Disney movies? I’m pretty sure Ariel got more action from her prince than the kiss of utmost chastity these chicks gave each other.

        • Drunken Dissed Orderly

          In “The Little Mermaid”, the man performing the wedding on the ship got an erection which grows out like Pinnochio’s nose from his crotch and is about as long as his leg. Watch for yourself.

      • kate

        They weren’t making out. It was a quick kiss. So your argument isn’t relevant or based in common sense.
        Same treatment is all they’re asking for.

      • amaysme

        Larry, how did we make the leap from a peck on the lips to fornication????? So you say NO ONE can kis ANY one at your ball game????? PULEAEEEESE!!!

        • Larry

          @AMAYSME….NO WHERE IN THE STORY IS THERE PROOF THAT IT WAS “A PECK ON THE LIPS”. Now, do me a favor, if you are telling me I’m wrong, state your argument for why it was RIGHT for them.. Don’t give me the old safe answer of “there was nothing wrong with it” because that’s not a valid answer. State your argument Amaysme. Why was it ok for them to do that without being asked to knock it off. And don’t give me the old Kiss Cam excuse either because that needs to be removed too.

          • Bob Jones

            Let me quote the article for you:
            “Culpepper stopped to go to the restroom and gave Campione a “LITTLE KISS.”

            Then, Culpepper said a security guard came up to her.

            “I saw you kissing that girl, you can’t do that,” the guard said.

            Where is it reported that they were making out? It was a “little kiss” as in a peck on the lips/cheek.

            Who the hell do you think you are to be telling these two people what they can or can’t do? There’s nothing wrong with kissing someone you care about. Not only that, but you are NOBODY. You have no right to tell ANYONE what to do.

            You don’t kiss your parents/kids/loved ones?

            Larry, don’t be an idiot. There was no fornication, there wasn’t even groping. Nice way to make a planet out of a molehill. Overreact much?

            Larry, I suggest you go searching for your balls, you seem to have lost them.

          • amaysme

            Dear Larry, I suppose a quick kiss in your world is tonsil tango. But a quick kiss in the real world is just that, a “peck”. You bet your sweet bigoted ass it was OK for them to do that. Does anyone stop you from givving your girlfriend a quick kiss? How about your dog? Lots of people kiss their dogs, oh and children… Can we not kiss our children without being accused of child porn???? Get a life Larry, but do not take your girlfriend to the concession stand and do the “deed”, whatever you may construe that to be. She might not like it as much as you…

      • Annette G

        i AGREE WHEN MY HUSBAND &i ARE AT A BALLGAME & i HAVE TO USE THE RESTROOM i Do NOThave to kiss him goodbye inorder to do that I just go into restroom!t here is a time & place for everything and a ballgame is not the place to neck.!

        • Drunken Dissed Orderly

          @ Annette G:

          Who was necking?

          If you don’t want to kiss your husband then don’t. That’s your decision. But it’s NOT your decision to tell others what they can do ANYWHERE. Mind your own business.

        • Erik

          What an uptight prude.

        • Cynthia

          Speaking of “hyper-sensitive”, she could have just walked away instead of getting all stupid about it.

          I agree that a baseball game is not the place for intimacy. Get a room and keep your pawing out of my face. I don’t care if you are male or female. It’s inappropriate in public, period. Some people have no manners.

          • Drunken Dissed Orderly

            You’re saying this was inappropriate?

            How arrogant of you. What makes you think you get to decide for all of us?

          • Bob Jones

            Projecting much?

            You speak of hyper-sensitivity, yet you exhibit it yourself.
            You don’t like seeing people kiss in public? Don’t look.

            It’s not your choice or your place to decide what is and is not appropriate in public, so keep it to yourself, you self-righteous whiner.

      • ykittys

        With all due respect, that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. First, it was a quick kiss. Couples do it all the time without the intention of being vulgar or rude and from the sound of it, these girls didn’t do anything crazy like stick their tounge down the other’s throad for 5 minutes. I should complain next time I see two straight people kissing, I mean, I don’t want my kids exposed to that! Our kids should live in a totally neutral world, devoid of any public displays of affection so they aren’t tarnished by icky lovey-dovey sentiments. I mean, how dare someone show their partner a small token of affection?! Disgusting.

        • ykittys

          Apologies, I meant throat, not “throad”.

    • kerry

      it’s called LGBT

  • markH

    11) “Thou shalt have no girl-on-girl lovemaking.”

    Never even made the Top Ten!

    • Mr D

      That would sure make the games a lot more interesting.

    • LOL

      Ok…that was pretty funny!! (because its true)

  • Tony Taniguchi

    It is nothing compared to what I saw at Philadelphia Airport a few months ago. I saw a lady right in front of me passed all those security check points without taking shoes off nor much of her bags to be checked, I complained to the officer right there who is a moslem in my eyes. He said she is OK because he knew her. I did not like his reply so that I went to an officer at his desk after the security check point. He was busy to read his novel smiling and happy until I came up to him to talk to him.
    I wrote to Airport Security over the internet, TSI?, these two incidents. Their reply was another surprise, it said that there is a law everybody has to take shoes off etc., therefore what I saw was OK. What????
    The officer reading a novel was on his break so that it was OK too, What???
    Are they serious? Why are we paying tax or fee for security????

    • Victim mentality

      Totally off topic and, likely, quite false…

  • Kepi

    Which of the 10 Commandments says 2 women can’t kiss each other?

    • L


    • kate

      Why should we care what your bible says? Romans doesn’t sound like the 10 commandments anyway.
      Child molesting doesn’t have anything to do with two adults kissing.

      • Reads the Bible and finds it interesting

        Maybe you should start caring what the Bible says; read it and know what it is says before make uneducated statements.

        • Jimmy B

          Why should Kate care about a book of ancient fairy tales that was so heavily edited by its many primitive authors as to be disjointed, contradictory and filled with misogynistic blood lust?

          • dawkins loves darwin

            Primitive authors like Darwin? Didn’t even live in our time yet worshiped like a god.

            • kate

              Darwin? What does he have to do with this topic? He isn’t worshipped, he is respected for his work. And his work has been shown to be right – over and over again. When has the bible been shown to be an accurate description of how the world works?
              Again, why should I care what your bible says? I didn’t say you can’t care. I just want you to consider that some of us don’t and not to try to push it on us.

        • Bible = BS

          Yeah, we should totally pay attention to a fantasy. That’s the ticket.

        • Erin

          I Have read and studied the Bible–hence, I am an atheist.

        • Bob Jones

          And maybe you should mind your own business and stop trying to dictate to people what they should/should not do/think.

          Noone cares what you think, keep it to yourself.

        • Drunken Dissed Orderly

          “Maybe you should start caring what the Bible says”

          Never. Never ever.

          Maybe you should start ignoring what the bible says…

    • IrassJ

      What does the Bible say about a quick kiss between two girls at a Twins game in 2011?

      For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

      So, if these two girls believe in God, they’re golden – according to the Bible, of course.

      • Kepi

        Actually, religion is not the issue — policy is. I think it’s fair to say that the security guard was not representing Target Field policy when he mentioned the 10 Commandments. It’s important that one not let their personal feelings/beliefs get in the way of doing their job. Otherwise, they need to find another job.

        Personally, I think since the guard was reprimanded – the ball is in his court. He doesn’t need to be fired for making a mistake – but he may not want to work for an organization that doesn’t share his beliefs.

      • Ali

        Islam says we are supposed to stone them also, and it’s a religion of peace! PEACE I TELL YOU!

    • Max

      TFDolphin–In depth? I think perhaps it is you who needs to re-crack your Bible. It’s a fairly lengthy book and there are perhaps 3 or 4 passages that refer to same gender sexual relations. Please pay special attention to the words specifically attributed to Jesus Christ. He NEVER mentions same gender sex. However, he does mention divorce and has a lot to say about our obligations to the less fortunate and the vulnerable.

    • Jimmy B

      @tuna-free: Do you even know what the 10 commandments are?

      *BUZZ* WRONG!
      (sorry, it is a trick question–there are actually 12 commandments)


      Thank you for bring up “the gay thing” that is covered “in depth,” i.e., Leviticus. Now, I expect that you do not shave, nor work (or play) at all on Saturday, wear blended fabric garments, have no piercings or tattoos, and have promptly stoned to death all of your children who have disobeyed you. And lest we forget, you have kept YHWH’s law by killing adulterers, killing people who curse their parents, killing gays, etc.

      Best get crackin’!

  • Mr.Fury

    The only thing more fun to watch than a sport event is two women kissing imo.

    • As jack said...


  • IrassJ

    Thanks for the ignorant comment.

    • IrassJ


      the original comment has been removed…

  • Victim Du Jour

    I have seen security people tell heterosexual couples making out in public to keep a lid on it at nightclubs.

    While people are being murdered for being gay in other parts of the world, the only thing ” Gay BLTers” can come up with in Minnesota is this?

    • Todd W. Olson

      So it’s your position that they should have thanked the guard for not murdering them? God, you’re a moron.

    • Brian

      PDA is different than a short kiss. Not to mention, have you ever heard of the KISS CAM? Duhhhh!

  • Andy

    So sick of the gay agenda shoved down people’s throats!! Keep it at home!!!

    • Elmo

      To be replaced by the conservative judao-christian agenda shoved down the people’s throat?

      • DUM ASZ

        If you don’t let a jehova witness in you house they don’t sue you they tell you to have a nice day.

    • Brian

      So sick of the Hetero agenda being shoved down my throat.

      Don’t let the dark ages hit you on the butt on the way out of the msg board Andy.

    • Yeah

      Stay at home. You can hide from those evil, evil gays all you like within your four walls.

    • So over it

      Amen Andy!

    • Chaon

      Me too. I can’t stop thinking about that hot, rock-hard gay agenda being shoved down my throat. Again and again. In fact, that’s pretty much all I think about these days- that wicked, insidious gay agenda being thrust at me from all directions.

      • h


  • john f

    Wow, these people will stop at nothing. Push Push Push

    • Kim

      “These people” Which people would they be, and why is it only people that disagree with you are way too pushy? Why not let them live their life without trying to keep them in line?

      • Bob Jones

        Because we don’t want their “christian” agenda shoved down our throats.
        Why can’t “they” stop pushing their agenda down our throats?
        Personally, I don’t want to be preached to by any religion, but people here do it all the time “Read the bible” this and “god” that. “You people” (any religion which shoves their views down someone elses throat) are the biggest bunch of hypocrites I’ve ever observed.

        You push others and when they push back, you cry foul? Come on, you’re not really THAT stupid… are you?…… Are you?

    • Heathcliff

      That’s right John. There will be no rest until bigots and Christians learn to accept that whatever their out-dated fairy stories tell them does not dictate what people can and can’t do in a free society. Situations such as this need to be treated with the utmost seriousness until everyone realises that there is nothing wrong with being gay and there is no right under the law for anyone to stop anyone else from kissing etc.

  • animalquackers

    I believe in teaching our kids tolerance to the gay issues but I don’t believe they should have to be subjected to watching it in a public place. I also teach them that just because we tolerate it doesn’t mean it is alright. It isn’t.

    Accolades abound for the security guard. Wish there were many more like him.

    • Schtolteheim Reinbach III

      And I, for one, am glad there are not.

      Teaching hatred under the guise of love is infinitely more damaging to the development of children than them happening to see a woman briefly kiss another woman.

      • Web ster

        disapproving and hatred are different words buddy ever hear of Webster?

    • nothanks

      And what will you do when gay couples with children complain that their kids should not be subjected to male-female kissing? Will their opinions count? You can either ban it for gays and straight, or you can ban it for neither. You cant be selective if you believe all are created equal.

      • Bob Jones

        Who’s being selective here? Just the religious, I’m afraid.

        To me, it really doesn’t matter WHO is doing the kissing. Male or female.
        They have every right to show their affection for each other regardless of their sexuality. And it is NOBODIES place to say otherwise to them. Gay or straight, it really doesn’t matter.

    • Heathcliff

      Oh for goodness’ sake!! Get over yourself! Some people are straight and some people are gay and it’s none of your business! Everyone has the right to kiss anyone they choose in public in a free society. Teach your children THAT! Or, go and live in a country where it is outlawed – like an Islamic religious dictatorship. Because that’s what you’re proposing.

    • Bob Jones

      I’m sorry, you’re giving accolades to someone spreading hate?

      You’re not very bright, are you?

  • Darren

    Just wondering why this is the top story on WCCO. A 19 year old soldier died overseas the other day and it was just passed on to the local news stations. How about a little respect for those who are fighting for us and dying for us.

    SHame on you WCCO

  • Dudetou

    Must be a slow news day. Why is this news?

    • Bob Jones

      Because these women were discriminated against.
      Discrimination is bad.
      Do I have to tell you what 1+1 is also, or can you kick-start your own brain?

  • harleymanmn

    Yes the guard should have kept his comments to himself but firing him? No Way! This scorched earth policy by the GLBT community kind of runs counter to what they are asking the rest of us to do, to show tolerance for them? A double standard in my book. Let’s endorse the live and let live policy, okay?

    • Kim

      Where does it indicate the GLBT community is pushing for him to be fired?

  • teddybear

    why is this news?!?!?!

  • StraycatStrut

    Yet another “NEWS” story from ‘CCO….. where’s Weiner when you need him!

    • Dudetou

      Selling “Hot Dogs”

    • Kat

      photography his junk….where else would he be

  • Juliie

    Call the couple what ever you want. I think their cry babies.

    • Mike

      THEIR cry babies….finish your sentence J
      guessing you are not gay and have not been discriminated against lately

    • Heathcliff

      Julie, when you next complain about something – poor service, bad driving, discrimination against you because you’re a woman – I hope you receive the response “you’re just a crybaby!” (And yes, it’s “they’re” not “their”)

      • Erin

        “Juliie,” it looks like you can’t even spell “you’re” name correctly, so excuse me if if I don’t care about “their” relationship.

  • Jason

    If they follow the 10 commandments at that stadium, why is a game being played there this Sunday? I thought you weren’t supposed to work on the sabbath?

    • J Dmetrer

      Where in the Bible does it say Sunday is Sabbath? I am pretty sure it says the seventh day. I thought the seventh day was Saturday. Somebody can’t count but I hear most of you yanks can’t even read so math and spelling must be real difficult.

      • kate

        For most of the world Monday is the first day of the week, so Sunday is the 7th. But if we go with your reasoning, they shouldn’t play games on Saturday. Either way, it is trying to impose your version of religion on others.

        • Drunken Dissed Orderly

          “For most of the world Monday is the first day of the week”



          • Bob Jones

            If you didn’t understand the post, go back and read it again.


    • Georg

      I think its the 11th commandment… Girls shall not kiss? I am confused as to what commandment the guard was referring too?

  • PJO

    If they want to lock lips then so be it, go down on each other for all I care but do iin an area that isn’t family friendly. I am teaching my 6yr old tolercance but I a,m doing it at his pace, after all he is 6 If you gay your gay who the hell cares but quit shoving it down the throats of others. I don’t shove me being hetro down the throats of anybody. Hell get married I’ll even stand up for you I don’t care. But keep in mind that playig toncil hockey in public when there are children around is just plain wrong, BTW I would be saying the same if the couple were hetro,.

    • James2

      Kissing cam? Vote for the best kiss? This is seriously wrong in front of children, you are correct. The Twins ought to stop this.

    • Schtolteheim Reinbach III

      If heterosexuals may kiss one another briefly in public, so can gays, sorry to say. This wasn’t exactly an excessive display of PDA.

    • Mike

      your continuous ‘shoving down the throat’ references are making me hot!

    • Kate

      A quick kiss is hardly shoving their life style down your throat. Do you complain when hetero couples make out in public? Same standards should apply.

    • heathcliff

      PJO – if you choose to breed and have children, then it is your responsibility to negotiate them through the adult world. The adult world will not, and should not, conform to your idea of what is suitable for children. If I want to give my husband a kiss in front of your child I bloody well will. And so will everyone else. Deal with it, or don’t breed.

      • amaysme

        I love it heathcliff. “Deal with it or don’t breed” Succinctly put.

    • Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste

      Well said

    • Bob Jones

      Where a couple plays “tonsil hockey” (Which, by the way, this was not. It was a peck on the cheek.) is none of your concern or business. You don’t dictate the rules, thankfully.

      Don’t like it? Don’t look.
      Or better yet, don’t leave your house. You’ll be able to engineer a “perfect” environment for yourself…. away from everyone else. Works for you, works for me!

  • Mike

    i’m all for it!
    note to self – invest in tar & feathers

  • Schtolteheim Reinbach III

    If it were my choice, I would’ve fired the guy. Not just for the bigotry, but the sheer idiocy of invoking the Ten Commandments when 1) enforcing religious beliefs in a non-religious setting is inappropriate and reflects very poorly on the company employing him, and 2) he apparently doesn’t even know what those commandments are.

    With that level of stupidity, I would not have faith that he’d have the mental faculties necessary to perform his simple job.

  • Larry

    If two people were kissing/making out at work….THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED!!! A baseball game is NOT were WE want to see this.

    • idiotkiller

      you know how i know you’ve never actually been to a baseball game before?

      let’s put it another way: almost every MLB park has a “kiss cam” around the 5th or 6th inning.

      Larry, i am disappoint.

      • larry

        U are entitled to be disappoint(ed) Idiotkiller, but at the same time, you should really start looking at the big picture and start asking what can be done throughout MLB to remove these types of issues. Does any team need a Kiss Cam? No. I don’t need my kids seeing any couple going over and above what the Kiss Cam originally started out as years ago. You know as well I as do that people like to push the envelope and take it to an extremely while they are in the limelight. I say just stop doing the stupid Kiss Cam and I can stop covering my kids eyes during those extreme kissing moments. Problem solved.

        • Richard

          You’re the one that needs to see the Bigger Picture.
          Why are you so afraid of, or phobic about affection? I pity your kids if that’s the lessons you are providing them. What the hell is wrong with a kiss or a cuddle every so often? So what if it’s on television.
          That’s another part I love about religions: they breed guilt, shame, and fear. It’s how they capture the very young minds and corrupt them for live. Great marketing.

        • Bob Jones

          Yes, because a kiss will scar your kids for life.

          Helicopter parent much?

          Noone is going to remove the Kiss Cam just because you don’t like it. And just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it should be taken down. What you like and/or dislike is of no relevance to anyone but you.

          Stop trying to force your preference on others. dimwit.
          If you don’t like exposing your kids to the “Kiss Cam” at a sporting event, DON’T GO. Simple. Plus, that’s the only choice you have, at this point.

    • Paul Solinger

      No, but I’m sure you don’t mind seeing people falling down drunk by the 5th inning, something far more common then two women kissing.

    • stace34

      Have you never seen the kiss cam at the baseball games? Nothing said they were making out it said she gave her girlfriend a quick kiss. So unless you are going to ban all kissing for everyone at the stadium and end the kisscam then you don”t have an actual argruement.

      • LindaLu

        How ’bout we just get rid of the “kisscam” altogether? Why does this have to be a presence in a stadium anyway…what purpose does it serve?

        • Drunken Dissed Orderly

          “WE”? You think “WE” should get rid of it?

          Why do you think you even get an opinion what the Twins have happening in-between innings?

          • LindaLu

            Geez DDO, go have another beer and settled down. Pardon me for voicing an opinion (which you were sure to rip me for), I mis-spoke on the “we” and yes, “we” aren’t in charge of what the Twins have at the stadium, I was merely wondering what the purpose of the kisscam is in the first place. So to make DDO happy here before he hits bottom, how ’bout the Twins get rid of the “kisscam”? Is that better DDO? I still think it’s an idiotic thing to have, especially if one might be sitting next to a stranger…unless you’re sitting next to DDO!!!

            • justin ferkler

              Linda: I agree, while we’re at it no more birthday announcements I don’t want to hear about your stupid kid turning 8. Oh yeah stop letting people propose up there too, I shouldn’t have to see that. I shouldn’t have to be bothered by the mascot either so get rid of that. My children should not have to be exposed to an atmosphere where being drunk is funny and tolerated so they need to stop serving beer too. Or you know I could just stay home and focus on keeping my kids sheltered and assuring them that sex and kissing are not normal , while making sure the little ones get their daily dose of violent television.

              • David Foltz

                Beautiful. Thank you!

                PS: Dot races are satanic.

            • Bob Jones

              And you know what, Linda?

              I think the comment you posted was idiotic. “We” think you should get rid of it, and yourself along with it.


    • Richard

      What “WE” are you talking about?
      Most of the public have no problem with people kissing; and most of the public has no problem with gay individuals wanting a loving, caring, and fulfilling life. And no, I’m not gay.
      It’s when you enter all this religious mumbo-jumbo into it that it all goes stupid.
      Why is it that those righteous, good christians get so bent out of shape when they see gay people? They say they are defending the family and marriage. From what? I don’t see mass violent gay events on the news; but I do see nightly violent actions from the straight community outside the clubs in the Warehouse District and Uptown. Are these bigoted good christians afraid their children may be influenced? Why not let their individual family members hear both sides of the issue and draw their individual conclusions? Why quote some ‘imaginary friend’, of which there have been hundreds of such distinction over man’s history, all of which have been detested by the next church or following. Tell me what’s worse: Two attractive women kissing; or, two punk kids shooting someone? Why are all these religious ones making so much out of an act of love, yet doing nothing to straighten out troubled neighborhoods? Go ask your sky-pilot for advice on that one!

    • Bob Jones

      I got a newsflash for you, Larry. THEY WEREN’T AT WORK. They were at a sporting event attempting to enjoy themselves. (Something that has nothing to do with work, so I don’t even know how you bringing that up has any relevance.)

      YOU may not want to see it, but.. who cares? That only what YOU want. What about what *I* want? And what *they* want? What, exactly, makes your want more important than anyone elses? Nothing.

      What about what the girls want? They wanted to enjoy a sporting event in peace, and together. This assmunch guard took it upon himself to FORCE his view (and a pathetic one, I might add) on these two PAYING customers, AT HIS JOB.

      Where I’m from, not only is that wrong, but it’s a fireable offense. And rightfully so.

      So you, Larry, can shove it.

    • kerry

      where,not were,moron.if you are going to right a rebuttal,spell correctly

    • Leo

      Like Idiotkiller said… there are “kiss cams” at almost every major league ballpark I’ve been to. Clearly, “kissing” is an acceptable ball park activity. In fact, I’ve seen marriage proposals in the big screen at various professional sports games, which usually end with the newly engaged couple trying to lick each others’ tonsils. People kiss each other. Some people go to ball games on a date (I have). If you don’t want to look at it, then don’t. There’s a ball game going on. What other people do isn’t for your approval or disapproval, so shut your trap and eat some more popcorn.

  • Him

    He should have remove that plank in his eye first.

    See ya in hell mr. passer of judgement you!

  • Saran

    not true…
    he would have been repremanded

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