Crash Ends Uptown Bike Race, At Least 4 Injured

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Four female cyclists were injured in the Nature Valley Grand Prix in the uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis Friday evening.

Just before the cyclists began the last lap of the race, one of the cyclists in the front pack of racers fell, taking several others down with her. Among them was gold medalist Kristen Armstrong.

Four women were loaded onto stretchers with facial and leg injuries and transported to Hennepin County Medical Center. A representative from HCMC would only state that they treated the four cyclists for non-life threatening injuries.

The race was neutralized, which means they stopped the other cyclists and it will not be finished.

  • Dan

    Did any of them have a helmet cam? I’d like to see video.

    • Bob Saget

      As funny as it would be to see their bicycle hijinks from a helmet cam, I think they should focus efforts on locating the individual responsible for leaving the banana peel on the racetrack?

      • Dan

        I don’t think it was a banana peel. I bet a red or green turtle shell was launched from one of the trailing bikers.

  • Kirk

    HA! I wish in the area and was annoyed because I couldn’t walk in the area because of this “race” ,Events like this don’t belong in Uptown !

    • Bob

      Kirk, You are a dork.Go find the nearest basement and stay there…forever.

  • Bob

    You are a jackass, Kirk. This was a professional race, that was planned out months in advance. Maybe plan your time more wisely and enjoy what Minneapolis has to offer. These women were seriously hurt and all you can do is complain.

  • eric balzer

    If you are annoyed by a event like this, move out of the city. Cities attract events that attract people.

    • Jake

      LOL!! LOL!!!

  • Jake


  • Jake

    Yeah, I’ll bet that these bikers spent tons of money here in the TC to keep our economy growing. Turd world, HERE WE COME!!

  • Joe Hanson

    They’re all winners to me!

  • James Dean

    This is a CITY, therefore there are a lot of different events going on at any one time. Let me get my crayons out for you. If you don’t like the event, stay away from the area. Meanwhile, I’m sure the the naysayers are the same ones that whine when someone else says negative things about the things say naysayer likes. Get real and be respectful.

  • Tim

    this was an amazing event. It is incredible how fast they go and how skillful these riders are. The energy was so lively and positive. Loved it!

  • markH

    I love riding my bike, but it can definitely be dangerous. On a side note: why does nearly everyone who rides think they are in the Tour De France? I see people in spandex with (what appear to be) sponser tags on their backs. It seems most bicycle riders are out there for fun and enjoyment, yet they have “bought in” to some idea that they need to be in the Official Bike Riding Uniform Club or they can’t ride! Come on people; just throw on some shorts and get out there-no need to look like a shmuck just to go peddling for an hour or so.

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