SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A left-wing activist group is claiming responsibility for a copycat confetti attack on Republican presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty in San Francisco.

A video posted by CodePink shows two of its activists Thursday dumping pink confetti on a table where the ex-Minnesota governor was signing books at a health insurance industry conference.

Stone-faced Pawlenty aides vigorously brushed the pink, shimmery fluff off the table as the activists chastised Pawlenty for his conservative views on gay rights and abortion.

San Francisco police led the pair away. Pawlenty campaign spokesman Alex Conant said he had no comment on the stunt.

CodePink says the action was inspired by a similar incident in Minneapolis when an activist showered ex-House Speaker and GOP presidential aspirant Newt Gingrich with glitter.

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Comments (35)
  1. Ronald Raygun says:

    Ha ha, funny.

    1. Rex says:

      This is funny because?????

      This is how stupid our politics have become. Let’s try to be serious.

    2. Phid says:

      It amazes me how Code Pink was so vocal about wars in Iraq and Afghanistan under Bush, but pretty darn silent over Obama’s continuation of those wars and action in Libya.

  2. Murph says:

    No amount of showering will make Tim Pawlenty clean!

  3. g8bbgg says:

    It goes to show that the left is missing a few brain cells. Or should I they are missing most of their brain cells

    1. Patrick says:

      It was a pointless stunt that made those protesters look silly but I fail to see how it provides any indication of the brain capacity of any other person who decides to vote “Left” or those individuals as a composite group. I would suggest that your blanket statement says more about your cognitive limits and misguided, inflexible thinking. I recommend taking it down a notch before you completely lose your humanity.

    2. Phid says:

      The Left consumes itself with silly PR stunts like this.

      1. Patrick says:

        Wow Phid, I can’t believe you actually posted that right after my reasoned response. Please reread my post above if it’s not too much of a challenge.

  4. Get your head out of the sand says:

    So those of us that have conserative views are racests and biggots and are not allowed to have or express our views, but we are supposed to agree with your liberal agenda?

    I consider this an attack on anyone and everyone that does not agree with the gay and abortion agenda, but I guess we are not allowed to have an opinion.

    If a conserative group had so much as dropped a sheet of paper close to a liberal it would have been front page news, in this case it is on the sites a day later.

    Mr. Pawlenty may not have always made the right decision, but considering he was dealing with the democratic controlled MN government, he did what he could with what he had. And for those of you who want to say he drove up the deficit, etc. again take a few seconds to think about the fact that the represetatives write the bills, and if he vetoed all of them the press (and you) would have crucified him.

    Do you liberals not see anything that is happening right now, or do you really believe the main stream media?

    1. Bill says:

      Your spelling proves how brain dead you Tea Party Wingnuts are!

      1. Bill has a double standard says:

        I am always confused by this double standard: If a liberal person misspells a word, it is considered a typo. If a more conservative person does then that person is stupid. I’ve seen this double standard on many websites. I wonder why that is?

        1. Guy says:

          We DO need to hold ourselves to higher standards. We ARE better. Just remember who studied in school & got the good jobs vs who fried their brain cells on drugs to the point they now rate below a June bug in IQ.

    2. Mike says:

      Liberals do not believe anything that comes out of the Fox News, the entertainment program which is main stream media and we know exactly what is happening. Do you?

  5. Dale Gribble says:

    Today they use confetti, tomorrow they’ll use Molotov cocktails and razors. The Democrats are criminals and this action demonstrates their intentions. They should be outlawed and their officers and supporters jailed immediately. They are a threat to national security and should be handled like the treasonous scum that they are.

  6. Jake says:

    I think that Tim could really up his ratings if, when the next time some liberal loser tries this stupid stunt, he just gets up and throws a haymaker. How do you know if someday someone throws something toxic or dangerous someday? They definitely need better SECURITY at these events.

    1. Mike says:

      Gov. Pawlenty got smoked by the tea bagged, nut job Bachmann in the Republican back patting event. In a few weeks the dullard from MN will become even more irrelevant.

    2. Guy says:

      Actually; the best result that ANY pol could do (left or right) in this position is to put a big smile on his face (remember this IS free publicity – nationwide usually) and maybe pick up a few clumps of the stuff and THROW THEM BACK at the guy who did it. Let everyone know that he HAS a sense of humor (I know that this conflicts with my statement that lefty pol’s should do this since they DON’T have a sense of humor. They will just have to try to fake it … they DO have lots of experience in “FAKE”.)

  7. carry says:

    Everyone would like to throw something on this x-governor. All he is throwing around is BS.

  8. Randy says:

    Who care, I think he should go back to Iowa and let them shower him with pig sh it

    1. James2 says:

      That would be more organic. Interesting.

  9. Carl says:

    The quy is a loser and won’t get out of the starting gate. He is mister wimp, He tries to cut Romney down and then wouldn’t back it up in the debates. Do Minnesota a favor and move to Iowa

  10. Mark from says:

    Should have maced the Liberal

    1. Iconoclast says:

      I see you climb out of your miserable little hole pretty early Mark. Got to get up before the lazy, drug using, lefty welfare leeches right?

  11. Iconoclast says:

    Even by Republican standards T-Paw is exceedingly bland and sleazy. He’s going nowhere fast but I fail to see what good this stunt did anyone. It just made the protesters look silly.

  12. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

    Code Pink is a joke. I don’t know anyone who takes them seriously.

  13. keel says:

    I’m a moderate liberal…and I think this kind of behavior is juvenile at best. It appears that those who do this kind of stuff merely want to draw attention to themselves. I fail to see how this advances the political discourse. Silly and self-serving.

  14. Barney says:

    Anarchists want action, eh? Better watch out. Once you push that button, in this society, you are no longer in control of the response.

  15. Darcy says:

    Well we should all be thrilled that the Libs voted in a guy who needs to take medication for mental illness – Brilliant! I am a conservative woman, who usually thinks we just have to vote for the lesser of two evils, but in the case of Mr. Dayton, I just don’t understand how anyone could have felt that a man so heavily medicated could do any job, let alone the one we the people of MN voted him into.

    1. Iconoclast says:

      Darcy, the the article is about Pawlenty’s run in with some protesters. Please stick to the topic rather than shoot your mouth of in a tirade against those who take medication in order to improve their well being. Would you be so awful to a diabetic governor or a Republican governor taking an anti depressant perhaps? The Republican would probably hide the fact that they were taking it though. They have serious problems admitting they are human. I know you are desperate to believe what you want to believe to protect your “safe” reality but it’s a house of cards and in this case it’s caused you to say some pretty terrible things. I hope you find a better you someday. Good luck!

      1. Spare us the lecture says:

        Looks like Darcy hit a nerve on another thin-skinned lib.

  16. James2 says:

    When a man like T-Paw won’t listen, wants to stifle people’s freedom, and won’t listen, how do you get his attention? Glitter is free speech, and grabbed his attention, and I bet you his still won’t listen or compromise.

    1. Wow says:

      James2, please repeat in English.

      1. James2 says:

        He is so closed minded, it really doesn’t matter what you do. He won’t listen and he’s not paying attention to those he hurts. Hope that helps Wow.

  17. Russ says:

    Hey. Code Pink. I ever get to witness one of your silly little acts,I have something to shower you with.My views are stronger than His Honors.And THAT would be funny !

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