BROOKLYN PARK (WCCO) — The Grand Rios Indoor Water Park Hotel in Brooklyn Park has been shutdown Friday.

According to Bob Schreier with the City of Brooklyn Park, the bank that held the loan on the water park foreclosed on it Friday and a receiver took it over.

The power was also shut off because the hotel stopped paying its bills.

Schreier says that if people had reservations, they are rebooking at another hotel.

In April, the I-TEAM went undercover at the Grand Rios hotel in Brooklyn Park and found buckets in the hallway, a roofing crew in the lobby and door after door tagged by the health department.

At that time of the investigation, 120 rooms were off limits.

Check back for more information.

Comments (17)
  1. Victim Du Jour says:

    Seems like the I-team helped the bank sieze the property, kick them when they are down and limping along.

    1. olaf says:

      I highly doubt the I-Team can “help the back seize the property” unless the I-Team was responsible for paying the mortgage.

    2. olaf says:

      I highly doubt the I-Team “helped the bank sieze the property” unless the I-Team was responsible for paying the mortgage.

  2. tx says:

    What would we do without the I-TEAM?

  3. amkeo says:

    that place was a dump…and a kid drowned there, what, last year? tear the whole building down and build something useful in that lot…like a ymca or something…

  4. Wants the truth to be known says:

    I worked there as a banquet manager/catering manager. This was in 2000 to 2004. The roof leaked very badly, we had buckets all over and there were rooms on the first floor, east side that had black mold we could not use then. We were told that because it was a flat roof it was shrinking from the edges and could cave in then. They had people come in and seal it so they could sell it when it was the Ramada and get it off their hands. As soon as it sold, the majority of us we let go so the new owner, cold bring his people in and turn it into a water park. A lot of us in the office were getting sick because of the circulation of the mold. It was a nightmare then!!! I’m surprised that it took them this long, but the truth is still being covered up.

  5. Riley says:

    wow I actually wanted to go there a few years ago thank god I went to duluth instead 😀

  6. Nancy Aleshire says:

    There are good and bad people living in all communities and that includes the wealthy ones. A perfect example of this occurred in Centerville, MN, a well to do suburb in Anoka County. Years ago a group home was planned there for a group of developmentally disabled young people. Never have I seen such vindictive venom directed at these people especially at the hands of one of the Anoka County Commisioners, who happens to have a hearing impaired son. Yes the Grand Rios was a poorly run eyesore that needed to be shut down. So should the Brooklyn Park Dairy Queeen that engages in age discrimination. Brooklyn Park is desperately in need of businesses, as so many have shut down. But there are hard working decent residents there who vote, pay our taxes and try to raise our children to be respectable people and that includes those who came over from Liberia.

    1. Jake says:

      RUBBISH. I didn’t know that Centerville had so many millionaires in it. The fact is, is that Jesse thought it would be a good idea to turn Crooklyn Park into the midwest’s largest REFUGEE CAMP, but when he became gov, he completely forgot about his ‘hometown’. What a LOSER.

  7. Jake says:

    That’s Crooklyn Park for ya, by the BOOK. It’s like MN’s 6th largest city. Doesn’t have ONE fine restaurant, ONE movie theater seat, TONS of dirt poor immigrants, dependent on the gov’t, both “legal” and definitely ILLEGAL. Perfect recipe for a community disaster. The school district is deeply divided, and there is NO leadership around to talk about.

  8. Sue says:

    I’ll agree, that place was a dump. But, the hurricane plunge was the best waterslide ever. Alas, I shall never get to go on it again….

  9. LMO says:

    We stayed at this hotel in October and complained about the mold! We were given a voucher for a free night stay and we told them that they could keep it!

  10. Rico Suave rides! says:

    It’ll reopen next week as The Wells Fargo Water Park. A cash machine in every room. Stay thirsty my friends

  11. Wants the truth to be known says:

    I can’t believe tat, it will never pass code, especially from the heaalth dept. They would either have to be blimd or paid off!!! They wont be happy until they have a major disaster when the roof implodes on the guests. Too bad no one will listen or really investigate the place.

  12. kkii34 says:

    is it open in 2012 is it

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