MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO/AP) — University of Minnesota Regents passed a budget that cuts millions and raises tuition, but not before board members offered strong words.

Regent David Larson called it “disinvesting in higher education” and said it can’t continue “or our society, our culture and our economy is heading for trouble.”

But Regent Steve Sviggum had another take.

“The reality is, folks, we have to make some choices that are tough and we have to face those consequences,” said Sviggum, a former Republican Speaker of the Minnesota House.

The budget includes an expected cut of more than $70 million in state aid next year.

“If we are really going to embrace this race to the bottom philosophy, we are going to eventually put the University of Minnesota at deep risk, along with other parts of our public and private education system at deep risk,” said University of Minnesota president Robert Bruininks. “In the 21st century in my humble judgment, that’s a recipe for disaster.”

Bruininks said the budget is a worst-case scenario. He’s asking lawmakers to reduce the proposed cuts to the University saying they are too deep.

Bruininks called the budget dismal, and one of his most disappointing acts as President of the University.

Tuition for most undergrads will rise by 5 percent. The university plans to cover about two-thirds of its shortfall through budget cuts. Those cuts include layoffs, wage and salary freezes and passing more health care costs along to employees. The budget would also raise nearly $45 million more in tuition and fees than last year.

The tuition increase may feel steeper to some students because federal stimulus money the University used for scholarships for the past two years has run out.

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Comments (17)
  1. Job Creator says:

    So the story is, it’s government that is greedy, not private corporations.

    1. Jerry Carlson says:

      U of M should have an audit!!! When they can give some people a 43% raise in other words a 21,000 year increase when everyone is suppose to be on a wage freeze is crazy!!! And I’m not even talking about upper management this is staff!!!

  2. voicefreason says:

    Nobody cares. We all know the institutions are just another big business. Drive around the U of M. Does it look like they are hurting for money? They raise tuition because they know the gov’t will just increase the grants to kids to make it up. The Regents? What a bunch of snobs.

  3. Tony says:

    They are increasing tuition and fees 45 million dollars more than they are getting cut. These big business colleges shouldn’t even be funded by the state when they are just looking to turn profits and turn out worthless degrees.

  4. Bob B says:

    The U blows! Every year tuition goes up and those tools pass up golden revenue opportunities such as sell alcohol at The Bank. Why doesn’t the U clean house on some of the worthless faculty (and Athletic Director) they have! Professors are the biggest bunch of overpaid morons in the state. You can’t just keep raising tuition every year!!!

  5. Lanny says:

    Lets see the UofM Prez take a salary cut along with many other faculty members. I agree that professors are way overpaid, just figure heads. Reduce the inflated salary of the AD! To cure their money woes they (admin.) put it on the back of poor struggling students rather than their ‘wealthy’ powerheads/faculty/athletic staff

  6. kevin says:

    Get rid of tenure, and find out how many tenured prof’s even show up for work.

  7. Sara says:

    The regents should be ashamed of themselves – what a bunch of out of touch stuffed shirts. Give your salary back!

  8. me says:

    If they want to save money, cut the Men’s hockey program. It’s a HUGE waste of money to keep Lucia’s abysmal failure going.

  9. Trapped Grad Student says:

    What a colossal scam. My graduate tuition has gone up 9% each year for 4 years and is now $900/credit after fees. The campus features ridiculously adorned buildings, executive salaries tripling and a stadium that we didn’t need Come on Minnesota, wake up and audit this place.

  10. Joe Smoe says:

    What people don’t put together is the 5 to 9% increase each year is COMPOUNDED! IE: If tuition is 10,000 a year and they increase it 10% thats $11,000. An increase of 10% the next year is 12,100. That little bit adds up over several years. Education has outpaced inflation more than any other sector of the economy even healthcare 10x inflation over 10 years vs 6x inflation with healthcare. Student loans will soon overtake medical bills as the number one cause of bankruptcy in this country. Healthcare and education have something in common. They both have powerful lobbies and don’t have any real competition. Rational people are basically forced to buy their product. They both can freely fleece people without retribution. This country is very, very, ill.

    1. Government loans to blame says:

      Student loans don’t go away with Bankruptcy. A lot of people are working to change this, we better all pray it doesn’t happen because if it does, the recession due to the housing crisis will look Utopian in comparison. I work with student loans all day everyday… I wish people knew the extent of fraud, misuse, and abuse.

  11. me says:

    …if it cost that much….dump the UofM….attend other cheaper school…..

  12. raise it says:

    College is supposed to be expensive, difficult to pay for and a challenge to complete. Suck it up whiners and take out more loans. Raise the tuition 10% and really make the students feel it. The whiny and entitled students are the snobs here.

    1. markH says:

      Your argument that “College is supposed to be expensive” is so far from logical it isn’t even worth refuting. Taking your other demand (to raise tuition by 10% so students can ‘feel it’) I am inclined to think you’re either a sadist, or a troll. In any event, it would appear from your lack of critical thinking skills that you’ve never attended a day of college in your life. Peace.

    2. Duh says:

      You sir are an idiot.

  13. Mark says:

    The U does do some stupid things with money, but if you think that professors make too much money, you really are off base. The professors in engineering, science, business, and med school could all walk away from their job and get an automatic 50 percent pay increase in the private sector, or better. The rest of the professors aren’t usually making more than a mid level HR employee at a fortune 500 company. They forgo those riches because they like teaching, and they like the challenges and nonmonetary awards of research. Tenure could be reformed, but all but a few professors contribute to their job more than their salary.

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