MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It looks like the Minnesota Twins will be the next Major League Baseball team to hop on the bandwagon to create an “It Gets Better” video with its players and staff.

Chris Iles, corporate communications manager for the Twins, said they’re hoping to create the video during the team’s next homestand, June 27.

He said they are still in the planning stages and don’t know which players or staff members will appear in the video but are very excited to start shooting.

Iles said they saw what the San Francisco Giants did with its video and really liked how it all came together.

He said living in a community with a high gay and lesbian population, the video seemed like an obvious choice.

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  1. StraightPride says:


    1. kieron says:

      Describing your attitude, perhaps?

  2. Chris Pluchinsky says:

    Give me a break! After how the two women were treated at Target Field for a simple kiss and now the Twins want to “hop on the bandwagon” they just want to be popular and make themselves feel better now. Just more corporate publicity B.S.!! They don’t care and they really don’t agree with this campaign based upon their actions at the park the other night.

    1. Les Bereasonable says:

      The incident in question isn’t reflective of the Twins organization. Yeah the incident probably fueled the video but the incident reflects a poor choice by an employee not the organization itself.

  3. Mike D says:

    You dont git on banwagin because i waz on it all year you dum that want to get on it again i no the twinks ar winnin the seris this year so get off if you got off befor wen thye were loozin

  4. Jason says:

    I think this is fantastic. It shows what a classy team they are, and that unlike so many sports players/fans, they don’t agree with bullying or bigotry. I’m proud to call them our hometown team!

  5. Arthur L says:

    Smart move, considering the gays have all the disposable income. Just on what it costs to raise two kids for a month a person could buy season tickets and some pretty nice team clothing.

  6. LakeElmoJessica says:

    Teams doing these videos will save lives. It’s one thing for some hollywood star or blogger to say ‘it gets better,’ but roll models like the Twins telling kids that they have a bright future could really prevent a lot of teen suicides. Good for them!

  7. Just Sayin says:

    Does this mean Joe Mauer is finally coming out of the closet?

    1. anonymous gay says:

      ha… i’ve been wondering about that for probably 3 years now.

  8. stace34 says:

    It makes me very proud to be a fan of the Twins when I read things like this. Videos like this will save lives and truly show how athletes can be roll models.

  9. Brett says:

    These videos will save lives??? Give me a break.

    How about all of the other kids that get picked on / bullied because they are in band, or not athletic. That’s no big deal???

    Again, seems like one group of people are making the noise and everyone needs to feel sorry for them.

    1. travis says:

      maybe its something you wouldn’t understand. Growing up gay was a horrible experience. These videos will save lives… believe me. When you grow up gay you think that everyone hates you, you live a secret life, you see news stories of gay people being murdered, you pray to God to change you, etc. Its a little different than being a band nerd. There are other band nerds you can hang out with (I was a band nerd). Being a gay youth is an extremely isolating and desolate situation. Go Twins.

  10. Matt Mirmak says:

    Good for the Twins for doing this. Wish the NFL, NBA and NHL would get on board.

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