ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The city of St. Paul wants to make sure kids don’t go hungry when they are out of school this summer.

The city’s Parks and Recreation Department, the St. Paul Public Library and the school district will provide free meals to St. Paul youth at four library locations and at some rec centers.

The meals are available to those ages 18 and younger. The meals will also be available to people with mental or physical disabilities who are over 18 and participate in a public or non-profit private school program.

The meals will be served at various times and locations from now through Aug. 26.

For complete meal times and location details, visit their website or call (651) 292-6508.

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Comments (22)
  1. Jake says:

    Lock up the parents for not feeding there kids.

  2. laura says:

    are there really parents out there that are so lazy and selfish that they themselves can’t provide food for their children? I understand times are tough and what not but honestly if you can’t go to the store and buy some bread, peanut butter, fruit there is something wrong with you as a parent. there is enough govt help out there already, food stamps, wic, etc that if you really can’t feed your family apply for these programs already in place. If you can’t provide for lunch for your kids how are you going to feed them breakfast or supper? Maybe if the parents are too lazy to provide for their kids, we should be questioning if they can really take care of them. I would strave myself, or go without everything non ecential, I would work at burger king before I would ever make my kids go hungry.

    1. KL says:

      thanks you Laura well put If you can not afford to feed your children you better be sterilzed or celebate.

  3. JMJ says:

    Go to any corner gas station with an atm the first week of the month. They pull out there wellfare cash card to take out cash. A few cartons of smokes and then across the street to the liquor store. You also have the problem of parents like this selling their food stamps for drugs ect. Make these people take a drug and breath test randomly each week. If they fail, remove the kids and end their assistance.

  4. Blake says:

    Another bleeding heart story that we never address at the source. Legislators crying about hungry kids but never addressing the source of the problem which without question is bad parents. Instead of prosecuting the parents we feed the kids and cover up the real problem. Another example of nanny state mentality.

    1. laura says:

      I agree totally Blake, the govt just can’t seem to get it through their heads that just because 2 people can create a child doesn’t not automatically make them parents. I truly believe some people are down on their luck and just need an extra boost to help them over the hump but these are not the people that will be sending their kids to this program. The kids that will be getting feed are the kids whose parents won’t have a clue where they are nor will they care, because any parent I know that really loves and tries to do better for their kids, would not have them going hungry or depending on the govt to feed their children. My husband and I have 5 kids and work our tails off to provide for our children. It is hard but our kids never asked to be born it was our choice to have them and it is up to us to provide for them and to make them productive members of society.

  5. Hejlena says:

    How awful you people are!

  6. laura says:

    Hejlena why are we awful, I just can’t believe any parent would have their kids go hungry, please enlighten me. There are plenty of programs in place already that help parents if they need it. There are food stamps, food shelves and what not, parents that need these services need to get off their butts and fill out the forms the sad thing is that most of the parents that are going to take advantage of this new program are the ones that are too lazy to fill out the paperwork to get the programs already in place.

  7. Johnathon says:

    My dad worked two jubs most of my childhood and sometimes three. He bought a nice house for us and always provided whatever we need. He would never ever take a handhout from the government. That was unexceptable in those days. What ever happened to that society?

  8. Colleen says:

    You folks have obviously never been on the edge of “poverty” – far too often, if a parent makes even $10.00 more than the state-approved poverty level, they don’t qualify for food stamps, etc., and yet they don’t make enough to make ends meet. Yes, there are people out there that abuse the system, but there are plenty more who hate that they have to use it, and would LOVE to make enough money to never have to rely on the system. Do you even know what the poverty level is in the state of Minnesota? Take a look at this link, and educate yourself before you go off on people, and start passing judgement!

    1. Mark Lavalla says:

      Thank You!

    2. Peter says:

      Millions of people come to this country without a dime and work until they can afford a family and then they work more to provide for that family because they know it is their responsibility. You don’t have kids and hope someone gives you money to feed them. That is not only irresponsible its criminal

  9. laura says:

    don’t talk to me about barly making enough money to be above the proverty line, my parents raised 6 girls and we were well below the proverty line, both my parents worked and never took a hand out, We always had milk, bread, peanut butter, fruit and vegetables in our house, my parents never had us go hungry and they didn’t depend on anyone feeding us other than themselves. I had a wonderful childhood, with very fond memories, my parents were very active in our lives and we always went on a family vacation to the lake every summer. That was something we looked forward to as a family and my parents saved all year long for it. my husband and I have 5 kids, our 2nd youngest was hospitalized when she was 1 month old, she is now 3 and we are still paying off her medical bills from what our insurance wouldn’t cover. we applied for medical assistance because her bill was over $350,000 and our share was $50,000 but because we both work and were married we didn’t qualify. it has been a struggle but we manage and have without the help from anyone but ourselves. We are still able to provide for our kids and give them things they need as well as things that aren’t necessary. The difference between us and the people that will use this program is that my husband and I want the best for our children and will do whatever it takes to give them the best we can in life. I am not passing judgement, just wondering why these parents can’t use the resources already in place. and if you make enough to not get food stamps you should have enough money to buy the essentials when it comes to food. Bread, milk, cereal, butter etc

    1. Mark Lavalla says:

      You applied for a hand out and got turned down, Shame on you!

      1. laura says:

        why shame on me, it is situations like that where medial assistance should be used, We had no idea that our daughter would get sick and almost die and have to be flown up to Children’s and for 2 weeks we didn’t know if she would make it and then once we knew she would live, not know what the affects would be. I had to miss weeks of work in order to be up there with her because we lived so far away that if something were to happen to her I would never have forgiven myself for not being there. There are many families that have been in our situation or similiar situations where the unexpected happens or something you never think will happen to you does and you are left on your own. This is what govt programs should be for a temporary fix to a temporary problem. we would still have had our primary insurance but the medical assistance would have helped us pay for her bill and guess what we didn’t get it anyway because these programs punish you for being married and having a job, we then did the responsible thing and had to take out a personal loan to pay her medical bills. There is no shame in what we did because we knew that we wouldn’t have been on it for long term and this isn’t about medical assistance this is about a parent stepping up to a plate and feeding their kids. I would go to the end of the earth to get food for my children before I would have them go hungry.

  10. Max says:

    Why do some of you assume that the parents of the kids who take advantage of this program are not feeding their kids?? Consider the possibility that the availability of this program enables some families to stretch a very stressed food budget a little further. Why do you assume the worst in people and then generalize that across entire segments of the population?

    I wonder how many of you who post the negative comments consider yourselves to be “good Christians?” I wonder how many of you “good Christians” have a clue about what the Bible says about our obligations to the poor. Your self-righteousness kills me…

    1. Bite me says:

      Go pound sand, Max. I know plenty of these welfare slobs who can’t crawl out of bed long enough to make a sandwich.

  11. @ Max says:

    Are you giving all your money to the poor? Stuff it.

  12. laura says:

    not self righteousness just a fact of life, I go to the grocery store every week and spend over $200 to feed my family and that doesn’t even include meat, it is for milk, bread, cereal, fruit, vegetables, eggs, etc. Why if they are feeding their kids would they need to put this program in place? I have a budget as well and no one is offering my family hand outs. I have no problem helping people who are down on their luck but you are fooling yourself if you honestly think that those are the people that will be using this program. I don’t buy it and until you can prove differently I will continue to think the way I do. I believe in God and think you should help people when you can but on the same token I believe that people need to help themselves first and too many people think they are entitled to receiving help, I used to think all people were good and just needed a little help to get them on their feet but then I worked in our county housing program while I was in college and soon learned that is not true in most cases

  13. IWonderIF says:

    Does fraud exist in this system – Yes
    Are some people taking advantage of this – YES


    Im sure they are also a few folks out there who are just in a bad spot. So if the state want to take a few of my tax dollars, buy food with it and feed a few hungry kids. Im OK with this!

    Pretty funny how Conservative spin this story yet they are suppose to be great Christians and blah blah blah. They are giving food to hungry kids. They are not handing them money or nothing like that. THEY ARE FEEDING THE HUNGRY.. seems Christian like to me!

  14. Bill says:

    Kids are getting obese.

    Another liberal government program that wastes money and makes things worse.

    Show me one child suffering from malnutrition. Teenage girls suffering from anorexia do not count.

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