Send Well-Wishes To Mike Fairbourne As He Retires

Mike Fairbourne joined WCCO-TV as a meteorologist in 1977 and he is retiring June 30 after three decades of keeping the Midwest informed about our ever-changing weather. Leave a comment below to wish him well as he leaves WCCO-TV.

Click here to check out photos from Fairbourne’s career at WCCO.

Click here to see video clips of Fairbourne throughout the years.

  • El Gato

    GTRCMBSHP wishes you an enjoyable retirement!

  • Ellen M

    Thank you, Mike, for your fine reporting of the weather on WCCO. Congratulations on your retirement…many will miss you!

  • Ian Anthony Dale

    It was a pleasure battling those Lunesta Butterflies of Death with you, and also singing “Captain Kelly’s Kitchen” together. Here’s to many more trips together aboard the Little Voldemort Cave Boat.

  • Amy

    I grew up watching you on ‘CCO. My parents, and now my family still watch ‘CCO. We love watching you – simple, concise and straight to the point. Best wishes on your retirement!

  • Brent Solei

    Love your style Mike. Always watched you when I was growing up, and now I’m thrilled to be able to chill with you.

  • Max Power

    Best of luck as you enter a new chapter of your life, you will be missed for sure. You pretty much have been on since I can remember…or started paying attention.
    Bud Kraeling, Dave Moore, Pat Miles, Bill Carlson & of course Don Shelby…
    Along with these, you & your name undoubtedly are Twin City iconic legends that helped make this a great place to live & grow up.
    Take care, relax & enjoy !


  • Look Back At Mike Fairbourne Videos Through The Years « CBS Minnesota

    […] Click here to check out photos from Fairbourne’s career at WCCO. Click here to send well-wishes to Mike Fairbourne. […]

  • Krissy Pederson

    I wanted to be a meteorologist when I was in third grade…1980-81. My mother called down to WCCO to see if I could come in and see the weather studio, and whoever she talked to set up an appointment. I met Mike Fairbourne that day and he has always remained one of my favorite persons on TV. He gave us a full tour and was SO nice. He gave me some satellite photos of a hurricane (which I still have 30 years later!) and one of the WCCO calender books. I went back down a few days later to give him a statuette of an owl, next to a weather map.

    I wish you a happy retirement Mike! Thanks for making such an impression on a little girl, way back then. Although I never did become a meteorologist, I have remained a ‘weather nerd’ all these years later.


  • Richard LePage

    good luck Mike…don’t be a ‘stranger’…

  • Ariel Winter

    Congratulations Mike! Best wishes! See you at the party!

  • Bea Emanuel

    Mike, I am sad that you are leaving. I always enjoyed the way you gave the weather forecasts, and I will miss you. WCCO has ALWAYS been our favorite news station to watch, and you helped make it so. Happy Retirement!

  • Theodore Nugent III


    This damn clicker!

    thanks for the memories.

  • Tim

    You were the first meterologist at WCCO TV. You brought technology to a station that never had any in regards to weather equiptment. Many have come and gone at the station but, you have lasted the test of time. I always found you to be what WCCO needed at a time when they had nothing solid in the weather war of the late 1970’s and 1980’s. I have admired you and have fond memories of your level headed approach when severe weather moved into the state and the metro area. Thanks for being a true professional on and off the air!! You deserve some time enjoying the weather and not reporting it.

  • Alice Kane

    Hi Mike, Enjoy your retirement, I have been watching wcco for a long time and I still watch wcco as of today. good luck from Alice Kane

  • Mike Morrissey

    Congradulations Mike on your retirement.
    You are the very best and it just won’t be the same watching the weather without you.
    Enjoy your retirement and rember every day is a holiday.
    Thank you for all you have done.

  • Sam Young

    Thank you Mr. Fairbourne for your years of dedicated service to our station.

  • Tom from Woodbury

    Your going to enjoy being retired…………….believe me

  • Erin from New Richmond, WI

    Thank you for not forgetting us Western Wisconsin folks. Good luck and enjoy your retirement.

  • Mike Merker

    I had the great pleasure of meeting you sir. you are a true gentlemen. I wish you the best in health and the best in retirement! I hope you get every chance to enjoy it.
    Most of all thank you sir!

  • LU from Alexandria

    Enjoy retirement Mike, you certainly deserve it. Have been watching you for many years. You are one of my favorite meteorologists. Enjoy !!!!

  • Brian

    Happy Trails, Mike! After more than 30 years, a very well-deserved retirement after a job well-done. I’ve been watching you for many years. Nothing against your colleagues, but you will be missed!

  • SmartLady

    OMG. I was unaware that you were retiring until just now. I have a lump in my throat and am fighting tears. You’ve ALWAYS been there, Mike. I remember when you had brain surgery … I prayed for your complete recovery and was so happy that all went well and you returned. I cannot imagine ‘CCO without you. You will be TERRIBLY missed. Your easy-going and confident persona will never be equaled. I’ve been with you all the years, so it willl feel like an old friend is moving away. God bless you, my friend. May retirement be everything you hope it to be.

  • Laurie Matson

    Hey Mike, I grew up watching you as my parents watched would watch nothing but WCCO. Now I’m 53 and still watching you, but it seems your too young to retire !!! You still look great and do a great forcast . I am really going to miss you and wish you and your family well in the future. Who’s going to fill your shoes? See ya buddy !!!!

  • Shawn

    We will miss you!!! Bummer another icon leaving…… :( Hope you will pop on air to keep us posted on how you are doing!! Take care and enjoy your retirement!!!

  • CC

    Wow – you are the best weatherman we had in the twin cities! Hope you have a great retirement!

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