MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For a few minutes, a young boy from Hudson, Wis. appeared to be dead after getting pulled under a waterfall in southern Utah. But thanks to the quick action of his sister, parents and strangers, 6-year-old Cody Grundstrom is alive and telling his story.

It happened in a matter of seconds.

“I couldn’t breathe,” he said from his hospital bed.

Cody’s family took an RV on a cross-country vacation and stopped in Southern Utah to visit family and friends. He was playing with his sister and other kids at this waterfall at Capitol Reef National Park in Utah when he was suddenly swept under water.

“I tried to hang on to stuff on the rocks and I couldn’t and it kept on taking me.”

His sister Madison noticed his sandal floating nearby and that’s when Cody’s father Kevin Grundstrom knew something was wrong.

“I took off down the cliff and jumped into the water,” he said.

Cody’s mom Jenney Grundstrom was watching the terrifying situation unfold.

“He was reaching into blackness and found him in his arms,” she said.

Cody’s sister Madison watched them pull her brother out of the water.

“When he picked him up he was all floppy and stuff. He looked like he would never make it,” said Madison.

Standing nearby on the river was Talli and Jay Torgerson who were also on vacation. Talli Torgerson is a primary children’s ER nurse and Jay Torgerson is a fire captain.

“The thing that broke my heart the most is when they were doing CPR on him … and dad was yelling, ‘Please let my son live. Please make him live,'” said Madison.

Talli Torgerson said Cody was near death.

“He had no heart beat and he was not breathing and he was blue,” she said. “It was only a matter of 30 seconds of chest compressions and he started to throw up.”

“It was just everybody working together,” said Jay Torgerson. “It was an amazing experience.”

Cody is thankful they saved his life and his parents are counting their blessings.

“They saved his life — Talli and Jay,” said Kevin Grundstrom.

Cody is now starting to feel like himself again, but says he has no plans to go near the water — at least for right now.

“I don’t think I’m going to go back in the water for a week or something,” said Cody.

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  1. red says:

    what a heatwarming story. Glad your are ok Cody!

  2. Kim says:

    God works in mysterious ways…dad was able to find him underwater. A pediatric ER nurse and fire captain were on sight…angels among us and watching out for this family

    1. JustSayin says:

      Funny how people never say that when tragedy strikes…hmmmmmmm!

      1. Mel says:

        @just sayin’….If it’s not your time to go, it’s just not your time to go. I also believe it was no accident who was present during this situation.

        1. markH says:

          Perhaps you also find it amazing that rivers flow right past so many large cities! You’ve just demonstrated a willingness to believe absolutely anything. Peace.

      2. teremist says:

        God’s ways are not ours, nor His wisdom. He allows tragedies to happen, He allows miracles. People can be fundamentally changed by either, according to His plan, will and design. Today, He was merciful to this family. Perhaps that was the plan, to show mercy and soften the hearts.

        e allows miracles to happen. His reasons, are not ours to know. I can say this, both tragedies and miracles, have been known to fundamentally and profoundly change the people involved.

    2. K. says:

      Let’s hear it for nurses! Now, why can’t they show nurses like this in the media (movies and TV) instead of as spacey bimbos who do nothing except say , “Yes, doctor”? We are college educated (some of us have Masters degrees and PhDs) who have our own profession and discipline separate from medicine. This is what we really do, folks……….we care for people and we save lives.

    3. TheRhubarb says:

      Why did God throw him in the water in the first place?

      1. Liz says:

        They’re called accidents for a reason…

      2. Emma says:

        He didn’t . People have free will and can do what they please.

        I don’t understand why people think the presence of God will only be proved if nothing bad ever happens. I find that a very immature argument.

        Accidents will happen, people will die, natural disasters will occur, but so will happy moments and little miracles – that’s the cycle of life.

  3. nurseintraining says:

    Sometimes bad things happen and when they do, people jump into action and are able to change the ending of what could have been a very sad story. I am happy to hear that little Cody is mending. He should be proud of his father and sister for taking action and be grateful to the nurse and firefighter who were there to assist. I recently read a story about a little boy who was walking on a pier with his parents. He was five. He fell of the pier and the parents cried for help. by the time help arrived, it was too late. Let us all learn to help ourselves in our times of need.

  4. ep tor says:

    Glad to see the tyke made it. Just wondering, how do separate the good angels from the bad. It would be helpfull to stay close to the good ones when doing something dumb or risky. If we could identify the bad ones, then we could stay away from situations like the twin towers on 9/11 which must have had quite a crown of these bad ones around there.

  5. Pam says:

    It is sure nice to hear of a good outcome. Never hurt to have an angel on your side, plus a pediatric nurse and firefighter. I hope that little boy appreciates how he was saved, but it will probably take another 20 years before he really knows how special he is.

  6. Bryce Schuske says:

    Hahah little kids are funny. I love that he wont go back in the water for a week or so!

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