ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — With no deal on a budget and one week left until a state government shutdown, Gov. Mark Dayton and GOP legislative leaders retreated behind closed doors Friday for an all-day meeting aimed at bridging their dispute over taxes and spending.

Dayton, House Speaker Kurt Zellers and Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch emerged at the end of the roughly seven-hour meeting to say it had been a constructive day. It was impossible to know, however, if the participants moved any closer on the fundamental disagreements about the level of spending in the state budget. That’s because none would share any details about their progress — or lack thereof.

“It was a worthwhile day,” Dayton said. “I feel good about the rapport we established, about the civility that prevailed.”

Indeed, Dayton and the GOP leaders addressed reporters together at both the start and end of the meeting. Their remarks were absent the partisan rancor that had increasingly surrounded budget talks in recent weeks, and they said they’d meet for another daylong session Saturday.

Dayton said some areas of common ground were identified, but that nothing was finalized in a single budget area.

Republicans want a two-year budget that spends no more than $34 billion, the amount the state is currently projected to collect in the next two years. Dayton and legislative Democrats say that’s not enough to keep up with the growth in the need for state services driven by population increases and other factors. The governor has been pushing for another $1.8 million in new tax revenue to prevent cuts to medical assistance, colleges, public transit and other government programs.

Both sides have said they don’t want a government shutdown, which would stop paychecks for tens of thousands of state workers, close state parks, close dozens of government offices and interrupt many other government services. On Thursday, a Ramsey County judge overseeing legal preparations for the shutdown nearly begged Dayton and lawmakers to break their impasse and avert a shutdown that she said would have frightening ramifications for many Minnesotans.

Friday’s meeting was a change of scenery, held in meeting rooms near Zellers’ domain — an office suite on the fourth floor of the State Office Building adjacent to the Capitol — rather than in Dayton’s office or residence, the site of all previous meetings.

It was also by far the longest that the governor and legislative leaders have spent in a single meeting. The gathering included a rotating cast of Republican and Democratic lawmakers and administration officials, and afterward participants said they concentrated their discussions on budget bills concerning state agencies and operations, K-12 education, transportation, public safety, and jobs and economic development.

“Better late than never,” said Rep. Morrie Lanning, R-Moorhead, who was pulled in to talk about the state government finance budget, which he helped assemble.

“We had our spreadsheets, our highlighters, it was a very productive day and we covered a lot of issue areas,” Zellers said.

Asked if he was confident that negotiations could bear fruit in time to avert a shutdown, Dayton offered a dose of reality.

“I’m not confident of anything except the sun rising,” Dayton said. “We need to see what happens tomorrow.”

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Comments (93)
  1. Bill says:

    Just remember, raising taxes will grow government and make the problem even worse for next year.

    1. huh? says:

      How does raising taxes grow goverment?

      1. Bill nailed it says:

        Huh? Huh? You have NO clue do you…..

        The additional 1.8B would ADD JOBS to the MN Govt! With 1.8B in new money to spend, there has to be “check writters”! (Or if you want a list of actual jobs…let us know..I am SURE we can show them to you)

        Bill is 100% correct!

        1. huh says:

          To Bill nailed it. I asked a question and your response was as if you needed to back me into a corner with you loud mouth in my face and a fist ready to swing. I read these responses and I see one side wanting to push with hostility and the “only inteligent” view against all others who are of course so ignorant you need to po them in the mouth saying “you have no clue do you?!!!!” For that alone, that side does not have my support. If being rude and hostile loud claiming all rights to being absolutely correct is your side then this ignorant fool will pick the other because history has shown your side causes too much troub;e in the world.

        2. Astonished_by_your_beliefs says:

          All the economist who have been interviewed on this in recent weeks have said there is no proof to this claim that fewer jobs will be created based on this small tax increase. And there is as much concern that the cuts may have a negative impact on the economy. Remember there are significant cuts in both the GOP and Dayton’s budget proposal – 12.5 % for the GOP and 8% for Dayton’s.

          The proposed tax is not growing government. The budget to maintain the same level of services as the last biennium (prepared by the Pawlenty admin) was $39 billion and that there was a projected $5 billion deficit to do this. Dayton said the all cuts would be too much and he proposed the $1.8 additional revenue. Both plans are for smaller government since they both include significant cuts.

          Also Senator Tom Bakk explained recently on a radio show that the amount to cover state services is lower this decade than is was in the last decade – something like 17% per capita in the 1990’s to 16% per capita now. That people are mistaken when they think the cost of government is growing. The total amount of government is greater because he number of people in the state keeps growing (ever heard of population increase?) which require more services – but that also means more people are paying taxes. The cost per person of their income is less…..

      2. John says:

        it can grow government. but also it could pay the debt, but don’t listen to me, I am some dem stooge or something….Pawlenty left a big debt. Now I guess we have only cutting spending to pay it off….it the Only option….you know….

        1. it the Only option says:

          I give you that John..I am sure a large portion is going to pay “bills”, but it will add jobs, payroll, pentions, health insurance costs to the already busted MN Govt payroll…..

          They need to be CUT, not added to!

    2. Yep says:

      You cannot cut off people who have relied on services for so long no matter how much the people who do not need the services want it. It needs to go both ways. Raise taxes AND cut spending.

  2. Joe Hanson says:

    Where’s the Lt Governor?

    1. True American says:

      Hopefully not pretending to run the DOT like the last LT. Gov. Remember all the people that died while she was playing make believe.

  3. MrB says:

    Bill…your an idiot!

    1. John says:

      Yep it just the line they keep spewing. Went to some GOP website encouraging me to write dayton, with a huge slant for their way. I wrote him alright. Not the way they wanted, I am sure.

      1. Joe Hanson says:

        What GOP website?

        1. John says:

          bet you can’t wait to go there. find it yourself.

          1. Joe Hanson says:

            You won’t say because it doesn’t exist?

          2. Charlie says:

            Lame comeback, John…. why don’t you send them some more of your money?

            Unless you are another one of the suckers taking advantage of our state system… It is the only explanation for your position.

    2. Chris says:

      Hardly… he is exactly on the right track… why do you disagree?

      Don’t you see how these costs keep ratcheting up and up?

      It has to stop somewhere, and I think it is right here and now.

  4. John says:

    no. show some self-reliance. Not my damn job.

    1. Joe Hanson says:

      Please John? It’s not like I’m asking you to pay for my Government provided programs and services.

        1. Joe Hanson says:

          John, that’s a website for the National Socialist Movement Party Headquarters.

          Where’s the link to write Governor Dayton?

          1. John says:

            It took you THAT LONG to tell the difference? well sure you will be very happy …bookmark it.

            1. jo jo says:

              stop playing childish games like they are… growup!! Don’t degrade yourself like that .

              1. John says:

                I not going to help him. Read his game. I was onto it. nuff said.

            2. Joe Hanson says:

              John, I guess you’ve shown yourself to be the smarter person.

              1. John says:

                keep telling yourself that.

                1. Joe Hanson says:

                  John, I will.

                2. I just went to the "john" says:

                  John…your a moron..plain and simple. You got BUSTED spewing lies! Joe just asked for simple proof, in a nice way, and you in typical childish DFL fassion proved your clueless

              2. John says:

                Proof of what? that the Republicans made a website that led to a email to Dayton? Are you that stupid……? Yeah, you’re right….the GOP would NEVER make a website trying to propel their agenda…I lied. The poor pathetic GOP just doesn’t have any ideas how to garner pressure on Dayton. well, you people argue and insult…I’m done…and I don’t really care how “concerned” you are.
                Talk to yourselves how wonderful you all are…Have a good one.

            3. Brad says:

              Annnnnd a typical Democrat is what we have here. Get’s called out and acts like a baboon.

              1. John says:

                called out? asked where the GOP website is ….which led to a link to send a email to dayton? I tell him to be self reliant…he plays his game. When I close this window, not going to make any difference to me. This place is nothing but games. Actually had one of the fools say, “I fooled you, you gave me information I asked for” and then went into their GOP support. I wouldn’t give you people the time of day. jo jo seems sincere. but you GOP’s can say whatever, not going to keep me up at night.

              2. Chris says:

                Yeah… I think John accidently sent us the wrong link…

                Sent the one that he is so used to going to… socialist + liberal dem = same thing!

  5. Jack says:

    Why do you think it is alright to take other peoples money? Typical Libs

    1. Yep says:

      Do you use roads or sidewalks to get to work? That’s one example among milions.

  6. RW says:

    The dems have bent somewhat, but the repubs won’t budge an inch. Wait ‘ti the next election.

    1. Joe Hanson says:

      So the folks dependent on State programs and services suffer and the laid off State employee’s collect unemployment till after the next election?

      1. nope says:

        State workers cannot collect unemployment. Unemployment is a tax the employer pays for the employee. If you are not an employer paying unemployment for your employee it is not your money. All those who have worked and are laid off deserve unemployment benifits.

        1. Chuck says:

          Sure they will…. it is just that the state pays itself back when the suspension is over. Ironic as hell, I think…

        2. Just so you know . . . says:

          You are wrong. State employees can and will collect unemployment if laid off and become eligible. While it is a tax on private business, paid into a pool, government also pays it – on a claims made basis. ALL employees, government or otherwise, are covered under the unemployment laws.

        3. Joe Hanson says:

          If State employees can’t collect unemployment, then I think it’s critical that a “Lights On” temporary spending bill be passed to allow the Governor and the Legislature more time to negotiate.

        4. SK says:

          Just so you know is totally correct.

          The state is just like any other employer and is required to pay into the unemployment benefit fund. State workers are employees who have the same rights as others. They can collect unemployment. By the way, they also pay state and federal taxes just like everyone else. Tens of thousands of laid off state workers will impact the economy – they are not paying taxes, they are collecting unemployment and they are not spending money…..Just like other laid-off workers.

    2. John says:

      I already know one convert. Lawyer that had to deal with the State GOP. Direct contact with them. But, definitely, by all means, research things….vote your conscious. There is two good youtube videos about the showing identification to vote referendums.

  7. Shirl Mann says:

    the republican’s don’t talk about raising tax’s until they get voted into office.They only want to protect the wealthy, who contibuted very generousley to their campaign funds to get them voted in,,,so of course they come back and say the wealthy brings in jobs,,, you know the jobs they already sent overseas. regan never campaigned on raiseing taxs but raised them every year he was in. I wish the republican’s would stop playing us out here, we’re educated and can see what your trying to pull.

  8. jo jo says:

    lets see who play the blamd game first when they can’t reach and agreement

  9. theyareallfullofit says:

    Oh good afternoon amusement here, glad kinda boring at work right now. Now I will tally who does better at the blame game. I will let everyone know who wins.

    Too bad with all that bickering going on nobody wins and from the policitians to us lowly folk don’t really see the bigger picture. WE THE PEOPLE LOSE OUR NO MATTER WHO IS IN OFFICE. So let the games begin.

    1. theyareallfullofit says:

      Sorry was suppose to be out not our.

    2. Brad says:

      Agreed. However, had Emmer won we would be commenting on the NBA draft article. If Horner had won we would be commenting on NHL draft. But Dayton won, and here we are.

      1. theyareallfullofit says:

        So far no one is winning, because just like those people at the capital there is only bickering. I really feel sorry for my grandkids they are going to grow up in a world that does not want to resolve anything they just want to bicker and point the finger and play the blame game. I am really understanding now how these idiots get into office because there is no real solutions or ideas here either. If you people really think your so smart run for office or maybe is just easier sitting back and complaining because like dems and repubs its easier than fixing the problem.

      2. CHESTER says:

        and if emmers or horner would have won 30,000 state employees would lose there jobs not just be laidoff ! and then the unemployment rate would jump to between 8 and 9%

  10. See BS says:

    God forbid if people and corporations are allowed to retain their money.

    Single people and couples without children might pay down their housing costs “Before” having children.

    And employers might feel more confident hiring new employees.

  11. YES says:

    Thank your lucky stars Emmer did not win.

    1. theyareallfullofit says:

      It would not matter who won they do what they want no matter what any of us think or want. They are so wrapped up on who is the bigger bully and who can get away with things. I woke up and know that no matter who I vote for or who wins they are out for themselves. This is why I love coming here it is so entertaining. Everyone believes that one is better than the other. Yeah in the dream world you have created but this is the real world and they are not working for us at all.

      1. John says:

        yeah, ultimately I agree with you. the best we did was get jesse ventura in. he told the left no and the right no, and attempted to make things make sense. I remember the tax refund. People still recognize that as the best Minnesota could do, at that time.

        1. Charlie says:

          John, You are in la-la-land…
          Ventura was a huge mistake!
          Everyone thought it was funny at first…
          Then had to deal with that psychopath!
          We now know where John is coming from…
          Maybe he will give it up and go back to his hole.

          1. John says:

            you first. just observe government. don’t really care. it always goes to bullying. Just radical right bs. god bless ya.

    2. Chris says:

      Boy do we wish he had Emmer… funny (and sad at the same time) how you see it.

  12. Captain America says:

    Repubs have a budget 6% larger than last year and Dayton wants to add 6% more for a 12% increase. Dayton is out of touch and should work with the Repubs to ok much of the budget rather than holding everything hostage. Blame Dayton for the out of work state workers for their layoffs. Dayton is a classic tax and spend liberal whom can not balance his own check book.

    1. Sue says:

      Captain America,
      I wish you would just go away with your ridiculous statements because nothing you say is correct and we all know that the blame is strictly on the GOP for failure to compromise, oh and one more thing I would trust Dayton to run things more than a person like you who hasn’t got a clue.

      1. Captain America says:

        Sue, you do not have a clue about finance but thanks for your blog your right as a free American.

        Have a great weekend,

  13. Tea's 7 points says:

    I posed this the other day…..Feel free to cut/paset and send to Gov Dayton…

    What I think we ALL want cut….

    #1- People who CHEAT unemployment but working for CASH while collecting unemployment.
    #2- Welfare cheats…..Let’s limit the time people can be on welfare….use it as a crutch NOT a way of life
    #3- Welfare cheats…..who use drugs while we pay them
    #4- overpaid Govt workers, where pay is more in line to the private sector, including benefits
    #5- Cuts to “bridges to nowhere” that we all KNOW exist
    #6- the break the Indian casino’s get….time to tax them OR open a State Run Casino!!!
    #7- ANY type of tax breaks or subsidy given to immigrants. If you can’t afford to move here….DON’T!

    What we don’t want cut:

    #1- Welfare to the elderly and physically handicapped
    #2- Any type of benefits cut to Police, Fireman and vets
    #3- Road construction

    Work on the 1st 7 and if we still have a budget issue…we can talk…but until then……don’t you DARE ask the hard working people of MN to pay for what I’m guessing NO ONE except the politicians of this state want. I don’t pay taxes to make sure YOU can all sleep at night!

    1. Vern says:

      None of the GOP budget deals with what the people want them to cut. They claim to be in the majority

    2. theyareallfullofit says:

      Does any of you realize there is a limit on the cash part of the benefits in the state of MN. You are only limited to five yearsfor during a life time. You canr use it all in five years or split it up between jobs when they feel like working. I don’t know why they set it at five years not less but there is a limit for the cash. Medical and food stamps are another story.

      1. anon says:

        Not to mention all the illegals that can walk in and get benefits. These programs were set up to help the American People, but somewhere down the line some stupid politicians decided it would be ok to help the illegals with it. You can look it up on the dhs site, they can’t deny you based on citizenship status. We spend chunks of money just to educate people who don’t speak english, we spend chunks of money to pay for their food and medical but yet here they have been working under someone else’s name all along. It’s really time the politicians start doing their job and quit funding their pet projects and really do some hard work and figure the math on how to get us all out of this mess. If an agency is spending more than someone needs to figure out why, and is it really necessary or is it just bs. I could see raising taxes for purposes of a General Fund if it was for something that went over an agency’s budget and they needed more funding, but than every agency would say that they needed more funding for this that or the other anyways. The State Politicians are all a joke.

        1. Sven says:

          My Norwegian ancestors didn’t speak English when they came here. Did your ancestors?

          1. Owen says:

            It happened before they were born, they don’t care. If it does not happen to them, they don’t care.

          2. Openyoureyesamerica says:

            Sven my grandma was 13 when she came here did not speak english they did not cater to her she had to start school here in Kindegarten and work her way up to graduate with her class. We are catering to these people who do not speak english. Her father at the time spanked her everytime she spoke german just so she would learn english. They have way better today because if we don’t give in they sue. They are no better than my ancestors they need to work hard like they did to earn a place here. They don’t even denounce their country they get to keep their citizenship for their homeland too. Our ancestors could not. This summer I am taping her and her story of coming to America what she had to endure to be a citizen and her father

        2. Theyarefullofit says:

          anon I do agree with that poing about the illegals we would save a bundle if we cut them off and lower the five year cash benefit and include food stamps and medical too. At my job I work with fraud and have heard many stories and found many things. They think they can get away with it.

    3. Yep says:

      I agree with you except number 2 on the keep list. The benefits should be in line with the majority of the population.

    4. CHESTER says:

      your saddly mistaken on ALL government workers being overpaid the pea party are fing morons

  14. oops... says:

    Yup..”paset”…’s a French way to paste….

  15. Oh well says:

    Hmmmm . . . throw the blame all you want. What folks continue to forget is this budget problem existed BEFORE the current elected officials were put in office. It took several electorate cycles to get us to this point and I can’t understand how elected officials think they can solve it in a few hours. If all of them – both sides – had done their job like they were elected to do we wouldn’t be worrying about any type of shut down. Unfortunately, true to the political arena, they had more concerns about their personal agendas rather then repsenting the entire state . . . and dealing with pressing matters immediately. Sure hope they can get it done because I would not want to be one of the people they cause to be laid off . . . and I wouldn’t want to be the one hoping for reelction by those same folks next go around. It is not fair that they are using peoples lives as a pawn for political gain. Oh well . . . doesn’t just happen in Minnesota but this is where I live so I suppose i can be appalled by their lack of responsibilty to the taxpayers.

  16. Tired of it all says:

    Oh well,
    You are right on the money, the same thing is going on in Washington, all they are doing is playing games with people lives just for their own political future and the Repubs will do anything or hurt everybody just so Obama doesn’t get elected again, they are sabotaging everything and not thinking about the American people just so Obama won’t get re-elected which is so sad.
    Also I thought that the GOP ran on creating jobs, so where are all these jobs, they are deliberately sabotaging the economy and job creation for their own political agenda which is making Obama a one term president. People really think about this and what really is going on and you can see it happening.

    1. Oliver Stone-d says:

      LOL!!! Is “Tired of it All”‘s REAL name Oliver Stone?

      Don’t think for a second one side is “sabotaging” another……

      It’s easier to get elected on good news (and they BOTH will claim it was their victory) as easy as it’s to not get elected on BAD news…..

      To say things are not getting done for election purposes is kind of a terrible idea…

    2. Openyoureyesamerican says:

      And the Dems are any better spending money we didn’t have and it backed fire. People open your eyes neither of them are any good REPUBS OR DEMS. I forgot you rather keep bickering to see who is the king of the hill. I am telling all of my grandchildren don’t go into governement because it is a blame game and who can become king of the hill. WHEN ARE BOTH PARTIES GOING TO WORK FOR US. You guys who also are playing the blame game must really enjoy it and have nothing better to do. Before judgement is passed on me I am waiting for my grandkids to finish eating to go do something because I see things with my eyes open fully not half way I can enjoy my life and not moan and complain about what one party is doing to the other party. I pity the next generation becuase they will be in office and they have learned the samething because there is no realy politicians out there so the cycle will not be broken.

  17. Bonnie O says:

    The decision makers here should also go without a paycheck and be penalized BEFORE the working taxpayers receive no checks. They should be required to work until it gets done just like many of us do….and they should also be penalized for each day they do not reach a decision — deduct pay for each day no compromise is reached!!

    The last time the shutdown happened I thought I heard it cost more than having people actually work. What’s wrong with that picture?

  18. Knee pads to the GOP says:

    Let’s all bow to the rich and pay more in property taxes. Everybody get out your kneepads.

  19. Dayton's working on the Vikings, not the budget. says:

    Ahhhhh, glasshoppas, you are missing what’s really going on behind Dayton’s closed doors.

    Dayton isn’t working on the budget. He’s been spending his time behind the closed doors working with the Wilfs to make sure the MN taxpayers get stuck paying for Wilf’s new $1billion (and climbing) playground.

    THAT’s what’s really going on. I told ya before, I’ll tell ya again – Zygi won’t rest until he has his hand in every taxpayer’s knickers. And Dayton’s gonna take some more “crazy eyes” pills and help Wilf do it (to YOU).

    You’ll see.

    1. Betty says:

      In the anonymity of cyberspace does how clueless people can be come out. And they are almost all right wingers or Victim

      1. Say whaaaaa? says:

        Is this written in bettyomics? What is your message, you point, if any?

      2. OpenyoureyesAmerica says:

        I am neither a right winger and most certainly no a victim. All you people thinking the Repbus are better than the dems or vice versa are clueless. It is not their government to play games with. They are to be working for us not us working for them. Neither party is right the bickering needs to stop from both sides of the table and look to see what is right for WE THE PEOPLE not we the Republicans or we the Democrats.

  20. Weed Can Save Us says:

    Legalize the herb!
    And tax it!

    Problem solved!

  21. Bill says:

    “It was a worthwhile day,” Dayton said. “I feel good about the rapport we established, about the civility that prevailed.”

    Do you feel good about shutting down government because the increase in spending in the Republican’s budget isn’t large enough?

    What a greedy selfish stupid destructive pig you are.

  22. Don says:

    If the gov shuts down then the politicians are fired.Leave,the people will figure it out and i’m sure we will do quite well not paying for your useless representative butts. I’m required to perform well at my job. What about yours? Go pick up garbage off the side of the road. Leave the hard working people out of your very costly game.

  23. Don says:

    I know how to save lots of dough. When the gov shuts down, we will surround the capitol,and make sure the RATS don’t get back in.Who are the RATS? all of them.

    1. Citizen says:

      @Don. It is an old political axiom that the voters get the government they deserve. Something to think about the next time we all go to the voting booth. These elected representatives of the people are SUPPOSED to represent ALL their constituents–not just one party or the other–ALL. They are supposed to hold meetings in their districts, send out questionnaires, have calling campaigns. Has this happened this year? Not that I can see because these “representatives of the people” (and I use that term VERY LOOSELY), have not done squat except for their own personal agendas. Let them eat cake!

  24. Bb says:

    GOP quit protecting the top 2 percent of wage earners, they need to share the pain. Paying for this deficit off the backs of the most vulnerable, poor, working poor, middle class and elderly is unacceptable. We hear about entitlements, well let us start looking at the entitlements that our legislators, politicians receive that are paid for off the tax payers back, what cuts can we make there. Hmmmmmm, you think they could share the pain as well. No, you will only hear about how they need to cut programs for those in the most need in this state. Shame on them, there will be a demonstration at the capitol on June 30th Thursday at 10:00 AM. Everyone tired of footing the entire bill while the top 2 percent are expected to pay nothing will have this chance to let their voice heard.

  25. Call it what it is. says:

    I’m much closer to the bottom 2% yet I find it frustrating that Dayton and the Dems would like us to believe the so-called “top 2%” aren’t paying “their share.” They ARE paying taxes and they’re paying them at a higher rate than the rest of us are.

    Maybe some people think that top tier should pay a larger amount of taxes because, theoretically anyway, they can better afford it but let’s not bury our heads in the sand and pretend they aren’t already paying their “fair share.”

    If you want to complain about something that really IS unfair, why don’t you complain that our legislators are going to stick some or all of us with paying for a new stadium for Wilf yet they will not allow us to vote on whether or not that’s how we wish to have our tax money spent.

  26. Mk says:

    Many of “those in need” are not in need. Cut the welfare.

  27. Dayton + Wilf = Shaft for Taxpayers says:

    Wilf’s a rich guy. Dayton’s a rich guy. Why do you think Dayton is in favor of the taxpayers footing the bill for a new stadium? Rich guys help rich guys and all rich guys would rather spend your money than theirs.

    As soon as the budget is resolved they will approve a stadium bill faster than a reporter’s click of a keyboard fades away.

  28. Kevin says:

    How stupid are these idiots? Just soak the rich alittle more…..they may have to release a butler or two….and maybe scale back their world wide vacation! Then you CUT the budget! See if you give it free they will come! I believe the pople of MN have given enough away! Let them go to other states! So……cut! Cut! Cut! A recent report showed that MN ENT cards were used in every state in the nation and out of country! Let them vacation on someone elses EBT card! Oh and slow down immigration! There are hundreds of thousands of Minnesotians out of work…..a few less Somalians, Hmong, or Mexicans will only open up jobs for “REAL” Minnesotians……Speaking of Mexicans…..deport all illegals! We can no longer carry the cost! I drive through North Minneapolis everyday….and guess what…..most are sitting on their porch…..or walking around……we need to make welfare a temporary system that helps those in need while they GET A JOB……do that…and alot will leave for warmer more friendly states……..this is not rocket science!……..

  29. scammers says:

    I see the same 20-30 black men from 20 to 45 years old lined up every single day, rain or shine in front of the mpls library during prime work time. If you’re not sure which I refer to, it is the nearly new, castle like structure with the 60 foot ceilings, marble everything and high end artwork. There’s a couple white, guys there too. I stopped and asked them on a few occasions how they earn money when they don’t work. When they look up from their cell’s and laptops, they proudly exclaim welfare and ebt cards. Man that is frustrating.

    1. Americus says:

      I know ,how can honest peoples goverment prevail when the politicians and citizens aren’t honest. We need a fine tooth comb when it comes to honest hard working peoples tax dollars.

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