RAMSEY, Minn. (WCCO) – At least one person has been killed after a car accident Saturday morning in Ramsey, according to the Anoka County Dispatch.

The accident happened at about 8:27 a.m. on the 17700 block of Roanoke Street Northwest in Ramsey.

One fatality has been confirmed, and a Life Link ambulance transported another victim to an unknown hospital with significant injuries.

The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office said two vehicles were involved in the accident, and the victim who died has not been identified.

The incident remains under investigation by the Ramsey Police Department, Anoka County Sheriff’s Office and the Minnesota State Patrol.

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  1. Heidi says:

    I care about it. We had Law Enforcement blazing North on 7 as we were having coffee. Bless those involved. Hope the injured recover. CCO needs Ad revenue to report.

    1. friend says:

      how can you say that she took away the best thing i had going for me in life unless you know who these people are then i advise you to stop comenthing

  2. Stacy says:

    Hey Tom … some of us actually knew the person who was killed in this accident, so for you to say you don’t care about the story anymore just because it played an ad before it showed the story, that is pretty pathetic. Have some respect and just thank god you didn’t know the person who lost their life in this tragic accident!

  3. Tons of ads making the site slow says:

    The ads are really bad on this site and it is annoying. They don’t need ad revenue on their website – they would still be reporting the story whether they had ads or not. You can’t tell me they need this many ads to pay an intern to post a 3min video on this site?

  4. Annoyed says:

    Go on another story and complain about the ads instead of on a story where someone has died!

  5. Get-a-Grip says:

    Many clueless posts so far, obviously this website isn’t solely run by 1 intern, who cares if they run ads, thats the price you pay to be informed, news is not something you’re owed, If you’re strolling around the internet posting comments then you’re obviously not to busy to watch a short ad. Why do friends of victims always come to the WCCO website and complain about comments made, if you know them you should be mourning, not worried about what people that do not matter to you in your life are saying about someone you know, huge pet peeve when someone says their friend has just died, and there wasting their time on here commenting.

  6. Have some respect says:

    Just because a friend or family member comes to the website to view the story of their loved one who has died and comments on others thoughtless posts regarding ads and such does not mean that person is not in mourning. People who only want to complain and have nothing thoughtful to post regarding this story should have some consideration for others feelings and post nothing at all or go to another story. And hopefully Get-a-grip you don’t ever lose a loved one and have their story posted on the internet … its very inconsiderate to come to a page and add your two cents when you have no connection to this story whatsoever! Have some respect and let people mourn in their own ways, even if that way is commenting on their loved one’s news page!

    1. @havesomerespect says:

      When i lose someone I will spend the day with my family, and that persons family comforting them, not coming on here and complaining what others say, perhaps you need to reread get a grips post, probably 4 or 5 times then you may get it, I will mourn your lack of intelligence the rest of the evening.

  7. Jake says:

    Hey, calm down people. Look, I’d be checking to see if someone was drunk, or using a cell phone. Judging by the horrific nature of the crash, I doubt that seat belts or airbags would have saved anybody. Those roads up there are narrow, with no shoulders which means that they are very unforgiving. Any mistake up there could cost you your life. BE CAREFUL.

  8. Tragic Story says:

    Let’s all focus on what matters here, okay? Someone lost their life and another person is badly injured. Can we move on from talking about ads and what people should or shouldn’t be saying? This is a terribly tragedy and I pray for the victims and their friends and families.

  9. Rachael says:

    Tragic Story and to all those who care!!! Thank you the badly injured victim is a cousin of mine and this is sad….he is on life support and we are all praying for his safe home return…..and sometimes some of us are not as close (meaning distance to be with the family…not to mention are curious to see what exactly happened as far as we can tell…a ad hardly is any reason for any person to be so negative…prayers are with the victim no longer with us as well as my cousin!!!! Thanks to the rest of you who are not so hyped on whether there is an ad or not!!! Not everything is a conspiracy…Luv ya Cuz Get well SOOON

    1. Bystander says:

      There seems to be some confusion on your relationship to the badly injured victim. Several of us from the neighborhood were at the scene of this crash within a minute of the crash to see if we could help. Both cars had only a woman as the driver. There were no men or other female passengers involved yet you state your cousin was a male. Are you thinking of perhaps another accident that occurred in MN recently as there were unfortunately several of them? No matter who the people are, it was a very sad and solemn scene. Rescue workers were there promptly and worked diligently to aid both people. Many of us in the neighborhood walk or bike that particular road and were there only 5 minutes before on our daily walk. Because of this accident, we have now changed our route to stay off this busy road.

    2. ken says:

      bahahahahaa the living victim is a woman!

  10. Donna Arends Maki says:

    have they released the names of the 2 people involved, or the age? This is so sad and I Pray for both of the victums involved in the crash and thier families!!

  11. pete moss says:

    I was almost involved in a head on collision at the same location last november. it is a bad bad road and i thank god that the other driver was paying attention or we would have been killed.

  12. JJ says:

    Hello all, my family and I were about 20 secs away from the crash. We stopped to help until the EMTs arrived. The crash was very bad. The one lady legs were pinned very badly and I am sad that the other one did not make it. It looked like she died instantly, but not sure. I would like to know how the other lady is doing. Whoever knows her it would be nice to have an update. The door and front dash was pushed in too far. Her legs were pinned and we could not get her out. We all tried to keep her calm. That is not that bad of an area to see people coming, so it will be interesting to know what happened to cause this crash. Our thoughts and prays are with everyone involved.

  13. Friend says:

    The woman who died was a 28 year old friend of mine. She was a wonderful person who worked with troubled youth. Thank you for all that stopped at the scene and tried to help.
    I personally, came to this site because I am still in shock and disbelief. I heard that there was a photo of her car and I would hope it would help with my denial. I am blessed to have known her. There will be one more bright and shining star in the sky tonight.

    1. Keisha Boo says:

      I also knew her i was at the place she worked at . Its juss hard ta imagine . I wanna knoe when da funeral is . I wanna go . R.I.P

      1. queen says:

        hey keisha its queen we are all sad i don’t believe it but it is true she helped us alot

  14. tammy says:

    Friends tell us more about those women.

  15. tammy says:

    We do believe that we have known the woman who passad away in-laws for many, many years. We heard about an accident today, but we heard no details at all, but we think this may be the story. We didn’t know her personally, but believe that she and her husband grew up in the como-rice st, area in st. Paul. We would like to know more about both of these women. We are also stunned and or hearts go out to all of the friends and family involved,

  16. Friend says:

    The woman who died was not married as the previous person posted she was 28 years old, worked more than full time hours with troubled youth-she was amazing at the work she did. She was a loving aunt and took care of her nephews making sure they were well taken care of when they were so often in her care. She lived in the como area. I hope it is not the same person you know! She lived life to the fullest and was a wonderful friend, sister, and daughter! She will be missed beyond belief by everyone who knew her. Thank you to those who stopped and tried to help! I hope she did not feel much pain and it eases mine to know she did not appear to suffer.

    1. jeremy says:

      We were on scene and I apologize greatly but there was nothing possible for anyone to do. If anyone has any questions please let me know because I won’t post anythingg here out of respect to friends and family. My apologies to all of you for this very sad incident. 😦

  17. Rachael says:

    Bystander…..Maybe I am on responding to wrong one…however his accident was also in Ramsey MN and he drove a black car??? Sorry to the lady who lost her life and if I am on wrong accident….to the badly injured victim

  18. Thoughts & Prayers says:

    To the family that lost their loved one, my heart goes out to you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. The other young woman has survived this horrific crash and will eventually recover. Thank you to all of those that rushed to the scene and helped.

  19. Friend of Family says:

    I would like to mention that the woman who died had been with her fiance for about 16 years (since grade school) and they were to be married in September.

  20. Another Friend says:

    She is going to be GREATLY missed by so many people. She was one of the most living and caring people I have ever known. May she rest in peace.

  21. M says:

    She was a role model to all. After only knowing her for 6 months she has touched my life and so many more. At work she showed the trouble youth what it was like to have someone truly care and be there for you. To have her taken from us is beyond devastation but we will continue to honor her through joy and reminiscing the good times and many laughs we shared together…. I will never forget. RIP

  22. an old neighbor says:

    She grew up in our old neighborhood. We knew the family of the guy she was to marry soon for years and years. We haven’t been in touch for quite a while. Had she moved to anoka? Where did she work?

    1. Friend says:

      She still lived in St Paul and commuted every day. She worked at Bar None Residential Treatment Center which is up north of Anoka near Saint Francis. I live in Saint Francis and drove to St Paul for the visitation tonight and I can’t believe she drove that commute! Especially after the long crazy hours she worked!
      If anybody looks at the posts on the Pioneer Press Obituary page for Christine, the theme is the same. She was a beautiful person inside and out, and was a gift to all of us.

      I would like to thank the people who stopped at the scene to try and help. I am sure seeing such a thing will affect you for a long time, thank you for being angels, and for being there for Christine, as she would have been there for you!

  23. ken says:

    i am sad to say i know the living suspect, my condolences to the victims family, prayers be with you.

    1. Tiff says:

      How is the living suspect doing? Physically? I can’t imagine emotionally what her and her family is going through. They too, are suffering soo much. The other suspects mother put a note at the crash site memorial that says, “I am soo sorry. From the other drivers mother.” Soo sad.

      1. Survivor Family Member says:

        The young woman that survived this horrific crash will eventually physically recover. As one of her family members, I can tell you her family (including myself) is devastated over this. Our hearts go out to the family, friends and loved ones of Christine. Thank you again to everyone that stopped to help and I hope each of you quickly recover from what I can only imagine was a horrific scene. Please know this traumatic event has not been easy for anyone involved or connected to deal with. Lots of prayers are much needed..

  24. jas says:

    hello i was there at the crash me n my freind pulled up just seconds after it had happened.. we were directing traffic.. trying to tell people to slow down at the bridge right before the scene the saddest thing i have ever seen. My prayers go out to both their families.

  25. Thank you friend for answering my questions. We decided to not attend her viditation or her funeral. We knew it was going to be extremely crowde as this girl was clearly very loved by so many people. God bless you friend. Goodnight

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