ST. CLOUD, Minn. (WCCO) — A 39-year-old St. Cloud man is in custody after police say he went to his ex-girlfriend’s home and beat her with a steel baton.

Police were dispatched to a home on the 600 block of 5th Avenue Northeast around 6 a.m. Monday where they found a woman with injuries to her head and hands. She told police her ex-boyfriend, Anthony Travis Brown, hit her several times with a steel baton.

Brown also allegedly threatened the woman, saying he originally was going to come to her home with a machete and “slit her throat while she was sleeping.”

The woman said Brown was in her home for about three hours.

He was later located at his residence and transported to Benton County, where he is currently being held.

Brown could face second- and third-degree assault charges, a gross misdemeanor domestic assault and terroristic threats.

The woman was transported to the St. Cloud Emergency Room, where she is expected to make a full recovery.

Comments (13)
  1. ??? says:

    Why is it that everything is called a ” terroristic threat” now? Can we get a better name for stuff like this as this should not be the blue jeans of police charges (meaning that it can cover just about anything said).

    1. not really... says:

      Terroristic threat is not JUST about foreign policy and suicide bombers. It represents anyone who actually causes terror and incites fear..I.E. a terror-ist. They’ve just been stereotyped as a Muslim now a days.

      1. Totally says:

        And that is an incorrect assumption because islam is a religion of peace. It is these wacko’s that own steel batons that we need to watch out for!

  2. Ronald Raygun says:

    Probably just some dirty republican filth.

  3. See BS says:

    Over the weekend, Kare11 reported an Anoka woman who is sentenced only a year for a drunk driving accident that paralyzed someone from the neck down. And a female social worker who is being charged sexual misconduct.

    But See BS was reporting gay pride stories, lost puppy dogs, and Golf programs for kids.

  4. 0tolerance4bs says:

    @tim your A$$ is showing again, i’m sure your parenting failed on teaching you better. no matter the race, everyone needs to love and respect themselves first. it takes two in a relationship. how did he get into her home……………..

    1. Give me a break says:

      Yes, because an ex who’s threatening to slit their throat and beats them with a steel rod is only HALF responsible. Spread blame on the victim while we’re at it?

    2. @0tole. says:

      Who cares if she said please come in, so its partly her fault she was beaten, find a bus and step in front of it.

  5. Ronald Raygun says:

    Can someone in the real world let me know what is going on. I wish I had a life and a real job and some real friends. I do not understand stories like this… I wish I could have my own place to live… I wish the government would just tell me what to think and how to live. that is what Obamma promised me with “hope and change”….

  6. Heather says:

    I wish she would have had a gun and shot this guy dead. Coward.
    He’ll get a year in the Workhouse – stayed

  7. Ruth Taylor says:

    Save me a nickel……..

  8. TREESTUMPS says:

    10 comments and 5 of them represent serious birth defects, geez you people kept alive by machines or what, Ronald Raygun and 0tolerance lead the way of the brain dead. I think it would be legal to beat you two to death.

  9. AGAIN says:

    white people again, she wanted out with him cause she found a tall dark crime ape and he got mad that why she got beat.

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