MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There are reports of washed out roads in the Bear Lake Area following the heavy rains Monday morning.

The National Weather Service announced a flash flood warning for Itasca County in north central Minnesota and west central St. Louis County.

The Itasca County Sheriff Department reported that water was over Highway 65 in the area just south of Togo, Minn. Police also said parts of Highway 52 were washed out.

In St. Louis County, police reported water running over Highway 22 just west of Highway 73.

The NWS said 5 inches of rain had fallen earlier this morning from Marcell, Minn. to Stoney Brook. An additional 1-2 inches of rain is expected before noon.

The NWS said runoff from the excessive rainfall will cause more flash flooding. It’s likely more roads will end up underwater during heavy rain times.

They urge motorists not to cross low lying roads if they are flooded. They said it only takes a few inches of water to carry a vehicle away.

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  1. M B says:

    Let’s hope no one got hurt in the water.

    In 3 months we’ll be hearing of huge crop shortages because of all the flooding around the country from all this rain.

    And if the US has crop problems, the world goes hungry.

    i hope I’m wrong.

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