Minn. Anglers Who Need Licenses Advised To Buy Now

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Anglers who still need fishing licenses for the holiday weekend are being advised to buy them by Thursday in case Minnesota state government shuts down over the ongoing budget impasse.

The Department of Natural Resources says it expects sales of all fishing, hunting and trapping licenses will be suspended in the event of a shutdown Friday. However, it says all regulations will remain in effect and will be enforced.

But the DNR anticipates that most of its services will not be operating, including state parks. Pending a settlement or other directions from the courts, all state park facilities are set to close at 4 p.m. Thursday.

National Forest Service campgrounds and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area would not be affected by a state government shutdown and will remain open.

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  • Dave l

    There won’t be any state workers to check to see if you have one or not.

  • steve

    I was going to say the exact same thing as Dave I – No DNR to check on your license so no need to get one if you’re only going to fish that weekend.

  • State Worker

    I will not be working, knock yourself out!

  • Sgt

    Whos gonna check??

  • Paulie

    You guys are a riot. Funny but true.

  • Retired Ron

    Remember when Seniors didn’t need a license? What happened to that program? Bring it back!

    • Return to Ron

      Just tell them you are an immigrant of less than 7 years and you can fish all you want for free and no limit.

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  • Reasonable

    Essential services haven’t been defined yet so it’s still entirely probably that there will be DNR enforcement out there, though probably in limited numbers.

    But hey, skirt the law and bend the rules as you accuse others of doing. It’s the American way after all.

    • Huxley

      If someone decides to fish and there is no place for them to purchase a license- that’s tough noogies for the state. Their problem, not ours. I’d say the law would be unenforceable if taken to court. The state doesn’t own the lakes. If you want me to fish with a license provide me a method of purchasing one, otherwise it is in fact game on, so to speak.

      • Grover

        Uhhh, yah the state DOES own the lakes. Not sure where you get your info from.

  • D from kato

    Can someone verify that there wont be any conservation officers? gees.

  • Curly says me too

    Time to stop paying taxes too — frick this paying for things that don’t exist.
    BOZOS — both parties are nothing but BOZOS.
    I think it’s time we all run for office …. clear out the baffoons

  • oh no

    Somehow we are supposed to feel on edge that onerous regulations will not be inforced. Oh no I can’t get the piece of paper that allows me to fish at my lake home. And you think that we aren’t going to fish.

    • RuRu

      So, Does anyone have a definite answer: If I fish on this weekend without a license, will there be any DNR officers arount to give out tickets?

  • Yep

    The scare tactics used this year are pretty ridiculous. Shutdowns have happened before. We will all get through it just fine… Most will hardly be able to tell anything is going on. We might even save the state a few million in the process.

    • Les Johnson

      No, the state will lose millions of dollars.

      The state of MN will lose millions of dollars from State Parks alone.

      Make an informed comment at least.

      • Kenneth2

        The state mayl lose the chance to make millions of dollars, but will save money as well, by not funding the services that will be shut down.

        “Make an informed comment at least.”

  • Les Johnson

    Seriously, who waits until 4th of July weekend to buy a fishing license anyway?

    • http://knuttila.net jorn

      this guy ;)

  • Husker

    What about those of us from other states that are bringing our family to Minnesota to spend money for a week vacation? I have always purchased a family permit and would gladly do it again. I am not going to tell my sons that we drove 500 miles and you can’t fish!!! I have already spent my money on a cabin rental and cannot get it back!

  • hookem

    Im heading up in less than 2 weeks for a fishing trip with my family. Were renting 5 cabins and giving the resort a bunch of our hard earned money. So now were not suppose to fish? Were from a long ways away from minnesota so how are we suppose to know the minnesota government is made up of a bunch of fools that cant figure out a budget?? I know im fishing anyway!

    • Missouri Fisherman

      Hookem or Husker, can you tell me how it went once you arrived? We are coming up from Missouri and three of our party purchased licenses the day before the shut down but one 18 year old young man did not. How did it go for you guys? Are there any options once there?

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