Minn. Shutdown Threat Grows As Dayton, GOP Meet

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican legislative leaders are back in budget talks with less than two days until a state government shutdown.

Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch and House Speaker Kurt Zellers are in the Democratic governor’s office with several other top lawmakers and administration officials.

Dayton said a day earlier that Wednesday is a make-or-break day for a budget deal if he and lawmakers are to head off a shutdown that would begin at midnight Thursday into Friday.

Dayton and the GOP leaders have jointly agreed since last week not to speak publicly about their budget negotiations.

But there’s no indication they’ve gotten any closer to overcoming their dispute about the total size of the next two-year state budget, which is supposed to be in place Friday.

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  • True American

    The GOP puppet masters should forget their greed and do what’s best for Minnesota.

    • jimmy

      Zellers claime to be under paid, could someone tell me what he’s done to earn his pay in the last 7 months.

      • Taxed enough

        Can someone please tell me what the governor has done to earn his pay? He makes a whole lot more than Zellers

    • Give me liberty

      How does not spending money we don’t have equate to greed?

      Everyone needs to take a deep breath and understand the reality of the situation we have and stop blaming one side or the other.

      Reduce spending and spend on priorities. What is so hard to understand with that philosophy?

      For every greed comment that is thrown out Conservatives can counter with redistribution of wealth agenda by the left.

    • True American with common sense

      Shut er down clown! It’s time that state workers meet the real Mark Dayton.

      • Give me liberty

        I’m fine with shutting it down. The less government in my life the better. If that is what it takes to get this run away spending under control than let’s get it on.

        Not sure who the real Mark Dayton is but if he is different than the one I have seen so far I’m also for that.

  • Cache

    They should figure out a way to get it done. They are all reasonable adults, Tax the rich and spend a little less. How hard is that?

    • Ronald Raygun

      I agree except the part about all being reasonable adults. You are including republicans here.

    • Voter

      Pay attention Cache. This budget is already higher than the last and Dayton wants even more.

      Please don’t vote

      • Cache

        This is a democracy, not a communist republican state. Don’t tell me I should not vote.

      • Cache

        This is not a communist republican country. We vote how we chose to.

  • Jericho Williams

    IF MN govt shuts down, I am blaming GOV DAYTON, I will start a petition to recall his BUTT. Who wants to sign?? Surprise where was the GOV Dayton over the weekend, he was marching in the GAY PRIDE PARADE, the first GOV to march in the Parade! Is this the GOV that was voted in 2010 to represent all of Minnesota??

    • Stacy

      If the government shuts down you won’t be lacking in signitures.

    • Dawn Mattson Nelson

      I totllay agree with you! Evidently the Gay Pride Parade was more important than the State! As far as I am concerned he should not be in office-I strongly remember him saying last year during his campaining that he would not allow a state shutdown but look what he is doing now. What a lieing piece of S***. And as far as I am concerned he should not be allowed to live in the Manshion if the state is shutdown (make him live in a CARDBOARD BOX like some of our fellow Minnesotans will be doing when they cannot pay their house for the fact that they will not get a paycheck, their umeployment insurance (like myself). And I bet he gets to keep all of his benefits during this shutdown!!! GET HOM OUT OF OFFICE IMMEDIATELY!! I WILL SIGN THE PETTION AND I KNOW ALOT OF OTHER PEOPLE THAT WILL.

      • citizen

        It is ok for the Republican legislature to focus on the gay marriage constitutional amendment and other divisive issues when the focus should have been on the budget! Let’s all get real and come together for the good of all, instead the extreme right and left; I would hope saner minds reside in the middle of all this rhetoric!

        • Agreed

          When the Titanic sank, it didn’t matter if you had a first class ticket or hid in stowage. You sank together.

      • Dawn Mattson Nelson

        I meant get HIM out of the offie not HOM

        • WOW

          Wow, listen to you rant Dawn, first of all learn how to spell before posting your rant so people know what you are talking about, second it will be the GOP’s fault if their is a shutdown not the Gov.
          I admire him for walking in the Gay Pride Parade at least he got the guts to do it and before you start to complain about him being there and not meeting with the GOP leaders why do you ask your self where the hell are the GOP leaders they are the ones not willing to meet to discuss the budget, I’m sure it’s too hard for Koch to drag her fat a** over to the Gov. office. At the time Dayton said he would not allow a state shutdown he didn’t know that the GOP was that pig headed and wouldn’t compromise so if it’s anybody’s fault it’s the GOP.

          • Rick

            Pot calling the kettle black. I think I see a paragraph made up of one sentence. First learn how to use periods before posting your rebuttal rant so people know what YOU are talking about.

          • David Decker

            What a freaking idiot you are. If there is a shut down it is not the GOP’s or Democrats fault solely. It is all their fault. They have had plenty of time to work this out. Why are they waiting til the last minute. And the said part is all the people that will suffer because they are simply too damn stuborn!

          • Taxed enough

            What the hell are you talking about WOW? The GOP has offered him one of the biggest budgets in Minnesota history but it is not good enough for the ol’ gov. He wants more so they can spend more on all the little welfare programs that Minnesota has to offer off of my money. ENOUGH ALREADY. Take it or leave it Gov. GOP stay pig headed because we elected you for this reason.

        • Jeremy Tubbs

          Very Funny. Except. You should really learn how to spell before you attempt to intelligently criticize. The Governor walked in the parade because the event was a major event going on in a major city in Minnesota. He could walk in any other parade and not be criticized. Funny how you relate him walking in a Pride parade to what he does in his job as Governor. The two have no comparison. Also, learn something about what is going on. The Governor firmly believes in making all Minnesotans responsible for their fair share. Do you really think the lower and middle class should pay more than the people who can afford it. Do you really want the Governor to lay down and give in?

          • Jason

            No one should be asked to pay anymore than we already do. Government must live within its means. Less handouts. My family of 4 makes it on 50k a year we are not rich but we make it work, so should the gov. Making the “rich” pay more= everyone pays more.

            • Zellers

              You have a family of 4 and make 50,000 a year? You don’t pay any taxes your the problem. Your one of the slackers in that lower 50% that cause all the problems
              Quit haveing children we’re tired of paying for them

              • Cache

                Moron, fairmn did not claim to take any services from the state

                • Koch

                  What do you think CACHE is he using MnCare or stiffing the ER?

                • Cache

                  @ Koch. If more people shut up when they have no idea then this board would be a lot more empty. What basis other than hatefulness towards people you don’t know are you basing your BS on?

            • FAIRMN

              No, the lower and middle class pay 12%. People who make 185,000 a year pay 10%. People who make 350,00 and above pay 9.5% in taxes in MN. Do you think that is fair. What Dayton wants to do is have everyone pay the same. Not up everyones. I am glad you are satisifed with “making” it. That is what the GOP wants people to do, just make it. Woudn’t you want to pay fair taxes?

      • Cache

        When the republican leadership was at the Stillwater bridge did you rant about them not being in negotiations?

      • Cache

        Did you rant they should recall the Republicans were at the Stillwater bridge rather than negotiating?

      • StarR

        Wow, a government official in favor of equality, what a horror.

    • True American

      @Jericho Williams

      Is this the GOV that was voted in 2010 to represent all of Minnesota??

      Well yes he was elected to to represent all Minnesotans. Well maybe not bigots

    • AMANDA

      Yes… what is sooo wrong with the fact that he was marching in the GAY PARADE??? since the GOP legislators spend all of their session passing anti-gay laws INSTEAD of doing their job…

      • Jason

        Marching in a parade is not his 1st priority. However working out this budget is. Get a clue. How many budgets have sat on his desk 1,2,10? Do your JOB dayton!

        • AMANDA

          Yes, he is doing his JOB… he is rejecting the bad 1,2,10 budgets, that only favor the rich GOP friends, and give them more tax breaks to send job overseas…

          • FAIRMN

            You rock Amanda!

    • Ron

      You must be a republican! People Are not stupid, We know who to blame!

    • What???

      Yes, yes he is. Are you the same bigot that did not vote for him in 2010? Yes, yes you are.

    • Weston Francis Edwards

      Where can I sign? I think I can get a few more signatures as well.

  • Stacy

    You people need to get real. The only person that is going to cause a shutdown is Daton. The majority of people in this state elected those in office to cut the spending in this state. That is over a hundred elected people doing the will of the people. There is only one person who keeps putting a veto on the will of the people. (DATON)

    • Cache

      Dayton was elected by the people also, the entire state.

    • teacher

      learn how to spell

    • True American

      Number of GOP candidates elected with more votes than Dayton = 0
      Number of GOP candidates that won state wide office = 0
      Still the GOP clowns beat their chest like a bully on the playground with the empty claim that they have a mandate.

      • True American

        Hey, add all the GOP house member votes together they still don’t have as many as Dayton.
        The GOP has no mandate.

        • JB

          I respectfully disagree with you. The economy has been in the tank for years. Most people are barely scraping by and our governor (that I voted for) wants to increase the budget. Have you ever seen a state budget reduction? So this is forever. I also voted for a couple of the republicans. I am sorry to say that I voted for Governor Dayton because he was the lessor of two evils, not for his stance on raisign taxes only on the rich. I voted for the republicans because they said they would work to make the state like within it’s means. While “living within it’s means” is a subjective term, the republicans are doing what I want them to do, stop the state from spending more. One voter does not make a mandate, but it most certainly sasys a lot about our current stalemate. Since the majority are nto liberals nor tea party people, it may be fair to say that I represent the middle and thus potentially the majority. that woudl be a mandate if we could quantify it,but of course let the insults fly…..



    • AMANDA

      @ Stacy… it’s Governor Dayton… not Daton… LOL

    • T-Paw Borrowed Our Future Away

      Well stated, but wrong. If the MN congress had the votes they could override any veto.

  • Stacy

    Well said!!!!!

  • StraycatStrut

    Daytons first order of business was to hold the Budget deal hostage and exercise his supreme power. Time to get real and get MN back on track. Unbelieveable how many lives are influenced by his lack of judgement. He does not represent the majority of Minnesotians here in this state. 40% of the Vote is no majority. Lets all give a toast when he’s outta office.

  • mike

    I’ll sign it! he always looks like he has escaped from Bellvue, he marched in the Gay Pride parade because he need their vote!

    • What???

      How does someone who is already in office “need their vote”? Are you really saying that (because if you are this might be the dumbest posts that has been placed on any of these blogs) or are you just trolling? Education is the #1 thing you need to join a debate and you my friend are either lacking this or just did not think that out very clearly. Voting is over and they have already been elected. The GOP was elected on their platform of balancing the budget (which they are not doing very successfully) and Dayton was elected on a platform of raising taxes on the top 2% (which he is not doing successfully). It is not the fault of the GOP or the Gov, it is the fault of the people of MN who voted people into office that have completely different ideas on how to run the state. You all can blame whoever you want but you should all know that the blame comes down to the people.
      You can say that 40% of the vote is not a majority but you must not be very good at math. When there is 3 parties or more that are running for the same position than 40% is a majority. Cry as much as you want as this does no good. Just like I saw you posting about the WI Dems and saying that they were cowards for running as Walker ran on his platform and they knew what was going to happen, so did Dayton and you still act like he should do something other than what he ran on. The double standard is hilarious and shows that you have a low intellect or just choose not to take the same medicine that you seem to want to hand out.

      • jiffy

        And if we had TRUE voter identification in place, Mr. Mark Dayton would be back to stocking shelves in the local Macy’s Department Store. Oh Yeah, I forgot Dayton’s never had to have a real job. WHAT A DRONE! GEEZ! Obama, Franken, Eliison, Dayton just when I thought I couldn’t be more embarassed of the voting in this state. Hang in there GOP, your foot is on the throat of the beast and it’s putting up a heck of a fight. DON”T GIVE IN!

      • Taxed enough

        What??? He also said he would not shut down the government. What do you have to say about that. And they were cowards. Run and hide. Oh wait a minute Dayton did that also when he was in the Senate.

        • What???

          Taxed enough
          So you are telling us that you have never said something that you had to go back on in your life? How wonderful it must be to live in the perfect world you are picturing. Stuff happens that is beyond your control some times and there is nothing you can do about it. Stuff being something like a budget that is absurd gets put in front of you that you cannot sign as you feel that you would be letting people down and messing with the lives of people that you do not need to be doing. Is this the only point you have? Time to move on now as you cannot argue with crazy.
          Like the name as well, probably someone who gets a refund at the end of the year.

  • Todd

    You GOP types make me sick. Government serves the most vulnerable people and protects them. The GOP budget stands to destroy and dismantle many of the programs that have helped Minnesotan’s get back on their feet. Programs like those serving the mentally ill who need to support in order to maintain their jobs. Structured living facilities will close because of the lack of funding and the lack of qualified staff to serve those people. People will be cut off the Minnesota care rosters. People who wound up on Minnesota care because they were not able to get livable wage jobs with benefits. People are not getting jobs because the CEO’s are OUTSOURCING those jobs out of the country. You take away the right of collective bargaining and you give the rich CEO’S the power to reduce wages and benefits while sweetening their end of the year bonuses so they can go out and buy that 10,000 dollar toilet or that 3.2 million dollar vacation home. DAYTON MUST STAND FIRM FOR THE SAKE OF THE MOST VULNERABLE IN THIS STATE!!

    • mike

      vulnerable people? Like the transgender suspect who murdered the guy at the Schooner bar, I heard he was getting SSI because he was depressed, these ppl use the system, wake up and spell the coffee!

      • wtd


      • Joe

        Spell the coffee? Um, C O F F E E. There.

    • Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

      Great words Comrade Todd!

      Just when we thought that there were no true Marxist/Communist/Socialist types left in Minnesota you emerge.

      CAPITALISM IS EVIL! Successful people should be stripped of the wealth they got by stepping on the poor and their property confiscated by the state! “Workers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains!”

      You and Governor Dayton make us proud Comrade Todd!

      Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

  • David

    Now here is an idea!! What this State needs is have a recall not just for Dayton but for every elected official. It is in your rights as is stated in your own Consitution. These “politicians” don’t seem to realize is that the longer the shutdown, the less chance people will revote for them in the next election.

    • FAIRMN

      You are very right. But they think by standing by there campaign promises, they will be saved. WRONG

  • kevin

    I keep reading how the rich put all the GOP people into office.How about all the money that the unions spent putting Dayton into office. And one thing about union money, there are many union people that do not agree with the canidates that the union oficials endorse. I believe your arguement about the rich holds as much water as a sive.

    • Sean

      When you look at what corporate america gives to candidates, the unions are a drop in the bucket. http://www.opensecrets.org/industries/index.php
      Do you think all the people who work for these companies would be happy with the corporate decision of who to give to?

  • JB

    Why is it that the state can not live with a 0 (ZERO) % increase? I have done it many times over the past 6 years, yet the government is expected to grow no matter how bad the economy is. The republicans backed off on cutting governemnt spending, yet the democrats are still pushing for an increase in government spending. Now the republicans have given on a COLA (Cost of Living) increase, Yet governor “spend more” still has not budged. I voted for Dayton because he was the lessor of two evils, but I also voted for the republican representatives because I want the growth of government to stop, for a while. Why can the Governor not compromise like the republicans have?

    • wtd

      ya right. your electric don’t go up or your gas or your food bill. who are you kidding.

    • Sam I am

      JB you are absolutely correct. The GOP handed Dayton a balanced budget and Dayton vetoed all parts of it in May because he MUST have his increased spending. Minnesota will take in 34 billion in revenue and Dayton wants to spend 36. Excuse me, but we all have to balance our budgets why does Dayton seem to think he can demand new revenue sources.


      • Cody

        When they were talking stadium people had no problem talking new revenue sources.. Bill was brought forth by the GOP.

  • Bruce

    Life goes on, in the fat times and lean times. In the fat times a few years ago, we all got a tax rebate from Gov. Ventura instead of increasing spending to match revenue. It makes sense in lean times to match the revenue to the needs; there are more needs when a lot of people are out of work and homeless. OOOPS! Sorry about that. I just tried to be reasonable for a minute – what was I thinking???

  • Ae richter

    The Greece income tax rate for anybody making over $100,000 a year is 45%.They have been raising tax rates for ten years and who is considered rich keeps getting lower. This is the Dayton model. Lets build a new stadium for those hated rich people

    • True American

      Back in the 50’s when America was still great with little debt the top income tax rate was 90%

  • Disgusted

    I still have not seen any blogs regarding who is going to cover the IOU’s that were left behind by Pawlenty.

    • Sean

      A 1.8 billion increase to pay for Pawlenty’s 5 billion dollar “gift”. These people are retlentless in complaining about Dayton and can not see where the problem came from. Partisan blinders.

    • JB

      Dear Disgusted, did you just wake from a coma or what? Then Governor Pawlenty vetoed more spending and proposed a balanced budget. The democrats over rode his veto and spent 4 billion more than we had in the budget. Basic civics class hould have taught you taht a governor can not make any law or bill, only ok more or less spending. It was / is the house and senate that makes the budgets.

      • Taxed enough

        JB I have said this many times on these comments sites but it always falls on deaf ears. I hear you and you said exactly what I was thinking. We will see if anyone hears this message from another source.
        DOUBT IT

      • Cody

        @ JB
        Rather than veto, Pawlenty delayed payments to this budget cycle. The over ride was for the increased gas tax. Gas tax is limited to transportation spending. If you are going to accuse people of being in a coma you should at least check your facts.
        The budget that passed in 09 was Pawlenty’s budget proposal.
        That should help your memory when you were asleep

      • Sean

        JB The over ride was on the gas tax, it took 6 Republicans in the house and 2 in the Senate. It was the only override. The budget passed and signed was the one Pawlenty sent.

  • @Bill

    You must be related to Stacy. You both need to be on meds.

  • kevin

    Can someone explain to me if the states budget spending includes federal money coming into the state or if that money is in another pot of money to be spent.

    • No federal money

      The state budget does not include federal money. The department budgets do include the federal money. You can check the Office of Budget Management or the individual departments web pages for more information.

  • tbone

    This will be considered a drop in the bucket when the USA defaults on its loans in August. Im more concerned about that than a week of Minnesota on vacation

    • Just upset

      Too bad that some Minnesotans already on vacation at state parks will have to be sent home!

  • revere

    shutting down the state will only cause more revenue to be lost , split the $2b difference , how about licensing bicyles, since they use our roads, and dont pay gas taxes,also they could offer 2year auto license tabs as an option,the same for business licenses etc. time to think out of the box . how about letting bars offer smoking after 10pm ? sunday liquor sales = more voluntary revenue

  • Ollie

    The gov will never shut down the government, he said so in a pre-election debate. When ask if he doesn’t get his tax hike will he shut down the government. Dayton “no”.

  • wtd

    the rich (as they are called) pay on average of 9 percent
    and the lower and middle pay on average of 12 percent.
    look it up it is fact.
    now where is the problem of them paying the same as me?

  • irritated in mn

    Lets be realistic folks, the figer pointing needs to go to both Dayton and the GOP in this one. They both are setting up on their soap boxes not budging on this and not willing to compromise. While I side with the GOP in the fact that a 36 million budget is big enough and the government needs to get a grip on its spending, at the end of the day I am afraid that it is the GOP that will have to compromise because Dayton has nothing to lose in this battle and will come out looking like the hero he is not.

  • Revere

    Dayton wants to tax the rich???? what is he poor? tax his trust fund thats what the rich hide behind to avoid taxes , trust fund babies, waa, waa,

  • kevin

    FAIRMN AND WTD, here’s what you are saying. If you make 60,000 a year your taxes will be 7200. If you make 185,000 your taxes will be 18,500. If you make 350,000 your taxes will be 33,250. While the upper income pays less in percentage there tax amount starts to rise way out of wack for the benifits that they will receive. How much blood do you want from these people that made something of themselves.

    • abc123


      America was built on the “trickle down affect” and these big businesses haven’t functioned that way since the 60’s. You and I will keep buying their goods while they take the profits and invest them instead of hiring or giving you a raise. They will keep sending jobs overseas so they can pay less than 20 cents and hour and not pay benefits. The top 2% richest own more than 90% of Americas money.

      In other words don’t raise taxes on anyone that makes less than 200,000 a year. Raise them on the very rich that “use” us.

      This is all over the internet if you would like to do some research.

      • Cody

        Get your hands on the first Freakanomics book. There is a chapter on why the local drug dealer lives in their mother’s basement. Read it and it will give you a new perspective on some of the people.

    • What???

      The GOP backers keep talking about the rich like they are all the hardest working people in the world and are being targeted without cause. If you do some research instead of just regurgitating something that you read from another poster you would understand that the majority of the rich people in this country did nothing to get the money they now have. The money that they have was made by someone in their family that is dead and gone. The money that these families have is old money and they did not work hard for it, all they did was out live a relative. Sad to think that you are so short sighted and are fighting so hard for something that you have not thought about very hard. The middle class are the people that work hard. These are the everyday people that have to put in 40 hours a week and most live paycheck to paycheck. I do not know about you, but the place that I work does not have a hard working boss. He comes in when he wants and has a lot of “meetings” in the summer that require golf clubs. Before you start belittling the people that make this country run day in and day out, you may want to think and then speak.

  • kevin

    Wcco why are you not putting the new comments at bottom of the list instead of hiding them in the middle?

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    I love the bickering…the congress handed Gov Dayton the largest budget in history….and you have to remember the Democrats definition of “cuts” …eg they ask for a 12% increase in a dept budget…congress says no, we will give you a 9% increse….that is the Democrat definition of cuts.

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