PALO ALTO, Calif. (AP) — With only nine weeks before a candidate city would have to be identified, U.S. Olympic leaders say any discussion of an American bid for the 2020 Olympics is still premature.

At meetings next week, the USOC and IOC expect to resume serious negotiations on a difficult revenue-sharing agreement that has shaped the relationship between the organizations.

That issue needs to be resolved before the USOC can consider bidding for the Games, CEO Scott Blackmun said Tuesday.

Olympic committees must submit names of applicant cities by Sept. 1. Blackmun said discussions he has had with city leaders who have approached him about the idea have all been “predicated on the idea that those discussions are premature.”

Among U.S. cities mentioned as potential bidders include New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis and Tulsa, Okla.

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Comments (43)
  1. Tom Schmanski says:

    I would like to have some needless growth that leads to extremely fast decay. I say we do it!

  2. Nate Hoffmann says:

    You people must be eternally miserable.

  3. Ven says:

    They do realize it could be snowing or below zero here in the Summer, right? Or temp swings of 70 degrees during any one day?

  4. Arnie says:

    Sounds great!

    Team Somalia won’t have far to travel

    1. Reasonable says:


      We simply don’t have the facilities available and with everyone crying about govt spending too much, just imagine the nightmare of spending to create new facilities for everything. Then again, maybe the Gophers would have a killer swim team if the rest of the nation decided we had the best facilities available.

      But yeah, give it to Detroilet. Lovely idea.

  5. Just sayin' says:

    OMG…how in the world can we even be thinking of something like this, at a time like this?? The millions of dollars to create a new town that will be useless afterwards?? Tell that committee NO THANKS!

    1. Ali says:

      It’s worth every penny. Infrastructure is updated, jobs are created and image/prestige is boosted. Tourism, upcoming legalization of same-sex marriage (joking here, but supporting it anyway), new venues will all be used for many decades after the event. I don’t think we have a chance to win or even the money to even bid on it but I would sure love to see something like that hit our shores.

  6. Phid says:

    I’m guessing it will end up like it did in 1996 when the Twin Cities were also on the list when we lose out to a larger, “sexier” city. From what I understand, though, the Twin Cities have an unusually high number of venues for athletic competition, which is probably why its name is in contention with cities like LA and NY.

  7. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    “to resume serious negotiations on a difficult revenue-sharing agreement”


    I’m a lot more concerned about how they plan to share the EXPENSE!

    1. Costanza says:

      typical democrat. always wanting a piece of the pie.

      1. Glen says:

        Say what? . Richard’s concern was for the expense. dude. Most people posting negatively about democrats believe democrats don’t care about expenses.

  8. Peter Tharaldson says:

    Atlanta was not a sexier city….it was ranked in top ten dirtiest cities. Ted Turner basically sweetened the deal for the olympic committee. The Twin Cities had already built several Olympic venues and had them ready to go (we could reuse these). The swimming facility at the U, the rowing facility on the river, the National Sports Center in Blaine…all built for the 1996 Olympics.

    1. AA says:

      I doubt those new facilities would past muster. The IOC will take one look, give one sniff with their elitist noses, and demand we build all new facilities. Oh, and they will have to incorporate ugly arcitecture in them.

      1. Peter Tharaldson says:

        AA- lol at the ugly architecture comment. You may be right 🙂 I think in the new world of austerity, it may be less risk to pick a city that has facilities rather than one that only has promises with no financing to back them.

  9. JB says:

    President Obama will go to them to pitch in his support, since it is so close to his home state. that will kill the deal for sure.

  10. Anne says:

    Can we all remember the disaster that was the Republican National Convention only a short while ago… Too many people, too much traffic, etc. I think I’ll just head to the lake.

  11. Kally says:

    Nooooo we will end up paying the bills for new stuff then have to pay more to support it. Target Center is subsidized by the city of Minneapolis for 2 million a year. You want more things to pay for???? are you nuts????

  12. Sean says:

    Well, the stadium backers would get their stadium.

  13. Jef says:

    AAAHHH, What does Sid think? Don’t all grandiose plans have to go through him?

    Plus he’ll gain more “close personal friends!”

  14. Bob K says:

    Use the facilities we have. Add a few that we would have anyway. If they don’t like it Dallas is nice in the summer, NOT! LA is nice if you like to drive 2 hours between events. New York … that’s where you can get some cheap hotels and no issues with congestion. Tulsa … that was right on the tip of my tong as my next vacation destination.

    Minnesota’s don’t really appreciate what we have. If you don’t like the cold buy a snowmobile. Travel a bit … this is as good as it gets.

  15. ap says:

    I think I may have an idea to boost our chances of bringing the Olympics to Minneapolis and it has something to do with the Vikings stadium. Many people say that the biggest problem for our bid is that there’s no stadium in Minneapolis that could host opening and closing ceremonies and track and field events. My idea is that if the Arden Hills is not working out for the people in the city and the st.paul council who said no to stadium tax, The Vikings should team up with Minneapolis to build a big stadium that has the requirements to represent the Olympic stadium.
    Let me explain this by steps.
    1. Vikings go back to the Minneapolis site if the Arden hills site is not working out for people
    2. Minneapolis and the Vikings both design the 80,000 seat stadium
    3. If Minneapolis wins their bid, the city can build the stadium. The Vikings should pay along with minneapolis because the city should get a lot of money from olympic revenue. That should be millions and millions of dollars
    3. While construction the Vikings can play in the Metrodome. When construction is finished, they can move into the Olympic stadium.
    4. After the Olympic Games and the Paralympics are over, the Vikings can renovate the stadium. They can add a sliding roof or whatever.
    The Warehouse district should be the best place to build the stadium, behind target field.
    The Olympic Village and park could also be a good place to be built their.
    With this plan I believe the state of Minnesota will not have to pay a penny for the stadium. And people who support the Vikings stadium can help support our bid, even people who are against the new stadium in Arden hills can support because they don’t want to pay for the stadium, and with this plan they don’t have to pay a penny. So those people will have to support our bid if they don’t want to pay for the stadium. With all of the support, we could bring the Olympics to Minneapolis!

  16. TRNM says:

    Minneapolis is the perfect place for the olympics!
    Bring 2020 to MINNESOTA!!!!!

  17. verey says:

    Ever since the annocement of the 5 possible bid cities, the only city that is supporting the bid is MINNEAPOLIS. No other city seems to be doing anything! Minneapolis has over 1 MILLION PEOPLE support the bid in facebook! More than than any oher city in the us. So, in my opinon, Minneapolis is best place to host the olympics becase their are already a number exitisting venues and lots of people who can support the bid. Those 2 reasons are what the IOC is looking for to give a city the olympics.

  18. janet says:

    Minneapolis is a great place to host the olympics if it comes back to the us because
    New york- very crowded, dirty, and not very nice people
    Los Angeles- already hosted the olympics twice! give another city a CHANCE TO HOST THE OLYMPICS
    Dallas- VERY TOO HOT in that city and alot and I mean A LOT thing the olympics in dallas is impossible!
    Tulsa- well, they got space, but not the money nor the support!

  19. APN says:

    Ii looks like the USOC have will likiky solve the whole revenue problem soon. We need to spread the word that Minneapolis is probably back at the race to host the olympics!

  20. alicia says:

    the olympics has never been hosted in the upper midwest!
    Mineapolis is a good place to host the olympics

  21. ndadf says:

    new york city is a very crowded, dirty, smelly city with not very nice people and I don’t think many people will support for new york. If new york does the olympics, than the city will get crushed. Los Angeles already hosted the games twice, and it semems like nobody in LA is supporting the bid, even the residents of Dallas are not supporting at all!.Also, there is no way Tusla could hold many spectators during the games. Many sporst may have to be hosted out of the state like Arkansa universery. I bet the IOC won’t like that! For Minneapolis, The only promblem I could think of is minneapolis doesn’t have a 80,000 stadium to host cerimonies. They can just build it like what london, bejing, anthens, sydeny, and alanta did. Overall Minneapolis is the best palace in the us to host the olympics

  22. john says:

    Is anybody supporting the bid? I really want the olympics to come to Minnesota

  23. maggie says:

    Minneapolis is a good place to host the olympics!
    AND I’M FROM NEW YORK CITY! Which is also bidding for 2020

  24. MEYIA says:


  25. apn says:

    I don’t unterstand why so many people think Minneapolis would never host the olympics. I did some reserch with previous olympics on I grantee Minneapolis can host the olympics. I found out that 1/2 to 3/4 of all sports can be within Minneapolis! And only 2 sports will be out of the metro area! The Minneapolis convention center can host up to 9 SPORTS! And for for soccer, the metrodome, target field, tcf bank, and the new vikings stadium. ALL SOCCERS VENUES WITHIN THE METRO AREA!

  26. kenny says:

    Minneapolis seems to be the only city out of the 5 cities that are more aware of their bid than any other 4 cities. IN MY OPINION, Minneapolis has to be the best place for the olympics. The have existing venues, support, and hosted an olympic theme event before (1991 SPECIAL OLYMPICS). Transportation will be good by 2020. More light rails and the streetcar systems, airport is good, and they have a few place for olympic celebration places, like the mall of america, and state fair, plus a olympic park, to avoid the city of minneapolis being crushed by lots of people. The only thing Minneapolis claim to be a big problem is building a olympic stadium. While just build it! That’s what London and the previous 4 host cities did!
    So overall, The USOC should choose Minneapolis

  27. JJ says:

    They should choose Minneapolis.
    New York City doesn’t seem to be aware of the olympic bid.
    Los Angeles already hosted the games twice! It would be great if they hosted for the third time, but I don’t think this is the right time to bid. I would wait 10 to 20 more years. Dallas didn’t hosted the super bowl well this year. If they didn’t hosted the super bowl well, the city shouldn’t even think about hosting such an event.
    Tusla is about the same size as minneapolis, but have only a few venues.

  28. ty says:

    well what do you know! In this website
    There doing a poll on (which usa city do you thing should hosted the 2020 olympics?)
    Despite the (Other City) has more votes, Minneapolis has more votes than the 4 other cities.
    1. Minneapolis
    2. New york City
    3. Dallas
    4 Los Angeles
    5. Tulsa

  29. Here's what I think says:

    Any city in the U.S have good chances of hosting the games. By 2020, it would been 24 years since the games were in north america. The IOC has their eye on a possible south africa bid to bring the olympics to africa for the first time, but back to back southren hasiphere will decrese south africa’s chances (Rio 2016). In asia, the olympics have never benn held outside toyko, bejing, and seoul and will likely have a city in the middle east. But with south korea’s 2018 winter olympic games, a winter and summer games in the same continent are very unlikely, although it happen like 2 or 3 times, its very unlikely. Like when new york city’s bid was affected by vancover’s 2010 winter olympics, which are under 1000 miles apart. Then europe, humm, well london hosting in 2012 and rome is the ideal city in europe to host the games. But not so fast. 2004-ATENS, 2008- bejing, 2012- LONDON, 2016-rio, 2020-ROME? This would the third time the olympics would come to europe of the five olympics games if rome will be hosting. And the IOC would to places they never gone to or gone to in a while. And Austraila, same thing as south africa’s, back to back olympics in the southern hasiphere is unlikely.
    So which city in the U.S has a chance?
    New York City
    PROS- many venues, hotel romms, good transportation, money, and places for athletes and visitors can hang out like time square.
    CONS- lack of support and little to no government action
    PROS- many venues from new to old, support, has a propoed tranpotation system, many places visitors and athletes can hang out like the Mall of America, has finshed second to heliski for the 1952 olympics and 2nd to atlanta as the u.s bid city for the 1996 olympics.
    CONS- little government action and unsure about to build a olympic stadium by scracth or use the tcf bank stadium (which they have to tear down half of the stadium and rebuild it so a track could fit.
    PROS- have some venues, ok tranportation, infranceure is good.
    CONS lack of support, VERY EXTREME HEAT that could cause a problem with the visitors and athletes, unsure about the olympic stadium (NO, cowboy stadium can’t be the olympic stadium)
    Los Angeles
    PROS- hosted the games twice, has olympic experiance, many venues
    CONS- would be the 4th time the olympics came to the west of the united states, no one seems to be aware of their bid.
    PROS- city concil and government wants the games to come here, only city that seems to be doing anything for their bid, have space
    CONS- few venues, no experiance to host such an event, little to no support, propably don’t have the money to host such an event.
    So, In my opinion, Minneapolis seems to be the best u.s city out of the 4. The olympics has never been held in the upper midwest (nor south central like texas) they have the support and have hosted an olympic type event before ( 1991 international olympic world games)

  30. Hmmmm says:

    Minneapolis 2020 Summer Olympic Games, really has a nice ring to it! I say we should bid for the games

  31. bad news says:

    The USOC just announce they will not bid for 2020. Minneapolis should try 2024, only 1 U.S city is intrested in bidding.

  32. Come On Everybody! says:

    Let’s get Minneapolis to host the 2024 Olympics! It won’t be awarded until 2017! Plenty Of Time!

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