MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota government shutdown is threatening delivery of tons of food to pantries statewide.

Colleen Moriarty, executive director of Hunger Solutions Minnesota, says some 700,000 pounds of food from a federal program are due for delivery in the next two months. Moriarty says that depends on a single state employee who can work in a certain data management program.

She’ll go before a special master next week to ask that the employee be declared essential.

Nearly 950,000 more pounds of food already in warehouses can’t be distributed during the shutdown. Rob Zeaske is executive director of Second Harvest Heartland, which distributes food to programs in 41 counties.

Zeaske says the food includes staples like applesauce, green beans, ground beef and chicken.

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Comments (31)
  1. Rico Suave says:

    What about the puppies Isn’t the mean ol’ GOP-caused shutdown killing the little puppies too? Those GOPers are so evil. Yawn…..

    1. Jim says:

      You should read the article again (or for the first time). It actually doesn’t say anything about the GOP, Republicans, conservatives, or whatever you want to call them.

      1. Rico Suave says:

        You mean the adults? Actually my comment was a reply to Ronald Raygun’s pithy remark – “Republicans are evil”. One of his longer sentences.

  2. Truth says:

    WOW has government grown too large!!!!
    How dependent can these places be? Is there one Democrat or Liberal out there who can function without big government?

    1. Jim says:

      So if there was a smaller government there would be no homeless or poor people who need to rely on food shelves? WOW, you are out of touch with reality.

      As for this Democratic Liberal, I can get along without government just fine. Of course I have a job and don’t need a fishing license. So what was your point again?

  3. Joe Hanson says:

    Why can’t the food shelf staff be trained to directly access this program?

    “Colleen Moriarty, executive director of Hunger Solutions Minnesota, says the food comes from a federal program. Moriarty says its delivery depends on a single state employee who can work in a certain data management program.”

  4. Thanks4playing says:

    Are these places non-profit entities? Can they not apply for product donations from SuperValu – Gen Mills – Cargill?

  5. Norge says:

    More ‘Cco Boo-Hoo puff-peices…everyone is starving, the help me, help me cry-babies screaming because they lost their place at the public teat. Whaaaa, cry me a friggin river, leave it shut down until we’ve saved enough to balance the budget, since Dayton only understands confiscating and spending other peoples money, give him a big fat ZERO to spend. I love the sound of Crying Liberals….smells like….victory!!!

    1. Rico Suave says:

      Their squeals of horror are music to my mean ol’ GOP ears. It’s heartwarming. Oh, the elderly, the food shelves, the parks, the bridges, the babies. Too bad the state doesn’t own the local media. We’d all get a break from the sob stories. Everybody wins!

      1. Marc says:

        I would prefer that we all get break from you idiotic republican fools.

    2. Jim says:

      Yeah, starving poor people smell delicious. I love the compassionate conservatism I see here.

      Most people agree that an unemployment rate of about 4% is desirable. So what would the fate of those 4% be if you were in charge and there were no food shelves to help them? You’d just grow fat on the “sound of Crying Liberals?”

      1. Guy says:

        Just send the starving poor people to the Govenors mansion … I’m sure HE will be HAPPY to feed them …

      2. Mark says:

        Reasonably though, we do have a disproportionate amount of people receiving government assistance in this state. Through various channels food shelves, Child Care Assistance, Housing Assistance, EBT, FAIM, Medical Assistance and the list goes on and on. Even on the Hunger Solutions MN website they have an example of a woman who live in CANADA of places, lost her job and moved here to “find a new job” aka assistance. Why do we have so many duplicate programs giving out assistance through multiple channels? Is that for clarity? Good for the book keeping department? Maybe they should keep it shut down and bring all the programs and departments back online 1 at a time trimming out all of the fat. Heck at the end of the year they could mail everyone $14K.

    3. Marc says:

      what a self-centered moron!

  6. sherri says:

    Hunger Solutions Minnesota and second harvest heartland get millions of federal dollars. Who Knew. Boy the things you learn in a gov shut down.

  7. Mike Merker says:

    Thanks Dayton for vetoing the balanced budget the GOP gave you weeks ago all so you can shutdown the government just so you can raise taxes and increase spending more then the 6% that the GOP proposed.

    1. Jim says:

      Anyone who blames one political side while giving the other a free pass is a partisan hack. You’re part of the problem.

    2. Marc says:

      you are clueless….

      1. Jim says:

        Marc, you need to address the person your post is directed to, or we have no idea if you’re responding to Mike or Jim. Welcome to the internet.

  8. Jim says:

    To Jim from another Jim. Amen! Both sides are wrong and you need social programs as well as fiscal responsibility. Things will never change though because people are to blinded by name calling and won’t vote outside of their comfort zone.

  9. sherri says:

    Colleen Moriarty Executive Director of “Hunger Solutions” says told Keith Ellison in a 2010 interview that her favorite part of her job is :The political part of the job is my favorite by far” what!! shouldn’t it be helping the hungry. Fire her if shes collecting her pay check from the state on Mn,

  10. MD needs to chill says:

    I think it is a big problem how we already have become a nanny state. The state puts their hands into everything that there is no need for them to be in. One state employee is part of this entire chain so it can’t go on? Give me a break. The state pays for childcare so a single parent can go to work (because they don’t make enough money to pay for their own kids). Many government agencies quit accepting applications for different programs earlier this week, knowing the govt. was going to shut down. Chris Christie in NJ line item vetoed items that were too bloated in the NJ budget to avoid a shutdown. Is it the governor’s job to hand pick what and how much money he wants to go to different programs? I understand checks and balances, but having a rogue gov. that wants to have a compromise, but is the only one not willing to just make the process fall apart.

    1. Marc says:

      you have nothing useful to say…..obviously…..

      1. Jim says:

        But your post is full of substance, Marc. Kudos.

        1. Tom says:

          Marc needs to move back to California with his boyfriend.

          1. Jim says:

            Tom, I bet you’re a big hit on the playground. Does mommy know you’re on the computer? Got anything to add other than insulting people you couldn’t possibly know?

            1. Tom says:


              Just cause you are the fat kid on the playground with a heart of gold doesn’t mean you need to try to turn me into a sheep, that LOVES spending.

              1. Jim says:

                Zing! Another good one from Tom. “Fat kid,” that’s great. Where do you come up with them? Seriously Tom, do you have anything to say about the issue at hand? Anything at all?

  11. CommonSenseRambler says:

    I don’t want to give those Republicans much credit, but our bloated government should go on a diet. How about a government shut down for 2 weeks every year?
    I like to help people and donate to good causes like everyone else. I just don’t appreciate the government trying to BE everyone’s charitable organization. Government by definition is force. Their rules are to force us to comply wih them. If we need to be forced to give our money to charity, how is that compassionate or charitable? That’s just plain dumb to think the government can handle programs for the disadvantaged in anything that resembles an efficient and compassionate process.

    Maybe if we just let the government starve, the poor folks wouldn’t have to. I feel bad those suckers think the government is helping them or doing them any favors. Reality is quite the opposite. All government is doing is keeping the poor exactly where they are and teaching them to depend on someone else for their pitiful existence. Dumb ’em down enough and they love you for it.

  12. Linda says:

    Just last week, I heard a neighbor say that there is a lot of left over food at the distribution site – would you like to take some that I won”t be able to eat? So, my experience is that, maybe too much food is being doled out. I wonder who determines who gets what?

  13. Alfred says:

    No one has died from malnutrition in this country in a hundred years.

    Except for anorexics.

    We have plenty of food, the food shelf is for do-gooders and free loaders.

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