LINWOOD TOWNSHIP (WCCO) — A path of storms hit especially hard north of the metro in Linwood Township Friday, where winds snapped a giant oak at a girls’ camp, and a limb fell on a group of parents.

The parents were at Camp Ajawah and waiting to pick up their daughters at a celebration on the last day of camp after a two-week stay.

After the limb fell, Chief Kendall Minske of the Linwood Township Fire and Rescue says his crews rushed to find four people injured.

“Two with an ankle injury, one with a back injury and one lady with a head injury,” said Minske.
“One of the big limbs came down right by the mess hall.”

He says the woman with the head injury was transported to North Memorial Hospital as a precaution, but it appears everyone will be OK.

Downed trees brought close calls all over the township. Becki Gustafson says her large front yard tree crushed her neighbor’s camper.

“We had a big wind blow through a couple different times we lost two three trees by lakeshore. Worst we have seen in awhile,” said Gustafson.

Dark, ominous clouds swooped low over Otsego during rush hour. Lightning and heavy rains detoured drivers and many sought shelter under overpasses.

“The skies look pretty green, I could definitely see rotation, it was definitely pretty scary,” said driver Camille Kratochvil, who pulled over on her way to New Prague.

Comments (4)
  1. Dogbert says:

    Centerville had really high winds lots of trees down and boats flipped.

  2. Leah Wwerowinski says:

    Correction: It was not a limb that snapped, it was an entire massive oak tree that fell.

  3. becki gustafson says:

    My tree did not fall on my neighbors camper. It was her own tree. We were just helping her clear it so she could get into her house.

  4. Maria says:

    I am the woman with the head injury. Slowly recovering, staples in head and lots of bruises, abrasions and cuts. It was a TREE and not a limb that hit us! The other three gentleman have long roads towards recovery ahead of them. it was a frightening experience and I am one of many who were spared that evening. It could have been a terrible outcome but by God’s grace alone is everyone still alive.

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