LAKE ITASCA, Minn. (AP) — Dylan Burger’s work to become an Eagle Scout has been sidetracked by politics.

The 17-year-old is among the Boys Scouts from New Ulm kicked out of Itasca State Park because a state government shutdown caused by a budget disagreement. Minnesota’s 66 state parks are among the many facets of government affected.

Burger says he’s frustrated by the politics surrounding the shutdown. The teen says “it’s like two little children fighting over a goal.” Burger says it’s sad lawmakers can’t reach an agreement for the benefit of the state.

Minnesota Public Radio News says the scouts canceled their 20-mile hike and pulled up their tent stakes Thursday. Work on merit badges will have to be done another day.

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Comments (54)
  1. Scout Master says:

    He will still get it, its just delayed!

  2. dan says:

    OMG, what a waste of a story. I think the govt budget is a bit more important than a scout having his badge delayed by a couple weeks. Great timing by the scout leader. Why wasnt this scheduled last week when you knew a shut down was possibly coming. Nope instead lets call the media to cry over a delayed honor badge.

  3. old eagle says:

    Great headline, but where is the story, how did the shutdown cost this young man his badge? Poor reporting

  4. dawn mcintyre says:

    BIG F…Deal…it will cost me my house…..

    1. Bonnie K says:

      How is it going to cost you your house?

      1. Ronald Raygun says:

        The GOP will come and take it from her.

        1. Rico Suave says:

          Good. Anyone who needs the govt. to keep their house, doesn’t deserve one. She can sleep under a bridge for all I care. Sniff sniff.

        2. Bonnie K says:

          Probably a group more like Acorn than the GOP! They will ensure redistribution of wealth.

    2. BOOO HOOOOO!!!!! says:

      Get a JOB put down the beer and get off you butt and look for a job and pay your bills, NO FREE LUNCH FOR YOU!

  5. This one takes the cake says:

    The attempts to find a tear-jerker story to report on have gone way to far and are starting to become comical!

    1. Hard worker says:

      Yes, like poor sad rich people who slack off all day, pay no taxes and contribute nothing to society, having to pay a couple of extra dollars in income tax. A real tear jerker.

      1. Bridgette says:

        Great stats hard worker. So the rich dont work, dont pay taxes and contribute nothing to society? Sounds like you are referring to a Union worker?? Just sayin’

        1. Daughter of a Union Worker says:

          Yep, Union workers are so rich and don’t do a darn thing. Grow up Bridgette. Just sayin’

        2. Union Destroyer says:

          Union people are greedy and rich and whine about their jobs. If you do not like the job you are doing then go get new one. Hate to say it but everyone pays there fair share of taxes. Sales tax, gas tax,income tax, ect.. We do not need a tax increase like I say why don’t we cut the fraud and waste which we know there is plenty definitely in the welfare service. Stop paying for people who are not from this country. Stop paying for everyone else kids from Chicago or what ever hell whole they came from. Then if we still need a tax increase then lets do it. But I know that is not necessary since the waste will be more than enough.
          Another solution to the problem. If you collect welfare then you should not be allowed to vote that would take care of the liberals and all the freeloaders.

          1. Daughter of a Union Worker says:

            You make excellent points, but what do any of them have to do with my Dad being a union worker? My Dad is not rich, makes less than $50 K per year. Likes his job, so why would he quit? He doesn’t need any more than he’s making. None of that has anything to do with his job being union or not. You sound angry and bitter and somewhat silly

  6. soapboxgod says:

    Yes, let’s post as many of these “tug at the heart strings” stories as possible. Let us continue to propagate this idea that without government we simply cannot survive.

    The boy fulfilled his accomplishments. He knows it in his own mind. That in and of itself is the greatest reward.

  7. ZBK says:

    The sad part is that all is being done “in the name of people and their benefit” while compromising the same single vital objective. Both the sides need to know whether they have served their “positions” on the budget, or the people who entrusted them with their vote….THINK as THINKING is free but very well desired for self audit on 4th of July.

  8. Tbone says:

    The kid needs to learn to deal with lifes problems. Who cares if he can tie a knot. I think all of the people out of a job until the punks in the legislator get their acts together should be the focus, not some whiny suburban brat who couldnt get a worthless badge

    1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

      Woke up on the wrong side of the bed did we?

      While I may not agree entirely with the BSA, the Boy Scout program is a valuable resource that provides our youth with meaningful activities and challenges. A lot better than having them just stay at home watching television or hanging out at the mall.

      1. lisa says:

        I think we’ve gotten a little off track here…
        and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I think you need to check your facts on the BSA not allowing membership to those who are gay.

      2. tbone says:

        maybe the seventeen year old should be out looking for a job so he can move ouy of mommies house, instead of tying knots in the forest or hanging around the house watching tv. Better yet, get ready to join the military and learn how to hog tie a terrorist. That would be more productive

        1. Boy Scout Mom says:

          Hmmm, BSA doesn’t prevent 17 year old boys from getting jobs. Lack of motivation, enabling behaviors and not holding them accountable for their own actions does. BSA teaches them to be responsible, respectful and hard working young men that are above sitting in front of a TV screen playing video games all day. My son is now 16, has 2 jobs, purchased his own vehicle, pays for his own insurance and is responsible for its up keep. He also is an A and B student. What he lacks is the entitlement issues that a lot of teens have now days, meaning that he does not believe that I as a parent OWE him everything that he wants because he wakes up breathing in the morning. He is a Boy Scout, has been for 5 years now and is current holding the office of Assistant Scout Master in his troop. I believe that his participation in boy scouts has only improved and helped me raise a very respectable and responsible young man who takes pride in being a good person and his accomplishments not just teach him how to tie knots. Also, the BSA does indeed get boys ready for the military. In fact those that have earned their Eagles Scout join at a higher rank then those who have not.
          All this a side, I do agree that this story was a poor attempt to tug on heart strings for a boy that was not able to receive this merit when he thought he should/would. He will still be able to obtain his Eagle Scout. They could even re-schedule his ceremony for a non-state park next weekend.

          1. markH says:

            You may well be correct. But NONE of that is any excuse for bigotry and hatred of others based on their non-belief in the supernatural or sexual orientation. Your argument is simply a non sequitur. Peace.

            1. Boy Scout Mom says:

              My argument was not in response to any comments made reguarding religious choices and sexual orientation. My response was directly towards the comment about the 17 year old getting a job instead of “learning to tie knots” made by tbone. So you are correct with this argument being non sequitur to other comments made. However, it is very relevent in resposne to tbone’s comment. That is why it is place in direct respone to his. Peace to you as well.

      3. Dogbert says:

        It is not the gays molesting young boys it’s the so called good christian men doing it. Check your facts before you make uneducated comments like that.

        1. Rico Suave says:

          They’re obviously gay if they’re into boys. Hetero males aren’t attracted to boys. Those would be gay men.

          1. Les Johnson says:

            It’s the straight men who are always caught messing with little boys, not the gay ones. Do the research.

            1. Less Johnson says:

              would be preferable.

        2. dan says:

          Dogbert, Woulndt that define them as a gay male who just hasnt come out of the closet yet?

    2. WT? says:

      Since when is New Ulm part of the suburbs?? Go back to school, learn to read, take a geography class and Explore Minnesota.

  9. MPR? says:

    Why is MPR still on the air, seems they should be the first budget to get the ax

    1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

      Perhaps because they are not a state agency and not state funded?

      1. Bonnie K says:

        Yes it is true they are not state funded but federally funded.

  10. Kurt says:

    Maybe somebody with knowledge about Boy Scouts should have read this one over before releasing it.

    The only way this would affect his Eagle Scout badge is if he turns 18 in the next few days, and even then, he could simply complete his requirements at a different park, or even in his backyard.

    1. lisa says:

      This story is not reported well, and I agree, someone with information about the Scouting program should have proofread this before releasing.

      Was the boy doing an Eagle Service project in/for Itasca State Park? If so, they may have delayed his project completion date.
      If not, and the troop was there just working on merit badges, that can be done in other locations.

  11. Ronald Raygun says:

    Republicans hate everyone, even boyscouts.

  12. Debby says:

    VERY stupid story. Who really cares about this when we have so much more to deal with. The kid didn’t lose his badge, it is just delayed. If you are going to report…make it correct and not try to make a tear jerker out of nothing.

    Would you like to do a story on me??? I have been out of work for 7-1/2 months, have gone through my savings and am now losing my home!! How about THAT!!! Oh yeah…my poor cat had to be declawed so we could move into an apartment…wahhhhhh…LOL

    1. Republicans says:

      don’t care about you.

    2. Les Johnson says:

      7 1/2 months? What type of work do you do that you are unable to find employment for that long? No offense intended, I am actually curious in your answer. My wife and I each lost our jobs earlier in the year, me in February, and she in March. I had a new job by March, and she had one in April. Neither of us was unemployed more than a month to 5 weeks.

      1. More Johnson says:

        Well aren’t you special.

      2. Paulette says:

        Nice try Les Nesman,

        Why did we have to continue Unemployment benefits for 99 weeks? I would say finding a job flipping burgers is a bit easier than one that requires a skill set and an education.

      3. Revdude says:

        les – Did you get the same job you had before or did you need to take a big pay cut? Do you have a college education or just 30 years of Exp.? Are you older then 50?. These are the things that make it hard to find a job, I have managed companies but don’t have a degree so it is hard to complete when to be a dish washer you need a MBA.

        1. Les Johnson says:

          “les – Did you get the same job you had before or did you need to take a big pay cut? ”

          I took a job with about a $55,000 yearly salary increase.

          “Do you have a college education or just 30 years of Exp.? ”

          I have a 2 year degree, relevant certifications, and 10 years of experience.

          “Are you older then 50?.

          Nope. Not even 40.

  13. Yep says:

    Delayed, not cost.

  14. Jake says:

    Sniff, sniff….. Unbelievable ‘story’. People, get a clue. The world is not about to end due to a gov’t shutdown. Life will still go on.

    1. Wah wah says:

      Except for boy scouts.

  15. Al says:

    Governor Dayton strikes again. What a spoiled little rich kid he is. I am going to get my way anyway I can. Let’s keep spending money and throw it down the toilet with the rest of the $$. Taxing the “Richest 2%” isn’t the answer. What are you going to do next year when you kick the budget up another 6% and you no longer have the “Richest 2%” to pay for it? Quit the free rides on the taxpayers back.

    1. La says:

      I agree. Upper income people, quit taking a free ride on the backs of the middle class working people.

  16. Julie says:

    Scout depending on Government. The scouts had changed.

  17. Kevin says:

    Liberal bs….unreal……….STOMP THE RICH!!! So he can get his badge!

  18. NWL says:

    As a long time Scout Leader and Eagle Scout. This news article is NOT correct in that closing the State Park will cost the young man his Eagle badge. The only effect is to delay one requirement of a non-required merit badge, hiking or backbacking. The hike is just one of many hikes it takes to earn a merit badge. It can be done any were. He has to earn 21 merit badges, have a leadership position and complete an approved service project to earn the Eagle award.

  19. Emotional blackmail? says:

    Can’t he go to Iowa or South Dakota and hike?

    Another emotional blackmail story. I don’t like the shutdown at all, but these stories are blackmail.

  20. Norge says:

    Boo-Hoo…the lamestream media will stop at nothing to cover the untold ‘suffering’, thats right the suffering of the people enduring the state government NOT SPENDING YOUR money!! The tragedy of it all!! Of course a month ago they were crucifying the scouts because they wouldn’t let gay troop leaders sleep in tents with your sons, but hey…whats a quick touchy-feely got to do with the real suffering taking place today!!

  21. Norge says:

    If they’re straight they aren’t messing with little boys. I just love it when liberals post their know-nothing nonsense for all the world to see!! Straight men are the ones molesting little boys???? What left-handed ingnorance is that?? This is why the great middle of America is waking up to the liberal agenda of nonsense and hatred, 2012 will be the end of the liberal world, thats for sure, liberals please keep posting!!

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