Winona Man Arrested Under New Minn. Anti-Drug Law

WINONA, Minn. (AP) — It didn’t take long for Winona police to make their first arrest under a new Minnesota law banning a synthetic drug known as “plant food.”

Officers arrested a 20-year-old Winona man less than an hour and a half after the law went into effect.

Deputy Police Chief Tom Williams tells KAGE-AM officers were called at 1:21 a.m. Friday about a man who had wandered into a home and was acting erratically.

Police arrived to find the man had locked himself in a bathroom. Once officers got into the room they discovered he was naked.

Police recovered his clothes and a container with a substance that tested positive for mephedrone, also known as plant food.

The man is in jail. The new law took effect at 12:01 a.m. Friday.

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  • Jake

    LOL. Only dopes use dope.

    • sad story

      He must have needed to rub one out really bad. That kid needs some serious help.

    • Knows

      Sadly, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Some of the most intelligent, creative, interesting, sensitive people in the world wind up abusing drugs.

      It is about time mephedrone was made illegal. I hope the new law covers other synthetics, as well. Too many lives have been destroyed already by these drugs.

      • Drunken Dissed Orderly

        “Too many lives have been destroyed already by these drugs.”

        False statement.

        Lives have been destroyed by poor decisions. No “drugs” are the cause. YOU didn’t go out and use the garbage, right? Do we need a law to prevent you from using it?

    • Steve

      Only dopes call it “dope” anymore.

  • factdealer

    Listen every1 knows drugs are fun, but you use them every so often, its not hard to be an adult and decipher right from wrong, weak people abuse drugs..

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