ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – Governor Mark Dayton has asked a special Judge to consider funding some programs including child care subsidies for low income families during the state government shutdown.

More than 26,000 families across the state receive day care subsidies so they can work and provide for their families. Without them, some parents now fear they may have to quit their jobs to take care of their children.

At Creative Kids Academy Daycare in Anoka, there were only 21 kids there Tuesday compared with more than 60 on a normal day. The daycare director said the missing kids are those that received subsidies.

At Pazazz Salon in Golden Valley, Chere Thompson mans the reception desk wondering how long she can continue to work without having day care.

“It’s so hard for me because he isused to the normalcy and routine going to day care,” Thompson said.

With the subsidy she paid just  $40 a month at this Anoka day care for her 10-year-old, Devon. With the shutdown, she would  have to pay $179 a week. She pulled Devon out of day care because she can’t afford it. Thompson said her son misses the daycare.

“… He asks me every day ‘Mom what do we do next?” she said.

Jamie Mulligan’s three children go to the same day care with the subsidy she pays $100 a month. Without it, the cost is $500 a month. She pulled her three children out and is having to leave her job two hours early.

“It hurts everyone,” she said, referring to the shutdown.

Mulligan said she knows that fewer hours means a smaller paycheck and she worries eventually her employer will lose  patience.

“I am constantly worry about this shutdown every day with the statusof my job,” Mulligan said.

The Creative Kids Day Academy is a chain of six day cares in the Twin Cities. The academy is looking at layoffs if the shutdown continues.

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  1. See BS says:

    Führer Dayton is required by law to ask the State Legislature for government funding.

    1. devildog3249 says:

      Last I check Daycare wasnt mentioned in the MN Constitution

  2. Bo says:

    so what’s the point of this government shutdown if slowly but surely everything will be back up and running, but an agreement on a budget? I’m worried about how long I can go without my additional income from gambling on horses. Please get that back up and running too for those of us that are responsible and do not require the government teet.

      1. r says:

        Only agree to the 1st line.

  3. why bother to work says:

    21 of 60 families pay their own way? Enough of the welfare.

    1. Stacy says:

      No wonder the state is broke. Two that take for every one that pays their own way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. tom says:

    another form of government spending wrong, sorry but i dont see the need to pay for daycare, i dont have kids, so what do i get, nothing……i have to work just as hard….no love loss here, plenty of crops to pick this time of year

    1. kieron says:

      There’s that compassionate conservatism in action!

      1. Rico Suave says:

        Compassionate conservatism was never my thing. I was always a pay your own way guy. If you want to show compassion, take care of yourself and your family first, so as not to be a burden on others, then after you’ve done that, volunteer at your local food shelf or soup kitchen. It’s always easy to crow about compassion with someone else’s time and money.

        1. Mary says:

          Rico, my comment was not for you. It was for the limp wristed lib.

        2. Compassion to the tax payer too says:

          You hit the nail on the head! I hate people complaining that OTHERS are not compassionate… they should look in the mirror and see if they can do more than criticize others first!

      2. Mary says:

        Get a new line.

    2. Where's the compassion? says:

      ever think it’s NOT all about you?

      1. Guy says:

        Ever think that if you CAN’T AFFORD kids then the obvious answer is DON’T HAVE THEM.

        1. Devils advocate says:

          As long they keep abortion legal that is…

          1. compromize says:

            sure, as long as you get sterilized after two… limit is the key.

            1. Guy says:

              Sterilize ’em after the FIRST one if they cant afford him/her – why wait.

              1. compromize says:

                It’s called a compromise. Second chance. That sort of thing.

        2. me says:

          ok I agree with you but ummm what happens when that 6 figure income earner who had children and, at the time could afford to pay for them, all of the sudden is laid off and has no income left?? He/she obviously had money when the planned initially…but in today’s economy, many high earners found themselves without jobs. Some are still looking…good luck getting your resume seen in a pile of hundreds. Before you assume someone had children when they couldn’t afford it, maybe you should remember our recent ecomony and large lay offis in the past few years. Not everyone is a leech looking to live off of welfare.

      2. Paulie says:


        1. Paulie says:

          BTW Guy, that was for “Where’s the compassion?”

  5. Mean ol' Rico Suave says:

    No daycare for the welfare queens? Tough titty. My kids never saw the inside of a daycare center. I shouldn’t be paying for yours. Tell the guv to cut spending and sign the GOP budget or no dice. Otherwise let em’ all starve.

    1. kieron says:

      Rico is all for population control, folks!

      1. mike says:

        No he is for personal responsibility, you can’t afford kids don’t have them. welfare should be a six month program to help after that your on your own.

      2. Mean ol' Rico Suave says:

        ……But just for those on the dole. Hey look, it rhymes: Population control for those on the dole. That could be a great campaign slogan.

      3. Stacy says:

        No he is saying enought is enought! If you can’t afford to take care of your kids, quit having them! Why should the rest of us foot the bill for someone eles kid care. If you need help seek a cherity. At lease that way if you beleive in social help give till you bleed!!

        1. Kim says:

          Perhaps a good Preschool would have set Stacy on the path of learning how to spell?

          1. spell or tell? says:

            Where is your tolerance to her spelling not being perfect?? It doesn’t cost you a dime…

    2. me says:

      I’ll remember your compassion when you’re homeless and unemployed on the street with no means for financial support. I hope you never find yourself in a situation where you lose everything, like some people have. NOT EVERYONE is a welfare queen because the choose to be. Hope you never experience unfortunate events, that are beyond your control.

  6. Ticked off Taxpayer says:

    Once again, those of us who pay our own way are penalized. I’m starting think I’m doing it all wrong. I work a FT job, bay bills, taxes, etc. All I need to do is stay home and the gov’t will pay my rent, child care, cell phone, food, etc.

    So tell me again why I work my butt off to support myself??

  7. Tony says:

    My Grandpa and Grandma watched me when my parents were at work. Nobody subsidized them. By 10 I was a latch-key kid. This is the job of family, friends and community. Not government bureaucracy. The government is not your surrogate family, and I am not your surrogate dead-beat-dad.

    1. Paulie says:

      I am right with you there Tony.

  8. Victim mentality says:

    Good golly! I was a single mom, paid over $300 per week for child care, did without the new cars and nicer clothes, and worked my butt off … I wasn’t qualified for any government child care assistance. I’m one of those “limp wristed” liberals, but this subsidy (among others) yanks my chain.

    1. Marlis says:

      you’re absolutely right!! we the working taxpayers are so sic and tired of these dead-beats, entitlement leaches living off the gov. You need daycare?.parents need topay it themselves; why should hard working taxpayers pay for your kids care?? and then some lady has 8 kids and is oh so stressed b/c she won’t get (us) the gov. to foot the bill for her daycare. she prob’ly has no fathers around. any wonder we’re broke in Mn??? Its got to stop. welfare and assistance for 4 mo. and thats it!!!

    2. Beer Guzzling Redneck says:

      Single moms get child support you can use for day care. 🙂

      1. Melissa says:

        Yea right we get child support. Why don’t you get the state to crack down on the dead beat loser dads and make them pay and then they wouldn’t have to have as much government assistance. Many of these people who get day care assistance aren’t losers sitting on their couch watching tv while someone else takes care of their kids…they are working their butt off. I have two kids, I don’t get child support because their dad refuses to work. I work a fulltime job and I attend college fulltime as I work on my bachelor’s degree. I don’t get any other government assistance but I am so very greatful to have gotten daycare assistance. I don’t wear designer clothes or drive a brand new car but I budget and save. I will be able to pay my daycare costs during this tough time because I have saved my income tax and any other bonuses I have run into .. I understand there are many that abuse the system and complain and expect that others should take care of them. I do not…I am thankful and I am not somene who is taking advantage of the system.

  9. Kim says:

    Some of you should be careful, your ignorance is showing. I agree that the childcare subsidy program should be changed but not eliminated. By design it should help struggling families get on their proverbial feet not become a way of life. The system is broken and too many people abuse it.

    1. Bobby says:

      Kim…if you go back and re-read the posts, that is exactly what most people are saying. 4-6 months of assistance to get people back on their feet….then you are on your own.

  10. Frustrated says:

    For many this is the only hope for them to be able to provide for their families. Most are hard working woman that want the best for there families. These funds also support thousands that work in the child care industries without these funds many child care centers would not be in business. Not everyone is handed a silver spoon we need to provide for these children so that they have a good start to life. By the way just because they get assistance for childcare does not mean they are welfare. Most of them are not.

    1. another frustrated says:

      I think as long as 2/3 of the kids are subsidized at a daycare center, 2 out of 3 workers there are working for the government… Amazing how far the hands of the government reach… Ridiculous, too.

    2. Devils advocate says:

      Getting childcare assistance is absolutely 100% the same as welfare. Either way you are getting money from the state. And if child care centers close because the assistance is taken away, then newer more affordable child care centers will open up. It’s called supply and demand. Will those child care centers be as nice as the more expensive ones – nope, you still get what you pay for. Don’t like it? Work harder.

  11. Connie says:

    By my reckoning the subsidy for these two families would be over $1000.00 per month. For two families. No wonder we’re going broke. My husband and I raised two sons. He worked outside the home during the day and took care of our children in the evenings. I took care of the children during the day and went to work on the night shift. Not much sleep for either one of us, but we figured that OUR children were OUR responsibility. It seems that this kind of thinking is out of fashion. Surely some other arrangements could be made on their part without everyone subsidizing their families. It has to stop somewhere or there will be no more money for anyone.

  12. besty says:

    well in the perfect world, all families would have a mom and dad, but not nowadays, Both single mom and dads WORKING need some assistance not welfare so they can work get ahead like most do and get off the assistance. They are not slackers most have fallen on a hard time in this economy not there fault the goverments ( blame shame)and need liittle help to move up off the assistance, and most don’t have neighbors or friends or even ralatives who can help them out as they are working also. So it’s not a hand out it’s a help up for majority of these people. In which most hate even haveing to ask for help in the first place but have no choice. And they have to be working to even be able to get assistance.. no slackers here.

    1. Guy says:

      So why is it OUR problem to fix their bad choices. These women chose the losers to father children – NOT ME. Spay her & neuter him if they can’t pay for their kids.

      They want to have morals that are worse than allycats; TREAT them that way.

      1. l says:

        Please do not ever reproduce you’re horrible and ignorant.

    2. Stacy says:

      Once again that’s their problem not ours.

  13. TOM says:


  14. m says:

    Did you ever think that maybe some people are on day care assistance is because of something out of their control. Like a dead beat parent or a death of a parent. Also what about people that are taking care of kids that are not theirs? Check your facts before you start throwing stones. Good for you if you took care of your own kids with your husband, not every man sticks around to be a father. In the long run this is also providing jobs at day care centers and taking this away is affecting people’s jobs. People that raise your future fellow tax payers. Maybe we should start looking at other wasteful spending like paying people for taking a long holiday weekend. And if you don’t have kids you haven’t a clue about how much it takes to survive. There are always those who take advantage of the system but some people do need help to move forward. This service is only provided to working families.

    1. Ned says:

      It should only be a temp solution not forever. It is not societys obligation to raise the children of the world, its the parents. Maybe more thought should be put into having children in the first place.

    2. Rico Suave says:

      26,000 people are getting this. That’s the size of a small city. This is abuse. I know a woman who was a struggling single mom who is now a millionaire and never took the handouts. Maybe taxpayers won’t be so ticked right now if people weren’t using the safety net for a trampoline. There have been many times I’ve qualified for govt. help and didn’t take. People used to be ashamed to be on the dole. Now it’s just second nature. And in doing so, we are teaching them the opposite of self reliance and resourcefulness. When my kids were little my wife and I worked different shifts so we could keep our kids out of daycare. We had a house and a couple of old cars and not much else, but we figured out how to make it on our own. My tough love parents rarely helped us if ever. It taught us how to take care of ourselves. I’m tired of hearing people say they can’t make it without help. Too many of us have done so much more with so much less than these deadbeats. We know it can be done.

      1. K A Peter says:

        Thank you…This is how it should be. I did not collect free when I could work more to take care of my self and family. People now have no idea about self rellence they think for some reason they deserve. Good thing our founding Fathers had a different idea.

      2. m says:

        Single parents usually do not have another person around to help. I totally agree that it is abused but something needs to be in place for those that do fall on hard times through no fault of their own. I was in a 9 year relationship and had a child 6 years into it. Me thinking that it would last then he’s gone. No child support-nothing. If he were a man and helping out I would not have to be on this. And this is all I’m on. Buying my own food, paying my own rent, etc. I’d be willing to pay it all back once my child started school. I think I speak for the majority of single mothers on childcare assistance but without this my life would be horrible.

        1. Guy says:

          YOU made the choice. YOU picked the loser. (and after 6 years; you should have known what kind of loser he was). Why do you expect ME to pay for YOUR bad judgement?

          1. m says:

            Obviously I spent 9 years with him cause he was a loser. You’re absolutely right. Your name shouldn’t be “Guy” maybe you should be “God” with your perfect judgement and never making a bad choice.

        2. Beer Guzzling Redneck says:

          The county takes child support as soon as you file a claim.

          There is no way to avoid it, or he loses his drivers license and then he goes to jail.

          I can only assume you have not followed the steps you needed to.

          1. m says:

            So in this theory. If I did fill out the pages upon pages upon pages of paperwork and then theoretically he is mandated to pay and doesn’t he goes to jail right. Duh he doesn’t have to pay child support in jail. Brings you right back to the single income parent. I can only assume you have not followed the steps you needed to to make a valid point.

        3. Lisa says:


          Who are you kidding…yeah I am SURE….that you will pay back all OUR money once you hit it big time……get real

          1. m says:

            I pay taxes too so now what? How are you going to try and belittle me now?

    3. legal immigrant says:

      like that woman with the 8 kids, with 6 in daycare so she can work at a temp?? nice.

    4. K A Peter says:

      6 months help that is it. People who are not citizens pay double taxes for the privilege of living here. Why do we the working tax paying people have to pay for everyone? I should quit my job…oh well I am layed off because of the shutdown… ummmm what can i get for free………

      1. m says:

        Will you be receiving unemployment?

    5. Drunken Dissed Orderly says:

      “Good for you if you took care of your own kids with your husband, not every man sticks around to be a father.”

      It doesn’t matter. All you have to do is file a support claim with the county, and you will receive money from whichever deadbeat you need it from. This is how it works. Period. He either pays support or he goes to prison.

      It sounds like you didn’t do what needed to be done, and that’s your own fault now isn’t it…

      1. m says:

        Obviously you don’t have a clue. It’s not that easy. I’ve filled out all the paperwork I needed too but you can’t get money if there isn’t an income. But keep living your drunken life and judging others. Good for you.

  15. Sarah says:

    So let me get this straight…
    Most of you want the child care subsidies to end? You realize if that happened most of the people receiving them would not be able to work & would subsequently end up on welfare, right? These are NOT lazy people – they have jobs & are trying to provide for their families in this crappy economy!
    Perhaps more money should be spent going after all the deadbeat parents, force them to do community service work at $8/hr to pay back these subsidies along with the child support they owe. The ones getting the subsidy are the responsible parents!

    1. Drunken Dissed Orderly says:

      I would like subsidies too then as long as some are getting it. Give me the money and don’t ask questions.

  16. K A Peter says:

    What happened to people and their families helping each other? They have it so easy that the rest of us pay and no one has to take care of each other. As a layed off state worker I am hurting and I’ ve never gotten any assistance from the state. I pay for everything. Who deserves help? Come on.

  17. Where's the compassion? says:

    I don’t get why some many people think that every person receiving help is a leech-y horrible person. Did you forget that we ALL receive government aid in some form or another?? This specific aid gives a family a chance to WORK for their money. Now these people will loose their jobs because they have no options. It is easy to talk down to them on the internet. But this is now a family with serious problems. It’s easy to say they should do this or should have done that. What about now? No income means no food, no housing…ect. Don’t you think a day care subsidy is a lot cheaper then the help hey will need now? But hey-good for you, way to be righteous!

    1. Rico Suave says:

      Where is your compassion? Way to be righteous. Help these people if you want to. Don’t be generous with the cash of others. It’s charity by way of theft and it’s wrong. You’re full of compassion when you aren’t paying. A real moral superior aren’t we?

      1. Where's the compassion? says:

        I am paying. I have no kids. I work and pay taxes just like you. I know that the system is abused. But it also does a lot of good for people in need. I don’t see why so many people are upset about some abusing this subsidy for hundreds…maybe thousands when there are corporations abusing subsidies in the billions!

        1. Rusalka says:

          Excuse me? Now you are throwing in the EVIL CORPORATION red herring? Prove it. Prove your assertion that corporations are abusing subsidies, “IN THE BILLIONS” and then factor in how many people are gainfully employed by those corporations and the taxes and revenue the state gets by virtue of that business being in operation. BTW: Huffington Post, Daily Koos and MoveON.Org are not sources.

            1. Rusalka says:


              The cato study did not factor in the taxes paid by these corporations; sales, payroll, income etc. so the subsidy figure is not wholly accurate. There is an offset. It also does not distinguish between annual subsidies and one time incentives, and that fact is noted within the study itself.
              Welfare recipients on the other hand, by their very definition are not net tax payers, and that is what so many people are riled up about, myself included.


              A civilized society has a safety net; I want and support that concept. But this safety net has expanded too far, for too long and is now a way of life for far too may people. It cannot be sustained.

              This is anything but compassionate; to enable and reward dependence.

            2. Blah Blah says:

              Well, comprehension is not your thing. No big deal, now we know, lets stick to our strengths.
              I think your source here “MIGHT” be a little biased.

    2. A1_Worker says:

      Taxes for a person making $40,000 are about 8%. That is 3200 a year. At 12k for these two, it would take 4 of us workers to pay for their mistakes.
      Sorry, but if you can’t afford kids, you made a mistake.
      Oh, and we have to pay daycare too, and we can only deduct 5k max from our taxes.
      Now is that fair.

    3. Rusalka says:

      Who is this “WE” you are referring to? Because you sure as heck don’t speak for me, or any member of my family. So knock off with the monolithic straw man argument. I’m a net tax PAYER, and I resent like hell the 50% of American households who are net tax receivers. Atlas is Shrugging folks, and the DNC and public employee unions are watching this state with chills running up their spines. If Dayton gets his tax increase, the nation and O’Bummer will get one too. This is much bigger than just the budget in Minnesota.

  18. gustie2004 says:

    I get a little cranky about this topic. I’m all for a hand-up – temporarily. But this entitlement BS has got to stop. It is *not* the govt’s responsibility to subsidize your lifestyle!!! The only one who should be doing that is YOU. I have two kids – luckily with a loving and very involved father/husband in my life. We both work full-time at “good” jobs to be able to provide safe housing (shelter) and food for our family. Plus pay our bills, etc. Together, we make around $63K a year. We did things the “morally superior” way – went to college (paid our own way b/c our families couldn’t afford to send us – which meant working FT and taking student loans to make up the difference) – didn’t have kids until we had been married for several years – blah blah blah. We got no assistance, have done it all on our own. The way we were raised. Unfortunately, the lessons didn’t transfer down in the family. My brother got a girl pregnant while in college. The baby mama got to go to school for FREE b/c she was a mama. She got rent super cheap, utility assistance, food assistance etc while in college. My brother sponged off her. After graduation, she “couldn’t find a job” – kid is now 6 yrs old and both mama & my bro are STILL on assistance. B/c they – like many others (not all) figured out that sucking on the gov’t teat is far more profitable than actually having a job and being a productive citizen. Their kids wear Gymboree (mine wear hand me downs and not from their cousins, LOL!), they have a nicer car than I do, they live in a lovely low-rent townhome with more amenities than I could ever hope to afford … they have a Wii, PS3, new computers, etc. It ticks me off. I have the satisfaction of knowing that I’m paying my own way in this world … but damn, I’d like to have some fun too.

    It just irritates me, b/c I know many others in the same boat. It *is* a lifestyle for far too many people, and that’s got to change.

    While I do have compassion for people who land on hard times and I do believe in temporary help … I have a hard time feeling sympathy for people who pay less every month for 3 kids in daycare than I do for 2 every WEEK. I’m happy to do it – my children are loved and well cared for – it’s a 2nd home for them and another trusted adult they can turn to in their lives. But seriously, people, don’t complain b/c it isn’t garnering you any sympathy!!!!

    1. Where's the compassion? says:

      Yes I understand that people should pay their own way….But I find it hard to believe that of the 26,000, they are in the same situation as your brother(and family). The thing is, you do get the satisfaction of doing it the right way! That is what is great….you can do it the right way and lead by example! There is nothing classy about pulling out that EBT card. And deep down everyone that uses it, knows it. But the problem is exactly what you said- Its more profitable to do it the wrong way rather than the right. And it has gone to the point where people expect that. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen over night. We, as a society have evolved into that. And, we cannot totally blame the people who do in that direction because sometimes it is the better decision for them and their family at the time. All I am saying is that these people deserve a little compassion and a little respect. We are all here together and must remember that.

    2. m says:

      Maybe you should be having this discussion with your brother. With you being “morally superior” to him.

    3. today's the day says:

      Right on sister–right…on!

    4. Beer Guzzling Redneck says:

      You both went to college, and now you make a combined 63k per year? What did you go to college for, English Lit?

  19. Screw Em says:

    OMG!!! Someone has to pay for their own daycare???? WHAT WILL WE DO! WHAT WILL WE DO??????? STOP HAVING BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM TIRED OF PAYING FOR YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Kevin says:

    Stop having babies!!! I do not want to pay for your children!! I have enough of my own issues!! Can not aford kids? DONT HAVE THEM!!

    1. m says:

      It’s not like most (I’ll say most because there are some who do abuse the hell out of the system) people plan on having to depend on the government for help but when you have to you have to. Maybe we need to set up a program where eventually you have to pay back what you used once you get back on your feet. Some people had good jobs when they had children and then got laid off, not their doing, and now need help. That’s why we pay taxes.

  21. m says:

    I don’t like paying for roads in Minnesota that I will never use but I don’t complain about it because I know it is bettering someone’s life. Or paying for State Patrol officers or for the bridge in Stillwater but I do because it is my responsibility as a person to give a crap about other people. Worrying only about your money is sad. I do not know one single person getting assistance that drives a new car or gets new clothes again get your facts straight before you throw stones. Apparently you don’t have a clue how “welfare” works and obviously you have never had the misfortune to live in low-income housing. It’s not nice or fun. I also do not know of anyone that got to go to college for free because they’re a parent but hey if you do then good for you. Maybe your brother needs to be more like you. But probably not you sound bitter and angry. What a crappy way to go through your “morally superior” life.

    1. calm down lady says:

      m, you are the bitter and angry one. Not her.

      1. m says:

        I am not angry but saddened by all the people thinking they have the right to judge other people based on their monetary value. I have not read all of the comments here but it seems the people disliking this program have anger. Treat them like “alley cats” “morally superior” really? Where did these people grow up? It’s sad. Everyone has their right to their opinion but saying people are worthless or “losers” is getting our country no where. It takes a lot of energy to hate some of you must be exhausted.

  22. A1_Worker says:

    I dislike the word WE being used by everyone. It diminishes the hard workers in our state to use “We have evolved to it”. That is incorrect, there are thousands who are responsible and pay their way. The problem is to many accept the irresponsible as the norm,
    You say be responsible as a good example? But if we do, you rob from us.
    Is that right?
    How about an atta boy for those who work hard and are responsible.

  23. Where's the compassion? says:

    It is ‘we’. We as a society. Why? this is just one small part of a system that is deeply intertwined and cannot be defined independently. I say yes, lead by example and help out….if more people were like that, there would be no need for this specific subsidy. But this is a different time. Things are not like they were even 20 years ago. Things don’t work the same. Money isn’t made the same. There are so many differences that we cannot compare. You are not being robbed. You act like some poor family is taking money directly out of your pocket for day care when in fact you probably contributed less than a penny to a specific family. Poor you. I personally would rather have a penny go to them then to where much of our other tax money goes to.!

    1. Rusalka says:

      WE are not a Society, and YOU do not speak for ME. I am being robbed. That money is MINE first; I earned it I work for it and it never belonged to the US Government, or “Society” to begin with.
      You want to be generous and compassionate with your own money, you knock yourself out. BUT LEAVE MINE ALONE. Who are you to decide where and what happens to MY MONEY? One this is for sure: there are more people mooching at the system and more social welfare programs bleeding the tax PAYERS dry.

      1. m says:

        Where do you live? You pay taxes and don’t have a choice so it’s technically not your money. Unless you are one of those non-tax-payers. In which case you are allowed to dictate where the money goes either.

  24. Where's the compassion? says:

    That’s your problem, you think that the welfare system is SOLELY bleeding the tax payer dry. And, did you forget? By living in this country, you are a part of this society, and must pay into this government. I get that it was your money. But you pay taxes and that money goes somewhere. I am only saying I would rather see it go to someone in need rather than something wasteful. And I get it, you think that someone in need is something wasteful. That is why we won’t agree. But I suppose you are right you are being robbed, but it isn’t from the lady with three kids down the block!

    1. Guy says:

      And I would rather see it stay IN MY WALLET – where it BELONGS.
      You can be as charitable as you want with YOUR money – just keep your thieving hands out of MY pocket.

    2. Stacy says:

      WE are the goverment! Maybe we should have a new law that if you are receiving money from the goverment then you don’t get to vote. Then maybe we could quit having the DEMS buying their vote with taxpayer money.

      1. Terry says:

        Have you ever served a term in the government? If no you are not the government. You all pay taxes it is not your choice where it goes. It is the lawmakers and if you don’t like where they decide to spend their money run for office. When you get elected make changes. I hope none of you ever fall victim to a lay off cuz unemployment is the same as all other type of government assistance. Good luck living your lives with perfection and superiority.

  25. Johnathon says:

    Its time to back up a bit as a society and rethink what government handouts do to people. Are we helping or hurting them by paying their way in life. A truely compassionate society helps those that help themselves.

    1. Not raised that way says:

      Thank you Johnathon. The people spewing “compassion” are about to make me puke. My daughter and many other young girls I know work when they feel like it. The rest of the year they live off your “compassion” Govt assistance ruins many families. Short term help has evolved into a way of life.

  26. Lacie says:

    Wow $400.00 break on daycare. That’s where my tax dollars are going to? Ridiculous how people can get that DEEP of a break on daycare, yet people like myself who can’t afford medical insurance and need it due to medications and doctor bill can only get help if you go without insurance for 6 months! Absolutely horrible. Welfare is a joke.

    1. Terry says:

      You sound bitter. Move on with your mental disorder. Get a job that offers medical insurance.

  27. Norge says:

    I predicted a week before the shut-down that lame-stream-‘Cco would, starting at shut-down, begin to engage in daily ‘puff-piece’ journalism to try to portray Dayton and other Dems as working soooooo hard for the poor…blah, balh blah! And true to form they have engaged in it EVERY DAY so far…today was Esme’s turn to play the ‘useful-idiot’ for the worst Sen.turned worst gov. ever. Again I usrge the Pubs and Indies to hold the line, the only ones against you are the lame-stream-media, like ‘Cco, and the public-teat-suckers and public-union-goons. Leave it shut-down till they turn the juice off at the Gov. mansion, and the only light left there is the glow of Daytons bong as he takes another hit!!

  28. On the Dole says:

    What difference does it make at this point the Federal Government and states are already bankrupt, the more we spend the sooner we get to the end ….tax and spend all you want Gov.

  29. Former Welfare Recipient says:

    I got welfare years ago… I was on it for as short a period of time as possible! I was thankful for the help, because my family couldn’t help me, and realized that it wasn’t the taxpayer’s job to support me and my son for the rest of our lives. The welfare worker was confused when I told her I didn’t need the childcare assistance or health care help anymore. I had finished business school, and got a great job that provided me everything I needed to take care of my son. She kept offering me bus passes, and other things. No thank you!

  30. Mike says:

    What about those who have lost their good paying job in this economy, who now are working a lower paying job because that’s all that’s out there. I’m sure that they are some of the people who are now getting help with childcare expenses. They probably had the children before they were given their pink slip. Where are the jobs that were promised when all these newly elected people were running for office. Don’t give me the BS about tax cuts being needed to create jobs – we’ve had tax cuts for at least the last 10 years and still no new jobs have been created. These people getting the help with childcare expenses are working, thus the need for childcare, but the jobs don’t pay enough. Would you rather they quit and stay home?

  31. Citizen says:

    @All the posters above who don’t want to pay their taxes. You do have that choice. The U.S. allows civil disobedience, you know. If you want to continue discussing not paying taxes, threatening to not pay taxes, and complaining about paying taxes, you have the PERSONAL choice to not pay them. Then you will experience the personal accountability of that action. That will enable you personally to challenge the U.S. and Minnesota tax systems to affect change. Please let me know how that works for you. There is an old adage about the inevitability of death and taxes, so you tax complainers are really tilting at windmills, here. But, by all means, follow through, or please be quiet.

    1. Johnathon says:

      We can also vote out the dems.

    2. Becky says:

      I have to agree with Johnathon, voting out the dems and socialist would be a lot easyier, I will give that option a try in 12

      1. Citizen says:

        @Becky. Yes you can do that. You will probably have to convince others to join you in order to be effective. Social psychology theory points out that once people have formed a definite opinion on an issue, they will rarely, if ever, change their minds. That same theory also points out that the one way to effectively change peoples’ minds is through violence. Interesting theory. In other words, it takes a GREAT DEAL of action to change someone’s mind. Or pain. Or suffering. When people formed unions at the turn of the century, the organizers DIED to do that at the end of a bullet fired by corporate mercenaries. That is how miserable lives were in the industrial sweatshops of that time. Women and children working 18 hour days. I seriously doubt people want to give up a lot of the “social services” we, as a country presently enjoy, to return to that time or the time of the Great Depression–which, by the way, a lot of leading economists are seeing as right over the horizon because of monetary liquidity issues.

        1. Kevin says:

          Yeah, I got to go with J on this one and to be honest that was sort or an ignorant suggestion Citizen.

          1. Citizen says:

            @Kevin. In other words, you are afraid to put yourself on the line for your beliefs. Our soldiers die everyday so that you are free to have those beliefs and to act on them. They do put themselves on the line and pay their taxes, and, it seems, with a lot less complaining.

            1. Kevin says:

              I was a soldier and your dribble makes no sense.

  32. Citizen says:

    @Johnathon. You miss the point of doing something PERSONALLY. Yes, as a group or PAC or whatever, you can en masse influence an election. I’m pointing out that on a personal level (since that is where the continual complaints seem to be) you can participate in PERSONAL civil disobedience. Withhold your taxes because you don’t like how they are spent. Go to court over the issue and try to get a precedent for your beliefs. See, you do have options. And, as all conservatives seem to profess a belief in, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. You will be personally responsible, then, for your actions and beliefs. In other words, in a phrase that most conservatives, I’m sure, understand–you will have put your money where your mouth is. Again, let me know how your PERSONAL actions and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY work out for you. If you are not willing to act on your beliefs and opinions, then you really should keep them to yourself or at least be civil.

    1. Johnathon says:

      Last time I looked I was the only one in that voting booth and this post is the last place you want to talk about personal resposibility. Taking care of yourself and your family. Not asking for a lifetime of handouts.

    2. Johnathon says:

      No I am not part of a union that forces me to pay a ‘dues’ and then supports a candidate that they choose, nor do I belong to an organization that illegally takes government funds like Media Matters or Acorn and then uses that money to support a candidate, nor do I gather up old, mentally ill, or street people and bus them down to the polls to vote for my candidate. Its just me and all the like minded people that are feed up with government waste, freud, and abuse.

  33. Expecting Dad says:

    I think your calculations are right on. My wife and I are looking for childcare for our child coming soon and we are going to have a difficult time affording it. In fact, the center in the story was too expensive for our budget and thus we are looking elsewhere. It is frustrating when you do things the right way and you see others get bailed out all the time. I know some people need help from time to time, but this it a lot of money being thrown away.

  34. pat says:

    Hey! if I want 2, 3, 5, 7, kids that is my business, I am entitled to the pursuit of happiness and if you people have to pay for my daycare so I can pursue my happiness then so be it. By the way I want food stamps, housing, medical care, the taxi to take me to my Dr. appointments and the bus to take me to the casino. All of the above is to help my self esteem, so that I can llive the exact same way as people who pay for my lazy, dead beat ass to do what I want.
    Self reliance people I know it is scary at first to get off the dole, but you will never get out of the poverty you put YOURSELF into if you stay on these various forms of welfare, but of course you will continue to keep Democrats in office.

  35. Darren says:

    Where are the fathers?

    I can’t afford kids, so I don’t take chances. I am sick of paying for those that do have kids and can’t afford them.

    As said above. I work a full time job and a part time job so I can pay my bills, rent and go on one trip a year. I pay my own way. If my taxes weren’tso damn high I could go on 3 or 4 vacations a year. But I am too busy working to pay for all of you who aren’t responsible.

    1. Drunken Dissed Orderly says:

      The fathers pay child support, or else the moms haven’t filed for it. There is no way out of paying it. I don’t believe for a second that these women can’t get support from these losers who deserve to be paying it. All they have to do is go to the county and file for it, and they’ll get it. It’s really that simple.

  36. Craigie says:

    Ya know, they missed a bunch of points. First is that the state pays $179 / week to the day care center. The day care center is probably a sub chapter S corporation and pays about 5% max in taxes on profits. The Welfare queen probably gets a couple of hundred a week for WIC and other subsidies, then gets her salary of $8 / hour (which makes sure that she doesn’t pay taxes. She probably qualifies for the ‘earned income credit’ on her taxes so she gets paid for the taxes she doesn’t pay. The people working at the day care center make about $10-12 bucks an hour assuring that they don’t pay taxes either
    and probably also qualify for the earned income credit.

    I think that WCCO should do an investigation of the full cost of the subsidy not only to the poor woman who pays $10/week to get $179 of service but also the subsidies to the day care center and its employees.

    The story is much bigger than this, including how much of the day care center is subsidized by the child care support, how much income the workers make and how much we pay in earned income tax credits to those people as well.

    This looks like trickle down economics, liberal style to me

  37. what!!!!!!!! says:


  38. Pete J. says:

    There are many aspects to this then most people who contribute to these posts realize. If things were cut and dry simple as some expect it to be it would be easy to solve. I recall when they put this program in place and supported the need for it. It actually helps our community as well as solve long term state assitance for many. If those who employ those who need daycare offered help to their employees the state would not be in a position to step in. Yet many employers do not help. And worse, with income at such a low and daycare going up and up, those who need daycare and the state are in a jam. This economy must turn around for the better otherwise we will find ourselves on a quick slide down to issues we will not be able to resolve. And those who argue against any goverment aid will also pay dearly.

  39. Primetime Editorials says:


    SO SAD

    1. so sad says:

      you are ridiculously ignorant….

    2. Another whack job says:

      Primetime, Michelle Bachman is not your gov.

  40. disgustedminnesotan says:

    I at one point in my life have had to utilize this type of goverment assistance and was thankful to receive it!! I did not receive food stamps or cash and never wanted too. I strived everyday to become self sufficient for my family and myself and without this program to help me as a stepping stool and not a crutch that would have never happened for me. Both my partner and I worked opposite hours but there was always the 2 hour gap we needed the child care and we could not ask for help from family and friends, we paid our co-pays and even worked longer hours to get off of it, so how does this make me a leech??? I PAID FOR IT TOO JUST LIKE THESE FAMILIES ARE!!! Shame on all of you negative hearltess people. What if it were you or a loved one who fell on a hard times and had no where else to turn??? I am extremely disgusted with alot of these comments…..

    1. Drunken Dissed Orderly says:

      You couldn’t afford two hours of daycare between the two of you?

      You actually needed the government to pay that two measly hours FOR you?

      Two hours???

      1. disgustedminnesotan says:

        You must not have children or have had to put children in a center while you work because if you had then you would know that most centers do not charge by the hour the either they charge a full day or a half day which both are very expensive a half day can run up to $100 a day depending upon the age of your children. Day cares do not pro rate just because you only use their services for 2 hours. I think alot of people need to educate themselves what child care assistance really is and what it really does for the people who use it!!

        1. Drunken Dissed Orderly says:

          I have 5 children. How many do you have?

          Mine are 17, 14, 12, 11 and 8. How about you?

          I’m fully aware that almost no daycare providers will take a child for 2 hours or pro-rate their services.

          That still didn’t stop us from taking care of the expense ourselves.

          1. Drunken Dissed Orderly says:

            Also, 3 years ago this July I was involved in an accident (not my fault) that left me in the hospital for a while with a severely fractured skull and a traumatic brain injury. Our insurance had kicked in 12 days before the accident, but I was out of work at the time, and actively interviewing. The hospitalization and their care came out to a bill of $147,000, and I was unable to work at all. I fought through the pain and effects of Vertigo, crushed Eustachian tubes in my ears, and loss of vision in one eye, stopped taking the pain medication, and went out and had a job by August 1st.

            You can either find an answer and overcome your obstacles, or you can find an excuse instead.

          2. Todd says:

            You may not have been aware of them Drunken Dissed Orderly yet there are many out there who do daycare for a few hours. But I guess if you need to disqualify disgustedminnesotian with your ignorant facts, who can stop you huh? I agree with disgustedminnesotian, too many here in ‘CCO posts must live in a box where they crank up their crap yelling at folks to get off their grass disgusted with everything they see. Sad for them.

          3. jimmy says:

            Well then you get tax breaks and way more money than a person who has no children. Why should you be rewarded for spewing out mini-drunken dissed orderlies? You shouldn’t. If a single person and you with your 5 devils made the same amount of money in a year you would take all the tax cuts you could and the single person would get way less money refunded to them. The only people that should have the right to complain against this are single people with no children taking no tax breaks. If you are one of them preach on if not you are just as guilty of accepting government money as anyone on welfare.

    2. Todd says:

      I paid for daycare for two or so hours to take care of my son after school – yes there are more daycares that will do this.

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