ROGERS, Minn. (WCCO) — Truckers driving through Minnesota are urging the state to reopen freeway rest areas so they can make mandatory stops.

The message is clear — open our rest areas or deal with a public safety issue.

Since the state shutdown, private truck stops are over capacity. According to truckers at a rest area in Rogers, the pit stops are three times as busy as normal.

It’s leaving truckers with two illegal options: drive too long or park in an unsafe spot.

“We don’t want to park on exit ramps and entrance ramps. It’s not safe. It’s not legal. But where are you going to park a 75-foot truck?,” said President of the Minnesota Trucking Association John Hausladen.

Trucker Tom Franks said it’s easy to see the impact.

“The truck stops are never this full during the day like this, and it’s pretty full,” he said. “A lot of people don’t want you parking in their parking lots.”

There are strict federal and state laws requiring truckers to pull over for 10 hours after driving a 14-hour shift.

“A lot of truckers were coming through here last night. It was full and they had no other place to go, so it’s not good,” Franks said.

In addition to now 700 fewer parking stalls, many truckers are left stranded with no access to facilities.

“You have to have a restroom, you have to be able to take a shower, you have to do all those basic things. You can’t just coup someone up in a truck for 10 hours and say, ‘Good luck,'” Hausladen said.

Truckers also can’t renew their commercial driver’s licenses online without a license or a method of renewal causing several of the trucks to come to a halt.

The Minnesota Trucking Association made a pitch Tuesday to a court-appointed special master. They say they hope to hear whether the state will reopen the freeway rest areas by Friday.

Comments (13)
  1. Mark "Fail" Dayton says:

    My greatest achievements!
    1) Gave myself an “F” as a Senator
    2) Known as the “ALL or NOTHING governor
    3) Known for the broadest government shutdown ever
    4) …working on longest broadest government shutdown ever

    1. Mike says:

      You forgot a big one; He was elected by a majority to represent this state and that was done on a platform of raising taxes on the top 2% tier bracket. Sorry to pop your bubble…………

    2. not failing says:

      think about this “Fail”, the Governor was given this mess by the last governor and it is the REPULICANS who are the hold up here, give some thought to your words before you go making yourself look like an uneducated person

  2. Del says:

    Good ol’ backwards Minnesota. Laughingstock of the nation. (put that on license plates).

  3. Jason says:

    The sky is falling again. What a joke this {shutdown} is.

  4. Linda O says:

    Truckers can nap in Wisconsin, Iowa and North and South Dakota before driving through Minnesota. We are not, Texas!!

    1. hdmc says:

      dont be dumb. Truck drivers have scheduals and appointments to keep as well. Many times they will arrive early 1-4am, to avoid driving in morning traffic. true, we are not Texas, but were not Nazies either. my respect to the drivers,
      Linda-go answer the phone and make some coffee, leave the decision making to someone else.

  5. Ashen Diehl says:

    Why are you Blaming Gov Dayton? It is the house and the senate that can’t come to an agreement. Personally I am not going to vote for any rep in the house or senate that is currently a member. They are not doing their jobs!

  6. Dusty says:

    Yep. Make jokes. Until one of these truckers has to skip a closed rest stop and mows down a minivan carrying a family because they fell asleep at the wheel. Maybe then Koch and Zellers will wake up. But then again, even a semi vs. minivan fatality will not tax the millionaires, so they probably won’t care.

    1. Michigan Mom says:

      Jeff, you are a total idiot. Your comment shows just how ignorant and stupid YOU are.

  7. HamatoKameko says:

    “Truckers also can’t renew their commercial driver’s licenses online without a license or a method of renewal causing several of the trucks to come to a halt.”

    Uh, someone want to try and explain this sentence to me? In English, perhaps?

  8. lebrok says:

    Wont cost much to open the wayside rests. They dont need to be manned or watched. The cops can stop by and check on things. Trucks need to bring food and goods in and out of MN. Trucks are the backbone of MN industry. Also we bring in most of the liquor from the coasts. If the troopers start to enforce unlawful parking on ramps or drivers get to many violations the drivers will stop comming and going into our fair state.We will suffer in the stores and in the pocket book

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