WOODBURY, Minn. (WCCO) — A motorcyclist who was fleeing a State Trooper died after going off the road and crashing in Woodbury Friday morning.

According to Lt. Eric Roeske, the trooper attempted to stop the motorcyclist after several people called with complaints about the cyclist’s dangerous driving.

A pursuit began at Highway 61 and Kingsborough. The trooper caught up with the cyclist at Highway 61 and Afton, and attempted to make a stop, but the motorcyclist took off.

The motorcyclist, identified as 30-year-old Robert Dennis Davis of Madison Lake, drove off the road at Interstate 494 and Valley Creek Road.

Davis was taken to be treated at Regions Hospital, where he was eventually pronounced dead.

Authorities said Davis was not wearing a helmet when he crashed.

Comments (78)
  1. Darwinism says:

    ’nuff said.

  2. JamieinMN says:

    Pffffffffffffft, idiot!

  3. Dan says:

    Just wait, there will be some idiots on here complaining that the trooper shouldn’t have chased him

    1. JamieinMN says:

      I’m waiting for that…..

    2. Correcto says:

      I wish they hadn’t chase him. My preference would be that they nudge his back tire and send him flying at 100+ mph. I don’t want my taxes going to his public defender.

  4. Middle of the road says:

    beig a motor cycle rider, I fele bad for thsi idiots family. Obviously he is not the brightest bulb in the bulb, but now his family suffes because of him.

    1. Del says:

      Did you graduate from the 8th grade, or were you a dropout?

    2. BKKBadboy says:

      WOW….Brightest bulb in the bulb.

  5. RetroDude says:

    Tax money spent to chase the idiot. Tax money spent to transport the idiot to the hospital. Tax money spent to prosecute the idiot. And, he’s still an idiot.

    1. Dirk says:

      The people complaining about money being spent tend not to be able to read too well.

      1. RetroDude says:

        I stand corrected, Dirk. He WAS an idiot.

  6. pete says:


  7. molly says:

    Better him than some innocent bystander. Great job of parenting. They must be very proud of the idiot they raised. This guy deserves everything he’s going thru.
    One less moron on the roads.

    1. Len in Stillwater says:

      parenting doesn’t factor into the stupid idiot thing …. more of the “perfect” family chaps I grew up with ended up being the morons we read about when tey get into 20’s and such

      Feel for the family …. can’t regulate dumb and pizz poor decisions some make

      1. molly says:

        I disagree. Had he been taught to respect the laws and not disrespect everyone around him, this might not have happened. Stupid breeds stupid.

        1. Dave T says:

          Molly – you are trulu out of touch with the real world. I’ve spent 27 years as a coach, caoched more than a thousand boys from almost every background and lifesyle, and can assure you that some of the absolute finest kids from the finest families can and do go astray.

          Hate to burst your vision but life isn’t always the textbook you think it is. 😉

          1. Dave T says:

            sorry for typos but you really ticked me off with your ridiculous comment. Get a grip on the world out there as it actually is.

            1. andy bell says:

              so parenting doesn’t affect children? got it. no wonder you’re a coach.

              1. Melanie says:

                He never said parenting doesn’t affect children. He said it isn’t in a f****g book to read!!!!!! JHC you poeple! Hope none of you have kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

                1. andy bell says:

                  lol yeah you seem perfectly capable of raising children.

              2. Clint Make My Day says says:

                go suck yer pacificer there boy …. you about as dense as stone

              3. Melanie says:

                andy I did raise a child and he is doing great. thanks for asking. he is in a college that few get selected to. and I did it by working my arse off. No help from anyone. So thanks! Know what you speak of before you type bs on the computer. You are a pathetic being! Rude as heck. A family lost a loved one, and because he made one bad mistake and is dead due to the result, and you people hide behind monitor and chastise, the parenting skills, his upbringing, his actions, etc. You have NO clue what happened or what was going through that poor guys mind. WOW! Clearly sad!

                1. andy bell says:

                  his parents raised an idiot. he died because they failed him and because he was too stupid to overcome it.

                  thank god he won’t be leaching off the system for the next 50 years.

            2. molly says:

              Dave T,
              You’re a perfect example of “stupid breed stupid”.

              1. Larson from Pepin says:

                Wow little molly – you are the perfect example of why we should have forced sterilzation. I’d sure hate to imagine you breeding and creating a child. The poor thing would be doomed from birth.
                You are freaky evil … may God have mercy on your soul

                1. Melanie says:

                  Agreed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Larson! Callous witch

    2. Joe thinks you a beetch Molly says:

      Glass house ya live in huh Molly LMAO at your stupidity

    3. Beverly says:

      How heartless can you be? You talk about parenting skills, but you seem like you weren’t raised by the brightest parents. Here we have a man dead and all you can do is bash him. Why don’t you try to say a prayer and let God judge. Now if you have anything else to say about my cousin, PLEASE, PLEASE say it to my face. Other than than that keep your stupid comments to yourself, coward!

    4. momof4 says:

      He was my friend. His mother is disabled how dare blame her? In 2005 he lost both his twin sons and his father within a few months. To know him was to love him. He made some very bad choices that day that took his life while we waited at the hospital for him, but you could have never had a better friend. Maybe, just maybe, before writing things that hurt the people who loved him, think about the your life? Ever made a bad choice? Ever lost twin sons 2 1/2 months apart and your father a month after that? He made a choice that killed him and hurt all of us that loved him. Hope you have a turn out of over 100 at your funeral. He did if that tells you anything.

  8. yourprecioustaxdollars says:

    but…was the rider wearing a helmet…

    1. Middle of the road says:

      who gives a flying F if he was wearing a helmet? Was the cop wearing a helmet? Idiot choose to run when he should have stopped, at 60+ MPH, a helmet is about as good as a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.

  9. Taylor J says:

    Is the bike ok? Muahaha

  10. Sonny Barger says:

    Better him than me. See you at Altamont.

    1. BKKBadboy says:

      Two thumbs up…I know what ya saying

  11. Joe says:

    it’s a tragic to see this happen.

  12. Sally says:

    He is dead, is all this necessary?

  13. those who make driving dangerous says:

    I love these stories… just makes my day knowing there is one less moron out there.

    1. Lisa in Stillwater says:

      Reading the BS from many of you here makes me feel better too since I know that more idiots on playing with the keyboard and not out and about near my kids.
      You are some sick individuals but I imagine you already are aware of that.

      1. Del says:

        Lisa,. you have kids? Seriously? That’s tragic.

  14. goaliemom12001 says:

    I was 2 cars behind him on Hwy 61 this morning. He was NOT wearing a hellmet and was taunting other drivers by tailgating and pulling alonsdie of them to give them the finger, as well as weaving in & out of traffic. When the state patrol pulled into the lane to pull this guy over (who was stopped at the red light on 61 & Lower Afton), the guy took off on his cylce on Lower Afton and continued to speed up as the officer pursued with his lights on. I remember thinking “This can’t end well!” Thank goodness no innocent bystanders were injured. Sad for the man’s family!

    1. captainobvious says:

      Y0u were never near him stop lying. also you’re quite the sharp speller, hellmet=helmut, alonsdie-alongside, holy cow you breathe by machine right.

      1. goaliemom12001 says:

        Sorry for the spelling errors…I was in a hurry to answer the question of an earlier post by stating the facts as I saw them…which I did…didn’t realize such critical people would be analyzing each post. Get a life!

      2. @captain says:

        Pot… meet kettle…

  15. What? says:

    You people worry about your tax dollars, yet this happened to claim a life. how low can you be? No matter what choice was made, or lack of judgement, still a human life lost. He is a son, friend, brother, maybe married, maybe a father, and all you idiots do is critique and blast him? good God!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP, and god speed to your family in this time!

    1. Guy says:

      He was an IDIOT. Running from the cops is STUPID. There is ALWAYS another cop SOMEWHERE IN FRONT OF YOU. Good riddence I say. Should make his family come mop the gore off the highway.

        1. Guy says:

          Yep – SICK AND TIRED of having idiots endanger EVERYONE who just happens to share the road with them because they think they can get away. If you dipwads cared about him that much; YOU should have taken his highpowered toy away from him before he hurt someone with it. HIS bad decision. Violation of rule number 1 (rule numbe 1:”don’t do dumb things”)

      1. momof4 says:

        You are a sick man. FYI: his mother is disabled and had been since he was a kid. He lost his father and twin sons in 2005 within a few months. YOU recover from that. He was my friend. I waited at the hospital while he died. He would have died for anyone, but he ended up leaving us to early.

  16. red says:

    This is sad. He chose to make some poor decisions and this is what happened. People were just trying to keep him and others safe, RIP

  17. swanny says:

    Sometimes I wish this outcome would happen to people who drive slow in the left lane.

    1. what an idiot says:

      Wishing death on someone. what a jerk.

      1. swanny says:

        So you are one of those people who drives slow in the left lane. Got it!

  18. Melanie says:

    you people are worried about tax dollars. JHC a person died. RIP and god speed to his family!

    MN people are becoming very self centered

  19. Nicolle says:

    This man was my brother. He has died. I fear the girl who caused this will never be held responsible in this life. Please pray for his soul to finally find pease. He has lived a hard and tragic life, but he was always there for his family and never let me down. He will always be my superman…

    1. liam says:

      what girl caused this? what’s the story?

    2. Melanie says:

      Nicolle, God SPeed to all of you. Please please please don’t listen to their insane comments and riduculous statements.

      god bless you all, and RIP to your borther! My heart bleeds for your pain.

    3. goaliemom12001 says:

      So sorry for your loss! Keeping you and his whole family in my prayers!

    4. goaliemom12001 says:

      So sorry for your loss! Keeping you & his whole family in my prayers! May he rest in peace.

    5. @nihole mess says:

      He lived a hard life? He owned a high powered sportbike, listen your bro was a bag of chit, I feel no remorse for the criminal

      1. Kaitlyn says:

        Yes he did live a hard life. You have no idea. And your a bag of chit for speaking the way you do about someone you didnt know. You wouldnt want to be talked about like this if you made a dumb choice.

        1. Guy says:

          If I went out and endangered everyone around me by MY “dumb” (criminally reckless is a better description) actions; then YES I would hope that people would call things the way the are. We need LESS sympathy for stuff like this – not more.

    6. Victim mentality says:

      While I understand and empathize with your grief, how in the world did a girl cause a young man to hop on a bike, speed recklessly, run from law enforcement, and eventually crash?

      It sounds to me like perhaps you should review the definition of “choice” and “responsibility”.

  20. I_hate_mini_vans says:

    “Stupid is as stupid does”.

  21. Mike says:

    It’s is very apparent reading the comments in this section that we live amongst people that are callously cruel to the point of nausea. How anyone could find solace in someones death speaks volumes about our culture. I hope that it is temporary because if isn’t, we are in for a world of hurt.

    1. mackey says:

      I could not concur more Mike. It may be one childish person using many persona’s but even one …. pure evil

      So very sorry for your loss Nicolle. It’s hard to fathom what happens within sometimes, and we can not grasp the internal demons some have to cope with.
      Tragic ending …. God Bless and may the days ahead be better for all

  22. Kristine says:

    That will hopefully thin out the “Let’s be stupid and run from the Police on a motorcycle gene” out of the gene pool. What an idiot. If you run from the Police you are the one making the stupid choice. I give this guy a Darwin Award nomination.

    1. RetroDude says:

      Well stated, Kristine.

    2. Melanie says:

      He is gone, so be happy, now we have to watch for all you idiots! Jhc, you people are sick!

    3. Kaitlyn says:

      You have no right to say anything about this man. You have no idea what kind of a situation he was in. People make bad choices all the time. You would not want to be judged by your actions that are wrong at times. So leave the family be.

      1. Guy says:

        Actually; we do. WE are forced to share a highway with the likes of this idiot. He could have easily run over a little kid that just happened to be in the wrong place. HE made the choice to endanger EVERYONE around him. That makes him better off dead. PERIOD.

        1. Melanie says:

          You know Guy, you sit back and analyze and judge. The family lost a child, friend etc…have some common courtesy. I am absolutely appalled by comments on here. A guy made a bad decision, did you also know if you take perscription medications and drive that is illegal too. Do you ever speed? Do you ever run a stop sign, intentional or not. Simply sickening how callous Minnesota has become! Focus on the hate for the perpetrators! You people need mental help. We do indeed live in a very sad society when we chastise everyone for making a bad judgement! Those who live in glass houses…………………..

      2. Melanie says:

        Agreed kaitlyn. Just a very sad ending to a quick bad choice. RIP, and may you all ignore the idiotic comments that people who have no lives say. I am truly sorry for the tragic ending. God bless you all. Take care!

  23. Jake says:

    Let’s see. Jump on a super fast crotch rocket with no helmet. CHECK
    Incidentally, I am for optional helmet wear on a motorcycle, but we all know that those who ride those super fast bikes have a really hard time with something called a SPEED LIMIT.

    Then ride the thing like a total jerk, tailgating others, weaving in and out of traffic like you are in the Grand Prix, and flipping off everybody else. CHECK.

    Then when many others call 911 and ask the cops to check you out, you flip out and scream away at speeds over 100 mph. CHECK.

    Maybe you ran because your license wasn’t valid or you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We don’t know that yet, but it probably won’t take long to find out. Or maybe you had warrants out for your arrest, but when you ran, you committed a felony, so the cops aren’t likely to call off the chase.

    So you crash and kill yourself, completely disregarding the safety of anybody else in your path, or anybody else you care about. While this biker had friends and family to be sure, there surely must have been something terribly wrong with this man’s life to engage in such behavior, and it’s awfully hard to sympathize with such a senseless series of actions. Suppose he had crashed into a small car with a parent and a couple of small children inside. What would some of you had said then?

  24. @NikHOLE says:

    Please explain the tradgey? A criminal chose to run and paid the price, he gambled and lost, if i ever chose to run I would hold no grudge if i died, because I chose to be a bag of turds and run, so nicole if this is your brother, im ashamed you’re here hours after his death to make comments try mourning with your family.

  25. matt rab & shereen says:

    It was an honor to have Dough in our life. He will be missed by all that knew him. He will always have a place in my heart and everyone he every met. He made a stupid mistake one day and paid with his life. Dough, have fun with your boys and Father. I can not stress enough how much we all loved and will continue to love him. I will always remember the good times and so should everyone else. Cause we alll know all Dough every wanted was to have a good time!!! RIP!!!

  26. beverly says:

    RIP Cousin! I love and miss you dearly! You might be gone but never forgotten! You will always be in my heart and in my memories. It was good to see all the support at the funeral. You were loved by many and you touched a lot of people. I love you Little Bobby! I know you are in a good place now with your dad and your boys. We will all be together one day, until then I know you are watching over us. Love you!!!!

  27. DANB says:

    all you faceless guttless girls on here if you were standing in crowd or even in front of a real person you would not say this stuff your just typing on a computer saying stupid !!!! wow RIP dough

  28. hypothekee says:

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