Man Charged With Murdering Ex-Girlfriend

MANKATO, Minn. (WCCO) — A Golden Valley, Minn. man has been charged with murdering a 19-year-old woman from Henderson.

Nineteen-year-old Damone Christopher Williams-Tillman is charged with second-degree murder in the death of 19-year-old Josselyn Bishop, of Henderson, Minn.

Bishop was found unresponsive but warm to the touch Friday afternoon in a commercial district of Mankato. Authorities said she had suffered multiple stab wounds.

Due to the high-traffic level in the area, police said she had likely been there for only a few hours before a work crew found her.

Crews tried to revive Bishop, but she was pronounced dead at the scene.

She had no identification on her, so police canvassed the area, asking for the general public’s help in identifying her.

Before long, the victim’s roommate contacted police concerned because Bishop hadn’t shown up for work, which was unusual for her. Another roommate told police that Bishop had recently broken up with Williams-Tillman.

Officers apprehended Williams-Tillman in Golden Valley. He told police he had picked up Bishop at a movie theater near her apartment in his father’s car. During the conversation, he said she told him she was seeing someone else. He said he blacked out and remembered having a knife, and remembered seeing her laying in the grass bleeding.

Meanwhile, agents were talking to the suspect’s father, Damone Tillman. He said his son had borrowed the car. Tillman said he arrived home from work later that night and noted Williams-Tillman seemed quieter than usual.

Police spoke once again with Williams-Tillman, who admitted to them that he began stabbing Bishop after she told him that she was seeing someone else. He said he couldn’t remember how many times he stabbed her because he closed his eyes while doing it. He also told investigators he remembers throwing his knife and Bishop’s cell phone out of his car window, over a bridge with water, as he drove away from the scene.

A jail guard testified that he overhead a confession — Williams-Tillman making a call, saying “I messed up real bad.” After a pause he then said, “I killed someone.”

The statement is a frightening wakeup call across campus, where word of the violent act grips fellow students.

“I think a lot of women don’t realize what the warning signs are so they don’t really know if they are in an abusive relationship or not. And a lot of girls don’t know whether or not they should to get out of a relationship or how they should do that,” said college student Kate Engstrom. “I think everybody needs to be a community of friends, everyone needs to look out for each other.”

Bishop’s roommates also told police about trouble leading up to her murder. They revealed that Williams-Tillman recently threw Bishop’s phone into a pond and slashed the tires on her car last April.

Williams-Tillman remains in custody. A conviction on a second-degree murder charge could result in a prison sentence of up to 40 years.

  • Sam I am

    Just as he was turning his life around. What a friggin loser.

  • red

    Jealous loser. What the heck is wrong with men these days that they can handle when a girl tells them she wants nothing to do them anymore and moves on? The guy then feels they have the right to ends both of their lives by killing them? RIP

    • Rocky

      Yes, these White males are OUT OF CONTROL, they don’t know how to act like humans. They are acting like monkeys in the jungle. They have jungle fever or something. Its all these white men, bad bad bad. They should teach whitey how to behave in school, not to act like animals. And women, obviously, stay away from these white guys, they are killers when you take Ms kitten away.

    • Maveth

      Men can handle it.

      Lowlife sub-human Bucks can’t.


  • TwinsRAwesome

    Effing LOSER! Hopefully he’ll get it in prison…only worse and slower! Why is it that today, violence seems to be the only answer? I am guessing lack of parenting for one. I am also guessing entitlement for another. Hopefully this a## dies soon.

    • M

      “Hopefully he’ll get it in prison…only worse and slower! Why is it that today, violence seems to be the only answer?”

      Can anyone else see the irony in this?

      • TwinsRAwesome

        Maybe if it was your daughter or someone you knew you see the “irony” in this. And YES, my daughter died a violent death so please don’t preach to me!

        • M

          Do yo know what irony means?

          The irony in your statement is that in one sentence you are hoping for a slow painful death for this guy, then the next you are asking why everybody is so violent. You opposed yourself in less than 20 words.

          Don’t get me wrong, the SOB deserves a slow painful death and I am all for bring the death penalty to MN. You just won’t catch me preaching non-violence indiscriminately.

    • Friend of a friend

      One if you knew the so called “loser” you know that parenting has nothing to do with it. He was one of the nicest guys I knew and respected ever girl that he knew. Im not saying what he did or so called did is right but sometimes there are times where you dont know what you are doing.

      • mom

        are you serious? If he respected women so much why did he kill this young lady? If he respected women so much why did he not accept the fact that she didn’t want to be with him anymore, and if he respected women so much why didn’t he allow this young woman to move on and who knows what may have happened in the future. A man that respects women doesn’t abuse them, slash their tires, or throw their phone in a pond. A man that respects women doesn’t stab them to death, leaving them on the side of the road for dead and then say he just remembers blacking out and seeing her laying on the ground. He sounds like a dead beat who has serious issues and respect for women doesn’t fit in with his actions.

      • Al Swearengen

        Ok “friend of a friend” is a total idiot.

        Nobody has a time when they “don’t know what they’re doing” and stab a girl to death out of jealousy. Period. That has never happened in the history of humankind, you complete moron.

        Sorry! You’re wrong! I’m right!

        And your friend is a dope and hates women. He doesn’t respect them.

  • TwinsRAwesome

    To add…had a knife, but “blacked out”…nice try nut job!

    • Jake

      Yeah, never heard of that alibi before. Should really be effective with a DECENT jury present at his trial. I would think that it would be one of the most profound memories burned into a brain.

      • Hillbilly69

        “Chimped Out” is more accurate.

  • Ronald Raygun

    Another Liberal murder hard at work…

    • john0990

      How does a murder work hard?

  • Some peole

    Your racist comments have no bearing on why this happened to this young lady. Maybe you should try to post a comment that is more intellegent than the person you are insulting.

    • Jake

      Ah, I have read quite a few stories in the past few years of AA males assaulting, raping, killing white women, yet there seems to be very little public outrage. I don’t hear about these types doing this to AA women nearly as often. To me, it appears that AA men think that they can play on a white woman’s ‘white guilt’, and do the most unthinkable act when things don’t go their way, and why NONE of these acts NEVER gets prosecuted as a HATE CRIME is beyond my imagination. If it was the other way around, you can be sure that the term “hate crime” would be in the headlines.

      • Craig

        What the heck is “AA”? Anus alumni?

        • Jake

          Are you like stupid or what??

        • Al Swearengen

          Is that what it stands for on your license plate frame, Craig?

    • E-Nomad

      Some “peole”, LoL.

      And then you talk about intelligence.

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  • Colorguy

    You guys wouldn’t say that to a “colored” persons face, this state is as “passive aggressive” as any-state comes just look towards your leaders i.e governonr!

    • LaQueesha Jones

      I’ll say whatever I want to your inky face..You wouldn’t understand much anyhow.

      • E-Nomad


    • Rocky

      Of course, not, they might get stabbed. Isn’t that what your implying?

  • Jake

    very sad….in many ways.

  • Jeff's Boyfriend

    Jeff, when was the last time you ate diarreah? They call it “water poo”, you can drink it in a cup sir…

  • pmh49

    I think it is time to shut the internet news comments down. The astounding ignorance shown here cannot be called a public service.

    • Al Swearengen

      Your opinion means squat. Neither the commenters here nor WCCO gives a rat’s monkey’s patoot that YOU think the comments should be shut down. How completely arrogant of you to think you’re so important anybody cares about what YOU THINK.

    • LaQueesha Jones

      Go’re boring us all to death with your whining!

    • fred

      another fascist for censorship….if you don`t say what I want to here, you should be censored…….maybe you should find a communist country you can hang out in.

    • Rocky

      Yea, they might say something bad against a murderer, even worse if he ends up being a ‘minority’. Can’t have that. Oh, there were another 3 just like this one this week. Got Internet?

  • obi

    My family won’t watch WCCO anymore because of the comments under stories. It reflects poorly on them as a news source.

    • Al Swearengen

      I’m sure somewhere Dave Moore is crying knowing WCCO lost your viewership.

    • LaQueesha Jones

      Your family needs to put down the Bon-Bons & shut off the TV for awhile anyhow..Take a walk,get some excersize & fresh air..Anything,just get up off the couch!!

  • Sick and Tired of It

    Just another welfare sucking obama supporter going to jail!

  • rj

    kn Animal,

  • Gwash

    Stunning how the people behind these comments can talk sooo stupid.. yet still be alive…lol….this is not about race…go back to the trailer park…

    • em0886

      You are just as stupid, at least people living in a so call “trailer” are not over extended and getting foreclosed on. I don’t understand how the trailer park comment even got brought up. I happen to live in one and our house is just as nice as anyone elses. Enjoy being bitter and ridiculous!

      • Al Swearengen

        Until the wind blows over 12mph and you all huddle together and shuffle to the shelter under the tennis court, right?

      • Tyrell

        Let me just blow your theory apart camper dwellar, i have a $900 house payment, you paY at least $750 if its a decent trailer and nice park, you can be as clean and honest as you want, but there is always tons of bad people in these courts, they rub off on your values and your childrens values, my belief is you’re single white overweight and dating a black man. I hope your outcome is better than this poor girls, but odds are you will be beaten,killed, or robbed by your monkey you live with..

        • E-Nomad

          There is no excusing the violent behavior rampant throughout the black community that no other people have exhibited to the same degree. How many violent black flash mobs have there been this summer alone?

          50% the prison population but only 13% of the country’s population. LoL.

          And it all comes down to the same excuse over and over and over and over again like a broken record. Your one and only excuse to avoid having to admit there’s an enormous problem within your community.

    • Jerle

      Race has everything to do with this. This is the third black man on white women murder within 25 miles of where this took place in 10 DAYS!!!

      Blacks are so hateful, why can’t everyone see this? Are they so brainwashed and afraid to speak up for themselves?

      Has the government and media so indoctrinated them that they think, since they are white, they should have no safety and no rights?

  • LaQueesha Jones

    Violent Chimp..I hope he gets a life sentnce..Then he can go to prison,black out & wake up with a stretched out Booty..That’d be “keepin it real”..

  • em0886

    Wow….all I can say is there is special place in h**l for ignorant, rude people like yourself!!

    • Jim Saporito

      Here is what is going to happen in the next 100 years. 1) White people do not want to believe there is any other explanation for 13% of the population being in the news 50% of the time other than that there must be racism somewhere. Entertaining any other explanation would make them “bad people”. They’re kind of like Ned Flanders, “It’s my fault, it’s my fault, what can I do to make it diddly better!?”

      2) In 45 years, America will be majority hispanic (census bureau projection).

      3) This year, for the first time, there were more nonwhite babies born that white – likely a continuing trend due to the imperative to increase numbers to feel less marginalized (birth control is taboo in non-white communities).

      4) This means the laws will change because there will be a different set of people voting. Taking these 4 things – in 150 years, America is a black/hispanic country. Things change.

      • Rocky

        If she would have been ‘racist’ she would still be alive.

    • E-Nomad

      I don’t know, i think there’s a special place in hell for idiotic liberals who stick to their nonsense ideology of political correctness more than anything. You cretins would hemorrhage from your brain if you had to come up with a single uncanned response or thought.

  • Jim Saporito

    They’re going to issue him a mighty expensive citation for this.


    I knew chris and he didnt hate women, this action is hard to believe for those who went to school with him. he had been nothing but nice to everyone. this murder is a shock and though that girl didnt deserve to lose her life i support chris in whatever happens NO ONE IS PERFECT.

    • @a friend

      No 1 is perfect? That is true, do you realize he stabbed a teenage girl to death, and you support him. I hope you’re mother or daughter or sister is done the same way so I can support the guy that does this to them. Drinking and driving and killing some1 or getting in a fist fight killing some1 can be accident, he repeatedly stabbed a teenage girl to death, im going to go out on a limb here and say you’re black, the unevolved usually thimk alike.

    • Rocky

      Yup, no one is perfect. Lets see, what else was different about this wonderful black guy>? Lets see, hmmmmmm, can’t really see any difference, he just, like, went crazy and killed his ‘white’ girlfriend because she wanted out. So, he acts ‘normal’ until the nook ends, and then, he kiw wem! Hmmmmm, no, nothing to do with race, we all go ape when the nook ends. Ooooga Ooooga boooga oooga.

    • Maveth

      Yep. Ni99ers will support their bloods, no matter what — as long as their crime was against “the enemy YT”.

  • fred

    there will be white people in America 45 years from now. but, we will be working 2 or 3 jobs just to pay for everybody eles`s welfare check……much like today

  • another mudshark bites the dust - Stormfront

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  • David

    What a coincidence. Stormfront links this site and racial messages start popping up out of nowhere

    • Burt Fisher

      It might be that the facts speak louder than any bias that you have. How can you dismiss an entire group of people just because they happen to like a web site? You sound like a bigot. You have judged these people’s opinion about something, sight unseen. This makes you a fool. You are also trying to deflect the fact that this guy stabbed and killed a young woman. Are you saying we should give this monster a pass because stormfront fans are outraged? You need professional help.

  • turdpump

    If my daughter ever dates a gorilla she’s headed to private school, I want her to be successful not drug down by crime apes.

  • BongoParty Wi

    the feral apes are dangerous. keep away from them, sooner or later they’ll turn on you.

  • Burt Fisher

    College is for learning, so we may as well make the best of it. What did we learn here, folks? Hyphenated last names are just fine for liberal female bisexual tree-huggers but remember that apes will imitate your behavior eventually and always turn on their benefactors. Here we see what happens. Monkey see, monkey muhdik and stab, just like O.J.

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