ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The top Democrat in the Minnesota House is calling for six House Republicans to cross party lines to support Gov. Mark Dayton’s proposal for new income taxes and end a 12-day-old government shutdown.

House Minority Leader Paul Thissen held a news conference outside the state Capitol Tuesday with six empty folding chairs, saying he and members of his caucus have reached out to Republican lawmakers. He declined to identify any of the Republicans.

Republicans have remained united against Dayton’s proposal to raise income taxes on the highest earners.

Dayton was in St. Cloud on Tuesday, holding a discussion of the budget at a high school.

The Democratic governor plans to travel to southern Minnesota on Wednesday and Moorhead on Friday.

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Comments (123)
  1. Taxed enough says:

    You better withhold the names of these Republicans because they will surely be shown the curb at the next election if they join with the dems on a really stupid plan. Stay united Republicans, this is what we voted you in for. Spend within your means. No more taxes

    1. Jake says:

      How many Democrats have to cross over to override the Governor’s immovable demand to raise taxes?

      1. Ed says:

        You’re right. ‘ll bet there are more Democrats looking to switch than Republications!

        1. ItsTheSpendingStupid says:

          I still remember the 6 Turncoats who bucked the party on the Northstar Rail debacle.

          And these new six would be saying “yes, MN government and (their paychecks) should continue to grow when private sector continues to shrink”

          Go for it guys

    2. Beth Anderson says:

      All republicans should be voted out of office. They are worthless oil spills of humanity.

      1. Sticks and Stones says:

        Oh Beth that hurts!!!!! Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me………………. That was your best shot, really??? Oil??? Come on isn’t it about time to stop blaming the republicans for oil issues? Seems to me that there is a demonatic I mean democratic prez and democrats control the senate. Until this year they controled all 3 portions and oil was still high.

      2. Rodger Pratt says:

        really, REALLY!?! And your a great judge of charachter? Right you must be on all or some of those “state sponsered social freeloading programs”! Can’t a guy make a buck without having to give away 50% to house,feed and care someone elses moment of drunken indiscretion?

      3. Chas says:

        Why to democrats always use name calling?

      4. Beth Anderson says:

        All Democrats should be voted out of office. They are worthless oil spills of humanity.

      5. JeanP says:

        Well Beth, how do you explain the mess we are in when the Democrats have been in charge of this state for many years? I have a feeling that it was the spending Democrats that have brought us to this point.

        There is NO money. How are you going to get it out of us? The very people the Democrats want to give my money to NEVER pay into the system. I for one am DAMN sick of paying everyone elses way and I am having to reduce my living to support them.

        Sorry old gal, but I will never vote for a Democrat for this very reason.

        1. ME says:

          Its been 20 years sence democrat gov. it has been the republicans.

    3. kman says:

      It’s T-Paw Whos No new Taxes Got us here and do You see the little Weassel owning up Typical Republican.Did you know when you give anyone a Tax Break its Spending

    4. King says:

      It might be hard to find six smart republicans in that group !

  2. What? says:

    If any republican from my district does this crazy thing being asked, I will definitely not be voting for that person again.

    1. Do the right thing says:

      You shouldn’t have voted for those crooks in the first place and should vote them all out come 2012.

      1. Shutdown is improvement says:

        Yes, any republicans that voted for this increased budget should be replaced with some actual budget cutters or better yet, slashers!!!

        1. Max says:

          And you will be the first one to whine and cry if any of the “slashing” you propose effects you personally…

    2. Rodger Pratt says:

      truth be told not many should be re-elected period!

      1. Rodger Pratt says:

        Sorry left out the “democrat or republican” part

  3. Joe Hanson says:

    The State of Minnesota doesn’t have a revenue problem.

    At least it didn’t til Governor Mark Dayton decided to shutdown the State Government.

    1. Chas says:

      Someone got it right!!!!!

  4. Recall says:

    Crazy Ballsey! For both sides. I know a (R) that would sit in that chair. Now, let’s see if he does. Ha! I have my doubts.

  5. Chuck says:

    When we last raised the gas tax in this state the Republicans that voted for it were striped of their committee chairmanships. With that type of retrubitioin, I would guess thay will do what all lemmings do. FOLLOW THE PARTY LINE TO THE CLIFF!!!!

    1. Middle of the road says:

      Chuck, Same things the dems dop when their party members cross the line.

      1. Jimmy says:

        No, they have not been subject tp punishment like the group of GOP’rs who voted for transportation a few years ago.

  6. Leroy says:

    Just another gimmick to distract from the issue.
    Pass a balanced budget.

    1. Fact says:

      A balanced budget was passed a long time ago

  7. Waste says:

    The economy went down.
    Pay went down.
    Property values went down.
    How abot the budget go down? Just a little.

  8. Middle of the road says:

    Let me try to understand this situation, in very basic terms. the governor wants to spend more than what the republicans are offering. the republicans are offering something like a 6% increase in spending over the last year and that is not enough for the governor nor the democrats. So, now the democrats are trying to sway 6 republicans to think like them and spend even more money that we do not have? Oh, that is right, other people have it, we just have to take it from them.

    1. Dave Campbell says:

      Part of that increase is to pay for the delayed payments to education left over from Pawlenty!

      1. Carole Rog says:

        Dave, you are absolutely correct. This mess we’re in right now is not anything Gov. Dayton did. This is a result of T-Paw borrowing from tobacco money, etc. to balance his budget. I applaud Gov. Dayton traveling to clear up the misconceptions and propaganda being spread around the state. And as the first writer pleads of his or her party, stay united Democrats because if T-Paw had borrowed within his means, we wouldn’t have to be dealing with the left’s “stupid plans.”

        1. Middle of the road says:

          t-Paw could do nothing without the DEMOCRAT Legislature giving him bills and a budget to sign. Except for his unallotment stunt, Pawlenty only agreed with what the democrats sent him, except of course for the last budget that he vetoed and the DEMOCRAT legislature over rode his veto. The last budget that set up this mess none the less. But let facts and history get in the way of a good nudd slinging.

          1. P SMITH says:

            thats why pawlenty used the line item veto on all democratic provitions in the last budget so sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry republicans yes this is on the republicans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. The Architect says:

            Change the names from D to R and it suddenly sounds familiar.

            It’s hilarious watching you all point fingers and how certain you are that your side is the righteous defenders of all that is good and moral, but the other side is conniving, evil backstabbers who want chaos and to hurt people.

            It’s absolutely ABSURD.


  9. Yep says:

    You idiots are the reason they cannot get anything done for fear that whatever decision they make will not get them reelected.

    1. Recall says:

      Exactly “Yep”. What neeeds to happen here is
      1) Throw on a little music…
      2) line up those 6 chairs
      3) get 7 (R)’s to play and tell them there’s a cake involved
      4) Strut…stop the music— and Boom–1 guy saved–he get’s the cake.
      Bammo! Shutdown over.

    2. Stacey says:

      Thats because, simply put, the dems statewide and nationally have sent this country into a debt tailspin that is out of control. To raise the budget in either at this time does not sit to well with the citizens of this country and although raising taxes would solve the short term problem we feel we must deal with the long term problem first and that is spending. We have unemployment high, food and gas high, debt high, and people that want to raise spending. Its time to rethink the how and why we are spending the tax dollors we now give.

      1. ME says:

        Ghostwriting the Law for Corporate America

        AAJ’s Report

        The Koch Brothers, big tobacco, insurance companies, and the drug industry: all behind the shadowy corporate front group known as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). On the surface, ALEC is mostly comprised of thousands of state legislators, each paying a nominal fee to attend ALEC retreats and receive model legislation. In reality, corporations pay ALEC a king’s ransom to access legislators to distribute radical legislation that puts corporate interests over American workers and consumers.

        So, while the membership appears to be public sector, corporate money dominates ALEC. In fact, public sector membership dues account for only around one percent of ALEC’s annual revenues. ALEC claims to be nonpartisan, but its pro-corporate, anti-consumer mission is clear.

        Read about ALEC’s hand in protecting oil companies, chemical manufacturers and Wall Street banks in AAJ’s report here:

        ALEC: Ghostwriting the Law for Corporate America >>

        AAJ Release: Report Lifts Veil on ALEC’s Pro-Corporate, Anti-Consumer Mission >>


        Executive Summary:

        Few have ever heard of it, but the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, is the ultimate smoke filled back room.

        On the surface, ALEC’s membership is mostly comprised of thousands of state legislators. Each pays a nominal membership fee in order to attend ALEC retreats and receive model legislation. ALEC’s corporate contributors, on the other hand, pay a king’s ransom to gain access to legislators and distribute their corporate-crafted legislation.

        So, while the membership appears to be public sector, the bankroll is almost entirely private sector. In fact, public sector membership dues account for only around one percent of ALEC’s annual revenues. ALEC claims to be nonpartisan, but in fact its free-market, pro-business mission is clear.

        The result has been a consistent pipeline of special interest legislation being funneled into state capitols. Thanks to ALEC, 826 bills were introduced in the states in 2009 and 115 were enacted into law.

        Behind the scenes at ALEC, the nuts and bolts of lobbying and crafting legislation is done by large corporate defense firm Shook, Hardy & Bacon. A law firm with strong ties to the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries, it has long used ALEC’s ability to get a wide swath of state laws enacted to further the interests of its corporate clients.

        ALEC’s campaigns and model legislation have run the gamut of issues, but all have either protected or promoted a corporate revenue stream, often at the expense of consumers. For example, ALEC has worked on behalf of:

        •Oil companies to undermine climate change proponents;
        •Pharmaceutical manufacturers, arguing that states should be banned from importing prescription drugs;
        •Telecom firms to block local authorities from offering cheap or free municipally-owned broadband;
        •Insurance companies to prevent state insurance commissioners from requiring insurers to meet strengthened accounting and auditing rules;
        •Big banks, recommending that seniors be forced to give up their homes via reverse mortgages in order to receive Medicaid;
        •The asbestos industry, trying to shut the courthouse door to Americans suffering from mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases; and,
        •Enron to deregulate the utility industries, which eventually caused the U.S. to lose what the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) estimated as $5 trillion in market value.
        AAJ News
        Issue Resources
        Medical Negligence
        In the Courts
        Dangerous and Defective Products
        Foreign Manufacturer Accountability
        Forced Arbitration
        Why We Need the Civil Justice System
        The American Association for Justice

        1. ME says:

          This is Republican.

          1. ME says:

            Hey are all you republicans that stupid that you can’t see what alec is trying to do to this country? if not you are idiots.

      2. Jim says:

        Remind me again Stacey. Which party was it that started two ridiculously expensive foreign wars and lowered taxes on the richest Americans at the same time? Which party was it again that fought against Wall Street regulation to the point that they could rob the country blind without a single repercussion? Forgive me if I’ve had enough of GOP “solutions” to our problems. It’s the same old story of lowering taxes for every problem, regardless of the fact that taxes are at their lowest point in decades right now and the rich control more money and power than they ever have before.

        The answer is higher taxes AND lower spending on entitlement programs, etc., but partisan finger pointers like you just can’t seem to understand that.

        1. leroy says:

          Remind us as all:
          Who took out an 800 billion dollar stimulus and said unemployment would not rise?
          Who added a surge to a war in Afganistan?
          Who started another war in Libya?
          Who bailed out GM just because they wanted to help their union donators?
          Why didn’t Barney Frank do something about the regulations?
          Why do we have Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?
          I agree with your republican statements, enough incompetence.

          But if you don’t bring up both sides, when both sides were involved, then you are easily discredited as ignorant.

          1. Jim says:

            leroy, my post was a reply to Stacy, who seems to blame the Dems for everything. I’m not here to provide both sides of the argument. I responded to Stacy in the same way you responded to me.

          2. Jim says:

            leroy, why do people always remind us of the Obama stimulus bill but fail to mention the Bush stimulus bill that directly preceded it? I support winning the war in Afghanistan now that it’s been started. I’m absolutely against our military involvement in Libya, but to compare the cost in US dollars of the war in Libya to the two in Afghanistan and Iraq is apples to oranges. I believe that the government bailed out GM because they were worried about the effect their collapse would have on the economy, and it turned out to be a pretty good investment. Barney Frank? Huh? Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were a disgrace that politicians on both sides let happen for far too long.

            1. frozenrunner says:

              Freddie and Sally are good reminders why there needs to be regulations. Greed overcomes common sense.

          3. The Architect says:

            We are not involved in war operations against Libya.

            That is a false statement.

    3. outofwork says:

      Would not that go the other way with democrats? how about 18 democrats side with the republicans in the house and override Dayton’s veto?

      1. ME says:


      2. Chas says:

        That would be the smart thing to do but then they would have the unions on their backs!

  10. Shutdown is improvement says:

    Give them credit, they are doing the right thing now.

    It almost makes up for passing a budget with spending increases in the first place but that decision can be dealt with next year

  11. Joe Hanson says:

    Don’t laugh, Mark Dayton was a teacher once.

    He probably wasn’t very good at it, because he didn’t do it very long.

    1. Rodger Pratt says:

      That is the funniest ,most truthful thing I’ve read on here today! So glad he only gets to ruin the state for 4 years!
      I wonder if taught “liberal arts”? HMMMMMMMMM

      1. Common sense says:

        All I know, is this;

        I voted for a Republican in my district for congress and senate, and I’m not sure what it got me. I’m now paying for more school supplies (not just monetarily but number of items), my taxes have not gone down, and now I can’t go to any parks because of the shut down.

        So, from my stand-point, if they don’t solve this in the next week and get things back rolling for me to enjoy at least one of the things I’ve come to expect from my Gov’t that will be a vote for Democrat on my ballot next election.

        Regardless of who’s to blame, get it done or else.

        1. Former Republican says:

          Agreed. It seems like all they “accomplished” is getting the gay marriage ban on the ballot. Now some conservative commentators are coming out against such a ban on libertarian grounds. And with the recent New York vote there seems to be a groundswell in the direction of greater acceptance of gay marriage. Meaning that if the ban is defeated, the Minnesota Republicans will have accomplished virtually nothing! Good job, guys!

        2. JeanP says:

          Why should I have to pay for your kids school supplies? I remember in the day when my kids were in school. I paid for their supplies and I paid taxes to send them to public school and I paid again to send them to private school because in the 70’s the public schools were already doing a horrible job teaching.

          That’s what the Democrats have done to this state for so many years. I would move away but can’t sell my house, so I am stuck in this damn liberal tax and spend state.

          1. The Architect says:

            When I was in school, the school provided tape and glue and kleenex.

            Now there is literally a $50 grocery list of items each child needs to bring with them to orientation before school even starts or the parents get fined.

            1. Had it up to here says:

              DON’T GET ME STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      2. Dems are suckers says:

        Rodger, he wasn’t really a teacher. He was some kind of sub for about a year and a half.

  12. Dave Campbell says:

    Peter, he is holding the meeting at a high school! It doesn’t say he is meeting with high school students. It appears to me that maybe you should be attending summer school of you can’t figure that out!

    1. Rogue says:

      Especially if Peter doesn’t know the difference between peers and piers.

      1. peter says:

        I was waiting for someone to catch that, good job rogue

  13. Oh Brother says:

    Middle of the road has it right…Can’t pay our bills, then let’s spend more. Don’t have enough tax money?…tax the taxpayers even more! Alot of people don’t pay taxes?…who seems to care…we’ll get more from the taxpayers! How many people seem to think this is OK?….too many I’m afraid. This is so simple to understand, and yet it goes on and on and on.

  14. Mike says:

    Minnesota is the Federal issue Writ smaller. I am against a budgetary increases but I am FOR eliminating the TAX loopholes that businesses and the top 10% of the people in MN use to pay less than they should in taxes. We as a nation have the lowest aggregare tax burden since the 1950s but the middle calss has the highest TAX burden ever. So where does that leave me and my family? It leaves my family, and the middle class, in very dore straits financially.

  15. Ignorance must be bliss. says:

    I love how people are repeating over and over again that the budget will be increased by 6% from the last year. You are not understanding that we do not have the same amount of money that is coming in as there was Fed money the last few years. Without this money how are we going to make up the difference since there will not be the Fed money this year? Is this the only talking point you all have? All I see are the same things over and over and this is supposed to be an intellectual conversation? 6% this and balanced budget that. How many of you have read the “balanced budget” proposal? If you have not how can you say it is a good thing? So much hypocrisy that it is starting to turn my stomach. GOP does not = grand old party anymore, just a bunch of people playing Marco Polo. Take off the blindfold and think for yourselves. You all say that Liberals and Dems are running the country in the ground yet I do not see any of them running around and asking for something like a birth certificate of someone who has been proven to be born in this country 4 times now. Does anyone have any idea on how much money in publicity the GOP wasted on the air time for the birth certificate junk as well as all the other mudslinging that turns out was false as well? They cannot even pay the bills they owe counties when they were crying for a recount last election, yet these are the people that should tell us how to pay the state bills? As stated before, you have blindfolds on. Thank you 1s again for proving my name.

    1. Joe Hanson says:

      “Thank you 1s again for proving my name.”

      I believe your comment “proves” your name…

      1. Ignorance must be bliss. says:

        Thank you for contributing something to the conversation. Your ideas intrigue me and I would like to subscribe to your news letter as you have opened my eyes.
        Again someone has nothing to say and cannot come back with a real argument so they resort to stupidity to try to steer the conversation away. No ideas nor any real contribution. I posed questions and that is all you have to come back with? You are right, I am the problem here. Who do I think I am making sense on the issue and actually pointing out false information? I should be ashamed of myself for trying to teach you something that you obviously have no idea about. I should just stop reading and looking into the issues and just take people for face value as no bad can come of that at all. Sad existence you have if that is the best you can do. Again proof my name is correct.

        1. Joe Hanson says:

          Ignorance must be bliss –

          How about a link to the “balanced budget” proposal you mentioned in your previous comment?

        2. frozenrunner says:

          To try and try to point out to people the GOP budget was not balanced and full of bad ideas is like triyng to bust up a street in Minneapolis with your forehead. The GOP faithful are so locked into their ideals.
          It is interesting that when there was an attempt to have a discussion on the expense of end of life care and maybe limiting the futile attempts to prolong life out came the right wing with the death squad commentaries. Yet they are the ones out there saying we need to spend less on health care. There would appear to be a lack of connection between health care promotion early on and prevention of the long term debilitation which good primary care attempts to do. They talk of self responsibilty but any discussion of the non compliance of others brings out the death squad comments

    2. You are so right! says:

      Hear, Hear, you are 100% correct, I have tried to say the same thing about the Fed money and people just don’t want to listen or believe that it is not a balanced budget they would rather sprout off their mouths and blame Dayton for not signing the budget when we are not really getting that kind of money anymore it was a one time deal. Thank-you, Thank-you for trying to set people straight.

      1. Joe Hanson says:

        If the “Fed money” “was a one time deal”, why do you expect the State Government to continue to spend the same amount?

        1. You are so right! says:

          Because Joe, that Fed money was part of the stimulus package which was a one time deal and the Feds have not guarantee that kind of money anymore but the GOP still thinks we are getting that kind of money so in order to keep up with what the state needs you have to raise revenue.

          1. outofwork says:

            you comment doesn’t make sense in this way: The Dems want even more money than what the GOP is willing to spend.

        2. Ignorance must be bliss. says:

          That is not the budget that we have. This would be the GOP budget that expects this money to be there again this year. That is the budget that you claim is a correct or “balanced” as you all have said over and over. Hence why we need more revenue if we are going to have that budget. Would you like us to do all the thinking for you? Maybe hold your hand when you cross the street as well? Blindfolds, I have said it before and you still calling out Marco. If you expect someone to say Polo wait a little longer. Easier to just yell at others instead of actually looking into something yourself isn’t it? My name is 100% right and you are the poster child of why. Now I would ask you to put your helmet back on so that you do not hurt yourself.

          1. Joe Hanson says:

            Ignorance must be bliss –

            How about a link to the “balanced budget” proposal you mentioned in your previous comment? Then we can all be informed as you.

            1. Ignorance must be bliss. says:

              Again I am not going to hold your hand. If you know how to use a computer you should be able to search for this info if you really wanted to. The way you are talking is that I am the only person that can find info and if this is true then how did you get to this site? I am not going to do your homework for you after the way that you have been talking because you are just going to say it is all Liberal lies anyway. I noticed you do not have links to anything you have stated either so this must be one of those double standards again. Everything I say is wrong because I do not provide links but everything you say is correct as you are the missing link I guess huh? When you and your ilk start providing facts and links, I will start providing you with my links. I am kind of hoping that you do not visit the same sites so I do not run into the same dumb rhetoric and talking points on that site as well. Not such a hard thing to go to a search engine and find “MN budget proposal” or “Federal stimulus money for states”. I have provided you with dozens of links there, you should be able to take it the rest of the way if you want to learn something.
              The fun part about it is when you do searches on your talking points it takes you to the GOP home page. When you search for these talking points it comes up with government agencies as well as watch dog sites. I wonder who is putting down facts and who is just spewing out rhetoric? Can’t even understand how to search for yourself, my name is proven 1s again. This is getting easier by the post.

              1. Joe Hanson says:

                Ignorance must be bliss – For which statements would you like me to provide links?

                1. Ignorance must be bliss. says:

                  I am not asking for any links as you have not contributed anything to the conversation other than dim witted comments and opinion. You were the one that was asking for links, I was pointing out that you have not provided any as well and that you cannot figure out how to search for info on your own. So this conversation is as pointless as anything else you have said in any post. You wanted to know how to get the info I and others are talking about and after I tell you, you still do not do it. You my simple friend may just be a lost cause. I am done with going back and forth with this battle of intellect as I see no point in debating someone that has no points to make other than snide remarks and very simple insults. You cannot even make a play on words, you just re-word what is already there. Playing the I know you are but what am I game is just not as much fun as I remembered it from my youth. If you have any kind of a point or anything other than a statement that is pure opinion I may want to start again. Until that point you keep proving my name is correct and are actually proving my points that you are ignorant as well. For this I thank you but also would ask that you read all the comments again and see if you can understand why this is so futile. Try to state something that is not just pulled from Glen Beck and you may have a thought of your own. It is better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt…. Too late, better luck next time.

              2. frozenrunner says:

                Providing links does not do anything. All they do is come back with the same statements two days later. Break up some more pavement if you start providing links. I have had posts taken down with links

  16. Jim says:

    Higher taxes AND lower spending is the only answer to our budget problems. Why do partisans on both sides not realize that? There is no single right or wrong answer here, and the ideological arguments of our elected officials are hurting real people. Time for them to reach a solution or get out of the way for people who can.

  17. Ted says:

    The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Security Work Force Centers and its online job boards and helps are shutdown. They need to be open unless all those who are not using them object because they don’t want to pay for that. A lot of folks are getting hit by this shutdown more than just state workers. Worse, when it is over (around election time?) the aftershock and cleanup will be slow and nasty. This whole thing is a mess.

  18. Eric says:

    The republicans on this page keep talking about what a great job the Repubs are doing but I cant figure out why. What about the jobs they were going to create, where are they? And dont blame it on the Gov. or the President, I think everyone is sick of the finger pointing. Someone please answer this question honestly because I cant figure it out, what does abortion and gay marriage have to do with the state budget???????????????????????????????????

  19. Sticks and Stones says:

    @ @Kevin and you have the answer, huh? Please enlighten us oh wise one.

    1. Get a life says:

      I do know what the budget is and what is taken in and what is needed and it sure isn’t what the GOP is proposing.

    2. @kevin says:

      I am a true moron. I wish I could afford to move out of my parents basement. I will never have a good job to support myself….

      1. Had it up to here says:

        When the shutdown does end oe a “daycare” that only takes state assistance recipients!MONEY!MONEY!MONEY! 8 to 10 kids will pull in abour 4 to 5K a month, yo cpould probably get the state to PAY you to watch your OWN KIDS at YOUR daycare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRILLIANT! PASS TE GUINESS!

  20. Sticks and Stones says:

    Eric, where is the jobs your Dems promised? Seems to me the Dems have been in control a little longer than the repubs yet all they want to do is spend more and more. I am in aggrement that the spending has to stop and if they can stop the spending and things don’t start to get better then I say ok lets raise taxes a little bit and fix it. I don’t think raising taxes and keep on spending is the answer. It is just like your own household, you get your check, you pay your bills, once everything is paid and up to date you can spend what is left. You don’t get to go out and give yourself a raise so you can spend more, do you????

    1. Get facts right says:

      Sticks and Stones,

      Get your facts straight before barking, it was the GOP that ran on creating jobs and saying we need to cut corporate taxes and have more subsidizes for the wealthy so they will create more jobs not the Dems. and we all know that all these corporations are doing more with less and raking in big bonuses for themselves rather than creating jobs.

      1. Chas says:

        Sticks & Stones

        You should check your facts – The GOP ran on reduced spending and no new taxes (fees). That why they got elected. At least they got the no new taxes right even if they passed a higher spending bill.

  21. kevin says:

    Sticks and Stones,Overover the last fewweeks I have been giving my opinion. A condensed version, get rid of welfare fraud, illeagls, reduce medical to our prison inmates to medicaid amounts, and tax frauds. And a new one I figure we need to match welfare benifits equal to the state one has moved from. This would start eliminating our profile as a welfare state. Eliminate these and others and we will have the funds necessary to take care of the people that truly need our help. To the ones I have listed “the hell with them.”

    1. Ted says:

      To hell with them… those are pretty strong and cold hearted words over a very simplistic view. Wow. I’m glad nobody elected you.

      1. Dems are suckers says:

        Ted, My daughter has 2 kids and no job. Thanks for supporting her so she doesn’t have to get out of bed.

  22. @kevin says:

    Maybe you should go back to school and learn how to spell first, this is why we need more money for education so people like you can spell correctly.
    And who told you that we are the “Welfare State” or is this something you have made up as well.
    You seem to have all the answers so why don’t you run for office and put your ideas to work then see how many people flee the state.
    I do agree that there is fraud all around but that takes time and money to investigate and prosecute so where do you expect us to get that money to do that.

    1. Chas says:

      Spoken with a Dem, always start out with a personal attach.

      I like Kevin’s suggestion of matching the welfare payment to the state they came from. How about a national data base so we could track these people from state to state.

      1. This means what? says:

        Who is the Dem you have spoken with and what personal attachment is he/she starting with? Words lose meaning when mixed with stupidity.

    2. The Architect says:

      More education money spent doesn’t mean anybody will be able to spell better.

  23. GOPSUX says:

    Nobody wants dirty republican filth on the good side. Let them rot in hell.

    1. Rodger Pratt says:

      Well give me a halleuah and raise a bible to curse the evil! LOL! what a putz!

    2. Umpire says:

      Is that you Ronald Raygun? I missed your genius comments!



  24. kevin says:

    @KEVIN, I gave my opinion on the subject of running down frauds tax cheats etc. And that was to give Dayton his tax raise and put it into an effective fraud dept that would locate frauds tax cheats and screen all people applying for any state social programs to see if they are truly elligible You my friend are only worried about miss spelled words. Is EBT a miss spelled word in you vocabulary or is it a word you live by?

    1. frozenrunner says:

      Sorry dude, from your post.
      Overover fewweeks illeagls, benifits
      It would be wiser to put in a 90 day residency requirement to go along with the 60 month lifetime benefit cap. That is what next year’s legislature is supposed to discuss, policy. Budget in the odd years, policy in the even.

  25. Garry Freeman says:

    these six republican could be considered “Me to” democrats and if they do cross the aisle let them also change their political affiliations as well and show their true colors (yellow)

  26. leroy says:

    All you liberals are proving the point. Given one time funding, as in the stimulus from the feds, you expect to spend that every year from now on.

    Tack on one more reason for the republicans to hold firm to a balanced budget.

    No new taxes, they will just be wasted.
    No new spending, it really is not needed.
    Start to cut current programs, no one is starving or dying on the streets. I checked this weekend.

    1. Dems are suckers says:

      Leroy, you would think the entire state is disabled and starving. My elderly friend lives in section 8 housing and those baby mamas are not starving.

      1. HAHAHAHAHAHA says:

        You my friend really are an idiot. The post that you are referring to is arguing the same side of the coin that you are. Just like the GOP, start yelling before you understand what you are yelling about. You even attack each other for supporting the same ideas. No wonder nothing gets done other than restricting social issues when you morons get in office. You cannot wait 5 seconds until you are done reading before you start the attack. Sad to say the least.

        1. Dems are suckers says:

          You HAHAHA are the idiot. Sarcasm is lost on you dems.

          1. HAHAHAHAHAHA says:

            Well me not being a Democrat would make your point wrong right off the bat. After that the comment made is not much of a sarcastic one, if you think it is you may want to look into how to improve your communication skills. Just like a little kid who was caught in the act, they always say they were kidding after the fact, but I am the idiot. I see a lot of people backing you on this so I will take your word for it. Still not funny other than your small minded buffoonery.

        2. Darby says:

          Section 8 is a federal program. Go talk to John Kline about limiting it. The Republicans control the legislature, they could even muster the blue dogs to over ride a veto. At the national level as with the state, the GOP has no other agenda other than to promote corporate welfare and protect the rich. When presented with a chance to make a statement for change, the GOP does not.

  27. Common sense says:

    Boy the level of understanding and humanity has certainly gone down in this chat line.

  28. Common sense says:

    It’s getting a little spooky with this chat! Hopefully, no one is fully loaded with .45 ammunition!

    If so, just remember don’t go shoot up a McDonalds, that’s where I take my kids.

  29. Former Republican says:

    This would be a good way for a handful of Republicans to distinguish themselves. During the next campaign they could say that they stood their ground for as long as they could against higher taxes. But in the interest of getting the state back online they gave just a little on taxing a tiny percentage of the rich and they fixed some of the loopholes that helped mainly the rich and which were obviously unfair. Such independent thinking may appeal to the many Minnesotans who will still have a bad taste in their mouth from this shutdown come the Fall of 2012.

  30. GOPSUX says:


    1. Umpire says:

      Sounds like a Minnesota Civil War is coming. Are you prepared?

      1. Tea-kee tourch says:

        I’m on Up’s side!

  31. Chas says:

    More personal attacks

  32. DFL says:

    I would like to thank you on behalf of the party and say that we are amazed that you figured out our plan that we just wanted to mess with you as much as we could. The master plan worked and I will send out the memo post haste that our goal has been achieved. We can stop the shut down now as Jean is on to us. We are thrilled to hear that you have noted us the cause of all your life problems and will await our award for this (at least an honorable mention is in order).

  33. Going to heck in a tea basket says:

    I just LOVE how Dayton says “we need to find a way to raise taxes to re-open the state!” Can ONE person prove he has ever made the comment “I am open to sitting down with the GOP and figure out a way we can CUT SPENDING to reopen the state?”


    I have to say…..Dayton is trully clueless……it should be about CUTTING spending….NOT raising taxes!

  34. Had it up to here says:

    I found an interesting article today about the excessive “dumping and dropping” which our fine citizens dollar toting tourists our leaving behind in our”closed” state parks. I’m not going to be the least bit surprised when the DNR asks for more money to cleanup the mess the stutdown has left behind! I’m sure the contractors are lining up to bid excessively on fecal matter removal! Easy money with a scooper and prastic gloves!
    I do hope the state representatives are enjoying their summer(hopefully without pay), because until the budget shutdown is resolved, there time should be uncompensated.
    I do have a simple geograghic solution to the as of now defunct semblance of a state by boundry only……………. everything east of HWY169 goes to WISCONSIN, south of I-90 goes to IOWA, and split the rest of the state in a line that runs the border of NORTH and SOUTH DAKOTA due est til it hits HWY169!
    Easy fix, re-write the congressional seats, paint a few state patrol cars accordingly and OH YEAH I forgot the sticking point……………….NO OTHER STATE HAS OUR PROBLEM AND THEY DON’T WANT OUR PROBLEM!
    Seriously get all the elected officals in one room and the last party standing wins! I mean really DAYTON can’t take a punch and he wiffs when throwing one!
    I’d run for govenor but hey I inhaled and I can’t afford to not have a paycheck just to take a tour around the state, so I guess a write-in campaign is the way to go!
    Well got to go get some rest so I can drive 2 hrs to my night job(which pays well enough to support me and my family) but not well enough to support the unending social service nightmare this state seems to encourage and justify!
    Peace, Love and Guns! Not in that order!

  35. Had it up to here says:

    Splling is not requirement for running a daycare! So yes I am qualified! PASS ME ANOTHER GUINESS!

  36. Tea-kee tourch says:

    Hey…did you hear they are changing the Animal on the Presidential Seal for Obam?

    It’s changing from an Eagle to a SKUNK!


    A Skunk is 1/2 black, 1/2 white and it every thing it touches stinks!

  37. Had it up to here says:

    A person of great wisdom once said ” a book sense doesn’t mean common sense”, that person was ME! When they are one in the same government will work for the people!

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