Cop Hospitalized After Dog Bite

BEMIDJI, Minn. (WCCO) — A Beltrami County sheriff’s deputy was taken to the hospital after being attacked by a dog over the weekend.

Deputies were responding to a complaint that there was an unwanted person at a rural residence. When they arrived, they found an intoxicated person trying to control a dog that was running loose in the yard.

Deputy Dan Rockensock was exiting his vehicle when the dog attacked him. The dog bit both Rockensock’s hand and leg.

Rockensock was taken to the emergency room at North County Hospital. His injuries required surgery, and he remains on medical leave while recuperating.

The dog was impounded and remains so, pending further investigation.

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  • Janice

    Who likes to be bitten and harmed or even killed by an uncontrollable dog in the first place? Healthy human beings have big jobs to do, and that is, to ensure human lives are not threatened, harmed and or ended by pets!

    We need to publicize the statistics of how many people got hurt every year by dogs. We need to find out how people got hurt, why people got hurt, were incidents preventable and how do hold ourselves accountable for the existence of dogs and their unacceptable behavior!

    This is a serious issue and it is not just about putting a dog to sleep after it conducts a “crime”.

    • The Architect

      Uhhh what?

      What was your point here?

    • Jim

      Yeah Janice, I can’t think of a more important issue today than dog-on-human violence. LOL.

  • Ahmed

    Is this story real? Rockensock sounds a lot like Rock’em Sock’em Boppers.

  • Max

    To me i find this article a bit funny. Not that the officer was bitten. What is funny to me is that the dogs breed is not listed. I feel pretty confident that is was not a pitbull. If it was it would have been listed without a doubt. It does show that any dog breed will bite in a given situation. I wish the officer a speedy recovery.

    • Kelly

      I was thinking the same thing when I read this.. It would have been in BIG BOLD letters had it been a Pittie but because it was probably a “non-bully” breed they forget to mention it.. What BS…

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