MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The first ever zeppelin tour of the United States lifted off earlier this year — and now it’s making a stop in Minneapolis.

On Wednesday morning it floated over the western suburbs toward Minneapolis and even got a view of the newly inflated Metrodome.

Our morning show’s Natalie Kane and Mike Augustyniak were on board enjoying some of the best panoramic views of the Twin Cities metro.

Its 18,000 pounds tethered to the ground in an Eden Prairie airfield, just waiting for lift off.

It’s not a blimp — it’s a zeppelin, one of only two, and at 240 feet in length, it’s the largest airship in the world.

The zeppelin is halfway through a six-month tour across the United States. Once complete, it will have visited 16 cities.

The zeppelin is hard to comprehend, until you step on board. It is designed so that once inside, you always have a view, even in the bathroom.

Once the zeppelin has lifted off and is in the air, you can take your seat belt off and roam around. You can sit on the loveseat, which gives this amazing panoramic view. And it’s really more like an ocean liner than an airplane.

This weekend, anyone can come aboard and feel this gentle giant take float. The 12-seater zeppelin is giving rides to the public at Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie.

It costs $375 for a 45-minute flight.

For more information, click here.

Comments (2)
  1. kyle says:

    That was super cool to see on Lake Pepin! It’s HUGE!!!!

  2. Jr. Airman says:

    I was disappointed when I drove out there this afternoon and found them leaving for the day. I got on the phone, and emailed them when I got home, and was happy as a bird in flight when they called me back to set up a flight time for this weekend.

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