ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Gov. Mark Dayton and GOP leaders have reached an agreement to end the two-week-long government shutdown, hours after the governor agreed to accept the republican’s budget offer.

Dayton said Thursday that he wants to end the government shutdown for the good of the state.

“During the past two weeks, I have been listening to the people throughout Minnesota. They are telling me that, overwhelmingly, they want this budget dispute resolved,” Dayton stated in a letter to GOP leaders.

The two sides met in Dayton’s office at 2 p.m. The deal was announced just after 5 p.m. The offer still needs legislative approval. Dayton said he is prepared to call a special session within the next three days.

Dayton said he would accept the republican budget offer, which was presented on June 30, with three conditions — that all social policy language be removed, that they pass a $500 million construction projects bill and that all language regarding union’s collective bargaining rights also be removed.

Dayton also wanted to see the GOP drop a plan to reduce the state workforce by 15 percent.

“We must concentrate our efforts on reaching the budget agreements that will return Minnesota to work, not on continuing disagreements over issues on which we do not agree,” Dayton stated in the letter.

Both sides agreed on a proposal to raise $1.4 billion in new revenue, half by delaying state aid checks to schools districts and the other half by selling tobacco payment bonds.

Dayton said he describes the current harsh Minnesota political climate as a “civil war.”

He had long proposed to raise top-tier income taxes — the richest 2 percent, or the richest 0.3 percent of all Minnesota taxpayers — but has since dropped his proposal, stating that anything that continues a government shutdown would be far more damaging.

A statewide government shutdown began July 1, marking the longest state shutdown in Minnesota’s history — and the longest state shutdown in the nation in the past decade. The shutdown put 22,000 state employees out of work, stalled 100 road construction projects, barricaded state parks and halted numerous government-run services and programs.

The shutdown also closed historical sites and rest stops, shut down the state lottery, made it difficult for residents to get a driver’s license and halted the issuance of hunting and fishing licenses.

Dayton’s agreement comes one day after Miller, Coors and other popular beers faced a possible threat of disappearing from Minnesota liquor stores and bars, due to the government shutdown. The brewing giant MillerCoors lacked proper licensing to sell its products that expired last month and wouldn’t have been able to renew until state employees were reinstated.

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  1. mll says:

    I have some respect for you now Dayton.

    1. Going down says:

      Brilliant move!!

      1. ItsTheSpendingStupid says:

        Clear to see what SPECIAL INTERESTS Dayton was holding out for Gays and Public Sector Unions. Glad we had this debate!

        1. John says:

          No Stupid, actually it is the side that thinks they have the moral high ground and is obsessed on the types of sexual relationships people decide to have that is causing the problem. The Republicans want to control fiscal policy, fine, but what is it with their obsession on interjecting their closed minded social issues into the fray? Just what do you know Stupid that makes you so superior in how people should live and what choices they should be able to make? It is not good enough you can live your life in the manner you like, you think you have the right to make sure others are also. I mean does it keep you up at night? Are you in danger? Get over yourself as you mean very little to anything.

          1. ItsTheSpendingStupid says:

            John “interjecting their social issues into the fray” you mean like trying change 5000 years of how marriage is defined?

            And dont kid yourself – you tell people how to live their lives everyday, our laws are based upon common moral judgements.

            1. th says:

              Letting other people believe in what they want doesn’t hurt you or your beliefs. If all you so called religious people would stop trying to push your beliefs onto everyone else the world would be a better place. What other people believe should not hurt you. Oh I forgot, if gays can get married it is going to ruin everyone elses marriage. What a crock

              1. Really? says:

                I guess the agnostics and atheists who are also dems no doubt, sueing Rick Perry in TX to stop his prayer service, is OK? Liberals are not tolerant of others. They can abort helpless babies but hate war? The irony is rich indeed!!

            2. Gardoglee says:

              Marriage has long been defined as a part of law to ensure that property rights are maintained, primarily rights to land inheritance and to women as chattle. Most of that 5,000 years of marriage has been about land rights, although it also included rights to the serfs/thralls/slaves/whatever-term-was-in-use-at-the-particular-time-and-culture. Only in the past 200 or so years have we interjected anything else. Study your history and your law.

            3. ItsTheSpendingStupid says:

              We agree whole heartedly, lets not push our beliefs (or our Gay agenda) onto everyone else. If you agree to stop indoctrinating my 2nd grade child in school, forcing my co-workers into “tolerance camps”, and pull back a little on the thought police – the right might stand down on DOMA a bit.

              1. chris m says:

                “If you agree to stop indoctrinating my 2nd grade child in school, forcing my co-workers into “tolerance camps””

                I agree to that only if you take your Thorazine like a good little boy

          2. waste says:

            I ran for school board in my local town. Due to the economy we were facing a large deficit.
            The unions wouldn’t budge, even though their benefits are greatly out of proportion from what the private sector is doing, they held firm. What can a small school board do against a multi-million dollar organization?
            Therefore, we had to let teachers go.
            One of the teachers we let go was an excellent, young teacher. This teacher was definitely one of the best teachers in the school.
            But due to tenure, we had to let one of the best teachers go and hold onto some of the worst old teachers.
            This is what is wrong with unions.
            They say they want the best for our children, NOT TRUE, they want more money$$$$

            1. just think says:

              Now were talking. This whole mess were in goverment shut downs our federal goverment threatening to take away socail security checks. people out to only think of themselves and how much money they can make. Greed my friend is one of the 7 deadly sins. and we are all deep in it. Our economy our broke ass economy will not improve till we as people stop being selfish and start caring about others start helping our neibors and i mean our neighbors the ones that live next door to us. We need to start caring, start loving, start helping make america what it once was. Money is not everything………

              1. Gardoglee says:

                So if money is not everything, why is it that so much money is spent convincing us to let the people with the most money keep theirs?

              2. Dwane???? says:

                We need to start paying attention to who we are voting for and look into their past to see who he or she is really all about, their beliefs and what is the most important things to them. Not someone blowing hot air up our ass’s. I also believe that we don’t need that many people in the goverment. We could get treated this bad by half as many idiots as their is now. The stupidest thing I ever seen was this light rail. This is all about money, this shut down, so why are we spending 900.000.000.00 on some stupid light rail that maybe 20% of us will ever use. I don’t get it ? Our state needs the money right now.

            2. DBB says:

              Well said…..teachers unions are far too powerful!

            3. teacher says:

              Aren’t we all. The unions are not to blame, I haven’t had a real raise in 15 years. If the administrators do their job you can get rid of bad teachers. Most don’t have the balls to do it. Tenure protects us from poor board members and bad administrators. Most of you can’t be trusted!!

          3. Gay Superiority Rules says:

            Like teaching social issues in schools is not an agenda that has been pushed by the so called “open minded?” It’s not about superiority…it’s about “having” a moral code…which when there is no black and white and everything turns grey…then what???

            1. Sean says:

              You learn to make decisions by thinking things through rather than listening to talk radio

    2. pretzeldude says:

      I wonder who the Dr was that cured him of his cranial rectal inversion.
      Must have been a lot pop when he was cured.

      1. Randy says:

        You’d get worried to if you supply of booze was running short. I hear Dayton only drinks miller.

      2. KeepItReal says:

        None of his demands/conditions will actually be met. It is interesting that he is at least looking like he is helping he unions that bought his govern-she-ship. He finally realize that ALL of MN wants lower taxes, less waste and no more free-loading state workers. This will be the only good decision he makes and will be voted out at the earliest possible opportunity….how about a recall right now. Dayton is a putz!

      3. jordanj says:

        Dayton was visiting MN towns this week and I think the people of Minnesota told him that getting back to work was the most important issue. So he listened.

    3. Really? says:

      Agree! I knew Dayton would run scared, I just thought it would be sooner!!! This is TOO FUNNY!!!!!! But old Mark didn’t seem as drugged up today?

    4. mysticrose says:

      I wonder if the Teapublicans will accept the deal. They would have to give up all their plans for remaking the State in their image, meaning no social agenda. I don’t know if they care enough about the State to actually accept Gov. Daytons deal. I have always thought that you can tell a Democrat by the size and depth of their heart and Teapublicans by the absense of any kind of beating heart. How do you like my new name for the Republican party? The teabaggers control and run the republican party now. So forget about Science, Health Care, caring for the poor, actually anything that is for the good of the people of our State.

    5. Stan says:

      No surpirse for me! Gov. Dayton has quit many times in his life and this time is no exception – he gave up too soon. I have lost all respect from him and the DFL leadership. I will remember this the next time I vote!!!!

  2. Jon Lindquist says:

    *prepares for another two weeks of a shutdown*

    1. Kathy says:

      I don’t agree with the person named Going Down. There is nothing brilliant or genius about this concession. In fact, I’m not a particularily bright person, and I predicted this exact outcome.

      We need a little transparency here. Who exactly are the people that wrote to Governor Dayton and applied such tremendous pressure that all is forgiven the Republicans?

      What is the actual count? Reveal the names. If they become our voice, I want to know why the rest of us were not not notified that our thoughts will be the deciding factor.


      The outcome here is ACT IIII in the STAGED PERFORMANCE of a play that was intended to make it appear very different than it really was. i’M NOT A SCRIPT WRITER, but I knew how this would end from the time of open, and the response I received in my letter to Governor Dayton.

      “Governor Dayton will be working very hard to meet an agreement and prevent a shutdown.,” she wrote. (assistant)

      She did not say that the governor would be working very hard to bring balance and just pursuit to the citizens of Minnesotal










      1. shrugged says:

        Lady this isn’t over yet. When it is, take time to grieve and realize that this isn’t all about you.

        1. Kathy says:



          1. shrugged says:

            Well, Kathy. I actually took the time to read that entire letter you composed, unlike most others would be able to tolerate. And, instead of making you feel worse–point by point–I summed it up simply. Act of deception? Beer was the only thing threatening? I have to stop cuz I’m getting bored again. It’s called compromise Kathy, you can’t always get what you want, you can try sometimes, ya just might find…ya get what ya need. Prazac may help in the following weeks of government trickery. But, the outcome will be the outcome–regardless.

          2. Weed Can Save Us says:

            Ahhh where do you people come from.. do you even have any clue as to how any of this really works?.. nope so lets just type in CAPS

          3. M B says:

            As a person who’s used the internet for over 20 years now, before most even knew it existed, let me give you a bit of a pointer:
            There are only two things that ALL CAPS are used for in internet conversations:
            1) putting emphasis on a word or two, MAYBE a phrase at most.
            Which do you suppose you appear to be doing? It’s the same as running into a crowded room of people and having a screaming fit of epic proportions, the only thing saving you from total public embarrassment is the anonymity of the internet.

            You may be angry, but you just came off as a screaming loon. Try toning it down next time.

          4. Huh?!?!? says:

            You’re point isn’t being taken by anyone, you need to get to your point without ranting. You’ve wasted more space here than dozens of other people put together. If you don’t know how to type in the proper more-readable case, how about you don’t waste the space?
            What I have to say to you is Dayton still is a saint compared to heartless and sometimes brainless Pawlenty. Dayton has been trying to stick to the campaign promises he made, but given Republicans not compromising in the least, and instead added even more, some totally non-budget related items. It is only getting worse, so Dayton is willing to give more than he should to stop the insanity. It really is like a civil war that the Republicans declared (although class war may be the more proper term).

            1. jordanj says:

              Dayton is a saint? Kathy, you are delusional! You voted with your heart, not your head. Get it right the next time.

          5. Ed Zimmerman says:

            Kathy do you live in Minnesota, If you don’t like it leave & find that it’s going on all over the county.

            1. DTM says:

              Eddy, typical ignorant respose from a GOP’er…Great retort. Really put a lot of thought into that response, didn’t you ed…

          6. Alida Miller Adams says:

            Learn how to spell **you’re.

            1. dub says:

              Oh good, grammar police Alida is here to save the day

            2. Slow down Teach says:

              WOOOAH!!! Slow’s a message board!!!! NOT a grammar test!

      2. Bipartisanship says:

        I agree, Kathy. With your first (and only good) point that you are not particularily bright .

        1. Wu says:

          Yes! That actually made me laugh out loud! Hmm… should I have wrote that in all caps?

      3. Carol says:

        Pawlenty is the dumb person that got the STATE of Minnesota in debt in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Pawlenty took away a lot of things from Senior Citizans here in the STATE. Gov. Dayton is doing the best he can with what he has to work with!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. dan says:

          I hear he is headed off to the Wizard of Oz for a brain

      4. shrugged says:

        See Kathy, I actually took it pretty easy on ya with my first response. This isn’t a support group, nobody holds hands here. It’s more like a shark tank. So, step away from the computer and vow to not do this to yourself. Okay, I’m gonna hang up now.

  3. Chuck says:

    Gee, looks like the Governor is willing to compromise AGAIN, let’s see if the Republicans really want a settlement or if their social issues are what it is all about!

    1. Disappointed in humanity says:

      You all make me sick, the pathetic bickering you all are engaging in is the reason we are in this position in the first place. Forget who belongs to what party and lets make some decisions that are good for the majority of people. It’s not about if you are red or blue, it’s about doing what is right… something many of you have forgotten. God help us all.

    2. Going down says:

      The reason this is so smart, is it puts the wedge issues back on the republicans. They thought they’d get it all, but now either they don’t get their wedge junk or they lose even worse in 2012.

      Nice move!!

      1. Citizen says:

        @Going down. It is smart. If the GOP rejects the proposal it will be because of the social engineering issues or adding $500 million to provide jobs. Both are win issues for the governor and will put the GOP in the position of rejecting a bill that does not raise taxes (their big sticking point) yet balances the budget. We will get to see their true colors. Very smart chess move on Governor Dayton’s part.

        1. shrugged says:

          Hold on there Citizen, the way I read that, “$500 million construction projects bill…to get MN back to work”–1st thing I thought was…Vikings.

        2. Billy says:


          Nice Chess Move? Thats like stepping in dog poop and saying I tried to do that.

    3. Lil Joe says:

      Good luck expecting the PAG arm of the TEA movement to surrender. Pray Away Gays is the renewed nemesis driving these folks to “save America”. Then with the ‘Pledge’ to destroy unions……as I say Good Luck

  4. MN Concerned Citizen says:

    @ MN Resident
    The odds are good that this is Dayton’s last politcal career. He’ll either quit before his term is up (like he did as a Senator) or he’ll put MN through 3 more years of he double hockey sticks, and he won’t get reelected.

    1. MN Resident says:

      After the behavior of the current elected Republicans, do you really believe they will be reelected next year? They are the ones that refuse to comprise and they are the ones that did not do their job during regular session but played games with social issues.

      I have been pleasantly surprised at how well Dayton has done, better than I expected.

      1. Cindy says:

        If this report is accurate, the GOP won so I would guess their voters would be happy except for the increased budget.

        Dayton totally failed again, as is consistent with his past performance

        1. Dionne says:

          I wouldn’t say the GOP won. They would still need to make changes to their proposal and agree on the conditions Gov. Dayton set. If this goes through, this would be a good example of compromising.

        2. WE says:

          Koch brothers win agin.

          1. Koch is better than you says:

            Sure I guess…

            Some people are just better than you and always will be

            1. WE says:

              They might be RICHER BUT NOT BETTER

          2. what ever says:

            shut up….what a stupid out of place comment…..

      2. dan says:

        MN Resident,
        A consistent failure in life. Teacher, not welcome in the family businees, deemed the worst Senator and now Govenor.
        I guess if you consider he made it 2 weeks until he folded like a napkin, sure vote for him again if that is all you look for in your representatives.

        1. Dave Campbell says:

          I just spoke with a friend well connected in health care. He says that the GOP budget will result in over 1500 full time jobs lost in the health care industry. Is this how the GOP creates jobs? The work load will still be there. It’s the reimbursement that will decline resulting in job losses.

          1. dan says:

            How is this the GOP budget? Didnt we just compromise? The GOP did not get everything they have asked for. Love how you Dem spin the truth. So you are telling us we will see BCBS or Allina laying off people in the next few months? Doubt it!

        2. dub says:

          He opted out of the family business. Would you have done the same? I doubt it.. And he was a terrific state auditor – at a salary of $1/year. My guess you would never do that – no matter how much your family had in the bank.
          Jealous much?

          1. dan says:

            They wouldnt let him into the family business. This guy is a complete failure at everything he does. If it wasnt for his name and the fact he is a Democrat that has bought every office he has ran for he would still be a tenured teacher that nobody wants.

            1. dub says:

              ok danny, you keep telling yourself that to make yourself feel better….is it working yet?

      3. Dicky says:

        I voted for Dayton. After this announcement and past wimping out by the left side, I’m just not voting anymore. It’s that simple. They don’t represent my views, they don’t need my vote. This is the last time I am going to put up with their promises and then they wimp out and leave us in a lurch.
        We had good reason to be able to defeat the republicans in the next election. Now, with this offer, Dayton has just handed them the next election on a golden platter.

      4. Bill says:

        Can’t wait till next year when we can throw the rest of the liberal socialist dems out of office

    2. Me says:

      The GOP will destroy this state. The middle class will not make it.

      1. Bud says:

        I am middle class and am so sick and tired of paying for Dayton and the DEMS out of control spending, more and more demands by government workers/teachers for higher incomes, more benefits, more demands for social give-aways than I can afford for my own employees. Suck it up ME, get off the dole and be a productive member of society. Once you become middle class, you will have a legitimate beef about government not those of us who are carrying you.

        1. This Bud's for you says:

          Bud, why don’t you take time and look around for the success stories instead of listening to White Man Trash Talk Radio for your political feed. Spend a day at Mary’s place talking to the homeless, volunteer at Vail Place in Minneapolis and get to know some of the people who struggle with mental health issues. Really listen to the people who find themselves in disparate situations and hear how they have the same dreams nd aspirations as you have Bud. Volunteer to drive a person who doesn;t have a car to job interviews or even help them write their resume. If you have the resources help sponsor a person in need with some of there vocational training tuition. If enough Bud’s will do this Minnesota will be a better place.

          1. chad says:

            Those aren’t the people we are worried about. It’s those that have established a life syle of sitting on their butts and receiving a check because they can. I mean geez why would you wanna work for a living, oh i know why because you are lazy and the government systems have made people rely on government to provide…….oh wait that would be me and the others like me that actually pay taxes every year.

            And by the way, on the “one accident away from having my family broke and on state aide” i have done things, in which i am paying for, to take care of my family if that were to happen. I sure as heck dont want my family having to rely on the governemnt. It’s to bad that there are those whom do not think the same way

            1. mj says:

              chad, glad to see you and Bud use some common sense. I know families that are 3 generations of welfare.

              1. JOE says:

                We need to do what Mich. just did which was to limit the length of time you can be on welfare to 4 years.

                1. Stop Welfare says:

                  Joe, 4 years is way too long, 2 years is more than enough, Just look at all the illegals on welfare, Also all the somallians that the churches brought into our country are on welfare and also tax free for 7 years. They get free schooling while our kids try to work for minimum wage because we could not afford to send them to school, Time to stop welfare for non citizens, Wcco reported that our state has over 40 percent of all samillians living on our tax dollarsa

                2. DTM says:

                  @Stop Welfare…..Where are you pulling those ridiculuos numbers from? The churches brought the Somalias here, the Somolians are on welfare tax free for 7 years? What in the world are you talking about? ‘m sure you can provide evidence to these claims, correct?
                  And illegals on welfare…how many? Do you have any real idea or do you just like throwing out inane statistics with no basis?

            2. Jackie says:

              Let me know what kind of lavish lifestyle can be lived off of $437/month? Ignorance is not bliss, poverty hurts us ALL

              1. Fact says:

                Thats $437 that could have gone to someone that deserves it because they worked for it

              2. mj says:

                Jackie, you can’t be that ignorant.

              3. KR says:

                But that $437 a month goes further when only 30% goes towards rent (section 8), food is covered by MFIP, medical is covered by MA, utility assistance, etc.

                I would have less of a gripe about one single system–my issue is the number of programs, and the number of employees required to administer them.

                1. Jackie says:

                  Believe me, I’m not ignorant. What is ignorant is to believe that ANYONE would WANT to commit to having a life of living on government money, you don’t get a raise nor do you get anything close to being able to live a comfortable lifestyle. The purpose of government aid is for people who are having trouble getting employment due to various factors albeit discrimination (having a “black” name makes you 50% less likely to be called for a job interview), disability, no access to transportation, education etc. I know many people on here who spew the stereotypes of people on government programs have never worked with people or been in the position to need government aid, so believe me when I say most people on aid would LOVE to get off and be securely employed. PLEASE tell me where the jobs are and I will gladly send my clients there to perform the hard work they are willing to do so that they may feed their families and send their kids to college. Until MN engages in fair hiring, education, and funding practices we are going to see more and more poverty. I want to also mention, the actual percentage of welfare fraud by individual citizens PALES in comparison to corporate fraud on the State level AND federal level. It never ceases to amaze me how people are so easily distracted from the REAL problems hindering our precious U.S. of A from excelling. Keep worrying about the $437 families get to try and stay ALIVE and we’ll be watching our country sink to the bottom of the ocean.

                  Fact: Only 20% of Minnesotan’s who qualify for food stamps receive them.

                  I am a woman who has a college degree and 2 jobs. I still have to utilize state aid (childcare, medical, and energy assistance) so that me and my family can stay afloat and so I can keep working hard at my non-profit jobs so that there can be less homeless children and pregnant women on the streets of MN. I don’t want to be punished for not working at a for-profit business and making a wage that would not require I be government assistance, rather, I find my happiness trying to help the people of MN who are less fortunate than myself and many other Minnesotans out there.

                  Btw, I also believe there is a desperate need for government reform, but it means more than cutting, cutting, cutting the lifelines of human beings.

            3. Dennie says:

              I am so overwhelmed by all of this so please dont eat me up too badly. These are the situations used as an excuse to justify cuts to programs for those who really need them. I am a single mom to a severely disabled child whom I adopted from foster care. I never in my life thought I’d be forced to stop working to care for him. Look, Im just doing what a mom does…I gave up all benefits including medical care for myself and cashed in all retirement to care for him. We live a very modest lifestyle and get by because I am a family care giver paid a salary through his MA waiver. Cuts to MA programs like family caregiving and programs for traumatic brain injuries were specifically stated as targets by the legislature and those are the issues in my family. Rates for those who care for people with disabiliteis and the elderly are based on PCA rates which are not what one would call middle class. But it is above poverty and we do not qualify for reduced housing or food stamps etc. And I am not saying I want that, just that we are too low income to buy insurance and even food sometimes, but too high income to qualify for any assistance. Now they are saying there should be another reduction in this rate, this time by 30%! No dramatic effect here, I will for sure lose my apt and have to pay fines for breaking the lease to boot. Not to mention the toll it will take on my son who is Autistic and severely brain injured from a tumor. There is no child care for me to put him in and no babysitter willing to be hit, kicked or bitten once in a while. Yet he has made such amazing progress and has potential that will be at risk if this happens. I will be forced to make a decision as to whether or not he will go to residential care. This is the whole point of the MA waiver…to keep costs down by keeping people in the home rather than facing the financial (and human) cost of institutional care. There is no one who thinks he is at that level as long as I can care for him. But without my 24 hour/day care I dont know what choice is left, we are connected with every social service agency available and there is no answer to this except hospitals…not even a group home. Politics aside, what do people want us to do? There is no private charity or organization that will take this over. I have lost sleep and I am an unusually calm person most of the time. There is no way for me to get ahead. or to “plan” for not being on state aid. Nice theory if one is not living paycheck to paycheck with a sick child .I work any odd jobs i can but am severely limited because I am dependent on his ILS support to show up for the 12 hours we get each week. That doesn’t happen consistently because at this pay rate you mostly have students or non-career minded folks to choose from. Schedules are all based on their availablilty. I could work evenings but I fear child protection would be involved then (sarcasm). There are many, many people in this situation. I am not asking for pity because I realize I am blessed to be a mom and to live in a country where so far we have not been put out of a home. Oh well, no vacations or fancy clothes…that is not important in life compared to his chance AT A LIFE. It is a misconception that there are only tons of folks abusing the system and that most want to stay at home. Far more low income people would love to be able to go to ANY legitimate job that would allow us to provide for our family. And even considering system abusers…targeting them hurts those who are legitimately needy people. Go ahead and work on the defects in the system and rules that allow the abuse, but dont keep targeting MA for the disabled. The cuts are not to programs for the chronically lazy…they are targeting those who are medically needy. I would love a day off by going back to work! No other job paid through the state is being targeted for such huge pay cuts to help balance the budget. Anyone want to hire a special needs teacher for any legitimate job that allows me to care for my son at home? Believe me…I have looked….so, probably not, right?. please visit The ARC of MN or other organizations which explain the complex needs of people who are not choosing to be needy.

              1. @ Dennie says:

                I’m gonna make this quick—and with hasty compassion for YOU. Ya know– in an airplane– when they instruct you to put on your own oxygen mask first prior to helping anyone else? That’s what you need to do right now. There will be cuts to waiver funding. How much? I don’t know. You need to contact your caseworker and look into the DD waiver or the CADI waiver and get the ball rolling. Be realistic, you’ve already been altruistic. If that means your child moving into foster care and you getting back to work—so be it. You need to find what works before you worry yourself into a cancer. Good luck. It will get better.

                1. DTM says:

                  I agree with @Dennie, but there are no CADI slots. Ramsey alone has a waiting list over 400. DD might be a better fit. Best of luck to you.

                2. Dennie says:

                  Thanks, I appreciate your comments, really, I do. But there is no foster care or group home for a chld like him…ONLY instsitution. (we have been through this for a long time now).He is at high risk for abuse because of his brain injury and his provocative behaviors which are beyond his control. It is just not that simple, and it would ruin him. Foster care is generally stressful for kids but for a child who already has attachment issues and high anxiety as well as a need for structure and routine….going out of a home could be the end of any possiblity for a productive life. .He has a TBI waiver….I actually would be okay with a general waiver cut… I get it we all have to do our part. But cuts to MA are heavier %-wise compaired to other areas of spending. Let the families decide where to cut in terms of services purchased with lower waiver budget.. I would rather cut some of the adapted therapies in our last budget than lose our housing because of mandated pay cuts to the salaries of care givers. That is the point of consumer directed services using waiver monies….to save MA monies overall and to allow for the disabled individuals to have input into their quality of life. Do not mandate a pay cut for PCA’s, parent prividers and family providers. We can influence the outcome of this…please call and ask your legislator to listen to the people who truly need these services.

          2. Bud says:

            How do you know I don’t volunteer? So if I volunteer for your little pet projects than I’m okay? Here’s a thought……where do you suppose the money/items comes from for Mary’s/Vail place, Joseph’s Coat, Little Sisters of the Poor, Meals on Wheels etc.? Where does the medical care come from that these folks can have free of charge? Monetary donations from companies/employees such as mine as well as doctor’s/clinics so you don’t have a corner on the market of selfless time share.

            1. frozenrunner says:

              Yes but what time do you of yourself to others, Your post would lead me to believe very little. It is a far different working with people. You are talking of giving money or goods and staying far away from people who’s lives are different than yours. Sometimes it is about learning more about a group of people. That would also be true for some of the liberals to understand that all conservatives are not like the leaders of the party.

            2. joe says:

              I agree with frozen runner. It is far different donating money through work than actually volunteering at one of these places. I challenge you Bud to make a commitment to volunteer at one of these places 3 hours aweek. I gaurentee that your perspective will change. Plan a volunteer project through your HR dept and go down and help serve meals, help the homeless. In the process listen to where they came from and what their dreams are. They are not unlike you or I.

              1. Jackie says:

                I think ALL American citizens should be required to volunteer 200 hours out of their lives at a non-profit agency. I think that’ll bring a little better perspective for people.

                1. KM says:

                  Then it wouldn’t be “volunteer” would it? The schools now even require students to have a certain amount of “volunteer” hours before they can graduate.

                2. mj says:

                  Cry me a river Jackie.

          3. Yes says:

            Exactly right!!!!!

          4. Stanley says:

            “this buds for you” I don’t like how you imply that the GOP is consists of white men because they are less than 50% of the population, heck some are woman or oooooooh even minorites! You just think that because you are closed minded racist. We are such a nice state we even elect people with mental health issues to be governor. Homeless are homeless mostly by choice, see housing assistance. How are they going to get to the job if they get it? Maybe they should take metro transit that we pay out of the ears to cart liberals around on? Why do people need a sponser for vocational training? Are they white males? NO? Then they have access to government grants. Every issue you bring up has multiple government programs AND several non-profits to fill the gap. People that don’t use these services or demand more simply do not want to change or receive real life changing help.

            1. Jackie says:

              You are obviously of the over-privileged ilk. I would LOVE for you to introduce me to someone who is homeless and wonders where there next meal who will tell me they are starving by CHOICE. Read a few books, hell, watch PBS’ “Race: The Power of an Illusion” and understand the roots of poverty in America. The LARGEST receivers of government AID has been and continues to be WHITE people. Please READ READ READ and get to know accurate historical and recent FACTS. Then we can begin to work together to build a bridge towards a better America.

              1. frozenrunner says:

                Not to rag on you Jackie. Of course more white people receive government aid than black people. 1, there are more white people, 2. There is a lot of corporate welfare. The other half the problem would be the that group of people who complain they “never get nuthing from the guvment” and think anyone who is black is getting something. Have a nice night.

          5. Jason says:

            @ this buds for you. Wow, White man trash. That can be viewed as offensive by some. Possibly racist? This is a repost wcco must not like me pointing this out.

          6. MN can survive says:

            Another side to the story, I know of a gal who lives at Mary’s Place with her 5 kids. She has enough money for her nails, hair and dresses better than you or I. She works part time and her babysitter is free. I’m sure there are many other tales such as this one. Par down welfare, get rid of the illegals so we are keeping MN money here, make sure welfare is not supporting a second wife of the Muslims, and put restrictions on EBT cards, no cash.

            1. MN can survive is right says:

              Amen sister.

        2. Bud says:

          That’s one thing about the middle class – they always crawl back and don’t stop until they do. Not sit and brood and weep poor me while waiting for a the dole. Dole is not only welfare fool – dole is paying for someone else’s benefits such as government workers health care and retirement. It is paying for the social security to a government that raided the money and left an IOU there. I pay my own and my employees healthcare and they share in the costs and it’s more than the government workers. No I’m not one DUI away from or other situation you have listed because I have taken the bull by the horns and set things up so my family is taken care of should something happen to me. It’s called responsibility and it begins with me and I’m proud of it!!!

          1. dub says:

            @Bud….No, many in the middle class experience a misfortune and do not “always crawl back” Where do you get this? Take your blinders off, bud, and look around.

        3. eric says:

          “out of control” You repeat talking points having no clue what you mean.

        4. Me says:

          Mark my words you will see!

        5. Claire says:

          Its called getting your finances in order in case something happens. Life, disibility and health insurance are the basics to protecting you and your family. Reasonable if you are eating peanuts, out driving around in your beamer or smoking its up to you to protect you and your family, not the rest of society

          1. Gardoglee says:

            Claire, I always thought I was being responsible by having health insurance (always the premium option even if it cost me more), disability insurance and life insurance and the like. I was stably employed at a major company in a growing industry. And then one day I discovered how much of the expense from an unexpected medical emergency was not covered even by my premium health insurance, what might happen to one’s career progress if one was suddenly away from their job for an extended period of recovery (even with six months of banked sick leave days), how the disability insurance cut off immediately when the doctor said I could return to work for one half day each week (you don’t get full salary for half a day a week) and how quickly a stable financial picture could degenerate into chaos. Don’t delude yourself into thinking it could not happen to you even if you have been responsible and planned ahead. Real life often brings different things than what you planned for.

            1. Dennie says:

              thank you for that….I was wondering if some of the posts were from people who never had a financially devastating problem happen to them. I am super responsible but due to health issues with my child am living in a very tricky situation. No family member and certainly no church people have offered me housing or a job that works with his needs. He is alive and I am thankful but, wow, finances are a struggle and it is not from being irresponsible. Bad things happen to responsible people too. I actually had to go to a food shelf once this year. I cried the whole way home. Some day soon I will go back to being a donor I hope.

        6. Linda Jones says:

          I respectfully disagree. Speaking as someone who works for a living, and also attends college full-time, I think those who are “carrying us” (?) better step off the high horse and actually do something worthwhile instead of degrading those who actually represent most of the State population.

          1. Bud says:

            Linda, I thank you for your respectful response and civil discourse but you are not being “carried.” In the interim, you may need some tax breaks or assistance to help you and I’m all for that. You are working toward the future – with a goal to support yourself and better yourself and your family. It’s the folks who sit back and DEMAND their ever increasing freebies that I have a problem with not the folks like you who are working toward a goal. I support you 100%!

            1. Utopia says:

              Never met one of “those” people and neither have you…….

              1. Randy says:

                You should come down to the west 7th neighborhood. We can walk down my alley and you can find plenty of “those” people they drink steele reserve and I call the ambulance when they can’t stay awake and make out of the alley.

            2. Had enough says:

              Bud, you are absolutely correct. I am all for people getting some assistance when they need it but when I see a group of people crawl out of an Cadillac to buy the newest High definition T.V. from Best Buy and then go to Cub Foods and buy pop and snacks using food stamps that is enough to tick anyone off. It has become a way of life for many people. It isn’t going to change unless cuts are made and welfare fraud is kept in check. The more money we pay in taxes the more the democrats are going to want. Why as a hard working, college attending person do I have to keep my spending in check and drive an old beater car while someone on welfare can drive a fancy expensive car and have the newest electronics. Seems to some people that is only fair. Why??

              1. SO SAD says:

                Which comes down to government employees not doing their jobs. Doesn’t matter which party you belong to. Why are people on welfare for as long as they have been? Why do they get food stamps for as long as they have? Why are they living in Section 8 housing for as long as they been? I thought the programs were to be temporary, not a way of life. Government workers do you job!!!

                1. mj says:

                  More people they can sign up for welfare, the more govt. workers.

            3. mj says:

              You go Bud. 100% correct

              1. just saying says:

                I think people also need to remember that the government workers that have to regulate this also have to work within the laws that the legislature sets I’m sure that many government workers don’t necessarily like all the laws either, but they have to work within them. And for all the people that want to talk about welfare fraud, just remember, fraud is at all levels. I have two names for you – Tom Petters and Denny Hecker. And those are not the only two well off people that commit fraud.

                1. also just sayin says:

                  Petters and Hecker are in prison where they belong.

                2. just saying says:

                  also just saying – if you think that people aren’t also sitting in jail for welfare fraud, you’re sadly mistaken, just search the news and you will find plenty of stories. True, I’m sure there are many people that get away with it, but there also many more Petters and Hecker stories out there too that are getting away with stuff. And when people are aware of people committing fraud, they should do the responsible thing and turn them in. People want to talk about how they know someone committing fraud and complain about how wrong it is, but no one wants to turn them in.

              2. DTM says:

                mj, you really don’t have a clue what you are talking about do you? “More people they can sign up for welfare, the more govt. workers.”….You really believe that? Come spend a day with someone with Ramsey County Eligibility…moron.

                1. mj says:

                  DTM, You must work for Ramsey Co. Now tell us how you are overworked. P.S. I wont call you names.

                2. DTM says:

                  mj, I never mentioned that I was overworked. But terrific rebuttal, you really provided solid evidence for your assertion that “more people they can sign up for welfare, the more govt. workers.”

                  I am humbled by your vastly superior debating prowess…kudos to you!

            4. Deenie says:

              I am honestly asking…not being rude. What programs have increased??? where?? I do understand the frustration when there is abuse of public resources but having worked to help people find resources for many years I have to wonder where these increasing freebies are?

        7. Tea Party Time says:

          I’m with YOU BUD! The GOP will KILL the MIDDLE CLASS?

          I think the GOP is standing up for the middle class and is doing what they can to prevent the LOWER CLASS and people living off the Govt with unrealistic pay structures and welfare lifers from soaking us ALL dry!

          Why should the top 66% PAY for the lower 33%! And soak us dry!!!!

          There is NO incentive to WORK your way out of poverty in MN…..only to work to become a “non-working” employee of the state!!!!

          1. Bryan says:

            God… the stupidity of GOP and tea party supporters never ceases to amaze me…. Tea Party Time… your statement is 200% stupid and 1000% igonorant. Go read some John Locke “The social contract” or any other political and social philosophy book and expand your thinking… god what idiots are among us… The top 66% do not pay for the lower 33% (thats not even 100%) where did that 1% go??? Lower taxes on the rich does not increase jobs. It has been proven over and over again… idiots.

            1. Jackie says:

              AGREE 100% I hate when people have opinions when they haven’t really indulged in an effort to educate themselves on the topics at hand. That’s exactly why we have the Tea Party (who’s ignorance reveals itself within their own title) influencing American politics. I’m all for freedom of speech, but can we PLEASE require people be able to read facts instead of believing anything they hear? It’s getting real depressing and embarrassing.

              1. mj says:

                Way to go Jackie! You work for a program that doles out welfare and you accept welfare. How depressing and embarrassing.

                1. Going down says:

                  @mj please quit projecting your self hatred onto other, I know it’s hard to care about yourself when you feel so much hate.

            2. DFL "stuck in the 20's" for almost 100 years! says:

              Oops…I guess my statement means nothing because I fat fingered one of the numbers….

              If you want to “split hairs” there……a statement can NOT be “200%” ANYTHING….let alone 1000%….

              You are basing “real life” in the 21st century based on a book written WHEN?

              That’s the problem with you DFL’ers and your out dated theory’s?

              I agree…unions back in the industrial revolution WERE important….but times have changed?

              So quit quoting your out dated theory’s and join the 21st century!

              I have an idea….I’ll read your outdated book….and maybe you need to read Current Trends in Economics: Theory and Applications…a book written in 1999 (not even in the 21st century……but hey….I seem to be off by ONE all the time right?)

              Maybe if you understood MODERN economics… may understand why we all get so upset!

              1. wow says:

                Hey Einstein (DFL “stuck in the 20’s” for almost 100 years!) if you’re going to get all nitpicky, it’s theories, not “theory’s” and outdated is one word, no need for all caps

                1. World of Warcraft? says:

                  Woops… are correct! Sorry…..I guess I was more interested in getting my point across than checking my grammar…..

                  Touché (I hope I spelled that right…)

                2. wow says:

                  @World of Warcraft – or is it DFL “stuck in the 20’s” for almost 100 years!- Pretty slick there changing names you sly guy! …are you sorry about your grammar or your inability to get your point (whatever it might be, it’s pretty fuzzy) across?
                  Either way, you failed.

                3.'s me still says:

                  It’s still me…I just like to change my name to keep pople like you guessing….and how did I FAIL to get my point across?

                  If your going to say I “failed”……I would think you would be smart enough to provide some proof?

                  I was man enough to admit my grammar errors since you have no other foot to stand on…..more than you DFL’ers can say!

                4. changing my name again! says:

                  OH MY GOD!…I forgot a letter in PEOPLE!!! My point is SHOT!!!! DFL’ers need to have things SPELLED out for them if they are to understand ANYTHING!

                  Oh well…..

                5. well says:


                  No, I still don’t see DFL “stuck in the 20’s” for almost 100 years!’s point…

      2. billy says:


        By forcing it to live within its means? All govt entities have a budget except one. The Feds. Low and behold they are 14 Trillion dollars in debt. Enough said!

        1. Me says:

          Thanks to the RICH. That run the repugs.

          1. billy says:

            Why dont you take a look at a political donar list. Then comment on who the rich own.

            1. Leroy says:

              It’s the unions that control the Democratic party it is so suprizing that one condition is to leave the out of control unions alone.

      3. Brad says:

        @ Me,

        Sounds like you either have to become upper class or lower class then. Which one will you choose? Probably the easiest (poor). Get off the couch and get an education and make something of yourself.

    3. frozenrunner says:

      More incorrect statements coming out of an obvious right winger. Dayton never quit the senate. He did not run for reelection. You could even try and remember that he said he did not have enough of his own money to run again.

      1. Gardoglee says:

        Perhaps he’s confusing Dayton with another former governor who did quit her job to become a reality show personality. Or maybe the other former governor of Minnesota who quit as mayor of a Minnesota city, and then effectively quit as Minnesota governor to be a color commentary personality for the XFL (whatever that was…) Or maybe he just learned to make up his own facts by watching some network “news”.

      2. Leroy says:

        That’s because no one would support him. He has no lack for cash.

    4. Nancy says:

      1) Will look better for Dayton than the spoiled children running the GOP and 2) He did not quit during his term as Senator. He just didn’t run for a second term. 3) He could get re-elected in a heartbeat. Others not so lucky.

      1. Bud says:

        The only reason he won Nancy is becase the 3rd party idiot took votes from Emmer and Dayton still nearly lost. Your own magazine bible, Time Magazine named him the worst senator. He will not get re-elected in a heart beat when he could barely do it the first time. Thank goodness for a strong GOP leadership that put the cap on the weasel.

        1. Me says:

          Another emmer looser

          1. disgusted says:

            Really? you you call someone a “Looser”? What, are you dabbling in politics at the Library between fapping sessions?

              1. stay in school says:

                YOU TWO? HaHa.

                1. Me(ntal moron) says:


                  What’s the diff?


                  I think “ME” stnad for

                  Me Educated (NOT!!!)


                  Keep it up “ME”……just shows you DFL supports have NO CLUE how a REAL economy is run!

            1. wow says:

              @disgusted: And you with your superior intelligence still managed to not capitalize a sentence…Hello pot, this is kettle. You’re black

              1. Not from MN says:

                @wow….I have to ask where you came up with such a GREAT “handle”? Did you think “Wow….I am sure a smart person…..I’ll use WOW as my handle!”

                Or…..did you look in the mirror and see a “Way Old Woman”


                I bet we know….

                1. Not Not from MN says:

                  Well, I was all set to use “Not from MN” but alas, it was taken. I scrambled to think of a new one just so I could get my post in.

                  Say, how long did it take you to think up “Way Old Woman”? My guess is you plugged it into Google and searched for a real zinger. And do you mean Way Old Woman in the elderly more knowledgeable sense? If so, sure, that’s what it stands for. If not, do you have something against older women? Silly me, I guess you being a conservative we all know the answer to that…

                  Well, kudos to you! You did it! You really do belong on these boards. You offer more than most others can only dream of offering.

                  Thank you for stopping by.

    5. Nancy says:

      Additionally,watch property taxes soar under the GOP plan. Mine tripled under Pawlenty’s “no new taxes” rein. We’ll all be forced to sell off to the few left with enough capitol to afford property. Maybe we can rent from our new landlords.

      1. Hint to Nancy says:

        Don’t live in a big city or a county with a big city and your property taxes will remain low. Its amazing how much money you can save by moving away from the welfare losers and their enablers

        1. wjaag says:

          Boy are you wrong!! It has nothing to do witht he big city as I came from a small town and our township had higher taxes than they are down here!! I agree with nancy and it is true we will be renting to our new owners!!!

          1. Claire says:

            Looks like you are one of the many who purchased homes theyu couldnt afford. Usually one takes into consideration an increase in taxes and insurance.

          2. Bud says:

            Small towns get hit the hardest because of the government in the form of the local school. More and more money is needed for school districts that can’t manage their money and need more and more money for teachers retirements and healthcare. At least in the city we have business and a higher population density to try and offset it.

      2. Jon says:

        You know why your property taxes went up Nancy? Because during pawlenty, the value of your property/house went up. Get a clue

        1. Justsayin says:

          actually, Pawlenty cut aid to local governments, reduced promised payments to school districts and generally didn’t cut spending but didn’t actually fund any of it. He kicked the can down the road to the next governor and legislature by essentially borrowing money. Property taxes went up because local governments had to actually pay for schools, local roads, etc etc etc. The spike in property values had pretty much peaked in 2003 and was definitely done by 2006. His first term wasn’t horrible but the second was so much about positioning himself to run for president that it became ridiculous. Frankly, it’s too bad Dayton caved. There are many many issues and programs that people (particularly in this economy) rely upon that will be impacted. Additionally, this really only kicks that can further down the road versus some actual reforms in spending and in revenues. No tax reforms, no restoration of a tax rate on high wealth individuals that was actually fair to both high wealth individuals and to the state. Going to make the 2013/14 budget REALLY messy particularly given the federal budget debates and the consequences for state governments.

      3. Bud says:

        That will be your Lord Dayton fool! When the Dems are told no, they will get their pound of flesh from you one way or another. Where do you think the money will come from to pay Daytons huge budget??? Your property taxes Nancy and my hard earned money. I’m tired of paying for all the gimme’s that Dayton is ahead of.

        1. JOE FOR GOVT says:

          Then move to North dakota if you do not like the quality of life in Minnesota.

          1. Bud says:

            I like the quality of life in MN – if you like government so much move to California. They have plenty of it to go around!!!! You’d like it there – sky high taxes, more laws than can be enforced and freebies galore!

        2. Get a clue . . . says:

          Bud –

          Get a clue. Not one penny of your “property taxes” fund the states budget. However, they do fund the programs that are mandated to cities, counties, school districts and special taxing districts BY THE STATE and receive no funding for those mandates. Actions taken by the legislature (regardless of party lines) do impact your property taxes.

          1. Bud says:

            Au contraire Clue – property taxes are tagged for the schools which is part of the state budget. Whatever they can’t get from the state has to come directly from increasing property taxes. It is essentially a double dip. And very clearly stated by you!

    6. Linda Jones says:

      Must be a GOP supporter; all I read is Governor Dayton’s strong insistence that ALL Minnesotans are given support, and not just the 2 percent that hold the money. Get a grip and remember the rest of us who live (and vote) in Minnesota. I have more respect than ever for Governor Dayton, and less respect for the GOP party.

  5. Kate2000 says:

    How strange … a day after a story breaks about a beer distributor not being able to sell beer in MN, the shut down ends.

    All hail Miller/Coors!!


    1. TCJay says:

      Right on! Mmmmmmmmmmmm….beer.

    2. smw says:

      lol nice! Beer is important in this state!

      1. Linda says:

        I think it’s because they couldn’t put the big Muskie in the record books 🙂

    3. A. Minneapolitan says:

      With all the garbage that is being put out here as “enlightening commentary,” you, Dear Kate, really put something forward.

      Bravo, Kate!

  6. GOPSUX says:

    It is likelyn that the dirty republican filth still won’t move at all. They are dirty republican filth.

    1. Bill says:

      Rather be Republican filth than Commie Socialist Democrat!!

      1. Mark says:

        Rather have a consistant caring heart for those less fortunate than myself, than to be a greedy uncaring slob like some of the commets shown by the republicants whose only hope and desire is to destroy our democracy and ruin our nation!

        1. Cindy says:

          Good for you to care for people lees fortunate than yourself. I commend you for that – just make sure to do it with YOUR OWN MONEY!

          1. Scandia - Ruth says:

            When your missfortune hits you where do you plan to turn. Shame, shame on you for yoour non caring attitude.

            1. Cindy says:

              Church or family – where charity belongs

              1. Where is the Love. says:

                And where do you turn to when your family or church is unable to help support you?

              2. dub says:

                Yeah, the churches have soooooo much money to give….

                Maybe r-think that statement and get back to us with an intelligent response. Or, just go away.

          2. Mark says:


            I guess you would much rather have all programs destroyed?

            when your 90, I hope you don’t need social security or medicare to take care of you.

            I hoipe you are never blessed with a child who needs constant medical care, or additional help in school, cause if you don’t have enough money I guess in your world your child would have to die. I feel sorry for you with that attitude.

            I hope you never need anyone’s help Cindy, because if more people like you are around, I guess the only help you will get is that push over the cliff!

          3. Kirby says:

            I’m sure that’s what Jesus would say too! I’ll try to find the verse

        2. Mark Too says:

          Real caring for others – Teach a man to fish so he is fed for the rest of his life.
          (K-12 paid education. How serious you take that education and what you do with it . . . That’s what “separates the men from the boys”.)

          NOT real caring for others – Give a man a fish, he’ll be hungry tomorrow.
          (Too much welfare, need more incentives to work rather than stick your hand out.)

          This country/state has been giving out far too many handouts for far too long. A lot more tough love is what’s needed here.


      You know GOP…EVERY post you post just says “Repub filth” this “repub filth” that….

      Why don’t you TRY and at least submit something that doesn’t make you look like a 12 year old pot head…..

      Why? That’s right..YOU CAN’T! Your a moron!

      1. AJ-EA says:

        The correct spelling is “You’re (you + are) a moron!” It appears that you’re not so smart either.

        1. missing the point says:

          Maybe it was written that way for a reason? OH! That’s right……you may not see the “humor” in that…

          why would I use “that’s” and NOT You’re? Hmmmm…….go figure….

          1. AJ-EA says:

            That’s a very weak attempt to save face, buddy. Just admit it. You and all Democrats are just a bunch of selfish, whiny, cry-babies who expect more from others than you do from yourself which you are too ignorant to see and too naive to admit. Furthermore, if you think you provided and “humor,” well…You’re not very funny.

            1. You must be reading the wrong post... says:

              AJ-EA……I think you must be reading the WRONG post? Me? A DFL’er? This post was against “GOPSUX”!
              Read the response!

              When I state “GOP” it’s pointed to “GOPSUX”! (See his worthless comments about “filth this and filth that”)

              Really? You can’t tell that post was AGAINST GOPSUX? Slow down…take a deep breath and maybe re-read it prior to bashing someone….

              Sorry… really need to look at the post closer….

              1. dub says:

                Ha! Just like the GOP…confused. Nice work AJ-EA

            2. dub says:

              A Grammar Nazi….I guess when one has nothing of real value to add to a discussion…

              Good for you AJ-EA! You got on the board!

  7. ted says:

    Dayton hit the nail on the head. It wasn’t ever about the budget. Good for Dayton. Will he GOP accept? Bets are that they will not and then we will know what is really going on.

  8. Dean says:

    Dan I can’t believe you are calling Gov Dayton, Goofy, considering he as State Auditor never wanted to be paid anything and was forced to accept something so he accepted a salary of $1 tell me how many GOP’s would do that? Getting rid of the Union’s really are you that ignorant? The Union have over the years given the type of health care you currently have in your job considering the way your are talking I’ll assume you think your higher up in some big company. Well without unions your company wouldn’t have the quality of health coverage you have so maybe you should think things through before you open your mouth Goofy Dan

    1. Cindy says:

      It is/was a smart move on rich-boy dayton’s part to not accept a salary that way when he fails (again and again) there is nothing to complain about because “you get what you pay for”

      As for your union blabbering … its not working anymore, you guys are on the way out and we will all be better off for it

      1. frozenrunner says:

        Think about it every time you end up paying more for your health care. When you are older in your profession and fired because you cost too much you will understand what a union can do for you.
        If you look at Dayton’s term as auditor you will find nothing to besmirch him on other than the is two things you are not: rich, democrat

        1. Cindy says:

          I work for myself and would rather pay more to an insurance company than give one dime to a corrupt union goon. At least the insurance company actually performs a service.

          Like I said, give it up and you and goofy dayton deserve each other

          1. sw says:

            What? Exactly what “service” do insurance companies provide? They don’t give me medical care. The “premiums” that insurance companies charge go up every year. As a matter of fact, I don’t even refer to them as premiums, I now refer to them as taxes. And republicans never complain about these taxes going up. Insurance companies make money by denying claims to people, then the CEO’s pay themselves out with nice fat bonuses. A bigger racket I’ve never seen. And you people complain about government? Unbelievable.

            1. Cindy says:

              service = I pay a monthly premium and if I need it they take care of the bills

              Never once have I ever had claim denied, the only people I have encountered that have had claims denied are on medicare or gov care

              If I have a problem with the salary of the CEO of the insurance company I do business with or if they deny claims I will move my business to a different company

              This is how capitalism works but I don’t expect you commies to understand that and I’m sick of arguing so I and the rest of the conservatives will just continue to defeat you. Communism never wins

              1. Mark says:

                WAKE UP Cindy and the rest of you!

                Capitalism + an economic system
                Democracy, Socialism, Communism, etc= a type of government

                Plutocracy/Facism= the new America. If you’re not sure what it means, look it up in a dictionary. thanks to public school, I know how to use one, thank you.

                1. shrugged says:

                  Is that trig or algebra? I don’t get your point.

              2. frozenrunner says:

                First off, name calling is in poor taste. One would think if you worked for yourself you would have manners. Second of all with your insurance if it is PPO don’t get serious medical conditions or have parts that wear out. Then you will discover what you paid for.

                1. Cindy says:

                  Well, my manners are impeccable. What is so wrong with me wanting to keep my own money for me? Why should my business help pay for some freeloaders. My tax money goes right out the window! And don’t tell me it goes to the police, I have never had to call the cops

            2. JOE FOR GOVT says:

              I have many friends who left state government to work for Insurance companies. They get more money and perform less work.. an even bigger racket.

          2. Scandia - Ruth says:

            Cindy, health insurance companies are only as good as your health. If you get sick and cost them too much you will be dropped. Then who will you appeal tofor help?

          3. WE says:

            @Cindy what corner do you work on? I would like know so you can get RICHER.

        2. dan says:

          Minnesota has laws against age discrimination and in regards to lifetime Pension or health insurance for you and your family, the writing is on the wall…………..The American Public is not going to bail out your failed Union.

        3. chad says:

          Yes i agree, they can drive up the costs at businesses, such as health care, becasue they are getting cadillac plans, and unreasonable retirement plans and pensions that will ultimately break the companies that are having to offer them to union employees. they served their purpose when they began, better working conditions and fair pay. Today they have taken that to a new extreme, and it’s about how big of a plan then can get, and how well we can seet our employees into a compnay to the point where an underperforming worker can sit on their can and feel protected because it takes an act of congress to get rid of a union employee. Yep, well done unions.

      2. Stien says:

        Careful! Not all unions are with the Dems! Do some checking! But I suppose those unions are ok right?

        1. Taxed enough says:

          You name me one union that does not back the Dems and I will contact them to come and represent us. And yes if they are with the common working folks instead of padding their own pockets yes they are ok.

        2. chad says:

          Nope i am sorry, i don’t have the time of day for any unions, it’s the principle of a group purposelt crippling a company or organization unless their demands are met. Don’t think that is right, and only hurts those companies.

          1. BigDaddy says:

            Yes because we need more children working in meat packing plants, too many kids are wasting their time in middle school when they could be making hotdogs for 20 cents a day. Hell Yeah!

    2. dan says:

      Sorry Dean,
      I am self employed. I pay for my own insurance, my own benefits and I dont get paid unless I do my job! I dont know what its like to be indepentantly wealthy and a trust fund baby, so yes I can understand why he would take a $1/year salary. Why was that an option but now he enjoys the full salary of the Govenor? Seems goofy to me.
      Really I should support Unions as they are over paid under achievers that get under bid on every job we go up against a Union shop.

      1. Taxed enough says:

        Thanks Dan, I totally agree with you. He started off saying he wasn’t going to take a salary but once in office decided he better. As far as the Unions are concerned at one time they were valuable to the American worker until they became so big that now all they are looking out for is themselves. I was twice a Union member and my unions did nothing for us but boy they sure kept raising their dues every time I turned around. The second union I was in we choose to abolish them and they took on the thug mentality and tried all kinds of scare tactics. That was a year ago and we are much better off without them and you know what our employer is still good to us and we are not paying the huge dues. Unions suck

      2. Joe says:

        stop your damn stereotyping, You chose the path of self employment, not I. You knew what you were getting into when you went that route. I work with extremely hardworking Union people who’s quality of work I would put up to anybody’s. Union are very at training people. They assured that they get fair wage so they can be happy in their profession. Sure, there are a few bad apples in any employment setting, but that is no reason to criticize the whole group. Dan, you do need to stop listening to White Man trash talk radio- you know, the patriot station.

        1. dan says:


          And you wonder why jobs are leaving the State of MN and the US? Wow, hope you are “happy” in your profession.

          1. dub says:

            Tell us Dan. Bush tax breaks?…TPaw’s? How have those GOP backed plans helped?

            1. Going down says:

              republicans equate tax cuts with the reagan era, the problem is, it’s not the same.
              reagan went from 70% to 50% and then 50% to 28%, when you increase someones take home income 20% they spend more, when you increase it 42% they spend a lot more.

              If you increase someone take home income 5-10% they will increase savings accounts/ stock investments

              We need to increase taxes!!

    3. TCJay says:

      Funny!!! When I inherit millions from my family’s fortune, I’ll also make a lot of empty symbolic gestures, like accepting a $1 salary.

      1. DTM says:

        Sure you would TCJay, sure you would…

    4. Claire says:

      So what Union do you work for Dean? Do you feel good about the Union deciding what candidate to support for you and using your dues to finance a political candidtate?
      Do you enjoy working your butt off but get paid the same as the slackers? If Unions went away do you really think the Health Insurance would get any worse or more expensive?

  9. Jason says:

    Can anyone link the June 30th budget bill that is being considerd? I would like to see it. Do you?

    1. Jason says:

      I would like to see what exactly all the fuss is about.

  10. Hmmmm says:

    He’s trolling. He known damn well that the Republicans won’t give up their social agenda. He just want to make sure everyone else knows what is going on.

    1. ted says:

      And it is a good one to. I can’t wait to see the reply. Will it be the typical GOP twisted half-truth sidwinding distracting reply. I can’t wait….

      1. shrugged says:

        my thoughts exactly. smoke ’em out! get these right wing nut jobs front and center

  11. Bill says:

    Throw this BUM out of office before he destroys our state!!

    1. JSL says:

      I dont’ think there’s much left to destroy…Pawlenty pretty much saw to that

  12. kevin says:

    gop sux may I say you are a moron

    1. GOPSUX says:

      Sure, but you are only reinforcing the idea of dirty republican filth.

  13. Claire says:

    So I guess the ever dependant Democrats couldnt make it more than 2 weeks without their daily handouts. Glad to see you are so strong in your beliefs! Did you really think it would turn out any different?

    1. Bud says:

      Now THAT’s funny – and true!!!!!! I’m with you Claire!

      1. Mike says:

        Hey Bud, open up those books of yours and let us determine if your stealing from the taxpayers. One thing you can count on with you small business type, you never pay all your taxes………

        1. Republicans R Failing MN says:

          HAHA! Exactly

        2. F does NOT stand for fair says:

          Oh…and the DFL does?

          I think if you look back at headlines in the last few years..we have caught more DFL tax cheats than GOP!

          And the “F” in DFL? Do farmers even PAY TAX? Remembr when we all supported the farmers of the US, they were so poor! FARMAID!!! REMEMBER?….well have you SEEN corn prices lately?

          Maybe the farmers should give back some of the aid we provided them in a time they needed it…..because WE need it now!!!

          1. ugh says:

            You obviously do not know any farmers. Get back at me when YOUR job relies on the consistency of the weather.

            1. F is for farmers... says:

              PLEASE don’t think I don’t respect them……I do GREATLY respect farmers…’s just the idea…..

    2. Hmmmm says:

      Dang straight!

      Sure, we can’t buy beer or fishing licenses. And, as time goes on more and more medical workers will not be able to renew their licenses so we won’t have any medical care. Oh, and more of us won’t be able to drive our cars.

      It will finally fulfill the GOP dream of dragging up back to the 1700’s.

  14. wifeofunionworker says:

    Dean getting rid of the unions would be great, my husband belongs to the union because he works for the city we live in and he hates it. Our insurance is not that much better than what the company I work for and they do not offer dental insurance through this great union and my husband will not a get a raise this year because of the great union, He says all the union is good for is if you are lazy and don’t do your job it makes it hard for someone to get fired. My husband pays dues for something he doesn’t believe in and that isn’t right.

    1. American says:

      wifeofunionworker Amen! and if their not working their the first in line for entitlements.

    2. Taxed enough says:

      Here, here. Read my above comment. That is exactly the way it is with unions. Not only that but using our money to send out flyer after flyers endorsing their candidates at election time telling me I have to vote for this person or that person. My money to dictate to me something I don;t believe in. I am so glad I am out of the Union.

    3. Jackie says:

      Tell your husband to QUIT his job!! I have a husband who is more than willing to be securely employed and HAPPY to pay dues out of his paycheck!!!! Say no to the paycheck if you don’t “believe” in it.

    4. Hmmmm says:

      Lol. He didn’t get a raise because of the union? Well, all of us non-union workers have been getting huge raises over the last decade. Too bad you missed out.

  15. Tim says:

    Dayton wants it out because it does the oposite of taking care of the unions. It is provissions that hurt the unions. Wow get a clue before you comment. Typical gop follower.

    1. chad says:

      Dan wants to take care of the unions, just like i do. Break down their collective bargaining power, they make it too expensive for companies to operate in the united states. Think it’s pretty sad that a bridge is being constructed in chinia and shippe to the US to be erected…..all becasue the unions make it far to expensive to do it here. SAD

      1. are you illiterate? says:


    2. Jason says:

      Fur reel……….

  16. Earl says:

    @Chuck The social issues are used solely as a wedge. The Republicans don’t want them resolved in their favor. For example, if abortion was suddenly made illegal and gay marriage was ratified as illegal within the state constitution, what would the Republicans run on? Their fiscal issues would be shown to be harmful to many of their current supporters and they would lose votes. The same holds true fr the Democrats; they don’t want social issues resolved in their favor for the same reason. I know many, many people who vote based on one or two issues and they are very dedicated to those issues.

  17. MC HAMMER says:

    Dayton strikes again! Why didnt you sign the bill the first time,in stead of shutting down the state you Moore-On!! Now I would wait and make that Lefty sign the bill the way it is! He’ll cave! Hail to the Repluicans!!!!!!!!!

    1. GOPSUX says:

      Because, stupid, the dirty republican filth needs to remove all of the destructive hate from the bill. Oh wait, I forgot, you can’t read, reason or function because you are dirty republican filth. Hail to the good guys!!!

      1. Taxed enough says:

        Are you looking in the mirror when you are writing this filth that you are spewing. Is that all you can resort to is name calling. If you do not have anything nice to say do not say it at all because you are making an a** out of yourself. Grow up

    2. frozenrunner says:

      Learn to read and follow a story. What Dayton would sign is not what was presented to him earlier.

  18. Marie says:

    Here’s the letter today from Dayton to GOP leaders:

    1. Jason says:

      @ Marie , you found this letter. Can you find a link to the currently proposed budget? I think that is as important as anything. Thank you in advance.

      1. Marie says:

        If I can find it, I sure will post it!

  19. StraycatStrut says:

    Gov Goofy must have gotten pounded on his Political Budget stops up north.

    1. MAJ says:

      Not only up North, but down South too.

  20. Carol says:

    The government of the State of Minnesota should be ashamed of themselves they all deserve to be given pink slips in my opinion, what are they doing for the greater good of the State of Minnesota, Anyone?
    Governer Dayton I hope you succeed with your efforts; its too bad the State of Minnesota is the laughing stock of the rest of the United States with our the way our state Govenment is being run.

    1. Dave Campbell says:

      We are about to become Mississippi North! I’m betting that property taxes in Minnesota will rise at least 20% in the next two years.

  21. American says:

    Dayton a compromise with conditions is not a compromise!
    Unions are a huge part of the problem of government being too big and that is a huge reason for our debt. That’s why they need to be dealt with. Dayton is just after their vote. Unions have out lived their need and now are run by a bunch of greedy thugs! Government should not create jobs on the backs of taxpayers but, rather create an environment in which the free market creates jobs and in turn creates revenue for the state through income tax.

    1. Stien says:

      Yeah it’s the Unions fault our State is in such a mess. Really? Come on Grover, we know better!

    2. Hmmmm says:

      “Dayton a compromise with conditions is not a compromise!”

      Someone needs a dictionary. A compromise means that each side gives something up. What you are looking for is capitulation.

  22. trl the alligator says:

    Republicans with their greed and democrats with their idiotic willingness to support habitual able bodied lazy adults on welfare and mothers who cant suport their existing kids and then having more and all this illegal alien crap is what is the ruin of our state AND country……to he..l.l. with politicians and the games they play…..its time for a revolution in this country and i submit that the very best man that should be President should be Joe Arapaio, with him we would definetly get on the right track……WE NEED HIM OR SOMEBODY LIKE HIM DESPERATELY FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THE NATION.

  23. Carl says:

    How could we have ever considered increasing taxes a little on people making over a million a year? Well at least the millionaires will now pay off the GOP whose own fiscal house is a disaster. Nice move Tony Sutton. The party over people strategy continues.

  24. Trollmouse says:

    I can’t believe some of these posts. What happened to respectful dialogue related to differences of opinion? I am sorry that my children and grandchildren are going to end up paying because a few rich people in MN need to get richer instead of paying their fair share of state taxes. Governor, I applaud your efforts to improve our state’s economy fairly. I WILL vote for you when you seek your next term. You are what has kept MN from becoming another WI. Trust me, you have thousands of supporters.

  25. MrMinn says:

    This offer will be rejected by the GOP.

    NOT because of the social issues or the union language but because of the $500M construction bill.

    Quite simply, Dayton knows the GOP will reject it by saying they will not pass any more spending bills above what they have already proposed because it will surpass what the state has – the social issues/union won’t even come into play.

    Dayton is scheduled to be on TV tonight with Zellars and this way he can say he tried to compromise AGAIN against himself AGAIN and the GOP won’t negotiate.

  26. trl the alligator says:

    Daytion has done the best that can be done given what he has to work with……some people act like they expect him to have the powers of a god but in reality its the other elected officials who are the problem…… matter to whatever degree he performs there will always be the cowards who have disparraging things to say about him…..i give him credit and respect for his actions thus far…..he’s probably more of a man than any of these keyboard cynics will ever be.

  27. Wayne says:

    Charge $2 health fee on a 1lbs bag of sugar and call this issue over. No tax increase. The GOP will accept that so long as sugar packages do not show a fairy on the cover.

  28. MC HAMMER says:

    Man I love this stuff!! You say the right thing and all the crazy Lefty in this state come out of the wood work! Oh wait, their worried about their hand outs and their unoin benifts!!

    1. Ronald Raygun says:

      What is a unoin? More evidence that you are an uneducated, toothless, inbred typical republican cretin.

      1. Claire says:

        Hey the spell check police showed up. They always come around when they have nothing to add to the conversation. Take your white-out and go home Ronnie Raygun!

        1. I am not as stupid as Claire says:

          Poor silly Claire. She doesn’t realize that a poorly worded post with misspelled words, bad punctuation and improper sentence structure add nothing to add to the converstaion.

          1. Claire says:

            Hey Stupid,

            “add nothing to add to the conversation” Wow, talk about the kettle calling the pot black. What a putz!

            1. Claire says:

              I guess I am a Grammar Policewomen.

      2. Ronny Gaygun says:

        Hmmm…..what is a “raygun”?

        So the guy misplaced letters! BIG DEAL

        Trust me “raygun” I have seen plenty of your posts with poor grammer and misspellings….

        Grasp at staws all you want…..your lame handle and cheap remarks show your true intentions….

  29. Brian Lindholt says:

    Without the union none of us would have fair pay for a hard days work . Republicans are low class degenerates, why should I pay 12.8% and the rich pay 8.8% . Wake up people and smell the roses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. just saying says:

      You brain dead P.O.S. While you might pay 12.8%, it might only be about 2000 dollars… but 8.8% to the rich is about 20x your measily $2000.
      Get a clue you dumba$$.

      1. Hmmmm says:

        Lol. Did you have a point other than to prove you can swear in code? If anything, the percentages mean less to the rich. There is a certain amount of money needed to maintain a given lifestyle. Even the bare basics require X amount of dollars. After that, everything is luxury. After a certain point, we are talking about the difference between buying an extra Porsche of settling for an extra Denali.

        Excuse me while I weep.

        Admittedly, the million dollar tax would not impact me, but some of the earlier proposals would have. I didn’t care. I need the infrastructure and education systems to be maintained and I am willing to pay for it. Why do so many low-income rednecks care about my taxes?

    2. Fed Up says:

      Wait, what? All but one of the jobs I’ve ever held were non-union jobs. I’ve always earned a fair pay for a day’s work. From what I’ve seen, it’s the lazy union workers that don’t work hard. And don’t bring up what unions did in the early 1900’s. They were fighting for tangible needs – not what today’s workers are fighting for. As for your taxes comment, you could double taxes on the rich and it still wouldn’t fix the budget problems in MN. That’s because MN has a spending problem, not a tax revenue problem.

    3. Roses smell like poo says:

      HUH? How do the rich pay a SMALLER percentage? Have you seen the tax brackets in MN? The US? Property taxes? Last I checked….you DIDN NOT pay a lower % for a $1MM house compared to your $20k tar shack!

      This “idea” the top pay LESS in percentage is a complete JOKE!!!

      Only if the DFL (Dumb Farm Labor) KNEW how things really worked…they MAY understand WHY we fight for OUR money so hard!

      Good luck Brian…..get back to your union protected job and put out a sub-standard product….we are used to it…..

  30. jimmy says:

    Mark Dayton wants to feed the babies. The GOP wants them to strave to death.

    1. stupid lib says:

      Strave? Strave??? What is this strave that you talk of?
      I do not know this strave….

      1. rlensjo says:

        pretty childish

      2. jimmy says:

        Oh yes typo police very good carry on.

    2. Bud says:

      Oh PUHLEASE!!! You forgot that the GOP will come to senior centers in the dead of night and take them away never to be seen again. They will kill the mentally unstable with firing squads at the local town square, they will lock all minorities in windowless trailors with no windows and one bathroom. They will poison anyone coming to a hospital that can’t pay cash on the spot…..anything else stupider you have to post????

      1. Due it wright. says:

        A “windowless trailer with no windows?” Does that imply there are windowless trailers with windows?

        And please, let’s use the proper conjugation of the verb stupid – it’s not “stupider,” it is “Most stupidist.” That is the mostest correct pluperfect conjunctive of the verb stupid.

        And i shOuld no, i WUz en eNglishe majer wit a miner in speeling.

        1. notalib says:

          how bout doorless

        2. Rusalka says:

          Brilliant! lol!! Yer iinglish is a whole lot better than buds usta wuz.

      2. Kathy says:

        Hey Bud, once the Feds strip Medicare, SS, and Medicare, come on back with your BS and will see who will be eating crow. Heartless p____k.

        1. Inconvenienced but happy says:

          “I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it.”

          I don’t think anyone is saying starve the poor. My problem with all the welfare programs is, they make it too comfortable to do nothing and get paid for it.

          And then the scare campaigns saying one side or the other wants to starve the elderly and the young should be banned entirely. BOTH parties are guilty of this transgression

          Trim the fat, stop taxing, reduce spending, and for God’s sake, we should all try to better ourselves, not sit around with our palm upward, waiting for the next handout.

          1. Luke says:

            I agree, I think the entire health and welfare department needs to be reviewed. Let Dayton and the congress appoint a non-political volunteer private sector task force to review this and make recommendations for improvement. We need to solve these types of problems in government if we don’t want a repeat of this shutdown every two years.

          2. Hmmmm says:

            “My problem with all the welfare programs is, they make it too comfortable to do nothing and get paid for it. ”

            Try it.

            1. Norma says:

              I know, biggest decision of the day is Montel or Oprah and now thats even taken away.

              1. TV says:

                If you had a job…you would have neither as an option…it would be work or….WORK!

              2. daytime tv says:

                Try Wendy Williams.

          3. JT says:

            I agree. The sad part is the the liberals refuse to understand that there are a lot of people out there who don’t want to work. I have personally witnessed this many times!

    3. JT says:

      That is a stupid thing to say!!!!!! The democrats don’t want to use the taxpayers money wisely. Democrats don’t lay the blame on the mothers and fathers of the many children they decide to have. They are responsible for their children. The government is NOT!!!!!! I can tell you from experience that a mother can support a child with very little money without government help!!! I did it!!!!!!!!! I guess everyone else isn’t expected to work as hard as I did? Give me a break! I see people like you every day. Ignorance is not becoming on you!!!!!!

  31. Taxed enough says:

    I can’t help but wonder if the Gov’s tour didn’t have some backlash. I did notice that the media did not cover his stops real extensively that it makes me wonder if the people had a few choice things to say to Mr. Dayton. and he in turn thought well maybe I better start compromising. Something to think about.

    1. John says:

      This situation, in its entirety, can be laid at the feet of our last Governor. Accounting shifts and an unwillingness to admit the state has a growing population and that things cost more. Fix the tax code so we don’t keep revisiting class warfare every other session. Flat tax, no loopholes or breaks, across the board. What’s remaining is yours, end of story. Get off the union’s backs, they created 40 hour work weeks, paid vacation, holiday, workplace protection (anyone hear of OSHA?), etc. When unions are gone, those of you who think you are middle-class will find out quickly how little you really have. The trees for the forest, remember that little ditty?

  32. republican for hire says:

    Dear MN,
    Please realize that a lot of people posting in this message board are not from MN!

    Just like all major issue debates, republican will pull out all the stops and bring in the loudest most obnoxious individuals to stir things up. You need only look at the people the brought to different counties in FL in 2000 to see there games.

    Stand strong

    1. Middle of the road says:

      and you can say the same for the democrats too

    2. Win at any cost! says:

      It’s not really the Republicans fault. If state Secretary of State Mark Ritchie would have stuffed the ballot boxes with fictitious votes of convicted fellons to give Democrats majorities in both houses, we wouldn’t be in this fix. It’s PERFECTLY legal to do! Secretary Ritchie did it for Al Franken and the ONLY thing that was found to be irrelevant was the fact that the 25 most Democratic precincts in Minnesota had more official votes cast in them than there were actual voters living in them. Now…Who’s the smartest person in the world and why am I?

  33. kevin says:

    Ronald Raygun A union is a group of people that tell you how to think,act and follow there lead without any back talk, for which you will be punished. They will take your dues without any questions asked and spend it the way they see fit, again you have no say. I believe it is almost communism.

    1. @kevin says:

      What you described is exactly the way the Republican party handles it’s members. Interesting.

    2. DTM says:

      Much like the top 2% do with the GOP…

  34. Lonnie says:

    “I will not tax the rich if you give the unions a half billion dollor gift and keep them on the payroll even if we don’t need them” Thats not comprimise, thats a payoff.

  35. PO"ED AT GOP says:

    Gov. Dayton should have called the rich to pay a 2% fee instead a tax. the freakin republicans don’t even know how to compromise. Loop holes should be closed and those who fall thru should pay their fair share, it’s only right

  36. Fed Up says:

    Just remember folks, you can’t have democrats without rats

    1. GOPSUX says:

      And you can’t have GOP without dirty filth.

      1. Fed Up says:

        No, that’s the democRATS you’re thinking of. Spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax, spend, tax,

        1. David J. Conklin says:

          That’s what gov’t has done since it was created. It sure beats, tax, borrow and spend, because now you have to pay interest.

        2. Hmmmm says:

          The only difference I see from the GOP is “tax”.

  37. Disappointed says:


    You really disappoint me by caving in to the GOP demands, I thought you were better than that and would stick up to the little people and force a tax on the very rich, you are no better than Obama when he caved in to the GOP by allowing the tax breaks for the rich to continue which he campaign on, same as you and than when the going gets tough you all cave in and it just shows that the GOP wins again and the Dems are weak and won’t stand their ground like the GOP won’t give in and why should they because the Dems cave in all the time. Right now I’m so disappointed and angry with you and the Dems.

    1. Jackie says:

      Agree 100% And all the rhetoric now is “I’m glad the governor has taken an extra step towards compromise.” Where did the Repubs compromise?!?!? I too am highly Disappointed.

    2. David J. Conklin says:

      Agreed. He should have raised the ante by raising the taxes on the upper 5% and use that money to give back a greater portion of the rental tax back to the poor. That would have stimulated and stabilized the economy and created more jobs–note that the GOP didn’t come up with that idea.

      1. Betty says:

        Yeah maybe take all their money and give it to the poor. That would really get things going. We would really stimulate the pull tab windows and lottery stations.

        1. DTM says:

          So Betty, now that the rich get to keep more I assume we will see more job creation, right? Unemployment should greatly decrease, correct? If not, will you be back here acknowledging it is the GOP’s fault? I doubt it…

    3. Greedy says:

      I am disappointed also, but someone had to end the shut down. Because our state can not afford to continue to be shut down and again the REP do not give a darn cuz they are rich and are for the rich. They do not care about the middle class people nor the poor they just care about themselves and are GREEDY! I will now never vote REP anymore cuz of this. This is ridiculous and I am sure they are not going to agree with Daytons lastest offer to end this shut down so our state will get further in dept. What a joke! REP are GREEDY what is this world coming to! this is ridiculous! The rich get richer and the middle class and poor get poorer. 😦 I stand behind Dayton 100% what he was and is trying to accomplish.

      1. Tim says:

        The republican party will miss you. ….

        1. Greedy says:

          Tim~ oh well ! I never really voted either REP or DEM I either just went with whom I thought at the time would be the better person. So I would not call me a REP or a DEM before. But like I said after this DEM all the way.

  38. steve says:

    Gov, Dayton….
    I believe you should have called your proposed tax increase a “FEE”….It worked for Gov Plentey!……..How sad the big baby’s get their way again!…..feed the rich, starve the poor!

    1. steverc says:

      Oh help me, help me. I’m so poor…we should take money from the rich so I can buy a plasma tv. People act like the rich are taking money from them, when it’s the exact opposite – the “poor powerless” are trying to confiscate from other people.

      Her’s a clue for all you whiners to gain some personal power…if you don’t like that Steve Jobs is a billionaire – stop buying Ipads, Iphones and the like. Ironically, you’ll have more money, and Steve Jobs will have less.

  39. Pauline Overby says:

    Why do we need a paid legislature?

    They do nothing.

    Why is our Governor full time, he does part time work.

    We need more people who work for the state, not against it, so legislatures should be volunteer only, and the Governor needs only get paid for actual work.

  40. Ronald Raygun says:

    My name is Ronald Raygun – this is the name I use whenever I post a comment.
    It’s because I am not clever enough to come up with something better. Really it’s because I have no higher education since high school.

    I really wanted to be in a rock band when I grew up. I dressed like Kurt Cobain and did a lot of drugs. Now I can’t afford anything anymore and blame everything on republicans… even the fact that I don’t get laid.

    1. Bud says:

      Geez Bud, why don’t you get a job or didn’t your dividend check show up today?

  41. A Moderate says:

    The delusions of the left are amazing. You’ve got a budget increase and nobody’s suffering. It’s just not the exorbitant amount you wanted. The exaggerations about “people will starve! schools will close!” are so far from the truth. Fix the inefficiencies in government, welfare and education. Stop thinking with your hearts and use your heads. Function with the government you NEED, not the government you WANT. Here’s an example: http://www.wisconsinreport​​finds-260-million-in-poten​tial-savings-for-taxpayers

    And, someone said they thought they finally had a guy (Dayton) that would stick to his guns. Are you kidding? A failed senator with no negotiation skills, flip-flops on dozens of base platforms and a weepy demeanor? Despite disagreeing with much of Senator Wellstone’s ideas, he was a strong, passionate leader. Republican or Democrat, you have to have someone with intelligence, strengths and skills to lead a system.

    Mark Dayton? He’s just not cut of that cloth.

    1. David J. Conklin says:

      >Stop thinking with your hearts and use your heads.

      Unless you want to die in hell with the perverts and murders, etc. you are supposed to use both.

    2. David J. Conklin says:

      >Stop thinking with your hearts and use your heads.

      Unless you want to die in hell with the perverts and murders, etc. you are supposed to use both.

      BTW, your link doesn’t work. But I found it on the web.

      ““Recently, they had a case in which a self-employed individual with a $500,000 business and high-end cars made his family of five eligible for Medicaid by falsifying income,” the report reads.”

      Who didn’t see that coming? Imagine that a rich person scamming the system–and you want a smaller gov’t?

  42. Dayton has earned some respect this time. says:

    @disappointed in humanity. That is the most intelligent comment on here so far. Those of you who insist on making the issues GOP or DFL are exactly the reason all of our politicians have become self-serving dolts who get absolutely nothing meaningful done and who refuse to act for the benefit of the people of the state of Minnesota.

    Yes, spending needs to be reduced and some taxes need to go up. It isn’t going to happen all at once or over night. It needs to be a gradual but consistent process with decisions being made on a “what’s the right thing to do” basis instead of what will benefit “my party.”

    I don’t like Dayton or his credentials (specifically, the lack thereof) but I have gained some respect for him because at least he stepped up to the plate, unlike the other two clowns. A compromise is painful for everyone but in the long term everyone wins because of it.

  43. rlensjo says:

    I am happy to see that someone put on their big boy pants and decided to give into the babies. Man talk about only caring about ideology and not about constituents. It is just about as sad as it can be.

    1. Wu says:

      What’s sad is your partisanship and your ridiculous spin. Do you understand the definition of “compromise”???

      1. DTM says:

        Zellers and Koch sure don’t…

  44. dotherightthing says:

    Hey Chad if it weren’t for the unions we would al be making 3.oo an hour and at the mercyof our employer, Unions have made our country strong and the GOP would love to break the unions so they have low wage slaves, guess what chad even if they suceed the people still have the union to vote the gop out of pwer, I predict even if Zelers and Koch eccept this deal the Gop in minnesota wil lose badly in the next elections because people aren’t stupid, they have seen how the Republicans have dragged thier feet and wouldn’t negotiate, that wil be thier down fall.

  45. Julie says:

    GOP = Gallons o Poop

    1. GOPSUX says:

      Ha Ha, good one.

    2. Taxed enough says:

      Wow that is a brilliant comment. What is wrong with you people. Your mothers must be so proud. I was always taught if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Oh that’s right I was raised in a different era when we were taught manners.

      1. AJ-EA says:

        The fact is, Democrats just expect more from others than they do from themselves which they are too ignorant to see and too naive to admit.

  46. a concerned TAXPAYER says:

    And once again the rich get richer and the poor get poorer

    1. KM says:

      I don’t know where you get your information from, but the top 5% of taxpayers pay 47% of the taxes while the poor not only do NOT pay taxes, but they may even get a refund for taxes they did not pay! And when you look at the government services the poor use vs what the top earners use, the lower income get even more benefit!

      1. Common sense says:

        I’m sure theyd rather be in the top 5% and pay their taxes. You talk as if these people want to be in the bottom 5%! HC, u people need serious help, honestly.

      2. Bernie says:

        Top 5% have 90% of the money so they should be paying 90 % of the taxes. Before you can say everyone should pay equall regardless then everyone who works should make equal Damn commie rupupbs want everyone to pay equally but not earn equally. The must be the pigs from “Animal farm”

        1. jimmy says:

          So the GOP are willing to trade dead babies for no new taxes for the rich. Whoda thunk it.

          1. Pro Choice All The Way says:

            response to jimmy:

            how do you plan to pay for all these babies that are being born to mothers on welfare, and babies born to under age kids who are teenagers and some of who will end up on welfare…it’s called… Teach family planning and the GOP need to pull their heads out of their BUTTS!!!

            1. CJ says:

              How about *Drum roll please* ADOPTION?!?!? How about teaching these kids to be responsible and make wise mature decisions that are in the best interest of someone else (the child) rather than in themselves? Keep letting them take the easy way and the easy way becomes a way of life. There are so many people out there who would be more than happy to give these babies a home-but they will go childless because abortion is more convenient. .

            2. Mari says:

              I KNOW! I’m in a community where they don’t teach sex ed and it REALLY shows!!! How is ignorance protecting them from teenage pregnancy?!

        2. Louis says:

          So, they should pay more for a gallon of milk too, charge them more for everything?
          Can I ask why we all can’t have pride and pay our own bills?
          Everyone should be charged taxes, we all should have a stake in this state.
          Where is people’s pride?

      3. frozenrunner says:

        Tax incidence says the top group pay 10 % or less of their income in state and local taxes That would mean the top 5 % earned over 180billiom .

  47. Jim says:

    Apparently, Dayton just can’t himself. He insists on spending money we don’t have.
    Where is the $500,000,000 that he wants for roads? Has he even considered how much of that money could be saved if we did away with the “prevailing wage” system that enures that we overpay for all construction?
    But he was making certain that we would continue to overpay state employees.
    Lets hear fro the DFL (deadbeats,freeloaders and leeches)

    1. ugh says:

      I’m sorry, perhaps I read wrong. Do you drive on these roads? If you’re going to make a comment like that, they you should make sure you’re able to own up to it. YOU just supported a plan that took money out of your children’s education and you’re complaining about ROADS? You seriously need to get your priorities straight, good lord.

  48. Michelle says:

    It’s pretty sad that the GOP is willing to let the whole state suffer in order to protect 7000 millionaires. The GOP plan will take money away from our schools and hurt our kids. Delaying payments to schools is not a real solution to our budget problem, and economist have said as much. The ultra rich have the lowest tax rates since 1958, and many businesses are showing big profits. Yet, they are not hiring people in the US, because it’s much cheaper to hire people in India and Mexico. These guys don’t need a tax break!

    1. AJ-EA says:

      Hey Michelle, don’t expect more from others than you do from yourself.

  49. Paul J. Lareau says:

    Interesting that it took the threat of a beer shortage to force Dayton to capitulate, and that $500M construction budget … I wonder how much of that is going toward the construction of the football stadium that the people have been quite adamantly against. Does “beer and football” equate to “bread and circuses”?

  50. notalib says:

    why do dems always think that everything should be a government entitlement

    1. notalib says:

      flush, there goes some more c..p

  51. Lin says:

    I have been voting for a very long time,and now I am done with it there is no one to vote for.The republicans have gone absolutely crazy and cultish and the dems absolutely have no backbone they can’t stand up for what they said they would do.

    1. Wu says:

      Yea, a compromise is so selfish of the two parties. Who has gone absolutely crazy? Maybe we could just let you be dictator?

      1. DTM says:

        Hey Wu, just how did the GOP compromise? Seriously, what did they do? Thy got the $34 bil budget they offered and gave up what?

  52. How can anyone says:

    admit to being a republican. How embarrassing.

  53. Jackie says:

    Do they realize what the shutdown is doing to MN residents and businesses? Shutting down the lottery is a joke. Look at all the revenue the state is missing out on. Think about the disabled and the elderly. The first thing that’s cut is human services and programs for the needy. The shutdown is affecting businesses as well. I’d like to see these jerks take a pay cut or not get paid and they would work out an agreement really fast. I live in MN and it sucks.

  54. Kim says:

    GREEDY ~ I agree with everything you said in your comment. The rich is for the rich and I am wealthy and I agree with you on what all you said to much greed in this world today. Shame on those REP’S

    1. Proud American says:

      If you have the extra money to give then give it. No one is stopping you. If you feel so bad that they didn’t pass a tax increase for you, you can still send the government more money with your next check that you send them on April 15th. The government would be honored that you stepped up to the plate to do your share.

  55. kevin says:

    If your a liberal lazy ass your also a pile of dirty filth.

    1. ABWM says:

      And YOU’RE someone who needs a lesson in grammar.

      1. Renee says:

        Who the heck cares! You must be a REP to get so upset ! You sound like you are not a very nice person very rude actually! I agree what is this world coming to how sad of all the bickering and arguing about politics!

  56. Concerned Voter says:

    It is simply politics. The welfare of the constituants has nothing to do with what our elected officials actually do. They have to either be red or blue, or left or right. It doesn’t seem to matter that the majority of society falls somewhere in the middle. Our two party system does not work. It would be refreshing if our eliected representatives actually were REPRESENTATIVE.

  57. Dan Bgn says:

    You’re all FIRED! What is this bull about increasing our taxes? Can I go to my employer and increase my pay because I want to “grow the economy”. No, we have to live within our means. And our elected official had better due the same. They should not be allowed to go to their employer “We the People” and demand more revenue. There needs to be a moratorium on additional spending, at least until the economy is growing again and the revenues begin to naturally increase from that growth.

    Why not look to ways that will grow the revenues and create jobs simultaneously. Such as creating new contruction Jobs by building a Racino and other gambling ventures… there would be new hotels and restaurant and shoppping to go with them. Sure some people are opposed to gambling… but if people want to gamble they will take their money to states and other countries that offer these things. If someone does not want gambling, then they should not go to those places.

    Create new contruction Jobs and new sources of tax revenues at the same time.

    Legalize Medicinal Marijuana. There are lots of ways to create new sources of revenue.

    Why would we shut down “self supporting” and revenue creating parts of our State government? Because we have a bunch of arrogant A H**** moving ahead with their own agendas… and refuse to compremise.

    If private enterprise has had to make sacrifices such as pay cuts and layoffs, why doesn’t the government do the same. I think a 15% cut in State Workers is the fair thing to do.

    Maybe it’s time “We the People” stop paying them… and stop paying our taxes until they move forward within their means. Read my lips… No More Tax Increases!!!

  58. roofus says:

    Dayton is a very weak politician with very deep pockets.

  59. Kirby says:

    Dayton: “Ignorance and arrogance is a dangerous combination”

    Gretchen Hoffman: R-Vergas on MPR answering a question about how to increase agreement: “Vote in all one party”

    Looks like Dayton is spot on.

  60. Eagan says:

    It’s called borrowing at the currently low interest rates to get critical projects done AND employ more people. Seems like a win-win situation to me. Why the teachers and state workers have become the root cause of our “kick the can down the road” budget mess is astonishing to me.

  61. JMR49 says:

    Wow..the guy offers yet another compromise and all you GOP/TP types can do is continue with your personal attacks and BS talking points? Pathetic.

  62. Pavel says:

    After reading dozens of comments here I am convinced that most Tea Party Republicans/conservatives think only about themselves and have little or no empathy for those less fortunate. All one can find in these comments is “MY MONEY”, MY MONEY. Really a sad situation. Please people: Think of everyone, not just yourself. Government was established by the Founding Fathers to provide for all people, not just the wealthy landowners.

    1. Tea Supports More than just YOU says:

      Hey Pavel…..I can’t pay my bills….can you help me? Can you drive over and deliver me the money ASAP? I’ll be in my state owned apartment smoking pot with the AC CRANKED!

      OK…sorry….maybe I’m being a little out of line….but things like this are happening WAY too much here in MN…..

      So you know what….YES… is MY MONEY……

      Maybe you can show us how much you give to charity? I have a feeling…..the people who support the GOP gives plenty!

      1. DTM says:

        Care to provide evidence that “things like this are happening WAY too much here in MN…..”

        Nah, I didn’t think you could

  63. Renee says:

    BLAH BLAH BLAH ~ all you REP and DEM need to stop aruging and fighting with each other and meet each other in the middle! what is the world coming to! Especially the REP! They seem like the do not want to budge at all.

    1. bass Acwards says:

      HUH? Your post is so backwards…..

      “Dem’s and Repub’s…..your all bad people…and don’t take sides…..but you repub’s are really bad”

      Hmmmm……..did you just take a side there or are we all missing something….

  64. Pavel says:

    To Bud:

    The word you use -“stupider”- is not a word at all. Get a grip on yourself. You are giving yourself away as not too smart a fellow. You are over your head boy!

    1. Vodka says:

      Is Pavel even a name? Sounds like something you finish concrete with…..

      “You are over your head boy!” Boy? Nice……shows us you have a nice white pointy hat in your closet……

      Go back to the motherland……I think they have a powerplant you could work at…

  65. Mike says:

    Dayton only ended the shutdown to save his political career. But its too late for that now, the damage has been done. He wont be re-elected. Just as well. Look at what this guy has done the past couple months…

    For a couple of weeks, he runs MN TV ads slamming republicans and trying to blame them for the impending shutdown he caused. This was nothing but a pathetic attempt to save his image and save his re-election chances. In all my years, I’ve never seen a politician running ads to promote his policies and slam political rivals in a non-campaign year. Thses ads were political panic. Dayton must be really worried about what Minnesotans think of him. Thats the democrats for ya.

    During the shutdown negotiations, Dayton walks out of the negotiation talks…twice. If he really cared about Minnesotans and keeping MN state workers employed, he would have been at those talks late into the night and weekends, to get the job done and get the deal done.

    The second time Dayton walks out of the talks, he goes on a MN “tour”…obviously to do damage-control with Minnesotans and try to fix his image for future re-election. Instead of doing what’s best for MN at the capital, which is his job and making an agreement with the republicans to end the shutdown….Dayton goes on a state self-promotion tour. And then when he finally agrees to end the shutdown, Dayton makes Minnesotans wait another 3 days while he finishes his selfish, ”tour” of MN.

    No other democrat governer has had a state shutdown and all have been able to negotiate with republicans.

    The Dayton fiasco is not an isolated incident for democrats. Look what happened next door in WI. Instead of doing their jobs, a bunch of WI dems at the capital flee the state instead of doing their jobs–negotiating on behalf of the people.

    I’ve never respected dems and never will. Obamma doesen’t have a clue what to do as a politician or president from lack of experience, resulting in multiple mistakes and unfulfilled campaign promises and Al Franken is a joke. Franken has been disruptive and rude to other DC politicians while in session and doodles instead of paying attention to his job in DC. The only reason Franken became a politician is becuase his comedy and movie career was a failure. And this is who we want representing us in DC?

    All you people who voted for Dayton and/or the other dems mentioned should feel like fools.

  66. How in the name of doughnuts...? says:

    I still want to know how Dayton made it into office when nearly every seat up for grabs in the state House and Senate went to the Rs.



    hmm. I don’t know. Time for another doughnut.

  67. Thurston Howell III says:

    I hate poor people.

  68. Tea says:


    Read the LAST LINE of the article!!!!!!

    “GOP leaders have not yet responded to Dayton’s offer.”

    This could get SHOT DOWN!!!! It’s NOT OVER YET!!!!!

    I’m behind you GOP…and though this is not exactly what we wanted…it’s PROGRESS!

    My respect for Dayton has gone from zero to one! (on a scale of 10) so we are at least moving in the right dirrection!!!

  69. WE_WIN says:

    WE WON…. WE WON! Big GOP party tonight, will post time and place later…. we knew Dayton would cave…. party on yahoo!!!

  70. Joan says:

    What?? He gave in because there won’t be beer on the shelves??

    1. Hmmmm says:

      Can you think of a better reason?

  71. YellowDog says:

    can us liberal loosers attend the party..we put up a good fight…

  72. waste says:

    Republicans, good job.
    Sign the budget, take out what Dayton asked for, and then let’s get on with business.
    This is a victory for our Children…
    Now let’s start to talk about how to get the free loaders off welfare, and redirect that money at education.

    1. shrugged says:

      This is a victory for our children? The money would be coming from the education basket. Then you set out your plan, I see, to get that money back from free loaders. Ha! Good luck with that. Doesn’t matter how you slice this one, Dayton is a good player. IF the GOP signs this thing they just gave him a $500 million dollar check–oh I mean bonding bill. Ha! You won. Nobody won. Well, the crazy christians lost–this I know.

  73. Heartbroken and embarrassed says:

    Geez! And we expect our government to get along? If we can’t get along on here, how can we expect the same from our government?

    Stop pointing fingers and start working as a team. It’s OK to have a difference of opinion, but the name calling, bashing, accusations and acting like a bunch of 2-year-olds is exasperating! Act like the adults you should be and set an example for our government and children.

    1. louis says:

      Because, in every group, there are those who succeed and those who are jealous.
      Try living in a college house with several other roommates, one will always end up being a free loader.

  74. leroy says:

    Great, the government will hand out money again.

    Now, who has EBT cards to sell?


  75. pretzeldude says:

    It’s about time he was cured of his cranial rectal inverse disease.

  76. Tired of this says:

    We’ve all learned to live within our means, why can’t the government?

    The proposed budget increased spending by 6/12% depending on if your math considered the stimulus funds, this isn’t a “cut” that the media seems to be throwing around. Our staff has been limited to 0/1% increases over the past 2 years, I bet they’d love to get that level of an increase!

  77. leroy says:

    Dog gone it,

    I was just about to start installing moose heads at the state parks with governor goofy’s voice saying:

    “Sorry folks, parks closed”

    1. steve says:

      Now that is funny.

  78. Just my two (better make that four) cents says:

    I have never posted on one of these political forums before, but as I was reading some of the comments a bit ago, it got me thinking.

    I am one of those so called “independents” as on some issues I find myself agreeing with the GOP and other issues I find myself agreeing with the Dems. In most elections for governor or president I have had a difficult time in finding any candidate I like as almost have serious flaws, at least in my opinion. I am a lifelong Minnesotan and grew up in a strongly Democratic region in a family with some strong Democratic leanings. As a result, in my youth I considered myself Democratic. Over the years, however, my views have varied as I have had more time to think through what I seen, read, heard, and experienced and I find myself leaning more and more toward the conservative side these days (not necessarily GOP, but conservative, especially on the fiscal side).

    I am a big believer in “The American Dream”, that one is in control of their own destiny and the harder one works, typically the better off one will be, and typically the more money/fame/fortune one will have as well. I believe a strong majority of Americans share this viewpoint. It appears Democrats seem to believe this philosophy as well as they are pushing to help new immigrants get their footing, trying to help the poor, and other programs which, in general, are commendable. I personally disagree with the Democratic stance that illegal immigrants should be allowed to become citizens (as I view it as mainly a political tactic). Instead, I believe that real immigration reform would be to allow for increased legal immigration. Make it is easier for immigrants to be able to enter the country legally, and allow more of them in. At the same time I believe we should discourage illegal immigration by not allowing an immigrant who entered the country illegally from either A) ever becoming a legal immigrant, or B) for a certain number of years. Immigration reform, however, is a topic for a different forum.

    The problem with the Democratic platform today is that from a fiscal standpoint, it is anti-“The American Dream” and anti-“work”. The current Democratic platform incentivizes people to not work by continuing to attempt to give people more for doing nothing. At the same time, it punishes people who succeed by continuing to take away more and more of which they worked hard to attain. I realize the argument of taxing the rich is that “the rich can afford it”. However, if taxes (on everyone) were lower, people could afford to donate more of their money to charities (of their choice) and the end result would be the same (or similar). Sure, not all people who could afford it would donate, but if taxes were lower, there would be more people who could afford to donate. In addition, if taxes were lower, people would have more cash in their pockets that they would be able to use to help a friend in need or a relative should the time come such that their friends/relatives would not need as much other (governmental/charity) assistance to begin with. And if money wasn’t being directly donated, it could also be used to create to create new businesses or grow existing ones which would require hiring new workers who may choose, in turn, to donate some of their earnings to charity or use it to help their friends/relatives who are in need. In addition, these new workers, hired as a result of “the rich” creating or growing businesses, now have jobs and may have been the ones who used to need assistance, but who now are able to manage on their own. If you ask those in the lower income brackets if they want to be poor, I doubt very many of them say yes. As I stated above, I believe most Americans believe in “The American Dream”.

    What the government has set up is intended to be a “safety net” to allow people to succeed. However, by pushing for more and more people to qualify for assistance, it often acts as a “drag net” that holds people down from being successful instead. That being said, I do agree that in any society, there are those who really can’t help themselves and rightfully do require assistance (charity and/or governmental) just to get by. In addition, I also can see the value of a temporary safety net for the remainder of society as I have lived through the unemployment line myself before and have seen its benefits. FWIW, in my case the company I worked for went out of business shortly after 9/11 when no one was hiring. Similar to today, but yet different. The key point in my previous point is that the safety net needs to be changed into a “temporary” thing for a majority of Americans, and not a lifestyle. Perhaps a lifetime maximum benefit that can be used as needed across one’s life or something like that.

    The winning platform (for any party) in my mind is one in which the right social programs are supported (based on popular support of the citizens), and people are not punished for working such that they too may one day live “The American Dream”.

    FYI: In my opinion, the biggest issues in government happen when the same party is in control of the House, Senate, and executive office (at state or federal level). It doesn’t matter which party has all three, but when they do they try to jam an agenda through and 99 times out of 100 they will overshoot the will of the people as a whole. In other words, gridlock is good, it brings compromise.

    1. shrugged says:

      Well, welcome to the libertarian party!! We don’t really have a Party cuz the tea baggers took it over so the Independence Party works too–but again, we’re a little short there. But sounds like your a Ron Paul kinda guy. Vote through educating yourself on the candidates— not the party. I agree.

  79. Casey says:


  80. ed says:

    This giving in is a joke if i have to pay 35% any body that makes 1 million a year on their w-2 should to.It’s like KOCH said she will not take a pay check & she didn’t know who would but she is rich so she doesn’t care. She only pays 16%

    1. Bud says:

      Is it just me, or is Koch seriously hot?

  81. amazing says:

    It’s amazing what will happen when they threaten to take alcohol away.

  82. Rico Suave says:

    Sorry Mark. No can do on the conditions. Capitulate or kick rocks.

  83. jon says:

    Burrowing from education again…fools.

  84. KM says:

    When individuals and corporations are so dependent on the government for their livelihood, there is something seriously wrong! .It is time for a change when these companies are so beholden to government for their contracts, permits etc. Republicans, hold firm!.

  85. HooDatIS? says:

    minnesota is the suckiest state on earth
    i move that minnesota succeed from america and become part of south sudan

  86. Kirby says:

    So the republicans are now the party of borrowing from the future to protect the rich…brilliant move Gov. Dayton. He is making the Rep leadership look incredibly bad. They refuse and they refuse their own plan (showing incredibly poor faith in their “negotiations”). They agree, and MN has the worst budget in the history of this state-a budget they proposed.

    Try winning re-election with that in your pocket.

    1. Ink says:

      the half billion in spending for construction was daytons idea not the gop.

  87. john f says:

    Nice to see people call the great LIBERAL BLUFF. The last election stated clearly that we must slow down spending. Gov.Dayton, with his 46% of the vote, obviously didn’t have a mandate. POWER TO THE PEOPLE. Now let’s stop the kooky liberal bluff at the white house and restore American Pride.

  88. Carol McCullough says:

    The rich have the best politicians money can buy obviously. I hope when the Republicans get home to their kennels that their mother’s bite them.

  89. Common sense says:

    Mr. Dayton,

    Thank you for realizing two (2) things,1) that the GOP had the money and patience to wait-out you, the middle and lower class, 2) The balls to bring the light onto the true motives of the GOP (Money!).

    I must take my pitance of blame, since I voted for two (2) GOP clowns that won in our district. Sorry about that,

    1. Wu says:

      Yea, because Dayton has no money…

  90. Wu says:

    I think both sides are stupid, but I’ll be curious to see if the lefties who blame Pawlenty for creating this mess say the same thing about how Dayton is coming up with the $1.4 billion. Let people in the future worry about it… Haha!

  91. Garrick says:

    Finally, now I can get my 21 license instead of it sitting my pocket approaching an expiration date.

  92. bb says:

    Let us make it very clear here, the tea party and Republicans cost this state huge, their unwillingness to compromise and not support the rich elite that fund their campaigns is shameful. In 2012 I think they will have a eye opening experience when , moderates, elderly, poor, working poor and middle class turn out in droves to make the point if you cannot do your job with out costing this state huge financially you are out of here. They did not do their job, Dayton did, shame on them. Now let us get busy and write legislation both at state level and national level to take away politicians entitlements, such is free health care coverage and life time retirement for life. Oh, make sure we also include no raises unless approved by their employer the American People. Reduce their wages by 10 percent so they can really share the pain that most Americans in the middle class, poor , working poor and elderly feel everyday. Hypocrites, get off the public dole!!!!!!

    1. bb says:

      That should be support the rich elite!!

  93. Ray I. Loquitur says:

    2 Questions for those who think they DON’T depend on Government giveaways:
    1. Do you claim a Mortgage Interest Deduction if you pay taxes?
    2. Do you recieve your Health, Life or Disabilty or other insurance BEFORE

    1. bb says:

      Do you receive a lifetime retirement, health care free off the tax payers backs, hmmmm the very politicians that want to take that away from the elderly and the most vulnerable do!! Wake up !! The rich run this state as long as we let them , take back our freedom from the elite rich that control the pocket strings of our politicians.

  94. Rick Weible says:

    Ok, folks how about a fair tax that everyone has to pay…it would cost every man woman and child who lives in Minnesota $6,538.46 before you get any benefits from being a resident…now that would be fair…this progressive tax system sucks….and it is not fair….

  95. IanTowne says:

    I applaud Gov. Dayton for his fortitude in fighting for the poeple of this state. The Republican party has proven their lack of concern for the small guy and their willingness to sell the state out for the the rich, big company tax breaks and
    the religious zellots.The Republicans care nothing for the working class that has made this country strong. Chaining themselves to special interest groups for campaign contributions has become their mantra. Their self-centered, self-indulgent, self-righeous and self-absorbed posturing has shown its ugly face in our ppolitical arena, which in the coming elections hopefully they will pay the price for. Dayton has lead a good and courageous fight and in the end has placed to states well being and the citizens above all else, which the Republicians seem to have not interest in doing. Although Dayton now has a compromise, that he truely does not like, he is willing to get the state back to work. Hopefully between now and the 2012 election many Republicans will do some serious reading and investigating on what the true meaning of “compromise” truely entails. I give Dayton the credit that he his justifiably due. He has shown a degree of sevility and leadership that many in the legislature seem to lack. I hope voters remember these scenes of total lack of any coorperation, shown by many of our legislative figures, and take their votes in the upcoming 2012 much more serious. All this political birkering and back biting has to stop. If all the legislative children can not learn to get along, for the good of all the people in this state, then maybe they need to be placed in a corner of the room alone until they learn some new lessons on being a good citizen.

  96. This stinks says:

    I am glad this is over but sad all at the same time as real resolution hasn’t happend. Delaying schools aid payments is robbing peter to pay paul…it really isn’t a solution at all. I am glad people can go back to work and projects can now resume but I’m disappointed that we can’t really fix anything in this state no matter who is at the helm…republican or democrat…I guess this is why bipartisan government doesn’t work.

  97. AJ says:

    Politics = Hypocrits. I have yet to see any politician do as they “promise” once elected. I think if more people did their research and background checks on these people rather than taking a stand on either side and voting for these people just because they are Rep or Dem, and believing what they hear on the news and debates, maybe then we could actually get someone at least one in office that is worth having there! Whom I vote for is between the ballot and I, but I can guarantee that I do my research on them before voitng to see what they have been able to accomplish in their past/previous positions and if they are capable of doing the same as a representative of our State. Ex: Dayton quit his Senator job, you who all voted for him, did you do your research to know this, what made you think he could be Governor? hmmm? I vote for whom I feel will do their jobs NOT because they are Rep or Dem, maybe if more did this, we would one day have someone worth having and for those that don’t vote, you have no place to complain.

    We live in a society that has went from being Corporate America to Corupt America. We have went from a society of honesty to fraud and greed for which we can Thank all of our elected officials for, do your research people and get off the “I’m a Republican therefore I only vote Rep” or “I’m Democrat ……” who cares what party they are if they can do their jobs, and obviously none of them in MN can!

  98. gonzo says:

    I knew the prospect of losing 39 brands of beer would break them. There would have been mobs in the streets with torches and pitch forks. The heck with essential government services, if I don’t get my can of speed brewed pseudopilsner lite someone’s gonna pay!

  99. Going down says:

    Democratic Party = Tax and Invest
    Republican Party = Cut and Decay

    Independent voters decide elections!!!

    1. Waste says:

      I get the tax part for deems, but could you explain the invest?

  100. Jason says:

    Did any of you watch the live press conference? Did you get uncomfortable watching dayton speak, or whatever he was doing. PAINFUL.

    1. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

      @Jason, Dayton has always been a horrible speaker. After watching a few press conferences, I am truly convinced he is high on medication most of the time. He seems incapable of using a logical thought process.

  101. Jason says:

    What happend to chronological order. Seems my posts get buried frequently.

  102. Jason says:

    What is up with that?

  103. Waste says:

    Now that the state is re-open, find that mother with 8 kids getting child support to a tune of $40,000 a year and tell her to stay home instead of working a part time job.
    There, that is a start to stopping the waste.

  104. Johnny Rain Cloud says:

    Republicans 1
    Democrats 0

  105. dar says:

    Dems will loose big-time in the 2012 and 2014 elections. We are sick of Socialism.

    1. Kirby says:

      So the GOP will run on their budget bill. The one they proposed that is full of one-time money. The one Arne Carlson said is worse than no deal at all…you know, former GOP Gov. Arne Carlson. The budget bill that will make increase the problem in two years. The budget where they are borrowing to protect the rich from paying their fair share. The budget that burdens our children w/ bills they won’t be able to pay. The bill that will hurt our children’s schools and increase class sizes….oh yeah, and this budget will not get one DFL vote.

      I like the DFL’s chances

  106. No money for MN but Zygi wants the taxpayers to support him. says:

    The ink on the budget deal hasn’t even been put on paper yet and already Zygi is back to begging for taxpayer money to make him wealthier. What a s-l-e-e-z-e-b-a-g that guy is!

    Tell him “NO!”

  107. Tom L says:

    This world would be alot better place without a political party named….GOP.

  108. Mari says:

    Yeah, holding back aid to schools. That means schools have to take out loans to cover the gap in the budget. They budget for the money they are promised. Can’t pay the electricity bill if you don’t have the money! The government can’t complain about schools AT ALL when its the place they run to when they need to cut costs. What about the families that neither mother or father work and they have 5 kids, all health care costs, grocery costs, etc., COVERED. Yep, that makes sense…

  109. John says:

    Dayton, I can’t believe I voted for you. You truly showed you lacked any backbone. Guess you are a coward just like after 9/11.

    Take the money from kids’ education, the future who will have to foot the bill for those fat stupid GOP groupies.

    You disgust me as much as the Red fools and their elitist agenda

  110. fkafka says:

    This report says first that Dayton will accept the proposal with three conditions, then goes on to say “Dayton also wanted to see the GOP drop a plan to reduce the state workforce by 15 percent.” Uh, that would be four and not three. If this trend continues, I don’t the Republicans will have any faith left in their Governor, Lord of Minnesota.

  111. Sean says:

    Republicans need to learn the meaning of compromise. Just call it a “Fee”. Schools are already underfunded,and now you want to short change them. And a special thanks to Mr. Hypocrite Tim Pawlenty, our roads are worse then ever and our schools are underfunded. Taxes were raised under Pawlenty, He just called it a “fee” or passed it on to local governments to raise property taxes.
    Glad to see the Republicans also care about the enviornment so much they want to underfund public transportation so much that fares will rise again and massive cuts in routes will follow. How about we just tax gas to fund public transportation and road construction, woops, I mean add a “user fee”. I look forward to the next election.

  112. MARK says:

    So the budget deal defers debt payments and money to schools, to protect the tax rates of the very richest Minnesotans. Today I’m ashamed of my government and sickened. I don’t think Democrats have all the answers, but I’ll never vote for a Republican again.

  113. Don says:

    After polls showed Minnesotans siding with the MN-GOP 86% to 14% siding with Dayton, this was only inevitable. This is now a conservative state, and Dayton’s going to play by OUR RULES now!

    1. Going down says:

      What poll?

  114. 5 mistakes says:

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