MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — An Arizona man thinks he reeled in a fish for the record books from a Minnesota lake, but the state shutdown might squash that dream.

John Gergen caught a 57-inch long Muskie.

Gergen, 22, was fishing on Lake Sallie in Detroit Lakes on July 1 when he made the catch.

Since the Minnesota DNR is closed because of the shutdown, Gergen was told the fish won’t be put in the record books.

Gergen said he’s still going to try.

The current state record Muskie is 56-inches long.

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  1. ku says:

    Why isn’t dayton ending this shutdown? Minnesota is dying and dayton is running around, doing what? dayton needs to end this shutdown, Now.

    1. Me says:

      That’s right Dayton is working it is the GOP not doing there jobs and if they don’t put something dayton’s desk there will be no special session.

      1. Joe says:

        It is also the Republican Tea Party legislature that continues to demand payment during this shutdown. That is right! Mr.Zellers and Mr. Limmer are still collecting dole for causing this shutdown. There were two things that caused this shutdown. Their bill demanded photo registration at the polls and an end to stem cell research at the U of Mn and the Mayo Clinic. Stem cell research is needed to help find a cure for diabetes. stem cells can be found in other places other than aborted fetuses such as Unbelical cords. Photo registration is questionable because there are so many other ways now that polling judges can use to verify registration. I know because I have been a judge for 20 years.. Gov. Dayton has met these Republican tea party legislators half way, but the Republcans have not walk away from their original demands. I think everyone should camp out outside the offices of these tea party legislators and at their homes and demand that they work with Gov. Dayton to bring an end to the shutdown. The state of Minnesota cannot afford to be idle. Many departments will be losing matching FEDERAL GRANTS should the shut down last much longer. When that happens disaster will strike and it’s victims will be the young people who cannot afford to go to school to be tomorrows beauticians, nurses and doctors. Young people with disabilities will be unable to get the specific guidance they need to find a career that they can perform within the parameters of their disability. Those who develop a disability later in life will not be able to get the help to maintain their jobs because of the lack of specific services they need. Republicans and their followers need to stop listening to WHITE MAN TRASH TALK RADIO FOR THEIR POLITICAL GUIDANCE.

      2. LD Gray says:

        The GOP DID put something on Dayton’s desk! It was a concession to a 12% increase in budgetary spending with NO new taxes. Dayton wants to spend more and raise taxes. So there you go. You don’t hear about GOP activities in the mainstream media.

    2. jon says:

      Because the republicans are not compromising, at least I haven’t heard anything that sounds like a compromise from them.

    3. Mark says:

      The last I checked, Dayton was an elected Governor, not a dictator. The impasse needs to be handled by both legislative bodies (House and Senate), and the executive branch (Governor) being willing to compromise and work together, understanding fully that you won’t be able to have everything that you want, changes and compromises will need to be made, but an agreement must be reached that will have the smallest effect on the quality of life that we enjoy here in Minnesota.

      I do hope it will come soon, and that BOTH SIDES will look at the BUDGET ONLY in these discussions, not pet ideas or social issues that have nothing to do with the budget.

  2. Yep says:

    Doesn’t change the fact it could be a record.

    In fact, saying it might not make it to the record books puts everything that’s already in the record books in doubt to me then.

    1. Stien says:

      I feel bad for the kid. It’s a once in a life time thing for very few people. I’ll honor his record! 🙂

  3. hank risenberg says:

    This government shutdown just further illustrates what an fn joke this state has become. Pretty sad when Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama are better choices for living than Minnesota. We elected Franken? Enough said, this state is a joke.

    1. Mark says:

      After all we continue to elect Michelle Bachmann! If she is the nominy of the Re-puke-licans, I predict she will not carry any states!

  4. Less Govt says:

    Think Government is big enough yet? Think we need more?
    How much opression and interfearance do you want?
    Call Dayton and tell him to sign the budget as presented
    Then call your elected representative and have them start removing restrictive regulation requirements.

    1. Jason says:

      White man trash. Wow, some people might find your statements offensive. Possiblly viewed as racist?

    2. Mark Too says:

      Less Govt – I’m in agreement with you. It’s not the government’s responsibility to ensure everyone gets “higher education” or a “better job”. The government gives you a K-12 education, what you do with that education is up to you. If a higher education is what you aspire, then study hard and get good grades while in k-12. Then you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get a higher opportunity. Want a better job . . . work hard at your current job (or volunteer work) and prove you are able to take on more responsibly.

      In short let your actions get you up the company ladder (or get your foot in the company door). Don’t expect the government (others) to do it for you. Government is too big as it is.

    3. dave says:

      I assume you are not white? Racist!!!

    4. Less Govt says:

      And it sounds like you got your political education from Karl Marx

    5. Joe for less Government says:

      Yes in a perfect world…maybe…but Government has become for the freeloaders.

  5. Fureal says:

    What about the fish?

  6. JOE FOR GOVT says:


  7. hunterguy says:

    Tell the whole story! The fish was not weighed on a certifed scale which would have nothing to do with the state being shut down. Yes, it also has to be certified by the DNR, but if it wasn’t weighed and is already at the taxidermist, it is too late now. Oh well – great fish! Congrats!

    1. The Architect says:

      Muskie are measured, not weighed, when it comes to record registration.

      No offense intended by my correction.

    2. Length, not weight says:

      What does a scale and weight have to do with anything? It’s LENGTH we’re talking about here. Do you seriously think the taxidermist stretched it?

      1. dave says:

        Weight is how fish are measured in MN for the record books. Look in any handbook and you will see only weights for MN largest fish records. Length is what most muskie guys talk about but when it comes to the record books its weight.

  8. jtown says:

    The big question is “Did he have a license:?

  9. rj says:

    I know where they can shove that book.

  10. DJ says:

    Dayton’s approach to leadership is “do it my way or I’ll hit the highway”. He did the same thing after 9-11 so why would we expect anything else from him now. Things get tough and he leaves town – that’s all he knows. He could have signed a “lights on” bill to avoid this fiasco and he chose to shut things down instead. He could have also signed bills into place to avoid a partial shutdown on issues where both sides did agree and again he refused. This mess is all his to clean up and instead he takes a road trip.

  11. Kathleen Riley Daniels says:

    Perhaps the legislators should be on a lockdown at the Capitol with no salary or per diem and fed only bland diet and water that is enough to sustain them until they settle their differences. Would imagine they might be more cooperative then…

    1. JOE FOR GOVT says:

      I agree. The governor should be included in the lockdown sleepover…When they get the budget passed We the people will let them roast smores on an open flame.

  12. minnfatcat says:

    i would hope that when election time comes that we look at the folks that shut this town down and get ride of them for good they do not care about us if you want a budget cut then shave some fat off the red heads fat ass i cant see how someone that cant take care of them self , take care of me.

    1. Less Govt says:

      But you don’t want a budget cut you must be on the teat… Sounds to me like you can’t or won’t take care of your own lazy ass.

  13. keep it shut says:

    Yet another story I don’t care about. Keep it shut down, I’m enjoying that the other half is feeling the pain. That is to say the half that don’t actually pay any taxes. The rest of the stuff is just inconveniences or simply showing how over involved the gov is in everything.

  14. trl the alligator says:

    …even after the shutdown is ended EVERY ONE of those SOB’s except the governor should be booted from elected office and never elected again…..all of them should be meeting EVERY SINGLE DAY to get this done but no they are not and they are doing and accomplishing nothing…..the governor has already compromised and expressed that he is willing to meet half way but the greedy disgusting republicans refuse to budge. ……this situation is absurd and is making our state look like just a big loser thanks to our elected idiots….people with insane amounts of money are the main reason for this because of their representatives and their obvious greed, To preserve their money from higher taxes is what this is all about…….greed plain and simple….i say after this tax them even more than what is currntly proposed in light of what they are costing the average Minnesota taxpayer because of their stonewalling and greed…….they make me sick.

    1. Blah Blah says:

      It’s OK man, calm down. Maybe someday you’ll amount to something too. Probably not, but I did say ‘maybe’. I understand it must be tough for you to see a sucessful business person in their nice car, and all you’re required to say is: “do you want fries with that”. Your envy has made you green, and THAT’S disgusting!

  15. Jack says:

    Democrats are TOTALLY and solely to blame for this Shutdown. Only the tree hugging liberal freaks who live in the cities voted for this joke of a Governor. He walked away as a Congressman and he walked away as Governor. This will keep going till his libby base is affected then he will cave in. Awesome fish BTW.. I just had to say what the rest of the NORMAL part of Minnesota think, not the California freak show copycats we have in the cities think.

    1. The Architect says:

      The funny part is where you claimed you’re part of the “normal” Minnesotans. I mean yikes…

      1. Jack says:

        Ya normal is what we are, and you are not. Just in case you need clarification.

  16. Mr. Mustache says:

    The Dems or your beloved Liberturds are the cause of all the financial problems in this state. Too much welfare, to easy to get welfare, too many social programs that attracts all the people to this state that do not do one thing to contribute to the economy of this state. Its all for me from the horn of a plenty. Well guess what folks the chickens have come home to roost. One suggestion start building racinos and putting slot machines every where. To hell with the Indians, they made up for their losses years ago and are still bilking this state out of potential revenue.
    Governor Goofy is now the worst Governor along with the worst Senator from this state

  17. david says:

    As a former republican, i laugh at the teabagger republicans and their political agenda. I challenge one person in this state..(one person) to tell me that their taxes have gone down in the last 4 years…Nobody’s taxes have gone down…Yet goofball Pawlenty and his republican colleagues claims they never raised taxes…Really…Property taxes, cigarette taxes, liquor taxes…(oops fees) don’t count…This kick the can politics of.reducing funding to local governments..and.forcing them to raise my property taxes is getting old…You teabaggesr don’t want to raise taxes personally…so you just force someone else to raise them…that is about as chicken..(bleep) as it gets. Make the tough decision…make your cuts,cut the waste in gov and raise the taxes on the …(.the wealthy) and lets gets this state running again……cuz if it comes down to taking money away from education, the poor, sick and old vs raising taxes on the wealthy…its a no- brainer. Trickle down economics doesn’t work…never has… never will! This isn’t the 1980’s and Reagan is dead along with this notion that lowering taxes will create jobs.. Where is the job creation by these wealthy right now…don’t see much from them. The are creating jobs…in other countries and other states…more concerned about increasing stock prices than creating jobs here… The people creating jobs are the ma-pa small businesses not the wealthy/big businesses… I challenge one teabaggers to explain to me how cutting funding to school districts and local governments is not going to increase my taxes…Property Taxes are taxes you idiots!! The money has to come from somewhere to run local governments.

    1. Jack says:

      Well you can come back to us anytime… yer gonna have to get a suit though…maybe it’s still in your closet?

    2. Less Govt says:

      You going to try to tell me you life would be better if taxes were raised?
      Pawlenty didn’t raise your property taxes. That was done by elected representatives at the county and city level. Why not speak to them ask them if they really need that new community center or ice arena. What about that city owned golf course. Confront them. You don’t have to travel to St. Paul to set up a meeting. They are local to you, quetion them about increased property tax. Why should I, living in central Minnesota, have to have my tax money sent to Minneapolis and St. Pauls in the form of LGA so it can be squandered on bicycle paths or finance a crew that is suppose to fill pot holes and spends the day hanging at SA?
      Say what you want about “Trickle down economics” and Ronald Reagan but it is alot better than the current trickle up poverty Obama, Mark Dayton and the DFL unions are trying to force on us.

      1. Mark says:

        The property taxes ARE Pawlenty’s fault. He reduced aid to cities, He cut other needed programs that if not implemented would have caused undue hardship on the populous. The cities and counties also need to balance their budgets, and have no choice in the matter but to raise the proprty taxes on their citizens.

        And by the way, if you look back at the deficit spending of administrations, you will find that GOP administrations (Reagan, bush 1 bush 2, etc) all run at deficits, while the democratic administrations (carter, clinton, etc) actually reduce the deficits. Afterall, you repuglicants most hated villian “Slick Willie” left your beloved doufus george dumbya a surplus! He chose to squander as well as increase revenue reduction, and then run TWO WARS without raising taxes to pay for them!


        1. Jack says:

          Wow you guys are lost your talking about Bush 1 and 2 adding to the deficit with a straight face??? Obama has added 3 trillion….TRILLION to it in what 2 years? That is more that EVERY President combined since George…WASHINGTON.

          Laughable…you Dems are such Lemmings..what they tell ya to say huh…ahh facts blah blah we are right and they are wrong.. Typical. The mentality you guys have is just a “Believe what I believe or else” mentality… maybe we will run away to another state so you can’t vote.. or Maybe run the St. Cloud.

          1. Dave says:

            Same idiots that tore bush apart for spending about $250 billion in 8 years on the war in Afghanistan that don’t bat an eyelash when Obama spends 8 times that on nothing in his first 2 months in office.

        2. Dave says:

          Cities have “no choice but to raise property taxes”.

          They could make cuts to their own budgets. Wait, “cuts” isn’t in your vocabulary.

    3. LD Gray says:

      But of course you were a Republican! Yeah, right! If you were, you must have had a lobotomy. It makes perfect sense to levy high taxes on the “rich” employers – that includes, by the way, the small business owners. Heaven knows they haven’t paid their “fair share” – they ONLY pay 70% of the tax bill. Do you really think they won’t pass on the tax increase to consumers, or lay-off some of you “fair payers?” How many “poor” people do you know you employ others? It is the maniacal wild spending of the totally fiscally irresponsible Democrats which has gotten us to the point we are at. Print more money! That’s the solution! Minnesota is a microcosm of the Fed snafu. Bush left a debt of 483 Billion, Obama spent THREE times that in 2010! His stimulus was such a huge success – we have seen a 14% increase in Food Stamp participation in the last year alone! ONE IN SIX Americans now rely upon the Federal Govt for their very food! Shameful! According to the U.S. Dept of Labor, ONE IN FIVE Americans are either unemployed, underemployed, or have simply given up looking for a job. We recently reached a milestone – we have surpassed The Great Depression in terms of long term unemployed people (over six mos). Gas prices have risen from $1.87 per gallon when Bush left office to $3.69 and over $4.00 in some states! And the arrogant Obama says “Get used to it” or “Live with it” – Bush lowered the cost of gas to that $1.87 by issuing NEW drilling permits and RENEWING old permits – something Obama refuses to do. It leads many of us to the conclusion that Obama’s agenda is to purposely bring down capitalism so that he can install a totalitarian Socialist State. What other conclusion can one draw? He does the polar opposite of everything that would help our economy. I challenge any Democrat to name ONE good thing Obama has done since being in office. And please don’t say offing Osama – the Navy Seals were probably Republicans anyway. That should stick in your craw! Obama’s presidency is a total unequivocal FAILURE!
      If he gets re-elected, our once great nation will be history for sure. Obama’s agenda is to redistribute the wealth – or shall I say “redistribute poverty?” such that we will be a third-world nation. We won’t even discuss his sympathizing with Muslims and The Muslim Brotherhood. The latter can bring to mind another possible assumption which may confirm what his Indonesian childhood elementary school records indicate as his religion .. that of “Islam.” BTW, your boy Dayton, being a “rich” man, has protected his assets against MN taxes in trust funds located in neighboring South Dakota. And don’t forget Grand Cayman accounts. Democrats = Hypocrites. Google “gas price hypocrisy” for the “grand daddy” of all videos!

  18. david says:

    I don’t want my taxes raised,,,but i also don’t want others to lie and say they didn’t raise our taxes when they did. If you are going to raise my taxes…just be honest about it…not lie and say you didn’t.

    Pawlenty did raise your taxes…what don’t you understand…were you home-schooled?……by shifting the tax burden to someone else to confront it it..doesn’t mean you wash your hands of it .Raising taxes through someone else doesn’t mean you don’t raise taxes……It cost a set amount of money to run local governments…do you want home school all kids, make everyone have guns and police themselves…everyone fight their own fires..wake up man…It cost money to run local and state government…It cost money to school these kids to live up to Bush’s no child left behind idea…. Is their waste in government…yes!..I say .cut the waste..cut the fraud…but don’t think that by all cutting you can get us out of this jam your idiot former gov put us in. Is forcing local governments to raise property taxes to deal with all the budget issues… lowering our taxes?…Gov Pawlenty thinks so…and he put us here…shifting money here and there so he could say he balanced the budget so he could run for president on that stance……..really, lets take a look at what the did to balance the budget………He called Obama policies wrong yet he sure liked that billions dollars of federal stimulus money from Obama to help him balance his last budget..He ..deferred billions owed to school districts to help him balance the budget as well…Good leadership there!! He just forced the next Gov to face this and all the other issues he kicked down the road. …Kicking the can to make someone else make the tough decisions is not leadership and it certainly is not republicanism.

    1. Clueless at all levels of government! says:

      So what you’re basically saying you can’t cut anything because we’ve created bigger and bigger governments…at federal…state…and local levels…and NO GOVERNMENT IS GOING TO CUT ANYTHING! If you try to cut…it just gets passed on so another one of the three can make up the difference. GO BIG GOVERNMENT….GO HIGHER FEES, TAXES…etc…etc. Leaders at all levels of government both democrats and republicans have failed and lied to the tax payer. Be prepared to shell out more and more in fees…taxes…etc.

      So feel free to blame to federal government when they make cuts and pass them down to the state government…because it costs money to run state governments…and feel free to blame the state government when they make cuts and pass them down to the local government…because it costs money to run local governments…and finally fell free to blame local government when they make cuts and pass the cost of all these government costs down to we the tax payers! Oh whats wrong with this picture…we the tax payers are the only ones having to make cuts to cover the costs of government! How much more cuts can you make as a taxpayer?

  19. PJO says:

    If I’m not mistaken, they can get an approximate weight by measurements? Isn’t there a formula they can go by to get a weight by? Lenght x Girth x ? x ?. I wouldn’t know I’ve never caught a fish big enough to have to worry about mounting or state records.

  20. Big Dumb Government says:

    Government only knows how to get bigger. Government creates programs that allows people to cheat the program…so government needs to create more government to oversee and attempt to cut out the fraud. How dumb is that?

  21. Infrared says:

    It’s funny that we are having to use a fish story to discuss this as there is no news today,yet, of what our government is doing to solve this problem. Are they doing anything right now or just twiddling their thumbs ?

  22. Rockfish says:

    Started out a fish story and now I am not sure what everyone thinks the story is about. Kid probably should have taken pictures and let it go though.

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