MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A judge has denied the state’s two horse racing tracks’ appeal to stay open during the Minnesota government shutdown.

Canterbury Park and Minnesota Harness Racing filed paperwork to appeal the judge’s ruling that put the tracks in the dark after the July 1 shutdown.

Though the parks generate their own revenue, the State Racing Commission, who oversees racing, was put out of action during the shutdown.

Judge Kathleen Gearin said that the court reviewed all the documents and testimony, but ruled that the “creative argument that these activities can take place without there being a Commission is, in the court’s opinion, not correct as this is a highly regulated industry.”

This comes as a disappointment to the nearly 1,000 employees at the horse racing facilities who were laid off when Minnesota shut down.

Canterbury Park generate about $1 million in revenue a week when operational.

Comments (22)
  1. Unbelievable! says:

    Of course the commie judge denied their request, she hates anything successful just like her master dayton.

    Maybe if Canterbury showed up as a un-wed welfare mom with 15 kids by 14 dads who can’t pay for daycare the judge would rule in their favor

    1. The Architect says:

      Your comment doesn’t even make sense. Did you even read the article? It would seem not.

      The judge doesn’t answer to Dayton, by the way. He isn’t any judge’s boss. Period.

      I think we’ve just shown that you don’t have the slightest clue about that which you speak. Color me shocked…

    2. really?REALLY?! says:

      can they ride in on mini-donkeys for effect?

  2. Ronald Raygun says:

    Gambling is another social illness proudly sponsered by dirty republican filth.

    1. Mike says:

      Dirty Republican filth? Oh please, stop with the name calling! To you its a social illness, to others its a pasttime, deal with it!

    2. Just GO AWAY! says:


    3. really?REALLY?! says:

      Can get some of that “filth” on me! heeheehee

  3. nosiento jones says:

    Where do I sign a recall petition for Judge Gearin?

    1. The Architect says:

      There isn’t one.
      And there won’t be one either.
      You can’t try to recall every politician who makes a decision you disagree with. It doesn’t work that way, Einstein.

      1. nosiento jones says:

        Oh – so the judge is a politician? Veritas.

  4. Mike says:

    So… since Canterbury paid the fee required to the State Racing Commission, and actually paid the fee required through August, do they get a refund? As far as I can see, they were paying for a service that wasn’t given. I think they should receive some compensation.

  5. Tea says:

    A MEN!!!!

    PLEASE REMEMBER THIS LOSER of a Judge’s name!!!!

    Use this to remember her name at time….

    Judge Kathleen is “Gearin” to be kicked OUT!

    1. The Architect says:

      Why? Her ruling made sense. Maybe you need to read it again or better yet, have someone fluent in English try to read it to you instead.

      1. Unbelievable! says:

        Its not this ruling that is the problem, its all of the spending she is allowing to continue i.e. welfare

        She has no business doing that, spending must originate in the house and since there is no current budget to approve spending the whole state should be shut down!

        She really does need to be recalled or at least put in her place

  6. not a fan says:

    We’re running out of beer. No gamblling at the track. Or as Michele Bachmann would call it: two steps closer to paradise.

  7. really?REALLY! says:

    WOW! You can bet(sorry the pun) that she lost her backside before the shutdown on a “pokey pony”, or she is apposed to the idea/concept/ of the state actually PRODUCING revenue!
    Lets see in 2 weeks we lost the ability to play/buy any lottery ticket in Minnesota,we can’t enjoy a day at the tables or track to wile away a oppressive minnesota summer, oh I forgot we could go support the(tribal casinos). In another week or so the wide variety of Miller/Coors products will no longer be available to cool our parched throats, and I here Anhauser Busch is going to be in the same spot shortly!
    So I say to you my fellow minnesotans buy that lottery ticket when you get to Hudson, Superior, Fargo or Sioux Falls, BUT change your state of residence before you collect your winnings to TEXAS! No state tax and your closer to Cancun!
    The Democratic politicians are pathetic in wanting to pander themselves to point of providing for everyone.
    Here are some words to live by,
    “failure and mistakes make us stronger, IF the state is always there ‘to make it all right’ then WE as a state just get weaker and become a welfare state of those looking for a handout, never wanting to pick themselves up on their own”. So very sad from the liberal Governor to the likeminded judge(s) on high who think without knowing or caring about the reprecussions of their decisions!
    Lastly revenue lost never EVER comes back. Have a losing day Minnesota, laughing stock of a once great nation, after all the feds are a month behind!
    That makes us the Lead Loser!

  8. Thurston Howell III says:

    I hate poor people.

    1. Lovey says:

      Oh Thurston, darling.

  9. @Ronald-Architect says:

    The architect and ronald raygun may be the 2 least intelligent sort of human beings to ever comment. They’re are both openly gay, thats gross, if either 1 of them passed away today it would be weeks before anyone noticed.

  10. J&B Met says:

    Thanks for the excellent contribution to the discussion.

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