VIRGINIA, Minn. (WCCO) – Police in Virginia are looking for a man who they believe has kidnapped is wife, who has an order for protection against him, authorities said Friday.

At about 8:11 p.m. Thursday police received a call from the 300 block of 1st Avenue North that a man forced a female into his vehicle and drove away.

Police identified the man as 40-year-old Timothy Glen Caskey. The victim is apparently his wife, and authorities said the couple is currently married but separated as the victim has an active order for protection against him.

Caskey was released from the St. Louis County Jail on Thursday after previous charges for violating a domestic abuse no contact order for protection and harassing phone calls, police said.

Authorities said the victim was walking with her 9-year-old son and an adult female friend when Caskey pulled up in his car and forced the victim into the car. Police said Caskey also assaulted the boy and the female friend.

Caskey then fled the scene with the victim. The suspect vehicle is described as a red or maroon 1991 GMC Sierra pick-up truck with the Minnesota license plate NFX-316, registered to Caskey.

Anyone with information about the incident or where they could be is asked to call Virginia Police at 218-748-7511.

Comments (12)
  1. Mike says:

    We know it;s not you because you won’t let go of your mother’s skirt long enough to do something like this………….

  2. HUH!?!? says:

    why is it every article on here turns into politics?? lol GET A LIFE PEOPLE

    1. Jake says:

      Clearly, this guy’s actions support my position on abortion, public workers and collective bargaining, the state shutdown, and the respective attractiveness of President Obama and the Republican candidates. It seems pretty obvious. 🙂

    2. Politics As Usual says:

      Well, this stuff didn’t happen when Pawlenty was governor!

      1. ez says:

        Yes it did your moron!

  3. kevin says:

    Mike, I know it couldn’t be you either because it involves work. And I know also that to a liberal like yourself work is a dirty word.

  4. Commonsense says:

    she should have just shot him and got it over with – apparently that little piece of paper isn’t going to protect her and the police are powerless until something happens.

  5. Tim Brown says:

    thats why I’m glad I’m a cheesehead as we can soon pack and carry

  6. Ferris Lind says:

    I agree kevin. whenever i come here. i usually see gopsux running there mouth. i wonder if hes one of the 80% that want higher taxes ??? ; )

  7. John says:

    “…who they believe has kidnapped is wife,”

    IS wife? Good editing.

  8. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

    Unfortunately, I have a feeling this will end up being a murder-suicide conclusion. Neither has been seen for several days now. I think they’re both dead.

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