Retirees Press For Inclusion In NFL Labor Talks

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Hall of Fame defensive end Carl Eller says retired NFL players were “not looking for a fight” when they filed a lawsuit against the league and the players’ union earlier this month.

Eller says they are just looking to make sure they are not left behind while a new collective bargaining agreement is hammered out.

Eller is one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed on July 4. A hearing is scheduled for Aug. 8, though a new deal could be in place by then. Negotiations have picked up steam in New York this week.

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  • Johnny Rain Cloud

    Eller you contributed more to society when you were in prison. Just shut up and live off your rediculously high pension from the NFL. This is about as bad as the AARP commercials of retirees complaining about their benefits. You are getting more than what you ever put in. I would be lucky to get any social security check in my retirement.

  • factdealer

    Wow risky Eller put his whole net worth in this

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