ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The judge who oversees the Minnesota government shutdown is refusing to let the liquor keep flowing.

Judge Kathleen Gearin on Monday denied a request from the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association to order back the state workers who process “buyer’s cards” required of bars, restaurants and stores to purchase liquor from wholesalers.

About 300 establishments saw their yearly cards expire right as the government shutdown started on July 1. That number is expected to grow by August 1.

Gearin says if a budget deal is not in place by the end of this week that the Beverage Association may request a special court hearing on the matter.

Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican leaders continued work Monday to finalize the details of a broad budget agreement to end the shutdown.

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Comments (37)
  1. kevin says:

    Hey, the liquor stores don’t need your blessing. There selling and I’m buying. The sales tax on these sales will keep you in your job.

    1. Stien says:

      Cool Kevin!

      Better open up the race track too, 1,000 people got laid off. Why stop with booze!

      Let’s keep open only the parts of the State that affect you! Brilliant!

      1. Stien says:

        I’ve been without mental health counseling and state sponsored suppositories since this crazy thing began. It makes me sarcastic and I’m sorry. You try wearing panty hose all day to keep things from smelling and you’ll know what i mean.

    2. Fred says:

      I would love to sell liquor in Minnesota for only a small cost of $1,300. What a bargin, make millions, increase taxpayers insurance and property tax all because you want to be rich. Pay your fair share, we all want to pay 1932 rates, my property taxes would be $45.00 for the year!! It’s a disservice to the taxpayers of the state, 56% of all court cases are alchol related! in my county!!

      1. Chris says:

        @Fred… are you crazy?! Are you proposing prohibition?
        That did not work the last time, so if you are anti-alcohol, don’t push your ideas on the rest of us… whether we drink or not, we would pay dearly for that scenario and lose all of the tax revenue too! Brilliant thought process…

        1. frozenrunner says:

          Maybe he is fishing for a solution like making the alcoholici losers more responsible for their costs to the rest of us.

      2. k1627 says:

        Do you realize what you would pay in taxes in other forms if they banned alcohol? Do you realize it is one of the heaviest taxed goods available? Look the numbers up. It is astronomical… you would feel the pinch then.

        Do you also realize that the very wealthy has had their income go up 47% since the 70’s and that what we call our “middle class” and “lower class” income has been pretty much stagnant? Do you realize that these CEO’s are not hiring, not giving raises and not giving decent benefits, if any? In addition they are shipping these jobs over seas so they do not have to pay benefits and they can pay 20 cents an hour?~ The “trickle down affect” that our government, particularly republicans say is suppose to be our model is not working.

        Do you know the “true numbers” of those that have not found work but have run out of unemployment benefits? I thought so, our government doesn’t either because once your benefits have run out there is no way to count accurately.

        Did you know that as of March his year 49% of Minnesotans were behind on their house payment? ~ So now, the rental owners feel they can raise rent as high as it was for those that lost their homes. People do not learn. Rents as high as they are right now people are just going to default, just as they did with these homes. Realtors are talking homeowners to “rent to own” at these astronomical prices and they are going to put these owners into a position where these renters will default and they will have an empty house with a house payment in addition to the payment where they currently live.

        I can keep going on and on and most people would be appalled. This information and any other you are interested in you can find on the internet for anyone interested. ~ By the way the big business and wage thing has to do with Democrats and Republicans and I am neither! I am not with the Tea Party either!

  2. Libs Sux says:

    This Old Judge Woman is Horrible.

      1. just8 says:


  3. Jason Kieffer says:

    guess ill be going to Wisconsin to get my booze

  4. Bobby says:

    Kevin- The liquor stores need these cards to purchase alcohol. It has nothing to do with anyones “blessing” as you put it. They CAN”T BUY IT without the cards, that are not being processed during the shutdown.

    1. Gordon says:

      The kevins that post seem to have a little problem in that they think the state is trying to control them and take all their money. They are also a little on the thick side and resisive to knowing what truth is.

      1. k1627 says:

        People feel that way when prices have doubled and some triple since the 70’s and middle and lower class wages have been pretty much stagnant since then. These numbers are out there on the internet everywhere and not by some lame person without a clue. I can attest without looking it up since the industry my father was in is still making the same wage from the 80’s and some less. He made 40,000 and my mother worked and we were by no means well to do. To top it off taxes have made huge increases for the consumer in addition to Income taxes. ~ Most of this burden has fallen to the “middle class”, the largest purchasers.

        Big businesses are recording record profits and some have been through the whole “recession”, that our government refuses to call a “depression”, yet they won’t hire, they send jobs over seas in order to pay 20 cents an hour and pay no benefits, in addition they don’t give raises.

        The only way I see an end to this mess is hold those large companies accountable and if we have to tax them until they cannot take any more and put a limit to all of the jobs they have sent over seas. They “need” us to buy the goods, yet they do not reciprocate. By the way, this does not include small businesses. Small businesses actually could us some incentives. I am talking about these record profit companies that are stock market driven by the rich that never have enough money. ~ You seem like the kind that may take some interest in some of the numbers and proof. It is available by reliable sources on the internet : )

  5. Allan says:

    I wonder how Dayton is getting his supply of booze?

  6. Jay says:

    Weve read for weeks of the possibility of a state shutdown, is there a law that states store owners cant renew their licences weeks before the licence is to expire?? Too darn much government in our lives!

    1. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

      My license tab stickers expire in August. I didn’t know how long the shutdown was going to last so I drove to my nearest bureau and bought then in mid-June. I don’t see why other licenses wouldn’t be able to do that too. Maybe a little foresight on part of the liquor store owners would have been helpful? We’ve only been hearing about a shutdown since early June.

  7. kevin says:

    Bobby, there supposed to remove from there shelves and not sell also. There still selling and I’m still buying doing my part to add to the sales tax bottom line.

    1. Charlie says:

      @kevin… You are confusing 2 separate issues:
      a) The buyer cards are for stores to be allowed to buy from distributors.
      b) MillerCoors has been asked by the state to remove their product.
      Nice try… it is still out of control, like the others have said, too much Gov power interfering with our lives!

      1. joxser says:

        they were still selling miller and coors at the the twins game yesterday

    2. GOPSUX says:

      Not only that, but kevin always has great difficulty with both spelling, and constructing a grammatically correct sentence. Typical conservative.

      1. Blah Blah says:

        It is funny that your sentence is grammatically incorrect. Liberal fail!

          1. The Architect says:

            No comma was necessary after “spelling.”

  8. chubby says:

    Strange how they all can talk now that they are at risk of losing their booze.

  9. kevin the dumba@@ says:

    You left your caps lock on, fool.

    1. Gordon says:

      he is so blind he needed the caps on just to have a glimpse of what he was typing

  10. worryfree says:

    Obviously there is not an intelligence test required prior to posting here.

    1. worryfree says:

      Hey guys, my apologies. I’m feeling bloated this time of month and needed to take it out on someone. I wish school would start up and I could get back to my easy life of teaching. All of this summer weightloss program and exercize is not making things better for me emotionally.

      1. sad but true says:

        Hopefully your not a spelling teacher!

        1. worryfree says:

          No I teach rectal hygene.

          Since you brought it up Sad But Ture, you did mean to say ‘you’re’ instead of ‘your’ didn’t you Jethro?

  11. drts says:

    The courts are considered essential and beer is not! What kind of a topsy-turvy state is this?

  12. Paul says:

    Sounds like the SMART minnesota government is going to help Wisconsin out these days. Problem is so many idiots in the government are anti-business and cannot comprehend the “big-picture” They all live in their bubble isolated fantasy world

    1. Gordon says:

      Miller Coors is so smart they sent the wrong amount on the check

  13. HooDatIS? says:

    this is terrible the federal govt needs to step in
    this is so 18th century

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