Record Demand For Electricity In Heat Wave

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Xcel Energy has set a new record for demand in the current heat wave as some customers cope with outages.

Xcel contends it has enough supply, but a heat wave like this puts a stress on the system, with distribution lines failing and fuses blowing out.

As a result, thousands of customers have experienced scattered outages.

One north Minneapolis woman who didn’t want to be identified had her power go out Monday night, adding to an already tough summer.

“I am in the area where the tornado hit on May 22 and we had an outage for several days at that time” she said.

Xcel is expecting the high demand for power to continue into Wednesday.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Steve Murphy Reports

  • Algore

    Don’t worry I have seen the answer and its more windmills

  • Hot tea

    And to think…my AC is broken!!! And it the heating and cooling guys are booked for weeks! BOOO!!! It is noce to know it is spurring the economy a little! More AC unit sales….labor……..
    As far as losing my power….bring it on…..two words…

    Yamaha Generator!


    It feels like 10,000 liberals exhaling at the same time outside……..

    • GOPSUX

      Most likely after holding their breath as the GOP passed all the hot-air gas

    • nate

      Heheh I wish you two would leave some comments like those for the Budget nonsense articles on here…lighten the mood there a little.

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