Moldy Turf Needs Replacing At Metrodome

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — More than the roof needs to be replaced at the home of the Minnesota Vikings.

Metrodome owners say the artificial turf is full of bacteria and mold because of the water that leaked into the stadium after its roof collapsed in December. Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission chairman Ted Mondale says insurance will cover the cost of replacing the turf, estimated at more than $500,000.

A recommendation on the turf replacement could be made to the commission Thursday. Mondale tells the St. Paul Pioneer Press ( ) that replacing the turf won’t delay the progress on the new roof. The finishing touches are being put on the rebuilding project that began in March.

  • la de da

    Nasty! Bacteria…..I knew we shouldn’t have let Moss play again!

  • TW

    They should sell the pieces of it to gardeners. Use it to cover paths in your formal and vegetable gardens. Re-purpose and make some cha-ching. Yeah, that’s why I get paid the big bucks. Ziggy are you listening? Ask Mondale if you can take it off his hands and sell it to finance the stadium you want.

    • The Architect

      Name any product that you can sell publically that is moldy. You can’t. It’s a health risk and is against the law.

    • Ummm....yeah?

      So you want to re-purpose moldy, bacteria riddin turf that is scheduled for the dump?

      Yeah….thats obviously why you make the big bucks…sound thinking and rational judgement. Yep…no problems with your idea whatsoever. Sounds perfectfly safe and risk free!!

      • TW

        Yeah, you don’t get the humor if you think that is a serious idea. Laugh at something else if you don’t like my joke. No problem. Glad you at least found it ridiculous. That was the idea.

        On a serious note my garden already has mold and bacteria in it but getting the moldy turf from Dome to home would be unhealthy…youbetcha.

  • boyd

    Too bad, but dont use this as an excuse.

    PAY FOR YOUR OWN STADUIM!!!! Dont use my money

    • The Architect

      The Vikings wouldn’t get a stadium. The state of Minnesota would. Minor detail you overlooked there, wouldn’t you say?

    • bud

      Wow Boyd, how do youy like your money going for wel;fare to feed fat and lazy people??????? Got some ideas how to raise 90 million in revenue when ther vikes leave?????????….Small minds think small!!!

  • djp

    Now that the dome will be almost brand new…keep the Vikings playing there…what is wrong with it???

    • Sherry

      It doesn’t have enough expensive suites to host a super bowl? That was one consensus I heard! I think 72,000 fans is good enough for a Super Bowl.

      PLUS, not they need to replace the floor – is that going to hinder the dome from being available at the start of the season??

      • The Architect

        It is one of the oldest facilities of its kind in the country. It does not have the infrastructure in place to handle the modifications that would be necessary to transform this from a 1980 building into a 2011 building.

        The Metrodome would NEVER get the nod to host a Super Bowl. The facility is tacky and outdated. The facility needs to be top-notch, not a run-down, 35 year old facility that looks and acts its age.

  • Old?

    The Silverdome and the Astodome were built long before the Metrodome was.
    They are still around. Hmmmmmmmmm

    • Travis

      The Silverdome hasn’t been used since 2001 and the Astrodome hasn’t been used since 1999. Hmmmmmmmmmm

  • Old?

    Oh…………….guess I am the one who is OLD LOL!!!!! Any idea what they are being used for these days? Maybe the Metrodome can follow suit

    • The Architect

      The Houston Oilers actually left Houston for Tennessee because of the Astrodome. The Astrodome sits empty and unused and has been since 2008.

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