MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police said a homeowner has been shot and killed in an apparent burglary attempt at a home in Minneapolis.

It happened just after 3 a.m. Wednesday at a home in the 2900 block of 45th Avenue South.

Officers arrived and found a man with gunshot wounds. Police say he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officials said the suspect has not been apprehended, but they are investigating. They don’t know for sure yet if the victim was targeted or if it was a random burglary.

They say they don’t know what the motive was for the shooting, but they found evidence inside and outside of the residence that indicate there could’ve been a struggle.

They ask anyone with information to call the Crime Stoppers tip line at 1-800-222-8477.

Officers at the scene are interviewing a woman who lives there.

Jordan Moen lives next door with his wife and 5-month-old baby. He said a loud noise woke them up last night.

“We heard something and thought something fell outside. We got up and checked on our son, he was OK so we thought every thing was fine,” Moen said.

When Moen woke up later Wednesday morning and looked out the window, he saw the police tape.

“Scared. A little shaken up,” he said.

Neighbors say the man was recently engaged.

The name of the victim, who is in his mid- to late-20s, will be released after an autopsy.

Police say his fiance called 911 after finding him shot in the home. Neighbors said he moved in within the last year and the couple was planning to get married soon.

Comments (75)
  1. doglips says:

    It’s supposed to be the other way around. The home owner is supposed to shoot the burglar. At least that’s what would happen if you break into my house. People think that they can use a home security system and everything will be fine, except by the time the police get there it’s too late. The police always get there after the fact. There’s no reason why home owners shouldn’t exercise their rights to defend themselves, and this is why. I hope everyone remembers this when a home owner fatally shoots a burglar. Too many people in Minneapolis are vitims of violent crime, and the police are not there to defend them. People need to defend themselves in a life or death situation, especially when they are in their own home with the doors locked.

    1. zee the reporter says:

      i agree shoot 1st ask questions later!

    2. 2nd ammendment says:

      We need laws similar to Texas. A homeowner should be able to use deadly force to protect their property, not just his/her life. I agree about the burglar alarm issue; mine is just to alert me to grab my gun.

      1. Billy says:

        Nice comparison. Take a look at what parts of Texas have a major violent crime problems. Take away the fact they have illegals and the drug trafficing and its a pretty safe place to live. We dont have to worry about too many violent Canadians coming across the border.
        Try again Eric!

        1. Clint on east side says:

          ya don’t think that drugs had a part in this play? In case ya don’t look around to much, there’s not a helluva lot of difference between an illegal and our perps in the area. White-yeller-black-pink. A perps a perp. We just not as chiity here as Texas.
          Lived in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio for 41 years….so just sayin’ you have no clue what you yapping about lil’ Billy

      2. yeppers says:

        If a guy comes into your home with a gun and you kill him you will get away pleading self defense. Not sure what you’re complaining about.

      3. em0886 says:

        We are allowed to use deadly force if someone invades our home….

      4. Jake says:

        In Texas, I hear you can shoot somebody if someone is trying to steal your car. I wish we had such a law.

    3. Eric Toth says:

      People who think they will have the upper hand simply because they own a gun are naive. The criminal has the element of surprise. The reality of the situation is that there are very few situations where your gun will save your life. Unless you are awake, locked and oaded, witht eh gun in hand and the safety off 24/7

      And of course, that would be insane!

      1. Blah Blah says:

        Have you had any type of gun safety training? Why would having a locked and loaded gun, with safety off, be insane in the hands of a trained person? The Police do it, are they insane?

        1. Jim says:

          The police do NOT walk around with the safety off on their guns. But you already knew that.

          1. mike says:

            Most cops carry glocks.

            1. DanInMaplehood says:

              Yeah, 90% of cops carry weapons with trigger integrate “safeties.” That is to say, there isn’t an external safety. You pull the trigger, it goes bang. Jim obviously knows about as much about modern firearms as he has been able to learn from watching TV.

      2. dan says:

        So according to Eric the gun pro there is nothing you can do to protect yourself. Trust me Eric, one step into my house at 3am and you will be looking down the wrong end of a shot gun. Good luck on the outcome

      3. Jim says:

        “The reality of the situation is that there are very few situations where your gun will save your life.”

        Yeah, well, that’s good enough for me. A gun only has to save your life once to be worth the price.

      4. Ferris Lind says:

        Liberalism is a Mental Disorder and you clearly have it

        1. MARK says:

          Conservatives are scared of people who don’t look like them and want to make the country a Christian theocracy. And they’re stupid.

          See how easy it is to post ridiculous partisan nonsense like Ferris Lind posts? Any moron can do it.

      5. Jake says:

        Sure shows that you don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about. A few years ago, someone tried to kick in the back door of my attached garage while I was sleeping on the couch in my living room, with a loaded .45 auto next to me. His kicking woke me up, and I had the gun trained on the door, locked and loaded, safety off in only a few seconds. Had he succeeded in entering my home, I assure you, he would have been killed in a hail of deadly hollowpoints at point blank range. I wouldn’t have said “FREEZE!” or “PUT YOUR HANDS UP”, I simply would have turned him into swiss cheeze. Turned out the cops were chasing him, because he was at a party a few blocks away, got drunk, got mad, and pulled out a pistol and fired several shots into the ceiling of the home. The cops did get him, he doesn’t know how lucky he was.

        1. @jake says:

          big and bad chatting when ya on a screen there Jake …. bet ya wet yer panties. Of course some little bad boys may blow away their momma too…..big bad gun syndrome. Which ya be baby Jake?

          1. Jake says:

            Yeah, well, you just come on over in the middle of the night, and see what happens — better bring the cops with you too, as you just might need them more than I would. So who is talking big and bad now?

    4. Freddie says:

      Why is it that everytime there is a home invasion, there has to be some yahoo who has to post how tough he is with his gun if anyone ever breaks into their home. A human being has lost their life!! Show some condolences to his family. It’s too bad there are cowards posing as thugs out there who commit such a crime. If ever caught, they need to rip his nuts off and let him bleed to death while suffering.

      1. sailstoo says:

        Isn’t it amazing the way these right wingers grow cojones on the web?

  2. mike says:

    Just BS from the Mayor they want u to think crime is down, so he gets re-elected to sink this city deeper into debt!

    1. randy says:

      Just exactly how can the mayor change last years murder rate or the number of assaults that were reported ?

  3. hal says:

    “Police were still at the scene as of 7 a.m. Wednesday.”

    That make me feel much safer.

  4. JamieinMN says:

    Oh Eric Toth…..you are one special dude.

  5. yeppers says:

    How would he get in without making noise? I would hear anyone trying to break into my house. I hear my 2 year old open the door in the middle of the night and that is unlocked…

    1. yeppers says:

      His bedroom door for all the idiots who will act like I meant the outside door.

  6. Mark says:

    This is why they should ban guns. Eric is right, criminals know your house better than you do, and can smell you by the fear produced by your religion and gun ownership. You wouldn’t want a child growing up in this world. Let’s all go to the dairy queen in highland park.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Lol @ “criminals know your house better than you do”

    2. Love match says:

      Mark, you should hook up with Eric.

      1. Mark says:

        Going over to Eric’s later. Going to drink our union made beer, not shoot guns, and donate to far-left leaning politicians. Then drive over to the capital and protest Dayton not sticking to taxing the rich. If we have time we will go get some tofu, (who can stand the thought of hurting animals?)

        1. Billy B says:

          Mark…I want to have that beer with ya……lol..Too good

        2. sailstoo says:

          Clever…y’ride the short bus?

  7. Foge says:

    Eric. This one murder leads to a 15-20% increase. It isn’t like we have thousands of people killed each year. Take a stats class and see how the stats can be manipulated to favor the city. Another thing is that this is not a high crime area of the city. It shows that cops are spread thin and crime isn’t condensed in its normal little areas.

    1. Jim says:

      The number of murders and violent crimes in Minneapolis are in fact down this year. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to protect ourselves or anything, but all in all it’s a safe city.

  8. Weed Can Save Us says:

    I,m sorry but this is why I own several guns and will use them to protect my self and my family in situations like this.. And before you go spouting off , I’m very liberal. I however believe that until the day comes where criminals stop carrying firearms, I will continue to carry mine until that day…..

  9. Dan says:

    haha, go ahead and be the victim buddy.

  10. Cry me a river says:


  11. andy bell says:

    Are these articles being written by 8-yr olds?

  12. KH says:

    I don’t see why this terrible crime and the many personal tragedies resulting from it should necessitate squabbling about ideological differences.

  13. red says:

    Come on people knock off all this squabble. An innocent young man was just killed who was about to start a new life with his fiancee. RIP Get this loser who killed the homeowner and hang him by this underwear.

  14. trebor says:

    ) MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – Authorities say the 3-year-old son of a suburban St. Louis police officer fatally shot himself accidentally in the chest with the law enforcer’s personal gun.

    1. Proud American says:

      So it would be better if a burglar shot him? Or stabbed him? If you take guns away, the criminals will just bash your head in or stab you to take what they want. That’s what they do. They steal things, and hurt people to do so.

    2. Joel Candy says:

      Thats because the officer was incompetent and let a 3 year old near a loaded gun which any bright person would never do.

  15. KEVIN says:


    1. Jim says:

      How many home invaders have you shot? Or are you just a hypothetical internet tough guy?

  16. curly_racks says:

    MY take……… Break into my house and see what I would do.
    1) my dog is very alert and could take out your juguluar (sp)
    2) I have practiced this drill many times of going into my closet unlocking my pistol and inserting the stand by clip and clearing the house with my dog.
    3) you move you will likely catch a hot one

    1. Blah Blah says:

      Really? What kind of pistol do you have that uses a clip? The proper term is magazine.

      1. Jim says:

        Blah Blah, have you ever posted anything useful or correct? LOL. From Webster’s dictionary:

        Definition of CLIP
        : any of various devices that grip, clasp, or hook
        : a device to hold cartridges for changing the magazines of some rifles; also : a magazine from which ammunition is fed

        1. Billy B says:

          Thanks Jim…magazines are for reading..

        2. Blah Blah says:

          Incorrect Jim, as per usual. I thought you said you were a gun owner. You, sir, are the perfect example of who should not own a gun: Somebody who is completely uneducated about firearms. A clip simply holds ammunition together such as in an M1 Garand. A MAGAZINE holds multiple rounds of ammunition and contains moving parts, such as the follower, to push the ammunition into the chamber during cycling, which is the way most modern semi-automatic pistols work.
          A word of advice, next time you try to call somebody out on something, make sure you at least know something of what you’re talking about.
          Don’t believe me? Look it up again, and not in Webster’s, but somewhere that is more focused on firearms.

          1. Jim says:

            Oh man. I wrote that I own a gun? LOL. With reading comprehension like this, no wonder you’re so misinformed about just about everything. Let me again quote the dictionary for the reading-impaired among us. Dictionaries are the big books you might see on a shelf that DEFINE WORDS. From the definition of clip: “a magazine from which ammunition is fed.”

            So CLIP is another word for MAGAZINE. But I know that conservatives aren’t big on book learnin’ and proper definitions, so I assume you’ll respond with some nonsense about how the dictionary is wrong, and only REAL Americans know the definitions of words. Have fun with that.

              1. Jim says:

                Wow. You found a website that agrees with you. Congrats. What do you have to say about the definition from the NRA? Thegunzone.com is a better source according to you? Thegunzone.com knows better than generations of gun manufacturers and military personnel? You’re gonna have to do better than that.

              2. Jim says:


                And the relevant quote: “Semantic wars have been fought over the word, with some insisting it is not a synonym for ‘detachable magazine.’ For 80 years, however, it has been so used by manufacturers and the military. ”

                “There are lots of self-proclaimed experts on firearms. However, I’m going with the word of the leading national group that makes them its main order of business.”

        3. Fed Up says:

          Lol @ Jim. This reminded me of the want-to-be thug that was in my CCW class. He got laughed at by the instructor when he referred to his magazine as a clip. Blah blah is correct, it is a magazine. I think you might have watched too many “gangsta” movies.

          1. Jim says:

            Regardless of what you might think, Fed Up, you’re wrong and so was your instructor. But don’t take my word for it. Look it up yourself. You can learn all kinds of thing by turning off the talk radio and cracking a book once in a while. Give it a try.

            1. Jim says:

              For Blah Blah and Fed Up and anyone else still not convinced, I quote here the holy grail of gun enthusiasts, the National Rifle Association website. Please draw your attention to the third sentence below. Clip seems to be good enough for generations of military people and gun manufacturers but not good enough for the “experts” here. I’ll hold my breath for apologies:

              A device for holding a group of cartridges. Semantic wars have been fought over the word, with some insisting it is not a synonym for “detachable magazine.” For 80 years, however, it has been so used by manufacturers and the military.

              1. Fed Up says:

                Wow, liberal are ya? You’re wrong, and just can’t admit it. I’ve been around firearms all my life, but what do I know? I was going to refer you to correct information on firearm nomenclature, but I have a feeling that you just wouldn’t understand, more less admit that you’re incorrect.

                1. Jim says:

                  What do my politics have to do with anything? Are you trying to say that the NRA has NOT been involved with guns as long as you have? They don’t know what they’re talking about? Go ahead and refer me to any information that you have. I’m wondering what could be a more definitive source of firearm information than the NRA. Is it Thegunzone.com? LOL.

  17. Proud American says:

    Sure it will, idiot! It doesn’t take very long to pick up a gun from the dresser next to your bed when you hear a burglar in your downstairs living room, or kitchen. Unless he’s already in your room, you will have time to gently pick up the firearm, check the load, flip off the safety, and aim.

  18. JC says:

    My weapon of choice is my Ak-47 I keep by my bed. In the area that I live in I doubt any one would break into my house but if they did I would bring all the fury of my assault rifle down on their head. I hate when I read stories of a home owner not being able to defend themselves. I hope they catch the people.

    1. sailstoo says:

      Izzat AK comfortable for ya?

    2. Jake says:

      Use a 12 gauge with #4 buckshot. Unbelievable firepower. The sound of that thing going off would be like a flash-bang grenade in an enclosed house.

      1. Les Johnson says:

        That’s a good ‘yote load, the ole Hornady 4-buck.

        Works great with the Patternmaster choke tubes.

  19. JKB says:

    My condolences to his fiance, family and friends for your loss. Truly sad what society has turned into.

  20. Red Hot says:

    While sitting here with my .45 in my lap after reading this comment thread, I feel the need to shoot all of you for making such comments. Except Eric and Mark. They apparently have a date later on. 😉 Now seriously…a young man is dead and there is a killer on the loose. Can you focus your attention on the actual story here and not about your “rights” where guns are concerned and whose caliber is bigger…(shakes her head)

  21. tina says:

    I wonder if he’s a moolie?

  22. Shawn says:

    Eric is a deusch!!!

  23. Jake says:

    Oh yeah?? Try breaking into my house in the middle of the night and see what happens.

  24. @jRedneck says:

    sure ya do pinkneck lol

    a pea shhoter and bb gun eh!

  25. HooDatIS? says:

    Granny get yo gun permit now!
    what is wrong with these losers they are getting bolder and bolder
    we have to protect ourselves

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