GOP Senators Aim To Prevent Future Minn. Shutdowns

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A group of Republican state senators hope to prevent future Minnesota government shutdowns through a plan to continue spending even if politicians can’t agree on a budget.

The proposal outlined Thursday by Sen. Ted Lillie and colleagues would extend current spending levels if the state began a new budget cycle without a new budget in place.

Lillie says it might remove an incentive for politicians to strike deals, but he says that would be better than another government closure.

The idea comes from a bill introduced by Democratic Lt. Gov. Yvonne Prettner Solon after a partial government shutdown in 2005.

It comes a day after Minnesota ended the nation’s longest state government shutdown in a decade.

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  • Ted

    I think the incentive to prevent a shut down is that if there is a shut down then all lawmakers including the govenor should be fired. Keep the state running so that we can have an election in two weeks,… put new people in office in three weeks… have a budget approved in four weeks. If not, fire the next bunch and start over.

    • Paul Solinger

      Your solution, Ted, would be more expensive then letting the government shut down.

  • jimmy

    I think there would be no more shut downs if they all had to forfeit their pay.

  • What shutdown?

    So the government continues spending our money even when they are supposedly “shut down”?

    How is that any different than what we saw the last 3 weeks?

    • jimmy`

      @What shutdown?

      30-40 thousand people lose their jobs for three weeks and your too stupid to figure it out. I guess that would make you a conservatives.

      • What shutdown?

        Its 30-40 thousand now?

        Thats twice as bad as they told us and no I still didn’t notice a difference only a slight improvement in traffic flow.


    It sure doesn’t sound like a Con servative idea. I wonder what the catch is? The GOP is always full of dirty tricks.

    • DEMSUX

      The GOP knows that the Public Union employees are already planning a strike. This GOP plan will keep the money flowing so we can hire non-union replacement workers.

    • Bobby

      The catch is that the GOP knowing they will shut down will already be getting BIG money to run campaign ads long before the shutdown spewing half truths and otherwise nonsense so that when the first group gets canned they already have a running start.

  • Ali

    The end of the Government Public Unions is near. They are so out of step with private unions and private employment that they have to go ….

    • Citizen

      Yep, the public employees still have a living wage and some decent benefits unlike a lot of people employed by the private sector. It’s a race to the bottom for American workers and now the public employees can join the rest of us in the dirt. Hail, hail the new American plutocracy and corporatism. What’s next, I wonder? Will workers actually have to pay the corporations to work? Or will they just settle for indentured servitude.


    Without the Public Unions who will vote for DEMS, just us leaches and parisites?

    • Mike

      I have been a life long Democrat and have never been on the public dole or worked for a public union. I can not think of one reason I would ever vote for a Republican. That is the difference between you and I; disillusionment versus reasoning.

    • Guy

      Don’t forget the inmates in the mental wards and the perv’s in St. Peter.


    The GOP has no right to tell me or anyone else to get a job!

    • SUX needs a job

      Absolutely true! However, the government has no obligation to pay you welfare and food stamps. Guess that really SUX.

  • DLQ

    Gee Civil Service jobs (NON Union) get better benefits and more pay, yeah the unions are sucking things dry. Your angry is misdirected

  • Ordinary Guy

    You can’t blame anyone but all of us. It’s the US public that runs the economy by where they spend their cash. (The government tries to get some things done by spending some of it for them.) Now we just can’t afford to anty up.

    Solution: Replace the earnings tax, housing tax, license fees and all, for the general public with a small electronic transaction tax across the board. It’s a simple way to make imported goods and services fairly-priced, while exempting exports to make them more competetive. The same amount of tax money is required, but we get the jobs and many more working and business consumers to pay a share of their increased wealth. It also adds stability to the markets.

    That’s how to increase funds and decrease payments.

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