MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Twenty four-year-old Aaron Boogaard is facing two criminal charges stemming from the night his brother, former Minnesota Wild hockey player Derek Boogaard, died from a mix of alcohol and Oxycodone.

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office charged him Friday with third-degree controlled substance crime and interference with scene of death.

“It’s a tragic situation. The family already suffered significant loss,” said Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman.

Aaron Boogaard is accused of making a decision that may forever haunt him.

“What started it all is when Aaron gave Derek the first pill,” said Freeman.

In Derek’s Minneapolis apartment on May 12, the two prepared for a night on the town. Aaron later told police that Derek said he had reason to celebrate.

“Derek had returned the day before from New York, where he’d been undergoing chemical dependency treatment,” said Freeman.

The criminal complaint states that Aaron kept Derek’s Percocet and Oxycontin drugs, which were not prescribed to the hockey player.

“Aaron said Derek didn’t ask the drug for pain, but he asked it to go get ready to go on a binger,” said Freeman.

A day later, Derek was found dead in that Minneapolis apartment and a call was made to police.

“Between the time police were called and they arrived, Aaron confessed he disposed of rest of Percocet and Oxycontin down the toilet,” said Freeman.

Now, Aaron is looking at possible prison time while still mourning the loss of his brother.

“Everyone around him should have known that you simply can’t give these kind of drugs to someone who’s badly addicted,” said Freeman.

Freeman said his office will not pursue more serious charges of manslaughter in this case. Aaron Boogaard was released from custody to his family Friday afternoon.

Boogaard’s attorney, John Lundquist, released a statement Friday afternoon.

“We are pleased that Aaron Boogaard is with his family, having been released from custody by bothHennepinCounty andU.S.immigration authorities. We will address the allegations in court rather than in the media, but note that Aaron was and remains devastated by his brother’s death. The entire Boogaard family has suffered tremendous loss and we ask that you respect their privacy as they continue to mourn the death of Derek.”

If convicted, Aaron Boogaard faces a maximum penalty of up to 21 years in prison and more than $250,000 in fines.

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Comments (49)
  1. The Architect says:

    This is the dumbest arrest I’ve seen yet. Who are you going to make feel better by doing this?

    1. BeauJackson says:

      You’re not the brightest bulb are ya? We all should feel better knowing a drug pusher, drug user criminal is off the streets.

      1. Sarah says:

        Some people like to be childish and hurtful. Just ignore him.

    2. See BS says:

      They should just deport him, but Minnesota Unions need him here for budget money.

      They need him to take a court ordered “group hug” 12 step program first under “rule 25” so the State can pay for it, and democrats can complain the GOP wants to cut old peoples wheel chair money.

  2. The Architect says:

    One time, I gave my mother in law an oxycontin that I had from one of my own prescriptions after she wrenched her back. I guess I should be in prison for 20 years?

    1. Big dummy confesses says:

      If they can trace this linked comment to you they might…

      1. Durrr says:

        IF? you are the big dummy when you say that. Nothing is a secret once it is viral!

    2. LawMan says:

      If she overdosed and died as a result of your careless actions, then yes you should be in prison. I suggest you turn yourself in to local authorities if you are doing this. These narcotics are not to used without a perscription, and use otherwise is unlawful and punishable under the law. We need to do all we can to keep these medications in the hands of those who really are in need of pain relief.

      1. Paulie says:

        Good call LawMan. I don’t think The Architect got it.

      2. Adrianne Larsen says:

        As a chronic pain sufferer with MS and a spinal fusion I have worn a fentanyl patch for over 14 yrs. I use oral meds to control break through pain. Pain unlike anything a normal person could ever endure and not go crazy. It is tragic in this day and age that people like myself have difficulty finding a qualified physician who will prescribe the drugs needed in order for me to continue to work and lead a quality life. The DEA has come down hard on people who are suffering with chronic pain by demanding information that once was considered private. Thanks to all the illegal drug use and addicts in this country I pay the price for their behavior. And no, I am not an addict, not in denial as I have been screened and passed with flying colors. This is a very sad situation and the drug was obviously chosen to be used recreation and not treating pain.

    3. NavyRXtech says:

      It’s illegal to share narcotic pain killers!

  3. David J. Conklin says:

    >Who are you going to make feel better by doing this?

    Not relevant. He broke the law period.

    1. wildrshatty says:

      This is the only good post of all the posts on this article.

    2. @cronkiln says:

      Puleeez – you are a fricken moron and idiot. I pray you never give an aspirin to someone and they get sick. I’ll call for you to serve life in the aspirin mill

      1. Darwinism says:

        Genious, there’s a difference between a federally regulated schedule 2 narcotic and aspirin. Not making fun of you, more pity; maybe they didn’t teach you that on the loading dock. Break is over go back and fill the pretty trucks.

  4. kay smith says:

    how stupid..there are alot worse people out there that should be in prison..what are they doing to this family one son dies and they may send another to prison. He shouldn’t of bought the pills but where is the proof he forced his brother to take them.

    1. Durrrrrr3 says:

      IDK, I consider drug users, sellers pretty dangerous. In fact, they are involved in most robberies, assaults, and murders. So ummm, yeah, based on the article here, he committed a felony. Not sure what article you’re reading…..

      1. Ring-a-ding ding ding says:

        …people that take advil and drink caffeine are especially dangerous!

      2. Fact is a hard word says:

        Please show us this study that you based your comment on. I’m not defending anything. I just don’t like people saying statements without actual evidence to justify their side of an argument. It is irresponsible and part the of the problem with respectful discourse we have in this country. All in my opinion of course.

  5. Jill says:

    he was arrested for felony third degree sale? How can it be proven that he sold these to his brother? I could see possession, but a sale I think is pretty hard to prove 3 months later. I guess I could be wrong, but that seems odd to me!

    1. Durrrrrr2 says:

      Did you even read the article? He confessed to supplying his brother with the pills.

      1. Jill says:

        They added the supplying part in after my comment was written!!!! DURRRRRRRR. perhaps you should look at times when things are updated before commenting.

      2. Tea, pee and poop says:

        providing vs selling dummy. read yerself and weep

  6. Patrick says:

    It is unfortunate for the family that months after Derek accidentally overdosed on pain medication and alcohol the family now has to deal with the charges against Aaron. However just because there was a death in the famiy does not mean anyone should be exempt from the law. If the state found enough evidence to arrest and charge Aaron with a crime he should be prosecuted. It is now up to the state to prove he is guilty.

  7. Jennifer says:

    So maybe today they’ll show my comment. Yesterday I said that there was something that didn’t seem right and that he had something to do with Derek’s death. When it comes down to it, yes if he had something to do with it, then charge him. But what we all have to realize is that no matter what we say or do, it’s not going to bring Derek back. I still miss him so much and just want things settled so that he can RIP.

  8. Senseless says:

    This just can’t be true. Why is it that somebody HAS to take the BLAME? Especially in an OD? It is called SELF DESTRUCTION, no ones fault but his own. Let this poor man OUT NOW!

  9. Rob says:

    This case is no different than the party overdose in Anoka. Aaron Boogaard is no different than the Anoka drug dealer. From what some of you are saying, I guess we should let the Anoka dealer free as well. He just provided the drugs, but didn’t force anyone to take it…Aaron Boogaard needs to hold some responsibility for his brother’s death.


    1. Karen S says:

      The penalty is “up to ” 21 years. If he has a clean record and no points, he would never be sentenced that, even if he’s convicted he would most likely never go to prison if this is his only offense. The media always prints the maximum sentence allowed by law, because it is true, but it also makes better headlines…

  10. Bethany says:

    Most Drug Users aren’t “forced” to take the drugs. If he shouldn’t be charged, then millions of drug dealers should be released immediately. It’s sad but that’s what happens when you feed your brother’s illness. He won’t get much time, he’s not from an “urban” area.

  11. Dr. OZZY says:

    Guess that’s why pharmacists have to hold a PHD now and they are the highest paid folks at Walmart. Don’t trust anybody to your medical needs. If you use drugs other than their intended purpose then you will suffer the consequences.

    1. Andrew Plowman says:

      Doesn’t take much to be the highest paid at Wal-Mart.

  12. Andrew Plowman says:

    How many people die drunk driving or from alcohol poisoning? Alcohol is a controlled drug, but not as closely controlled as prescription narcotics. There is a very fine line established by bureaucracy and if you follow it, you’re ok. If an inch over, you are a murderer. Wow, that seems bizarre.

    Alcohol was the other contributing factor, but nobody cares who or where he obtained that…because the gov’t profits hugely by easing the restrictions on its’ dispersal. It’s his own fault, he made the decision to use, end of story.

  13. John says:

    Sad and Bad, If you have ever taken these pain meds you would understand how it will destroy your life, you CAN NOT take oxy’s for 3 or 4 weeks and stop
    its the most addicting drug given out by a doctor !
    the danger is if you have been taking the pills and get off them for a while and then start taking them again your body will not respond like it did before, so you start chasing that high taking pill after pill. the high never comes before death.
    Its so sad my prayers go out to the family.

  14. sf says:

    Stop trying to make Derek Boogaard a victim.
    He was going on a”binger”(his words) no matter who gave them the drugs.
    Can they sue the bars where they got their alcohol?.That contributed to his death also

  15. Dave Seavy says:

    Ms. Larson hit it right on the head. I wear the fentanyl patch with morphine backup, and I would love to get off narcotics. It won’t happen due to CP, but why people want to get themselves addicted to drugs is beyond me. Sooner or later the high goes away, and you’re stuck with having to take more and more just to feel normal. That’s not a life.

  16. rich says:

    He is an enabler not a drug dealer

    1. drop the emotion says:

      Both go to jail when they break laws son.

  17. Suzen says:

    How very sad for their parents, my heart goes out to them.

  18. Heh.. says:

    I kills me to think about just how different these comments would be if the Boogarrd brothers were black and from over North.

    1. NavyRXtech says:

      I was thinking the same thing!

    2. Karen says:

      Give me a break! (insert eye roll here). That gets really old.

  19. I call your bluff DA says:

    Huh…they DA says that they are basically being nice enough to not charge him with the harsher crime of manslaughter…so what they are convicting him of comes with a possible 21 year max. Did you know that if they just charged him with manslaughter, it would be a max of 15. They aren’t trying to do him favor…they are trying to make it look like they are but still trying to obtain the harshest sentence allowed. They would never lump the manslaughter on top of the others because they would probably lose the jury completely. I just thought it was funny, because they aren’t being honest…in my opinion, of course.

  20. tina says:

    Well, at least Aaron isn’t a moolie.

    Plus, he’s cute….I’d do him.

  21. Hysterical Mother says:

    I think if he would have done something to one of our precious children or stay at home moms it should go to the supreme court. I don;t care how much it cost society. In this case however, we should look the other way, the laws aren’t as important.

    1. Frank Zappy says:

      You don’t know how true this really is.

  22. TwinsRAwesome says:

    What today’s society seem to have totally forgotten…all choice have consequences! Today, we just blame somebody else…SAD!

  23. Janice says:

    You’d have to be a pretty rotten brother to give your brother drugs who just went thru rehab.

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