MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — UNICEF estimates that more than three million children are suffering in Somalia’s famine. Various relief efforts are underway in Minneapolis, which is home to the largest Somali immigrant community in the United States.

Community leader Abdirizak Bihi said people are giving what they can.

“I know people who came to me and [told] me that they don’t have money, but they could contribute $5 or clothes or shoes or what they can do,” he said.

Fundraisers are being held through the weekend at the Safari Banquet Center in Minneapolis and the general public can send donations to the American Refugee Committee.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Steve Murphy Reports

Comments (67)
  1. Here's a thought ... says:

    I think they should all go to Somalia and help “on scene.”

    1. MARK says:

      I want them here. So I guess you’re a liar Timmy.

    2. Ted says:

      I think they should stay and replace those who think they are better.

    3. Another thought says:

      Thumbs up to that!

  2. Whatever says:

    Yeah, that’s what they’re raising funds for. I believe it.

  3. TL says:

    I’m a big fan of Jesus. I love his work. This crisis is just his father’s way of correcting the failings of Islam.

    1. Jim says:

      LOL. The funniest part is you probably believe what you wrote…

  4. The Architect says:

    Do not give these people money. They want their country exactly as it is. Don’t be fooled.

  5. me says:

    …yes ya all go back there and help them out…..remember: don’t come back here..

  6. Anita Fewersomalis says:

    …. And send the do-gooder that decided to make Minneapolis into “Mogadishu on the Mississippi” back over to their litter box with ’em

  7. Anitanewcab says:

    How are they ever going to get that smell out of all those taxi cabs??

  8. Kyle says:

    I heard that the current Islamist rebels that are in control of the country are saying that the UN is way over-blowing the famine and trying to politicize it to get troops on the ground because the UN is anti-Muslim. As shown by the comments above Midwesterner’s seem to be the least tolerant of change and being open-minded if it isn’t “their” sort of change.

    1. UN out of the US, US out of the UN says:

      Just because you’re an “open minded, tolerant liberal who embraces change” doesn’t mean you aren’t a target of muslims.

      Good if the UN wants boots on the ground over there, they can ship out of the US as well

  9. MOHAMED says:


    1. Jim says:

      Kevin, you don’t speak for Minnesotans, you speak for racists. It must be tough to be so filled with hate. I feel sorry for you.

      1. Jim Fail says:

        When did he mention race … “somali” is not a race

        1. Jim says:

          “Jim Fail,” here’s some information for you and others who don’t know how to look stuff up before posting nonsense on the internet. You’re welcome:

          “The term ‘racial discrimination’ shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction, or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin.”

          1. Jim Fails Again says:

            ““The term ‘racial discrimination’ shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction, or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin……..

            And anything else us busy-body liberals say it means …. its a “progressive word”

            Save your definitions for someone who cares about your labels

            1. Jim says:

              LOL. “Racist” is a progressive word? I’ll save my definitions for people who care about facts, and I’ll let you get back to your ignorant rantings. Enjoy yourself.

      2. MOHAMED says:

        Thanks Jim!

        Do not forget that Kevin and people like him are part of the people that are starving. In his case starving mentally and spiritually. Of course he needs our help in educating him and making him understand that hate kills, it kills the soul. it kills the personality.
        My take on him is that he listened to the right wing media way too much. All we can do in our role is to pray for him and his likes that God help them be a better person….Amen

      3. Leave says:

        Kevin you speak for most Minnesotans They can all leave and then take the Lutheran Church elders with them for bring them over here

    2. Ted says:

      Agreed. We need to help. It is very serious.

    3. Ted says:

      Hey moron… I live in Saint Paul and do NOT agree with your statements whatsoever at all. You give Saint Paul a bad name.

      1. Kevin says:

        Oh yea….I give St Pual a bad name….you can join the moron parade…..its not the Hmong gangs….the Black gangs…the Somali gangs….or the Mexican gangs that give St Paul a bad name…..go walk lake Phalen in the evening…youll get a close look at “racism” while your beaten wth a baseball bat……you want immigrants here you pay for them I opt out…..I could care less about people starving in Somalia……ever see Black Hawk Down Moron? I was there…..you were not…..you have fun with that whole diversity Ted….I will not accept FORCED ACCEPTANCE TO IMMIGRATION……..if that makes me a racist…so be it…..you should come to my “diverse” St Paul neighborhood sometime….you wouldnt make it 100 yards….

        1. Jim says:

          Kevin, violent crime rates in the city are at an all time low. Are you allergic to facts? You’re not scaring anyone.

          1. Bill says:

            Sure they are you moron! Do you not read the news???

            1. Jim says:

              Yes I do Bill: http://www.startribune.com/local/minneapolis/125764673.html

              It’s really easy to look information up on the internet. Give it a try.

              From the story: “At mid-year, crime in Minneapolis is lower in almost every category. “

        2. Ted says:

          I walk lake Phalen al the time and enjoy it and it is safe. It is clear that you could care less about starving children by your replies. I live in Saint Paul and might live near you. I like Saint Paul. As far as making it 100 yards, I have no fear walking around Saint Paul. It is people like you whom everyone should fear.



      1. Jim says:

        No. You’re just part of a small, hateful and ignorant minority that seems to have all day to post stupidity on the internet. Good use of your time?

        1. anitanewjim says:

          talk about calling the kettle black

          1. Jim says:

            I have all day too, that’s true. But the difference is, I’m smart.

            1. Doctor says:

              What would you do with a brain if you had one?

              1. Jim says:

                Quoted for truth:

                Dorothy: “How can you talk if you haven’t got a brain?”

                Scarecrow: “I don’t know… But some people without brains do an awful lot of talking… don’t they?”

                Dorothy: “Yes, I guess you’re right.”

  10. mohammad mohammad says:

    Behead those that insult islam !!!

    and do it with ALL CAPS

  11. leroy says:

    Sending money is a Band-Aid that will not solve the issue. If parents are having too many children to feed, then the solution is obvious, stop having massive amounts of children.

    Be responsible parents. Stop pumping out the kids.

    1. ted says:

      So in the mean time you would not send money so that people will die and then they will consider your plan? I think any solution other than helping them in this urgent need now is less than human.

      1. Teaching is the answer says:

        Just like the old saying …

        If you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime

        If you give a muzzie a fish, he build fish bomb!

  12. Mr. SOMALI, the !@%$%^$$#$ says:

    who cares what these ediotics are saying over here.. and ofcourse somalis in Minnestoa should go back to their nations. what are they doing in here, just nothing, except killing each other, stilling, and violating these Scadanavian rules here in MN. plus the discriminations

  13. Stan says:

    I think that we need to bring as many as we can to this country. We can do that and we would improve our image around the world as a country that will help when help is needed.

    1. Jim says:

      Internet tough guy right here folks! Check it out! Too bad the bible doesn’t protect people from stupidity. Actually I think it makes you more stupid (see above).

      1. Mark says:

        Haha, that’s F-ing awesome. Damn liberal fairies. I hate Samalians, they are ugly and they stink

    2. Stan says:

      You read the Bible and make statements like this? What church do you go to? The Holy Get Off My Grass Now church? You are really sick.

      1. Try it says:

        Yup your dog s hits on my lawn I will scre w your old lady

    3. Ted says:

      The protest a few weeks ago was not about restoring welfare. The one I think you are refering to is to get food shelf back in business. If you saw many Asian people there then that is for a good reason. Many in th Asian community here are very much involved in the community. The volunteer fo many things and I suppose they were there to ask that food shelf aid be saved from the shutdown. Welfare was not cut off so why would anybody be complaining about it being cut off. You like to spit out negative yuk to spread your nasty attitude around. Sad.

    4. James2 says:

      Ahem, excuse me. I am GAY, and a VET, and you are really going out on a limb to be more than imflammatory. Thank me for my service, and shut up about same sex issues. It is folks like you who make it an issue, then force me to deal with it. Nobody is importing us, you keep bearing us by pregnancy. Excuse me but now I have to laugh.

    5. A real Christian says:

      Bible in one hand and gun in the next!.. Sounds like an awesome christian to me.. Were in the bible does it say to carry a gun and shoot any one who id different from you? What church do you go to.. You do know that a KKK rally does not equal a church… As a real christian I am absolutely ashamed of your post. You are giving us of real faith a bad name..

      1. Kevin says:

        Real christian…give me a break….wanna be…..read your bible….then spew your bs poison to those who will listen….and thats not me…or those I know….Jesus stated that only those who believe in him….will go to heaven……Allah is not Jesus…and you are no christian…..

  14. Frank says:

    This country was doing fine when hard working immigrants were coming to this country not taking hand outs and providing for their families. Now millions of lazy worthless immigrants are reproducing like rabbits and sucking the system dry. We went from the most powerful country in the world to a broke sh$thole. I’ve heard MULTIPLE stories of Somalians preaching hatred for this country yet they take every hand out possible and cry that we don’t accept their culture and religous beliefs. If you want hard working Minnesotans to accept you EARN it like immigrants that came before you. Maybe try adapting to the culture that is keeping you from disease and starvation in Somalia. These liberal idiots in office that won’t do anything that’s not polically correct need to listen to the people wanting change before it’s too late for this country.

    1. Jim says:

      You think this country is a “sh$thole?” You’re confused. This is the greatest country in the world.

      There have always been hardworking immigrants and lazy immigrants and everything in between. Your post shows your ignorance of history.

      1. Frank says:

        Sorry that my reference to sh$thole upset you. This is still the greatest country in the world, but for how long. How long do you think tax paying Americans can support welfare dependent people that are growing exponentially through birth and immigration. America is not the babysitter for the world, we have enough internal problems to fix before we can take in millions of people that just add to the problem or send millions of dollars to put a band aid on problems that will never be fixed. What other of these Islamic countries would support America is the problem was reversed. If you want to go support Somalia take the next flight out, stay there long enough and I guarentee you will be murdered by some anti-American who’s goal in life is to kill Americans. If you want to come here from Somalia, get a job, learn some English, be greatful there’s a country willing to take you in and don’t disrespect it.

        1. Jim says:

          Somalia is just about the last place on earth I’d want to visit. And I agree completely with your last sentence.

          This country’s two biggest expenditures are the military and health care, of which the vast majority is spent on the elderly, NOT immigrants or welfare recipients. I wish welfare was unnecessary and and I have no respect whatsoever for people who choose to be on, and I think in general our system is very, very generous. Maybe too generous. But if you want to talk about this country’s problems and debt, let’s have an honest discussion and focus on the important stuff.

    2. Bill says:


    3. MOHAMED says:

      I think there is a lot of misinformation about Somalis in your area of town. Go ask the Mayor of Minneapolis, where most of the Minnesota Somalis live at about how Somalis were able to start from zero to build thier lives after leaving thier beloved country the same way your grandparents left europe and beyond. I will tease you that some of them were “very rough” with the indians here in the USA.
      What I can tell you is that aid agencies usually bring the sick, vulnerable and needy to the midwest to help them start a life. If you see orphans and widows of the wars at the county line and they blocked some of the food stamps for you, i think that is not a crime but you can call it sucking the system in your eyes. As another commentator one time told me that you Somalis get a new car from the goverment right after you come. lol. The new immigrants start from scratch and they mostly do better than your average locals. I hope you get my point . For now, please help the unemployed and the starving people around the world be it Somali or otherwise

      1. Ted says:

        Thanks Mohamed. True and to the point. I agree.

  15. kevin says:


  16. kevinisverystupid says:

    In one post kevin says he is from St. Paul. In another he says he is from Ohio. He also says he was “there” for blackhawk down. Does he mean he was at the movie?

    1. Ted says:

      Kevinsverystupid – I don’t think this guy is for real. Nobody talks like him. Nobody has his beliefs as extream as he does. And his facts are always so far off you have to wonder if he is a 10 year old kid positing. He certainly is rude and mean. But he reads the Bible and I hope for his sake he continues to do so.

      1. Kevin says:

        Oh Ted you little Gay Parade wanna be…I am real…and I am a bad ass…….I am your worst nightmare…I grew up in Ohio…and have been in MN for years…and I love kicking ass like yours…call some time….our numbers are huge…

  17. Brian says:

    Round up all the food you can carry all of you get on a plane the last thing the US should supply them with is a parachute fly them over Somalia and push them out of the plane. Go away!

  18. Rahman says:

    I live 10 yers in my villege in Somalia, Allah be paised. I live 4 years in St. Paul in projecs. Raether live Somalia. Woman respec men, not hear. Policmens stop you punish woman hear. Not good for man. Say you take chek you obay. Not good for man.

    1. Kevin says:

      Hold on…I am reloading….I hope your enjoying FREE…..you pile of shi*

  19. gonzo says:

    The long term looks pretty bleak for Somalia. It is a failed nation in a state of perpetual civil war. It is also an ideal place for Islamic terrorists to recruit, train, and organize attacks. In the short term however, what possible harm would it do to feed starving people? However you feel about Somalia and Somalian immigrants, do you really want them to starve to death? Do you justify this with some social darwinist outlook, or just simple hatred? As a nation of immigrants we have always had problems assimilating those who came from situations that had pushed them into a savage state. The Irish are a classic example. It is hard to stay compassionate towards a people when they bring their savagry with them. It is a serious problem. But does this really mean their people deserve to die of starvation?

  20. Bob67 says:

    This was about helping starving children yet it became a race bashing post mostly from pig headed biggots. Seems a lot of posts on WCCO go this way. I am suprised they can actually read and write.

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