MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Four Twin Cities men have made it to the final round of a Gain detergent video contest and might win the $1 million prize.

You can watch some of the group’s video in the one above.

“We found [the contest] on the Internet … and we had literally like two or three days to get it in,” said Jim DeSimone of Anderson Desmond Productions.

Anderson Desmond Productions’ video, shot in the social hall of a church, is modeled after a 1950s game show. Out of 480 entries, the group’s video has advanced to the final round of 25 contenders.

The idea behind the video is that a game show contestant has to guess which of two men is a millionaire. The contestant picks the guy with no money, because he smells like a million bucks, thanks (of course) to Gain laundry detergent.

Adam Fielitz, of Anderson Desmond Productions, said that they shot the video in the church, because it had a blue curtain that looked as if it came from an old game show. Fielitz said he had only been to the church once.

The guys shot the video on two separate days, because of scheduling conflicts.

If you’d like to vote for them in the contest, click here. In order to vote, you need a Facebook account, and you have to “like” Gain.

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  1. Scott Zilka says:

    Hey WCCO viewers – our video is listed as “Andrew A” on the contest website. Thank you for your support!

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