Wis. Woman Sues Man For Her Herpes, Seeks $350,000

ELKHORN, Wis. (AP) — A Delavan woman has filed a lawsuit accusing an Edgerton man of infecting her with genital herpes.

A Janesville Gazette report says the 33-year-old woman is seeking $350,000. She claims the 35-year-old man knowingly exposed her to a sexually transmitted disease.

The Gazette didn’t name either person.

The lawsuit says the man and woman were each married to other people when they began flirting in 2009. The woman says the two spent a day together in January 2010, culminating in sexual activity in the man’s pickup truck.

The man has denied giving her herpes and has told her to check with her other partners. She says her only partners were the man and her husband.

The woman says her husband has been reluctant to have sex since her diagnosis.

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  • The Outdoorsman

    She got exactly what she deserved. She wanted an extra-marital fling in a stranger’s pickup truck but didn’t want her husband to find out or be upset by it.

    Reap what you sow, cheater…

    • Jake

      I bet the civic leaders of Delevan are proud they are finally getting some . . . um . . . exposure!

    • Duh

      Hey Architect, Having some winter fun in your “Pick Me Up Truck” last year?

      • The architect

        ONly with the fellas lu lu.

  • yep

    Wow, the husband is still with her? I’d be gone in a heartbeat.

    • Reluctant

      …yeah, but at least he’s reluctant to have sex with her now. Ha ha ha, what a joke. I’d be reluctant to kill her, if I was him. But I’d probably still do it.

    • Sven

      He’s obviously waiting for her to collect on the lawsuit so he can have half

  • jack Noff

    Ya, rompin’ in a truck!! Oh yea!!!!

  • MARK

    This could create an uncomfortable precedent for many of us (not me). Millions of Americans have herpes (not me). Many people don’t even know they have them (not me, though, because I don’t have herpes. Really. I don’t.)

    • Julie of Delevan

      Mark, we need to have a talk.

  • Sue

    Is she serious? You have got to be kidding me. lol.

  • em0886

    Haha are you sure?! Just kidding! I absolutely hate cheaters….clearly it’s been done to me! Nothing like a good dose of karma!

    • The Outdoorsman

      By the Mexican guy, Em?

  • Brian

    I agree with all of you; what goes around comes around. BUT, if she can prove in court he knew ahead of time that he was infected, she stands to make some $$$ I think. Knowingly transmitting a communicable disease is a crime. Let’s say she wasn’t married. In this case, whether or not she was married is irrelevant. Right or wrong, I think she gonna get paid.

    • Mike

      Ah… do people die from catching that? It’s just an annoying rash, right? Doesn’t it take two consenting adults to partake in such behaviors? I think that amount of money is grossly excessive.

  • losers


    Thats what you get!!!!!!!

    • K.

      To tell you the truth, she may not win this as it would be hard to prove where it came from. Herpes can lay dormant and resurface years later. So, who knows when and where she contracted this. Also, it’s not life-threatening and quite manageable.

      • Mike

        Yeah, K. Isn’t there also an effective medication one can take to lesson the rash?

  • Jake

    The government needs to require people to put a warning label on their genitals that alerts people that having sex (especially unprotected) may lead to disease or pregnancy. Other than the years of sex ed training, materials at medical clinics, and news reports, etc., how else could people possibly know the risks?

    The government must save us.

    • TW

      Exactly, if only we had better education. Teachers and the government are the only hope. Our taxes need to be tripled otherwise our country will collapse because no one has enough information to make informed choices…NOT.

  • Janice

    Cold sores are herpes. Herpes simplex I think. When you’re going to have an outbreak of that kind on the lip or on the body you will have pain & itching BEFORE it appears on the skin & probably the same is true for genital herpes too. So, most likely if it was that guy he did know he was getting an outbreak (still contagious at that point even before eruptions occur). If she cheated once, probably has before so who knows where she got it from. BIGGER PROBLEM- YOUNG MEN- are getting throat cancer & tongue cancer from genital herpes (guess you know what I’m tallking about) & believe I read it here yesterday. Seems it’s a really unexpected high rate. So more to worry about than just genital herpes- ever seen what genital herpes looks like in the throat? Cancer must be even worse. Cutting out the tongue……………

    • nate

      I believe the story you’re referring to was about HPV in women (which can lead to cancer) being trasmitted orally to men thereby giving them the disease in the mouth and throat thus leading to cancer. I have no clue what herpes complex turns into when introduced to the mouth however so you might still be right on that.

  • Ohhh yea

    I wanna see this skank in court….hope her (ex)hubby is seated at her side as she explains the urge…and the fact the other guys other mates are not carriers! This will be GOOD ! ;-)

  • cant_take_the _smell

    She shouda furted loudly n whatnot.

  • Is she serious

    I would be more likely to feel sorry for this woman and support her lawsuit if she hadn’t been CHEATING ON HER HUSBAND! She got what was coming to her.

  • Ladiesbewise

    When will women learn to insist on condoms! Her husband has probably been cheating on her. Why wasn’t that possibility mentioned in the story about another stupid, mindless, court-crowding litigation? If a man won’t wear a condom, or present a current clean bill of health for sexually transmitted diseases from his doctor, then they’re hiding something like herpes, or worse, HPV, cervical cancer. Her husband could be another “no-condom, disease- spreading macho man”. It’s called “getting to know you before you enter my body”. Be SAFE out there, all of you.

  • we

    The HERP the gift that just keeps on giving!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yippppeeeeee

      hooray for the herp !!!

  • trl the alligator

    THIS is why when they say they’ll love you forever you should be fearful…..its an lifelong everlasting gift you’ll recieve…..LOL.

  • trl the alligator

    FURTHERMORE………one should always take a visual before letting wally touch any part or god forbid you do oral without looking first and the next thing you know you got blisters on your lips or mr. Wallace…….no matter how awkward or uncompfortable it may seem the golden rule is —–ALWAYS look before diving or plunging.

  • trl the alligator

    i recommend always carrying a penlight or some other small light source to employ at a particular moment……better safe than sorry……and if you are really tactful you can use it without her ever even knowing….of course if you get caught it could very well ruin the moment but then again she might volunteer full visual disclosure and then your off and running…..just sayin.

    • The Architect

      If you can’t be open and honest with the person you’re getting naked with (probably because you don’t even know who they are) and feel you need to sneak a peek under the covers with a penlight to clear the zone of booby traps, pardon the pun, you may wish to reconsider your course in life. I don’t mean you personally. Just a general rule to live by.

      • THE BURNER

        I recommend using a 5,000,000 candle power flood light just to be sure!!!!!!!!

  • TiskTisk

    1st off do you think this guy has 350k, 2nd if you have unproteceted sex with a stranger then you never know what will happen.

  • Mr. Arched backitect

    Hey it’s Mr Architect, he must be at work, is it possible to not own a computer, you have to be a telemarketer or something, you only comment during business hours, I’m sure there’s plenty off architects who don’t have a computer at home, geez you’re so embarassing.

    • we


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