Bachmann Says She, Not Husband, Running For Office

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Michele Bachmann steadfastly refused Thursday to answer questions about her family’s business and finances, saying that she — not her husband — was the one seeking the White House.

The Minnesota Republican faced queries about Marcus Bachmann’s Christian counseling clinic that attempts to convert gay patients as well as her own beliefs on sexuality during a luncheon at the National Press Club. With her husband sitting nearby, Bachmann said she expected scrutiny as a candidate but questions about her family were off-limits.

“I’m running for the presidency of the United States. My husband is not running for the presidency. Neither are my children. Neither is our business,” she said.

“I am more than happy to stand for questions on running for the presidency of the United States,” she continued. “I have no doubt that every jot and tittle of my life will be fully looked at and inspected prior to November of 2012.”

Bachmann, who is campaigning hard ahead of next month’s debate and straw poll in Iowa, has steadfastly refused to discuss the family’s business that has faced criticism from gay rights groups. When asked to describe her beliefs on gay therapy, Michele Bachmann said she loved her husband of 32 years and then said her husband was not a campaign issue.

She also faced questions about her opposition to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The Washington Post reported this week that its analysis of her loan documents suggests her family used those federally subsidized programs in 2008.

“Unlike all of you, who I’m sure paid cash for your homes, there are people out there like myself who actually have to go to a bank to get a mortgage. This is a problem: it’s almost impossible to buy a home in this country today without the federal government being involved,” she said.

“We need to get the federal government out of these programs.”

Bachmann used her speech to discuss Congress’ ongoing effort to increase the limit on the nation’s credit card. She downplayed the catastrophic consequences predicted if lawmakers allow the United States to default on its debts.

Bachmann, a darling of the libertarian tea party, has vowed to vote against any increase in the debt ceiling and called the deal being negotiated on Capitol Hill as one based on “illusory” and “counterfeit” savings. She said President Barack Obama has misled the American people on when the government would run out of borrowing authority and has employed “scare tactics” that have needlessly spooked Wall Street.

“The current negotiations over the debt ceiling illustrate exactly what is wrong with Washington, D.C., today,” said during her speech. “The lack of a clear plan from our president to substantially reduce our debt is what’s scaring the markets. … The markets know when politicians are serious about spending cuts and the markets know when politicians are not.”

The nation faces a Tuesday deadline to increase Washington’s borrowing power to pay its bills. Congressional leaders were working to find a compromise that cuts future spending as a trade-off to avoid a government default that could send world markets crashing and could downgrade the United States’ credit rating.

Bachmann said that would not happen; she offered no specifics to back up that claim.

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  • nate

    The last two sentences make me chuckle. Typical.

    • KeepItReal

      Anyone who chides one party and not the other is a fool. We have a two headed oligarchy that exploits both extremes on the political spectrum. Both are full of hypocrites, with a lot of money and power. With that said, it never ceases to amaze me how liberal and biased the US media can be. Yes, FoxNews is conservative, but are outweighed 20 to 1 as far as coverage. Why is the media focused on Bachmann? Because she has absolutely NO CHANCE of winning, because she and her policies are right wing fools. But the media will affect the credibility of all other republicans because they will get no coverage…so the voting population will assume those who are not talked about in the media to be inferior to Bachmann. And the Republicans will outspend the dems 2 to 1 and still will not remove our incompetent president. Obama is more of the same. More wars, more dead, more debt, more unemployment, more gridlock, more unfunded policies, more special interest caving…MORE OF THE SAME. Our two party system is broken, we need true representation through at least 5 or 6 parties, who must work together to create legislation for the betterment of society.

  • Deep Thinker

    The last two sentences are all you need to know about this hypocrit & her goof ball husband. Very, very typical

    • Less Deep Thinker

      And a vegetarian is a hypocrite if he rides in a cab driven by someone who eats meat. I mean, the cab is powered by meat-provided calories being used to push the gas pedal. I am tired of these vegetarian hypocrites.

      Al Gore drives a car. Bill Clinton uses his position to subjugate women. Where, oh where can we find purity?!?

      • Ronald Raygun

        Most certainly not in the republican party.

        • Damocles

          Name one Democrat who doesn’t take advantage of fossil fuels for heat or transportation?

          • Matt

            Lyndon B. Johnson

            • Damocles

              Pretty sure he rode in cars and planes. Unless you mean today, in which case you are right on a technicality. While he probably doesn’t caucus with the Democrats anymore, my guess is they’ve kept his voter registration active so he can keep voting in states like Minnesota where there is no voter identification required.

      • Deep Thinker

        Less Deep Thinker, so we agree that both sides are full of hypocrits, thats cool with me…

        • Less Deep Thinker

          Unfortunately, the system makes it tough for anyone to live their doctrine.

  • Gloria

    I was under the impression that a person’s finanacials, whether business or personal, would be under scrutiny when seeking the highest office in the world. (Perhaps that’s only if that person wins the nomination for their party, but nonetheless, the Bachmanns are definitely avoiding and running scared of these types of inquiries.)

    • What's Good for the Goose

      Why do the conservatives have to act irrationally and reject all resources provided by the public? That would be like judging a liberal who refuses to give all of her discretionary funding to charity. I mean, if government should take other people’s money to assist the poor, the liberal should give away all of hers, right?

      This is stupid. You can oppose a program while availing yourself of the benefits. Should an American League baseball team manager who supports getting rid of the designated hitter have to make his pitcher bat every inning to be able to oppose the rule? Of course not. If anything, it adds credibility to her argument if she is willing to oppose a program that may inure to her benefit.

      Let’s focus on her positions, not these meaningless attacks on a person’s legal, legitimate daily affairs.

      • What's Good for the Goose

        I assume you typed that from the fetal position.

        • Deep Thinker

          Seriously, give up….Just because you have an opinion………………….

          • What's Good for the Goose

            Wow. What a shame that the best folks can do is try to silence those who do not violently agree with them. I suppose it is more comfortable to go to organic coffee shops in hemp-based clothing where everyone shares the same opinion. It’s especially helpful if you never have to actually make any decisions, because that seriously limits one’s ability to spend all day vilifying other people.

            • Deep Thinker

              I happen to be very conservative. I can’t help it that you don’t make sense. I’m not going to agree with you just because we are on the same political side. Sorry drink your own kool aid.

              • What's Good for the Goose

                Believe me, I’m not on your side. You’d have to actually say something of substance to have a side. You appear more comfortable in the peanut gallery while insulting those that have made it to the playing field.

              • Matt

                Are you a Tea Party Conservative that uses government programs and then demand that they end after they’ve used them? Or are you a reasonable Conservative that realizes we need government programs to make our country a better place to live

      • What?

        That is the dumbest analogy I have ever heard…..

        • Huh?

          Heard? Did someone have to read it to you? (That would explain your response, I reckon.)

          • What?

            Actually, I’m blind, but thanks for the kind words

            • Huh?

              I’m pretty sure we all know how you ended up that way.

              • What?

                Wow, you are about the lowest human being I have ever encountered. I hope you are proud of yourself

                • Huh?

                  Yes, with your thoughtful, respectful first post above, I can see where you stand in a position to judge. On a more positive note, I am impressed at how well you type with one hand.

      • Dave Campbell

        I have no problem focusing on her positions! She opposes most of the programs that she takes advantage of! If she feels so strongly about these programs and their complete lack of merit in our society, perhaps she should not take part in them! Taking a stand and forgoing her farm program payments and the medicare and medicaid benefits paid to their clinic would add more credibility than anything else she could possibly do. And wouldn’t converting gays back to the Bachmann’s way of thinking for free be the christian thing to do?

        • What's Good for the Goose

          If the government sets it up where all of your competitors receive the subsidy, it would be economic suicide to reject the payments. Let’s face it, Obama, like Clinton, are huge proponents of public education. Where have their kids gone to school? Private school. Although Michele Obama DID say that the D.C. public schools were considered. Riiiiiiiight . . . .

          • I Just Dont Get It

            blah, blah, blah, haven’t enough people told you that you are a dimwit

            • What's Good for the Goose

              This is AWESOME! How many responses can be completely lacking anything substantive? I would expect at least one person to actual have a cogent response other than an ad hominem insult. No wonder someone as thick as Bachmann is beating you guys.

              • I Just Dont Get It

                Yeah, keep trying…….at some point you will convince yourself that you aren’t an idiot….lol

                • What's Good for the Goose

                  And . . . the rule is proven.

          • Matt

            Do you blame them after what the Republicans do to Education?

            • What's Good for the Goose

              Actually, Washington DC has been run by Democrats for over fifty years. They have made the decision to continue to increase funding without any incentives for improvement in results.

              But you raise the right point: If something is available and in one’s self interest (Obama’s kids’ education, business subsidies for Bachmann’s ag land), taking advantage of that asset does not mean one cannot support a different approach as a matter of public policy.

  • llp

    He looks like a teletubby

  • Bachman is a Clown

    Remember when Michele kept saying that you have to look at the people that Obama associated with to know him. Well, look at the clown she associates with. What a pair of hypocrits, by the way, just an observation but if you watch Marcus’s mannerisms I think you will probably know why he wants to teach the world not to be gay……me thinks somebody is hiding something & is ashamed. Marcus, don’t worry, I wouldn’t like you even if you admitted to being gay.

    • quentin

      I’d love to see him dance. If anyone out there has a video from a wedding, you’re sitting on gold.

      • Sara

        @quentin heres a vid of him dancing with her…

  • Kent

    The circus continues..I’m looking forward to it!

  • markH

    Perhaps we can inquire exactly how often she will invoke supplications to the creator of the universe in order to formulate official policies? I would also like to know exactly how she knows that her “deity of choice” disapproves of gay marriage; did he write a letter, call her, or just speak in a voice that only she can hear? You see, this is precisely the kind of nonsense and dribble that turns me off to any candidate-the frightening idea that they live in some other world that only they and like-minded “thinkers” are privy to. I prefer my leaders to be grounded in the real world and not use unseen, unproven, unfalsifiable entities to tell others what to do and think and whom to love. Peace.

    • drummer

      “How does she know?” Why, she talks to him. Regularly. And he talks back. I’m sure they’ve discussed the whole gay thing. And raising the debt ceiling. Ignore her at your peril and your soul’s. She’s got His endorsement unless Rick Perry jumps in before the end of year.

  • Which planet does she come from?

    Oh I see, uh huh.

    • Frank Rizzo

      I’m coming tomorrow, and I’m bringing my tools, jerko!

    • Frank Rizzo

      I’ll be at the shop tomorrow morning, and I’m bringing my tools!

      • Fruitcake

        Nicely done, sizzlechest.

  • Marcus

    Please, please, please GOP shatbags, give this hor the nomination. We really need some humor.

    • meow

      it’s sadly true… WE LOVE TO HATE HER and she is highly entertaining with all her psycho babbles. I’ll post a video of one of my fave YouTube interviews where she gets totally OWNED on her rants. This is a MUST SEE

  • Herb

    Talk about disconnected! Deep scrutiny has been the norm for Presidential candidates since the inception of this country. NOTHING . . .LET ME REPEAT . . .NOTHING is off the table. She obviously believes that she can hide family skeletons, which proves she doesn’t have the character to address tough issues and has no business even running for the most powerful office in the world. Just another misguided pretty face living in a dream world of her own making trying to hide what everyone already knows. Michelle, stop embarrassing yourself, drop out of the race!

    • meow

      Yup… look up PATHOLOGICAL LIAR … she fits the description alarmingly well.

  • Hugh Jorgan

    I didn’t know her husband was Benny Hill! Now that explains some things…

  • Michele, Thanks for the Laughs

    Cream always rises to the top. Of course when a fly comes along and takes a dump on that cream it’s still just fly poop.

  • Not_A_Fan

    Yeah, and let’s pray she keeps running….. all the way into Canada, or Mexico, or…..


    With palin it was picking on the children. With horman it is picking on the husband.

  • Debby

    Just another way to show her complete ignorance! I bought MY house without government help…AND…if she was elected, her husband would be the “First Man” and YES…we need to know about HIM, too.
    I sure hope Americans are smarter than electing this woman as president…talk about a country falling apart if that happened!!

  • Gemini

    She should give it up. Her husband would be in the White House too, if she was to get there, and all that makes all he does in the interest of the American People. The President, should not be bringing personal beliefs into the White House, you would not have been with the man for 32 years, if they were not your beliefs also!!

  • Deepthroater

    Marcus is running for Mr.Leather of Minnesota

  • Duh

    I’ll tell you all what is funny….the fact that another story talking about the Debt ceiling came out about 10 minutes after this one did and there are only a few posts to it, which is infinately more important……but a story about Bachmann comes out and all you liberal sheeple are frothing at the mouth to talk bad about her. And trust me, I am no Bachmann supporter….just like the Yahoo message boards and Palin…..could be a story about the world exploding in an hour and another story about Palin speaking at some school somewhere and there would be 100k posts on the Palin story within an hour and 10 on the other.

    • Bachmannitis and Adolf

      I’s a Republican and I am frothing too. ;-)
      She epitomizes what Hitler and Stalin stood for —– dare not challenge me nor addressme or mine unless I say to.
      Seig Heil Skank

      • Duh

        Woah she stands for a Master Race and Communism? Sorry man, I get your dislike of her, but not the hatred for comparing her to two of the most hated men in history. Little overboard if ya ask me.

        • O-done-a

          Where’s that GOPSUX guy who always writes:”Dirty republican filth”—finally, an opportunity for it’s context. Sorry GOPSUX guy, I guess I did it for ya. If I could– I would paste a photo of children sitting in a circle, being educated on this dirty republican filth. Ha!

        • Matt

          She may not stand for a Master Race, but she does stand for a Master Faith which is just as bad.

          • Canary in the Coal Mine

            If you have a problem with a master faith, you’re not gonna do well under Sharia law.

        • she sure is right there

          Not sure about communism part but 100% with ya when she comes to wanted a Master Race. A Christian Super Conservative Believe It MY Way Only Christian way ( which I will challenge if thats is truly even Christian even),, the Michelle Bachmann Calling ,, lol yep, she is right there next to the Evil Adolf charactor. The difference is she has not had the power yet ….. Hitler was a puddy cat in the early ’30s’ too.
          She is one evil beetch in my eyes. True evil, a daughter of Satin

    • Duh Dope

      Oh, so you are one of those people that says “I don’t talk on my cell phone & drive” but then you do it anyway…..who really is a sheep

  • O-done-a

    Well, Ms. Bachman. Maybe Marcus should be the one running. He’s an open book (yet, locked in the closet). At least we know what he stands for. Don’t agree, but know. You are just a mainipulative, batsheet crazy freak who lies, and doesn’t have the ability to form a complete/legit. thought of your own. Let your husband out of the closet. And quit buying votes.

    • Agree

      I completely agree that her husband is “hiding something” in the closet. Hehe..usually when someone is so vehemently against something they’re in denial.

  • Duh

    Playing by her own rules yet again.

    Surprise, surprise.

  • Unrealistic

    “…and that questions about their family business and finances are off-limits.” NOTHING is “off-limits” when you’re running for office. You can’t say..” one look at my bad stuff or the stuff I’m associated with”. It’s dirty laundry and anyone and EVERYONE will be digging it up and talking about it. Get use to it nut job.

  • mnmama

    Why do all the idiots come from Minnesota?

    • pure pork

      and seems to reide in Iowa as she sure as hell hasn’t been in MN for a loooooooong time. ;-)

      • try to hide this but

        ooops – mis-typed and meant reside
        can you tell I was born in Ames > we moved when I was 2 weeks old but the birth certificate tells the haunting truth. I was born in Bachmann country. :(

        • Matt

          I am sorry to hear that you were born in Iowa

  • Duh

    Bachman was born in Iowa.

    ‘Nuf said.

  • Common sense

    “The American people have a funny way of determining for themselves what is and what is not their business.”

    One of the few movie phrases that rings true in real life.

    • Fair game lady

      Afterthought – did this woman not challenge and question Obama’s birhplace? lol
      Look out Bachmann — they gonna be all over you. ;-)

    • ?

      is that from American President?

  • littletingod

    Bachmann is a true Idiot Out Walking Around! Get it?

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