MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police in Minneapolis dealt with at least four shootings Wednesday night.

The first happened just before 11 p.m. near the intersection of 21st Street and Penn Avenue.

Officers said a man was shot in the back.

He was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Police haven’t said if they made any arrests in the case.

Officers said they also responded to at least three other shootings Wednesday night.

None of those had life-threatening injuries.

Comments (74)
  1. KegHead says:


    I moved from Wayzata to St. Louis. (The nations most dangerous city).

    Now I’m afraid to move back!

  2. Wayzata Class of '89 says:

    I have lived in Wayzata my whole life. It’s still pretty safe. It’s become darker though…Bill’s Superette at 6 & 101 is now called “Smokies.” They have bars on the windows and cigarettes and sell pot pipes. A long way from 20 years ago when it was Bill’s and you could get a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk and the kids could grab some candy.

    1. The Archtect says:

      6 & 101 is Plymouth..Smokies is in the Oakwood Sopping Center..That’s Plymouth,not Wayzata.

  3. dan says:

    Looks like Sven and Ole had a run on the town last night!

  4. Jim S. says:

    Shooters just aren’t as effective as they used to be.

    1. Zing says:

      Tell that to the children of Norway wise a$$.

      1. Zang says:

        Ease up Mr Sensitive!

  5. N. St. Paul Class of 65 says:

    So so true…

  6. curly_racks says:

    Ignorant folks are online today, huh. Whites still make up the vast majority of this state and ALL metro cities. Minneapolis is about 70% white according to the census and even in Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center which are about 50% white, whites are still the largest “racial” group residing in any of our cities. White people are paranoid and fear a brown planet, huh??

    1. Straight Hair says:

      And what percentage of the murders in Mpls are black or minority related? That’s the scary part

    2. Pete says:

      I could care less what color the thug is that pulls the trigger. If killing one another is what they like to do, Its just more entertainment for me… As ignorant as it sounds, it’s true. So keep it up boys. Give me a reason to turn the news on.

  7. curly_racks says:

    The racism of some people is disgusting! Judge people by how they act not because they have dark skin. For christ’s sake, if you meet someone and they talk like an uneducated ghetto buffoon and conduct themselves like criminals then fine don’t like them. But don’t assume all black, brown and yellow people live up to this steretype. We don’t assume you all are sitting around in white hoods itching for a lynching and having sex with your sister mother.

    1. Racism --- maybe? well earned regardless says:

      can I repeat the above comment and then you Mr. Smart Ones can kindly explain beyond the race factor what is different today than was 50 years ago in Minneapolis when the poor and disadvantaged were Polish, German, Jewish, and from other European nations? Open your eyes, try to use your brain and not your bleeding heart liberal dream concept.
      Not all black or red or yellow or brown people are bad. That stated when they continue to live the ghetto nation they do they setting themselves up to be hurt, continue to accept that setting, and in turn more likely than not go bad. Things rub off, ideals change….go ghetto-stay ghetto if that’s your thing. Just wall up the city, spend only what you take in, stop accepting all the socail program freebies and stop taking my tax dollar to fund the ghettos and we all be good. 😉

      1. curly_racks says:

        I am not a liberal, I am a Libertarian…big difference smart one.

        Regardless, racism is racism. Your and the other inbreds comments on here are basically saying that all black people are on welfare and kill each other. Which is a generalization/stereotype and racist.

        And I guess you never heard of the Mafia before.

        1. just sayin says:

          No… you are definitely a liberal.

          1. curly_racks says:

            No I am a Libertarian.. you bible thumping big government loving republican

            1. just sayin says:

              I am not religious at all. But I am a republican.
              And again, here’s the point exactly with those who fail to understand, or are just uneducated. Republicans do not like BIG government. Liberals do.

              Read a book.

              1. curly_racks says:

                Then why do Republicans have an issue with gay marriage? Or Abortions? Or want to bring religion into the government??

                As far as reading books, I have read enough to earn my BS degree, what about you??

                1. just sayin says:

                  Seems someone didn’t like my comment? hmm…

                  Truth is, my partner and I are republicans.
                  It’s called Log Cabin.

                  We don’t care about marriage.

  8. Randy says:

    You guys act like shootings only happen in Minneapolis! They happen in North Minneapolis suburbs too!. Could somebody hold Mark Dayton’s beer as he goes to get his cape to solve all of our problems?

  9. curly_racks says:

    There have been shootings in Maple Grove and Eagan in the last year too. By white people too I might add.

    1. Architect says:

      Lets compare the numbers you putz!

      1. Straight says:

        Looks like whites taking out minorites. Boo – look out

    2. keep trying curly says:

      Not 4 on a Wednesday night. anybody in your hood have to get up for work?

      1. curly_racks says:

        Just to go to your mama’s house, she likes to pay for the D

        1. lowlife Curly says:

          Curly, your ghetto is showing.

    3. Blah Blah says:

      Actually curly, the shooter in Maple Grove was a black guy who shot his white ex-girlfriend. Not to take away from your point. Just wanted that set straight. You could’ve brought up the psycho white kid who went out and shot the two clerks in Iowa instead.

      1. The Architect says:

        Is that how far back you have to go? Almost a year?

        1. curly_racks says:

          No, just within the last week we had Norway

          1. The Architect says:

            I don’t live in Norway and neither did you.

            If you don’t have an example within 5000 miles, it really hurts your argument.

  10. Angus says:

    Ignorance is bliss except when it comes to stereotyping by ignorant red neck racist honkies. I doubt they have a friend who is a minority so they live in their white boy world and spout hate while going to church on Sunday to be a good Christian.

    1. curly_racks says:

      I would wait to pass judgment untiil I get the facts

    2. funny guy angus says:

      Again Angus makes a fool of himself.

    3. towards Angus says:

      Angus – parts of the comment hold water….the rest is nonsense. I am a Native America…or a redman as many might say.
      We have a fair amount of chemical abuse in our culture. Sometimes that leads to violence, sometimes shootings too. That mostly is a reservation issue it seems. Many reasons but the people committing the crimes are usually not good people. Small percentage of population also.
      It sure seems to me we have an over-abundance of violent crimes committed by
      the black community. Far greater than any other culture I might add. I do not profess to have a clue why this is – but it is fact. Until the black community resolves this — with their own black leaders inhouse – it will never change. That again is fact. Violence breeds violence. You have to find a way to stop it. It is not a white man or red man problem to solve. Your people will not accept or listen to us.

      1. mj says:

        towards Angus. Great comment.

    4. me says:

      Hey Black Anus, it sure is hard being an bid-ness man aint it?

  11. so sad says:


    Anyone up for a game of Ghettopoly???

    Chance: You got yo whole neighborhood addicted to crack! Collect $50 dollars from each playa!

  12. keep trying curly says:

    Keep it real, bro. Go back to bed.

    1. curly_racks says:

      word up poindexter

      1. keep trying curly says:

        Again, your ghetto is showin.

  13. Brian says:

    @New sad world, people who talk and act the way you do towards minorities are a major reason these problems exist today. If our grandparents (and people like you) had welcomed minorities with open arms and helped them the way you and your buddies helped each other, we would be in a much different and better spot.

    It is true these communities have a huge education and income gap and those of us in the white community aren’t exactly blame-free on that front.

    By the way, check your facts. Minneapolis is the most racially diverse urban area in the state and is still 71.9% white. We’re not exactly a minority community 😉

    1. curly_racks says:

      Well said Brian. That is the point!

      Racism doesn’t help problems like this. There are a number of problems in the black community but being oppressed and denied opportunity due to racism will not fix it. But I am sure all of the posters are innocent here 😉

      1. curlys chip on shoulder says:

        Oppressed? What year are you living in Curly? How about going to school and working.

        1. curly_racks says:

          I work and have my BS degree troll. I probably make more money than you too. I am just not blind to the American reality

          1. just sayin says:

            I doubt that if you live in North Mpls.


            1. curly_racks says:

              I don’t idiot

              1. The Architect says:

                Now now. Why is that type of talk necessary? Can’t hold your convictions under a disagreement? Or just can’t keep your cool under pressure?

      2. just sayin says:

        Who is denying blacks opportunities????
        YOU choose to lead down a path of violence. Life is about choices…..
        Don’t want to succeed because of even blacks not wanting to be a “house n”, as you call each other. Or trying to be too white.

        Teach your kids to succeed in schools. Watch who they associate with. And teach those young girls to close their dam* legs.

        1. curly_racks says:

          Maybe you can get that message to the Palin household too! What are they 0-2 now for getting pregnant out of wedlock

          1. The Architect says:

            It’s not really your concern about any of the Palins or any of the Berditzmans or any of the Pedersens being pregant and not married.

          2. just saying says:

            They can afford it. there’s a difference.

  14. mplsmom says:

    Let’s face it folks, there is not safe “good” neighborhoods anymore.
    Small towns aren’t even safe or free from corruption. Where are most of the meth labs located?
    There are predators & nasty people from all races and all walks of life.
    Some are poor, some are rich, some are working class and some work in washington. Doesn’t matter where you go it is everywhere.

    1. The Architect says:

      Not where I live. You stand corrected.

      No shootings. No beatings. No home invasions. No tagging. No $1500 cars with $5000 rims.

      All that stuff is in YOUR neighborhood. But it sure as heck isn’t in mine.

      I don’t have to have my belongings nailed down or locked up to prevent them from being stolen from my property.

      But you do.

      1. curly_racks says:

        No there is plenty of meth and cocaine in your neighborhood Architect. You are just too blind to see it.

        1. The Architect says:

          Too blind, eh? Or maybe it just isn’t happening like you wish it was. Face it. Your neighborhood is dirty and crime-ridden and mine isn’t.

          Don’t blame me. I chose to live in the peace and quiet where I live, and you chose the ghetto where you need shotspotter technology and gang task forces.

          Sounds to me like I won the lottery and you got kicked in the pills…

        2. just sayin says:

          The Architect and I must be neighbors… cool!
          Good to have someone with common sense around me 🙂

          I don’t see any of that around curly … mostly in your ghetto of north mpls… or is that the part of south mpls on portland/park ave?

          1. The Architect says:

            When I lived on St. Paul’s east side, we couldn’t leave a bicycle, a lawn chair, a snow sled, or heck even a socket wrench outside or it would be gone the next day. Sometimes it would be gone before we could go inside and use a bathroom and come back out again.

            That’s life in the city.

            I don’t have any of that now. My lawnmower sat outside in my front yard for 2 days recently and it was still unmoved when I put it away last night. I took out our fishing gear from the SUV and leaned it against the outer garage door and forgot it there last Saturday. I got up Sunday and put it all away and it was untouched.

            I challenge you to leave ANYTHING outside in Minneapolis and have it not locked up, chained up, or nailed down. I dare you to leave your car doors unlocked and see what happens. I leave mine unlocked almost every night. I don’t even think about it. I already know that nobody is sneaking through my yard at 3am or trying to break into my garage.

            But they’re trying to get into yours, and maybe even as we speak someone is taking your property. But I know they’re not taking mine.


      2. mplsmom says:

        I guess my point is no matter where we live it isn’t the way it used to be.
        Can you honestly say you can leave your door unlocked at night? or when you go on vacation? There isn’t any part of this planet that has not been affected by crime of any sort. These crimes are perpetrated by people of all races.
        As far a home invasions just being in the city….not true.

        1. The Architect says:

          Yes, without hesitation.

          I actually left the doors unlocked on my Yukon Denali for 3 weeks straight and didn’t know it or move the truck at all. I had electronics in there, sports equipment, hunting gear… All untouched after 3 weeks.

          No home invasions in my town.

          Just in yours, sweetheart.

          1. just sayin says:

            Isn’t it nice??? 🙂

            I grew up in north minneapolis… during the early 80’s we all knew each other on the block. Nobody locked their doors…

            then came the trouble from chicago and gary… what a treat they did to that area… was really sad.

          2. NorthLove says:

            That’s funny, Architect, I live on the North side and have NEVER had any property stolen, a car or house broken into. I often leave my vehicle unlocked, and my garage as well. My brand new bicycle sat outside in my driveway for almost 2 weeks, no one touched it.

            I did choose to live in north Minneapolis, because of the beautiful homes. My home (that I am paying for with a mortgage, by the way, not by the government) is 100 years old and has more character than your carbon copy split level in the suburbs. People choose to live in the city because of the culture and history, not because of the crime. I think you look pretty foolish making it seem that you are better because you don’t live in the city anymore. No one is better than anyone else, it all comes down to preference.

            It’s my day off from my 40 hour a week job- I’m off to wash my vehicle in my driveway, which has been sitting unlocked all day, and say hello to my neighbor’s children happily playing outisde on their swingset. I bet that sounds a lot like your neighborhood, Architect. Mine’s just closer to the city.

            1. The Architect says:

              I don’t live in a split level. My home has vast amounts of character, so sayeth all who visit. I’ve never seen a house with the layout my house has, so it’s definitely not carbon copy, as you say.

              I don’t for a second believe you can leave valuable items unlocked, unchained, un-nailed down anywhere in North Minneapolis and have it not belong to someone else before morning. I know better. I’ve been there.

            2. The Architect says:

              “People choose to live in the city because of the culture and history, not because of the crime.”

              So they pay for the culture and history and get the criminal black neighbors stealing their stuff and killing their family for free, eh?

              I’m not sure that’s a great deal, homie.

              1. NorthLove says:

                Thanks Architect- by the way, I’m a 27 year old white female but thanks for pre-judging. Why would I lie about not having my things stolen? If I really had anything stolen from me, don’t you think I would be agreeing with you?

                Sure, you might have lived here years ago and it was bad. Or driven through and gotten an ‘impression’. My neighborhood is wonderful. I’m not naive enough to believe that there aren’t any bad areas of north- but don’t tell me that EVERYONE who lives here is bad, regardless of their color. Get off your racist soapbox and try to understand that.

                I wonder if you looked up statistics it would tell how many burglaries, robberies, murders, etc. are done by people who know the victim? I bet you would find a lot of them do. Do good in this world, and you will get good. Cause trouble, and trouble will follow you.

                Peace out, ‘homie’, I have better things to worry about than silly people who have nothing better to do than criticize others.

                1. just sayin says:

                  LMAO I am with the architect on this one.
                  You didn’t choose to live in north – it was either north mpls or east st paul because you can’t afford a house anywhere else.

                  And nobody wants to steal a huffy or break into a toyota yaris.

  15. goodidea says:

    I think the people constantly playing the race card are more racist than the original posters. There should be a test to gain internet access.

    1. curly_racks says:

      Who is playing the race card? How is pointing out obvious racism playing a card. Go hang yourself

  16. Brian says:

    As a white person who came from a two parent home in a quiet and safe community with ample opportunity for a great education and who went on to find a well-paying job, I find it frustrating to see others in my same position not realize how lucky they are.

    1. The Architect says:


      How many did small MN towns did you search before you found one you could post and then say “yeah, free from all crime” all smug-like?

      By the way, I don’t live in Ely, MN and neither do you.

      Cheers. I’m going to Gabe’s for a Honeyweiss. 🙂

    2. just sayin says:

      A town with a population of 3400?
      Compared to North Mpls? You gotta be kidding me… you are really gonna compare that????

  17. The Architect says:

    During Pride Weekend,my partner Bruce & I held a block party for all our friends & neighbors..Bruce forgot to lock the doors on our Neon & the next morning, all was untouched & secure..Our potted plants are never disturbed,our Rainbow flag in the driveway? untouched! That’s our neighborhood!

    1. You really arent cool says:

      ok we get it. you are so much cooler than the rest of us. is that what u wanted to hear?

  18. mplsmom says:

    What you can do is google crimes in and then fill in the blank with your favorite small towns, suburbs etc.
    I tried a variety Adams, MN, Victoria, MN, North Oaks, Wayzata…
    Interestingly Adams, MN has a website for crime clean up …you know for meth labs, murders etc.
    Good nite.

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